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Gear Revamp Guide

The Basics First of all I’d like to explain the concept of the new gear system. Since these fundamentals are referred to throughout the entire guide. There are two main changes to the progression system and several smaller changes. First of all the the Linear Progression. Let’s first go over […]

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Draakon Arena

Commander Kalligar Take Note: In Normal Mode you will have 99 Neophyte Resses. In Hard Mode rookies will have the usual 1 free ress. A lot of attacks give a bleed debuff, this is cleansable. In Normal Mode this is a 10% per second bleed, in Hard Mode it’s 20% […]

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EP Talents

Introduction Types of Talents There are 5 types of Talents in the game. These include Strengthen Offense: This includes talents such as mighty attack, which gives you a flat power boost EP Damage: These talents are usually not that good, considering the scaling for them are horrible. Generally, these are […]

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Introduction How to Obtain The cards can be obtained in various ways, but all ways to obtain a card will always be listed on the card. There are 5 types of cards: Character, monster, location (world), gathering, and fishing. Character cards are mostly general stat boosts like physical and magical […]

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Gear Overview

This overview covers the various PvE gear and accessories for current and upcoming content patches. This overview is updated as of the Patch 86: Off to Exodor patch. Click on a tab for more information: Acessories Starter-Tier: Prospect. Low-Tier: Bellum. Mid-Tier: Daylight. High-Tier: Entropy. Top-Tier: Ethereal and Radiant. Brooches Starter-Tier: […]

Class Guide, Gunner

Kernel’s PvP Gunner Guide

This guide’s information is relevant as of v93 Patch Gear & Enhancement Points 1.Gear Choices In patch 93 you can choose from 3 different PvP Weapons & PvP Chests: Harmonic Impregnable Disciplinary For Gunner, Harmonic Weapon is far more superior than any other weapons. And why is that? Because Gunner […]

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Gathering and Crafting Revamp

 Basics Since Gathering has been revamped the gathering nodes have also been partly changed. While we still have Ores, Plants and Essences they are different from how we know it. But the main difference can be found in the Gathering Tools that come along with these changes. Gathering Tools […]

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Near fishing zones you can always find a fishing camp consisting of 4 NPCs: Fishing Supplies Merchant – sells basic tools, basic bait, cooking recipes, fishing zone teleport scrolls Angler Token Vendor – here you can exchange Angler Tokens you gain Association Fishmonger – can exchange results of fishing for […]

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Ethereal Jewelry

This post is an informational post regarding the new Ethereal Jewelry that got added in the Old Enemies patch which also brings back Shadow Sanguinary as a temporary Event Dungeon. General Information First of all let’s go over what the new Jewelry is. Ethereal Jewelry is nothing special, rather it’s […]

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Lancer Promotion

This post is made in collaboration with EnMasse’s Class Promotion. The PvP section has been done by Pokedex and the PvE section is a collaborated effort by several lancers, while most of the writeup has been done by Iancer. This will be a monthly event so please feel free to […]