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Class Guide, Priest

Minus’s Comprehensive Priest Guide

Introduction Awakening Updates As of the Godsfall patch, otherwise known as Awakening 1, Priest has undergone major updates to not only increase their dps, but also their party’s dps. This makes potential score runs as priest easier. Since this update allows for potential some potential priest dps, I will be […]

General Guide

Pets and Partners

Introduction The New UI You’ll be able to enter the new UI by opening the social tab and selecting “Companion List.” The default shortcut for this is Shift + P. The pet list will show all registered pets and partners. Opening the pet list allows you to summon and dismiss […]

Class Guide

Basic PvE Gear Guide

Introduction This guide will feature basic information for all classes and their roles in TERA. Information provided will include gear rolls, crystals, etchings, accessory choices, and tips! This guide was written by accumulating information from a various experienced NA players of each class. Class discords and top scoring moongourd logs […]