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First boss: Ghergof

Take Note:

This boss is your typical Naga boss type. If you’ve farmed Island of Dawn, done Kalivan’s Dreadnaught or even Saravash’s Ascent. You’ll be familiar with some of these attacks.
Pay attention to the ice patches on the ground when doing this boss, we’ll go over how to properly use these in Key Mechanics.

If you have a hard time telling if the boss is enraged or not, you can look at the color of his armor. Red is enraged and Blue is unenraged.

Shish Kebab

Simple 1-hit attack.


Simple 1-hit attack.

Slash but twice

Slashes the tank, twice

Slash but four times

Slashes the tank, four times


The boss jumps at the tank, often used when the tank is away from the boss.

Jumping Jack

Boss jumps sideways and back multiple times, actual boss hitbox stays in the middle.

Shield AoE

An AoE attack that also hits behind the boss.
Getting hit by this attack will knock you back.

Shield Barrage

A barrage of hits on the tank.
Will push back the tank.

Small AoE

A small AoE being put on one of the members, it can be Blocked and Iframed

In Out

This boss, just like every other boss we know comes with an In-Out Donut mechanic, on this boss it is decided by whether or not the boss backsteps or not.
If the boss backsteps it will do an outer AoE followed by an inner AoE
If the boss does not backstep it do an inner AoE followed by an outer AoE
This can be iframed.


No backstep:

Ice Patch

The boss will target one of the players with a growing red circle, once it fills it will put down an Ice patch which will be used to avoid the mechanic below.
It is important to place this away from the boss, but not far because you’re going to need it for the “Delete This” mechanic.

Delete This

A text message will show up saying “Your flesh will be deleted” followed by the following:
The boss will first do a map wide AoE that needs to be iframed, failure to iframe this will result a knock up and the boss targeting that person with the following Fire Breath. This will happen before you land so you will die.
After the AoE it’ll target two people with a Fire Breath which can be survived by going into the Ice Patch.

Massive In-Out

Yes, this boss gets two In-Out mechanics. This one is decided by whether or not the boss is enraged. The first part of this mechanic is a map wide AoE that needs to be iframed. Followed by the In-Out mechanic.
When the boss is enraged it will do this order: Big AoE, Inner AoE, Outer AoE
When the boss is not enraged it will do this order: Big AoE, Outer AoE, Inner AoE

Double AoE

In this mechanic he will put a circle under every single party member, the DPS and the healer need to stack behind the boss while the tank moves back a little bit. It will then do an AoE with the safe spot being where people are gathered and on the tank. Directly afterwards it will do an AoE on the safe spots, so you have to iframe directly as the red circle disappears.

Second boss: Kalioth

Take Note

This is the same boss type as the first boss in Forsaken Island, for those who have ran this dungeon before. A lot of the attacks will feel similar.
This boss is very combo oriented with it’s basic attacks, pay attention to what hand he attacks with to figure out what pattern he’ll use.
During this boss fight there will be a mechanic where people have to take a debuff, much like on Lachelith or Imperator. However on this boss it’s about getting hit by a mechanic rather than being the closest one, decide beforehand who gets hit when. If you don’t the healer should call out people before the mechanic happens. Taking this debuff twice will kill you.

Left, Right, Swipe, (Second Swipe)

He’ll start with his left weapon, then follow it up with a hit from his right weapon. He will then look over one of his shoulders and swipe on that side

Below 50%: He will do a Second Swipe after the First one.
Left Shoulder, above 50%

Left Shoulder, below 50%

Right Shoulder, above 50%

Right Shoulder, below 50%

Right, Left, Stab, Wave

The boss will start with a Right hit, followed by Left, then Stab the tank and throw a cone-shaped Wave at the tank. Getting hit gives a cleansable debuff.
He can also do this in the opposite order, so Left hit, Right hit, Stab and then the Wave.

Right, Left, Left, Cross

The boss will start with a Right hit, followed by Left, followed by another Left and then hit the tank with a Cross shaped double attack.

Right, Right, Back, Shockwave

Boss attacks with his Right Weapon twice, turning around and hitting behind him and then using a Wave attack.

Circles into Outer Donut

The boss will put circles on everyone, slightly after they disappear and reappear you need to iframe and get close to the boss because he will follow up by an outer AoE circle. Getting hit by the first circle will stun you, followed by the boss targeting that person. This can be avoided if the healer is quick on cleansing.

Stun Blast

The boss will aim both his weapons down and then smash them into the ground to put a big stun AoE around the boss, hitting the tank as well as the DPS directly behind the boss. Getting hit by this will stun and the boss will then target you. This can be avoided if the healer is quick on cleansing.


The boss will lower his weapons next to his body and then start spinning, doing his Swordnado attack. This can be blocked and iframed.

Jump into Wave

The boss will jump at a player, stunning whoever gets hit. Following up with a Wave attack in front of him if someone got stunned. This can be avoided if the healer is quick on cleasing.

Player got hit:

Player dodged attack:

Random Wave

The boss will put secondary aggro on one of the DPS or the healer and will then attack them with a Wave. This puts a cleansable debuff on the people who got hit.


A text message will show up on the screen saying “”Sacrificial target selected.” The boss will then gain a Blue or Red colored Aura. Followed an AoE attack that requires someone to get hit by it.

The idea behind this mechanic is that the party has to rotate getting hit by this, getting hit by this gives you a 3 minute lasting debuff that will kill you if you get hit again. If nobody gets hit the attack the boss will wipe the party, so make sure to have 1 person get hit. Having two people get hit is not that big of a deal but someone might have to suicide on the next time he does this mechanic.

This attack will do either an inner or an outer AoE, this is dependent on the color of the Aura he gets. Look at the picture on the right.
If the Aura he gets is Blue then it’ll be an Outer AoE, so the people who need to dodge should get close to the boss. While the person taking the debuff should get to the outer circle.
If the Aura he gets is Red then it’ll be an Inner AoE, so the people who need to dodge should get away from the boss. While the person taking the debuff should go close to the boss.

Dodging the AoE:

Taking the AoE:

Note: getting hit by debuff AOE again while having the curse debuff, will not only kill you, but apply another debuff to you. This debuff will not dissapear with death, nor will get refreshed with AOE hits, but it will kill you everytime you try to take AOE.

Hard Mode only: after 50% boss’ HP he will use one additional debuff AOE, and after 20% HP he will start casting them much more faster: at more than double at the speed as before.

Final boss: Antaroth

Take Note

Several attacks on this boss grant Mana Burst debuff, it’s mentioned in their description if they do. This debuff gives you 4% more damage taken per every stack, up to 5 stacks. Debuff persists even after deaths.

When boss’ HP drops below 50%, he will get 5 minute debuff. This debuff is basically wipe timer, as when it expires Antaroth gets imposibly high attack and fairly high attack speed. Do not let this happen.

A lot of attacks on this boss stun, and if stun wasn’t cleansed the boss unleashes heavy spin attack with pretty serious bleed after. It is recommended that healers precleanse these even if noone was hit.

Two upward slash

Simple two slashed upwards

One upward slash

Simple slash upwards

Two downward slashes

Simple two slashes downwards

Overhand strike

Simple slash from above


Secondary aggro jump, stuns, unleashes punishing spin if target was not cleansed

Getting hit by either of these attacks stacks Mana Burst

Front hammer into Back hammer

Boss eyes flash red for a second. It’s unblockable, iframable and getting hit stuns.

If someone was hit not cleansed of the stun, he unleashes punishing spin.

Both hammer hit and spin hit stack Mana Burst

Two up, Two up, Back hammer

Same as hammers above, just that it only hits one to the back.

This attack stacks Mana Burst on the hammer.

Blue Ball

Boss winds up with a blue ball, and either hits tank with it, launches a beam, or both.

Antharos only starts using hit + beam and beam only on lower HPs. Watch for the ground when beam is comming.

This attack stacks Mana Burst on the beam.

Teleport back

He teleports back and uses either Front hammer into Back hammer, or Spin

If someone is hit by hammers and not cleansed, the boss uses punishing spin.

Every hit of these stacks Mana Burst

Mana Burst

After call of “Dispersing collected mana!” Antaroth will unleash uniframable room wide attack.

This attack deal 30k flat damage per stack of Mana Burst on targets.

It also applies a nasty MP reducing debuff which need to be cleansed fast.

Cleanses all stacks of Mana Burst.

Red Magic

Boss theatherically charges up his sword and then does a series of 4 attacks:

  • Thrust – blockable and iframable, survivable, applies Mana Burst
  • Spin – not blockable but iframable, survivable, applies Mana Burst and heavy cleansable bleed
  • Half circle blast – uniframable, lethal damage
  • Series of AOEs (Hard Mode only) – uniframable, hit for 100% of targets HP, can survive with shields

There are two versions of this series.

Version 1: Thrust, clockwise Spin, Half blast on boss’ left, AOEs from in to out

Version 2: Thrust, counter clockwise Spin, Half blast on boss’ right, AOEs from out to in

Boss telegraphs spin direction pretty clearly with direction he puts his sword at before it (watch the videos carefully), and with practice it’s possible to iframe spin in already right direction to escape incoming blast. The following AOEs have unintuitive timing – they deal damage at time they appear, and the lingering animation is harmless. You can use this fact to use your movements skill soon enough.

One of ways to avoid this, is to outrange it, but note that you need huge range till you’re out of danger – 25-30 metres at least.

This attack is used below 90% of boss’ HP.

Expanding Puddles

Antaroth summons 3 (5 if Hard Mode) expanding puddles, which deal high damage with their edges. Iframe towards center of bubbles, or run away. It’s good idea to stand closer to the boss, so no puddle spawns directly on you.


This attack is used below ~75% of boss’ HP.

No Escape

Antaroth calls out “Escape option disabled.” then he casts AOEs on every party member. Getting hit by these aoes applies long stun debuff to player hit and creates a small breakable cage around them.

These aoes are folowed by several medium damage room-wide attaks, which aren’t iframable ! Tanks can block these attacks and provide 70% damage reduction to nearby party members.

This attack is used below ~75% of boss’ HP.

Hard Mode only attack

Light and Dark

With call out “Enter your final words now.” boss will teleport to middle of room and start casting room wide wipe attack. 5 orbs get summoned on edges of room, 3 Light and 2 Dark and each player will get a debuff: 2 Light and 3 Dark.

Players are able to deal damage to opposite color than they have debuff on. Breaking an orb grants a invicibility buff to one nearby player, use this to survive attack he’s casting. Destroy the orb anywhen runes start to appear on the spell circle.

Important Note: If you take a look at this screenshot below, you will notice that the orbs on the right side look nothing like the orbs on the left screenshot. The left screenshot is taken on a high preset, while the right one is taken on a low preset. Make sure to go into the dungeon and get familiar with the way your orbs look.

The black orb will have a white outlining
The white orb will have a black outlining

Lancers can skip this mech for whole party by using both Guardian’s Barrier and Divine Protection at the end of it.

This attack is used below ~75% of boss’ HP. It also hides important message from the boss himself:



Attack of the clones

After calling out “Patience not found.”, players will get applied slow debuff on them, then boss will teleport in middle of the room, and summon 2 clones. Right after that all 3 will teleport in sequence to outer circle on the floor, and will either use small Spin, or Blue Ball just throw version at random targets. These attacks apply Mana Burst.

  • If he teleports to entrance and away from giant portal-y thing, he will use Blue Ball Throw
  • If he teleports to giant portal-y thing and away from entrance, he will use Spin

Clones will follow up soon after him with same attack as main body used.

This attack is only used below 50% of boss’ HP.

Cage with shield

After calling out “Prepare to be deleted.” boss will teleport to middle while slowing down each player. He will cast cage soon after and get a shield. Each player will get one of 3 debuffs: Red, Blue, Yellow. Players must look at their debuff and take slice of same color to refresh their debuff – else they will die after it expires. Boss will cast these slices 3 times and taking slice of same color deals 34% of player’s HP, so heal needs to heal up party during cage.

Boss will also get shield up during this cage, you need to deal enough damage to him down to break it, else he will cast 4th slices (like happens on gif bellow) and wipe the party.

This attack is only used below 40% of boss’ HP.

Hard Mode only attack


  1. Hello. I have weird problem on third boss. Namely, I don’t see balls white or black, I see them weirdly lightening… I know there is something wrong with them because before last patch (P.77) I didn’t have any problem. Does anyone knows what setting might affect those?

  2. I’ve had a weird encounter in the normalmode. Last boss randomly got a 10% atkspeedbuff at ~20% hp. Don’t know what triggered it tho and can’t find anything in the guide. Am i being blind, dumb, both or did i find a hidden bu— Uhm, feature?!

  3. Please change “patience not found” at Antaroth. If he teleports to entrance it is spin and if he teleports to the portal it is blue ball attack. You wrote it down the other way.

  4. Watch the bosses shield- When he FLIPS it upside down – iframe. Thats the timing i use on mystic.

  5. i cant dodge the knockup attack and die as a mystic need help

  6. I think you should note somewhere that the second boss on hard mode will put a different debuff on you if you die to taking the debuff twice. This debuff will also kill you if you take the debuff attack but will not refresh its timer if you die from it. It might only start happening at 50% and below. This makes the under 20% part of the fight very stressful. If the DPS is too low, one or two of the DPS will need to sacrifice themselves to save the run.

  7. isn’t this first boss FIHM some attacks from 2nd boss aswell?

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