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Patch 86: Exodor Overview

The Basics Let’s start with the requirements needed to even access the new island. Well in reality there is only 1 requirement: Finishing the level 68 Quest, Bringing down Exodor. (This used to be the level 69 quest). However it goes a bit further than that, if you plan on […]

General Guide

PvP Gear Overview

PvP Gear Overview There will be 3 sets: Disciplinary, Harmonic and Impregnable. These items are specifically for PvP and are divided in DPS, Hybrid and Tank gear. These sets do not use crystals which is why the stats on it seem a little bit ridiculous. Disciplinary’s focus is on doing […]

General Guide

Gathering and Crafting Revamp

 Basics Since Gathering has been revamped the gathering nodes have also been partly changed. While we still have Ores, Plants and Essences they are different from how we know it. But the main difference can be found in the Gathering Tools that come along with these changes. Gathering Tools […]

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Ethereal Jewelry

This post is an informational post regarding the new Ethereal Jewelry that got added in the Old Enemies patch which also brings back Shadow Sanguinary as a temporary Event Dungeon. General Information First of all let’s go over what the new Jewelry is. Ethereal Jewelry is nothing special, rather it’s […]

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Lancer Promotion

This post is made in collaboration with EnMasse’s Class Promotion. The PvP section has been done by Pokedex and the PvE section is a collaborated effort by several lancers, while most of the writeup has been done by Iancer. This will be a monthly event so please feel free to […]

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Gunner Promotion

  With the help of Player Council Members, this post is made in collaboration with EnMasse’s Class Promotion and with help of Reploid and Robv for PvE knowledge and PvP knowledge respectively. This will be a monthly event so please feel free to give constructive feedback on what you’d like […]

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Gear Revamp Guide

The Basics First of all I’d like to explain the concept of the new gear system. Since these fundamentals are referred to throughout the entire guide. There are two main changes to the progression system and several smaller changes. First of all the the Linear Progression. Let’s first go over […]