What is Essential Mana?

Essential Mana is a community fansite for the game TERA. Essential Mana offers extensive guides and databases of information to aid players in their TERA journey.

Our main goal is to educate new players of existing content and gameplay, as well as inform the community of upcoming content.

Essential Mana works as a team to continually update and create content. Essential Mana’s team includes our admins, our editors and our authors (seen below). While a EM team member can initiate and spearhead a project or article, usually all the team members contribute in some way. We also consider the greater TERA community as part of our team, as we are always looking to publish player-written content.

Meet the Team

About Bobbuz [Admin / Owner]

Heya, I’m Bobbuz. If you ask nicely you can just call me Bob because that is my name. For most of you Americans who are going to think it’s Robert or something along those lines, it’s really just Bob. I took over EssentialMana in 2017 and have been trying my best ever since! Thanks to Floss’ hard work and dedication I’m able to take over and lead this amazing team. My way of “leading” EssentialMana will translate into me asking my team members for their opinion on a lot of things. I’m always looking for new ways and people who can help us create/improve content on the website, as well as keeping communication going with the community. On Tera I’m not really anyone worth mentioning, I’m not particularly good at the game as for me it’s mostly a way of spending time with my friends and guild. My main is on Tempest Reach and is a Warrior (Bobbuz) but I also play on my Lancer (Awkopus), my Priest (Tikosi) and my Ninja (Bubbuz). Outside of Tera I’m pretty much your local Psychologist/ Career Coach, who sits on Discord all day while I should be working. If you have any questions, or just want to have a talk don’t be afraid to contact me cause I love interacting with people. As far as I remember, I don’t bite.

About Obsie [Admin]

Hi, I’m Obsie from Mount Tyrannas. I’m an Admin behind Essential Mana. I create guides and help answer questions about TERA. I’m generally active anywhere TERA-related, in places like Reddit, official forums, and more. I mostly play Warrior (Obsie) and Ninja (Obs) and I’m kidnap ready to go. I don’t really have many achievements other than just clearing stuff. I’m also super lazy, but I’ll usually accept party invites to dungeons. I’m also an information sponge when it comes to the game, so I try to answer any questions to the best of my ability. As for personal life, I’m basically a broke student who spends way too much time doing things I shouldn’t be doing.

About Banim [Admin]

Hello! I’m Banim, also from Celestial Hills, and I play on a potato from Spain. I am the main point of contact and most mails will be answered by me. I help keep guides updated and relevant, as well as oversee projects behind the scenes. I actively post on Tera’s subreddit and the official forums often and try to be helpful. In TERA, I main priest and berserker, though I play mystic fairly often too. I’ve been in Tera since February 2013 clearing all PvE content to date. Some things under my belt: Surgeon pre-FoA, Determined pre-nerf and Master of Timespace, as well as Dreadspire Uppers clears. I have maxed my achievements on my priest (working on an achievement guide atm!) and my berserker has a champion laurel too. So what do I do in-game? I mainly just run dungeons with friends and call them and my guildies “fat” for no reason (It kind of just stuck). Feel free to say hi!

About Roukanken [Admin]

Hi or smth, I’m Roukanken, however most of my friends refer to me as Rou. Some of you guys might have heard of me or seen me talk in one of the many Tera related Discords. On Tera I am one of the people who still play Warrior Tank on Mystel, also called Roukanken. I have many alts but I’m not really active on them. I’m a pretty casual player when it comes to running dungeons however I’m quite serious about theorycrafting as people who get to know me will agree to that. On EssentialMana I mostly help out with the technical side of things due to my knowledge as a coder, however the things I do for EssentialMana isn’t neccesarily limited to this. For example I try to help a lot of people with questions on the Tera discords, I also provide a lot of theories that help people write guides. Such as my involvement with the crit formula. I work part time as a Generic Code Monkey while I still follow classes to become more of a Specialized Monkey in Theroteical Informatics. If you have any questions then drop by in the EssentialMana Discord or any of the other Discords I’m in and you’ll most likely find me there!

About Loriri [Admin / News / Translator]


Annyeonghasaeyo! This is Loriri from Tempest Reach! I’ve joined Essential Mana as a Translator, bringing the hot stuff from KTERA to share for anyone in English. My goal is to share information and spread it around, so if anyone else can translate mine to different language, I will be happy to see that. My main is a Lancer (Loriri), and I also play all other classes. My favorite alts are Priest (Pleepri), Berserker (Roliri), and Ninja (Nimbri). I’ve began playing since around June 2014, but I didn’t really start until November, which is when I bought Collector’s Edition and Elite Status. I am a casual player, mainly playing to enjoy social aspects, teamwork, and the thrills from challenges. If you see me standing around at Highwatch, I am most likely to be AFK (alt tabbed). I am also around Reddit as well as EME’s Offical TERA Forums, and I sometimes stream TERA and maybe other games. Aside from TERA stuff, I am a Student as well as a Teacher.

About Sam [Admin / Editor]

Yo, I’m Sam202s, but you can just call me Sam and i’m from Tempest Reach. I was an editor for Loriri for a while helping make his stuff readable. I’ll be helping around Essential Mana as an editor for their documents and making sure everything is as accurate and easy to read as possible. I main Slayer (Tooru.Akira), but I play just about anything though including but not limited to, Warrior (Yuzuki.Akira), Archer (Naru.Akira), and Valkyrie (Asagao.Akira). You may notice I play a lot of DPS; it’s probably because I’m bad at other roles…. I’ve been around since the beginning of Fate of Arun and been trying my best to be considered “good”. I’m probably AFK but feel free to message me to chat. I’m also usually hanging around the TeraOnline discord so feel free to drop by there as well. Aside from Tera, I’m a college student trying not to fail horribly.


We also have many authors who help contribute to the website!

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