The last surviving refuge of the once-mighty giants, who conquered the world but incurred the wrath of the gods, the hidden undersea bastion known to the barakas as Bathysmal Rise is a step back in time to the heart of a long—dead civilization. No one knows exactly why the giants built Bathysmal Rise, or what purpose it served—only that it is still watched over by the strange beasts and sentinels the giants put in place centuries ago.

The watery dungeon in Northern Arun, Bathysmal Rise is home to bosses who employ a variety of new abilities and tactics to test teams of seasoned players. This dungeon from 2015 returns updated for the Velik’s Fate patch!



Level Requirement: 65
Item Level: 417 (Normal Mode)
Format: 5-man

Normal Mode Drops:

  • Misery Body Armor Box
  • Misery Handwear Box
  • Simple Brooch Box
  • VM8 Mat: Caprin Horn
  • VM8 Mat: Eau de Fascination



First Boss: Mephisis


Tanking Tip:
The tank should aggro the boss towards the rock near the exit of the platform. You will be pushed a lot.

Attack Patterns: Similar to Magmara BAMs in Ex Prima.

Puddle of Poison: Mephisis will target one random player with a stationary red circle (doesn’t follow you), you have 3 seconds to escape the circle otherwise you will receive damage. This mechanic happens when you first engage and throughout the battle.
Poisonous Gas: At 80% HP, you will receive a warning (“The air’s too fresh. Let’s fix that!”) that the rock mentioned above will shatter in set timed intervals. Failing to block the hole (by interacting within 8 seconds of shattering) will result in the field being covered in a wave of poison every 30 seconds. If hit by the poison, your screen will be distorted and you will receive a 10 second poison. You must jump to remove the distortion and be cleansed by a healer to remove the poison. The rock shatters again, every 1 minute and 10 seconds. (Warning Message: “The rocks scatter again.“)
Hard Mode: There are 2 rocks, on either side of the northern wall. The second one will be announced by “There’s no antidote for my fury!” and will occur at 60% HP. The poison wave will activate faster and there is not enough time to close the rock once it shatters, but you can still close the rock again. Healers should be prepared to cleanse the poison when it happens.
Powerful Groundpower: Mephisis will head slam the ground twice, these head slams cause knockback. The first two slams will be AoE slams in front of the boss (Tank Slams) and the third will be an AoE slam around the boss (Tank, DPS and Healer Slam).
Ring of Death: Mephisis tucks into his shell and begins to spray poison in an AoE pool shaped ring around him. You can either stay close, or afar to avoid damage. If hit, you will also be Poisoned (cleanse-able).
Spinning Claw Attack: Mephisis tucks into his shell, hiding briefly. It will then begin to spin and move, causing damage to those who get hit. This mechanic is block-able.
Bathysmal Kamaras: Mephisis will begin to glow blue, say “It’s kamaras all the way down!“, and then summon six mini-turtles. You must knockdown the boss, if you fail to do so, you will have to take on the mini-turtles as well.
Body Slam: Mephisis’s eyes will glow red and tiptoe twice. Then it will body slam dealing colossal damage in an AoE form. You must either block or back away to avoid damage.
Chelonian Armor: At 30% HP, the turtle will hide in its shell and begin to glow white, you must DPS heavily to burn the shield. Failure to do so will cause Mephisis to deal a devastating AoE pool hitting everyone on the field. This could potentially lead to a party wipe.
Note: Make sure your party knows which side to DPS on for back damage, pay attention to when he tucks into his shell. If you have decent gear, you can iframe/block some of the damage to prevent a party wipe.

Hard Mode Only – Poisonous Breath: Mephisis will spit poison towards a player. If hit, you’ll receive damage and a poison debuff (draining 8% HP per second). This can be cleansed.

Pathway #1

A pathway with normal monsters and a few hermit crab BAMs. You must kill all the monsters to proceed.

Hard Mode: There is a jellyfish that will traverse the pathway. It will occasionally attack the area under it for 40,000 damage.

Second Boss: Tantibus


Tanking Tip:
The tank should take advantages of the corners (you may need to reposition yourself into a different corner) of the room. Try to wedge yourself to avoid being pushed around. This boss tends to move around a lot.


Phenric Slime: Tantibus will target one player randomly with a red circle (this circle follows you). After a few seconds, it’ll be placed on the ground and will stay. If you step in the circle, you will receive a debuff which drains your MP. This cannot be cleansed by a healer, you must run to the pool in the center of the room to be cleansed. You will know that you will be targeted as you will gain the purple ring.

Hard Mode: The debuff will prevent you from gaining MP from any source, such as potions, charms, or abilities.

Primal Fear: The boss will begin to glow blue, say “Can you control your fear? I doubt it!” this means you have 7 seconds to stagger or knockdown the boss. Failure to do this will cause it to do a flip and fear everyone for 10 seconds when it slams. You can iframe the fear. This is cleanse-able.

Hard Mode: Tantibus is harder to stagger or knockdown, and the debuff cannot be iframed.

Water Wall: A message (“Clean water fills the pool”) will notify your group that a barrier is surrounding the pool in the center of the room. You will need to DPS this barrier if you want to access the pool to be cleansed from the Phenric Slime. The barrier doesn’t have a lot of HP.

Hard Mode: The barrier has a lot more health. Players might consider attacking the back of the barrier (the southernmost wall) for certain crystal effects.

Don’t Look Into The Light!: The boss will randomly target a player and pull them towards the boss. It will then throw a Phenric Slime on them, causing the Phenric Slime to be where the boss is. The tank would have to move the boss. You can iframe the chain.

Looping: The boss will suck up any nearby players, bringing them underneath it and then slam on top of them dealing damage. You can iframe both the pull and slam.

Hard Mode Only – Crossed Waves: During the fight, the pool will overflow. The room will split into danger and safe zones. If hit, you will be flung to the edge of the map and recieve 40,000 damage. (Danger zones are highlighted with a purple, watery effect)

Mini Game: Can you find the real heart?

Triune Heart will be inside one of these 4 orbs. Once the countdown is over, one of the three orbs nearest to the entrance in this room will start to glow and everyone needs to attack it. Once in awhile the glow will disappear and randomly appear in any of the orbs.
Once you clear this, a treasure chest will appear towards the exit and rewards your group with gold based on your performance.

Completing the puzzle within 30 seconds, you receive the Gold Chest. Within 1 minute, you receive the Silver Chest. Within 1 minute and 40 seconds, you receive the Treasure Chest. If you run out of time, a guardian will come and attack you. However you gain no treasure.

Pathway #2

A pathway with normal monsters and two BAMs, Voltirex (similar to Auracadis from Balder’s Temple) and a Teralith. There will be Bathysmal Jinns that are aligned across the pathway. These genie-like beings will fire off conal attacks and can be disabled by Interacting (F) with them.

Hard Mode – Jinn attacks will also apply a cleanse-able movement speed slow debuff.

Final Boss: Fulminar


Tanking Tip:
The tank should aim to allow the bosses back be exposed without making the DPS to DPS against the wall and leave them vulnerable. You may want to tank the boss in a circle around the arena to avoid being walled as much. Walling is fine, however the tank may be pushed to the side causing the DPS to be against the wall if they want to backcrit.

Attack Patterns: Similar to Kezzel, Duras, and Enthralled Stone Giant. He will attack with frontal swipes of his arms, swipe towards his side with his blades, and throw ranged attacks at faraway players.

Buzz Mode: At 90%, 60%, and 30%, a message will appear (“Let’s cut you down to size!“) and the boss will disappear to summon its clones from the corners of the room. They transform and move in a straight-line shown with a red line. Avoid the lines as this is a 1-shot mechanic. The blue and orange circles that align the field are safe zones.

Hard Mode: Fulminar will announce “Let’s speed up this dance!” instead. No red lines will be shown. Every Buzz Mode occurrence will have its own pattern and the last two cutters will leave damage paths that deal 30,000 damage per tick very rapidly.

Note: At 90% and 60%, the orange circles will always be safe zones. At 30%, the blue circles will always be safe zones.

Floodwaters: At 85%, 55%, and 25%, the boss will disappear and you will be notified with the message: “Water rushes into the chamber.” Your party must relocate themselves to the inner circle of the field. You will be tossed to the edge of the field when the water reaches the inner circle. This pushback can be iframed. Depending on which side of the inner circle you stand, determines where you are flung too. (Top left inner circle flings you to top left edge of the field).

Hard Mode: The pushback cannot be iframed and it will apply a cleanseable debuff that will damage players for a percentage of their maximum health per second. The party should gather up so they all face the same wall so the healer can cleanse the party easier.

Fulmisphere: The boss will summon spheres, which he throws at players. There will be 3 of them, they do not do a lot of damage, so you can stack them to avoid having them all over the map. However if you feel they become a pain, you can kill them. They begin to do regular attacks when the message (“These might sting a bit“) pops up.

Massive Chainsaw: The boss slams the ground with his razor, causing an AoE zone. Players who are on the outer edge of this zone will be drawn towards the center; those who were impacted receive the debuff Electric Nimbus. This debuff creates an AoE circle around you (which grows) damaging your teammates if they step inside. Cannot be cleansed.

Bounce: The boss jumps in the air and then smashes the ground on landing. Creating an electrical wave, it damages players and causes a knock back.

Shock Wave: Turns around and launches a shock wave. This will push you slightly. Cannot be blocked in Hard Mode.

Shock Ring: Forms a ring of electrical damage, players must be close or far away to avoid damage.
Not to be confused with Gift of Annihilation rings. This is just a ring around the boss and will only deal damage in a static zone. (Mid zone). Similar to Mephisis’s Ring of Death.

Lightning Shield: Fulminar will get a blue aura, start walking towards the person with primary aggro, and then swipe his blade dealing massive damage. You’ll then receive the message: “Fulminar prepares to strike a fatal blow” and Fulminar will receive a shield. Failing to destroy the shield will result in damage and being flung to the edges of the field. Success will result in the boss being stunned for a few seconds.

Note: The pushback from failing the shield is iframeable. The pushback will occur at about 5.5 seconds remaining on the shield icon on his HP bar.

Hard Mode: Fulminar will announce “Fulminar gathers power for a massive attack” instead. Failing to destroy the shield and to iframe will also apply a cleanse-able debuff that ticks for a percentage of a players maximum health.

Gift of Annihilation (Part 1): You will be notified, as the boss will warn your party with: “I bring you the gift of annihilation.” You will need to get inside the circle cage quickly. If you are outside when the cage has been formed, you will get one-shot. Do not resurrect until this phase is over or else you’ll die outside the cage again. Unlike the Darkan’s cage mechanic in Sky Cruiser Endeavor, staying outside the cage will deal constant damage as well. The boss will then carry out part 2 of this mechanic.

Gift of Annihilation (Part 2): The boss will spin and the floor inside the cage will split into different zones. These zones will alternate between red (unsafe) and non-red (safe) zones. Avoid the red circle patterns to avoid being killed. It’ll then jump up in the air and crash down with a Bounce; breaking the cage.

In Normal Mode, there is only one pattern of Outer-Inner-Outer being unsafe zones.

In Hard Mode, Fulminar will either do the standard Normal Mode pattern or a new pattern that will create six unsafe triangles and six safe triangles that alternate with each other, with the area directly in front of Fulminar being an unsafe zone. Once Fulminar brings up the cage, he will either face to turn towards the player with the primary aggro circle or not. If he does, he will do the Hard Mode pattern. If not, he will proceed to do the Normal Mode pattern. The person with the primary aggro circle (usually the tank) should move 90 degrees in either direction during Part 1 to see whether Fulminar will turn.

Hard Mode Only – Once Fulminar reaches 15% HP, he will announce “You cannot withstand the full brunt of my power!” and gain a massive attack speed and power boost until either he or your party is dead.


  1. Spinning claw attack can be axe blocked, that was one of the funnest things to do in this dng.

  2. RIP BR ;_;
    I would love to kill that fish again for all the hards times he’s given me :3
    It’s stupid that they remove content imo.

  3. Does this dungeon still Drop T3 Design scrolls?

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