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Gear Revamp Guide

The Basics First of all I’d like to explain the concept of the new gear system. Since these fundamentals are referred to throughout the entire guide. There are two main changes to the progression system and several smaller changes. First of all the the Linear Progression. Let’s first go over […]

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Class Guide, Gunner

Kernel’s PvP Gunner Guide

This guide’s information is relevant as of the Skywatch: New Heights Patch Gear & Enhancement Points 1.Gear Choices In patch 82 you can choose from 3 different PvP sets: Harmonic Impregnable Disciplinary For Gunner, Harmonic Weapon is far more superior than any other weapons. And why is that? Because Gunner […]

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Near fishing zones you can always find a fishing camp consisting of 4 NPCs: Fishing Supplies Merchant – sells basic tools, basic bait, cooking recipes, fishing zone teleport scrolls Angler Token Vendor – here you can exchange Angler Tokens you gain Association Fishmonger – can exchange results of fishing for […]

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Ethereal Jewelry

This post is an informational post regarding the new Ethereal Jewelry that got added in the Old Enemies patch which also brings back Shadow Sanguinary as a temporary Event Dungeon. General Information First of all let’s go over what the new Jewelry is. Ethereal Jewelry is nothing special, rather it’s […]

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Lancer Promotion

This post is made in collaboration with EnMasse’s Class Promotion. The PvP section has been done by Pokedex and the PvE section is a collaborated effort by several lancers, while most of the writeup has been done by Iancer. This will be a monthly event so please feel free to […]

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Gunner Promotion

  With the help of Player Council Members, this post is made in collaboration with EnMasse’s Class Promotion and with help of Reploid and Robv for PvE knowledge and PvP knowledge respectively. This will be a monthly event so please feel free to give constructive feedback on what you’d like […]

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Awakening At this point you might ask what are all these changes, a mentioned above. The core of this patch is a new storyline that will be available once you hit ILVL 439, which is the equilavent of 4 star dungeons. In other words, full +0 Frostmetal gear part Daylight […]