This guide introduces basic information about TERA, as well as tackling many common questions new players may have. Navigate through this guide by clicking below on the different topics.

  • person_pinGetting Started

    Getting Started

    What region should I choose?

    If you have downloaded the game through Enmasse, you are playing the NA region of TERA.
    If you have downloaded the game through Gameforge, you are playing the EU region of TERA.
    If you have downloaded the game through Steam, your TERA publisher will be based on your Steam region.

    NA TERA (Enmasse)

    Gear progression is easier and crucial items are generally cheaper and easier to obtain than other regions.
    However, for the better part of 2017, ongoing ping and lag issues, as well as server instability, have plagued the NA region. Customer support tickets take anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 weeks (or more) for responses, and the community cites frustration with unresponsive, vague staff communication.


    EU TERA (Gameforge)

    In the past, Gameforge has been vilified as a Pay-to-Win publisher, and the inferior region between NA & EU. This is no longer the case, with Gameforge increasing their quality of service with more responsive staff members, region-unique content, and a more controlled cash shop. Gear progression is however more difficult, and crucial items are generally more expensive and difficult to obtain.

    Overall, both regions have their pro’s and con’s, which make them roughly equal to each other. We recommend choosing the region to which you have the best connection and ping to, since good ping is a crucial aspect of this game.

    What server should I choose?

    NA TERA (Enmasse)

    NA TERA has 5 servers (ordered largest to smallest): Mount Tyrannus (PVP), Tempest Reach (PVE), Celestial Hills (RP/PVE), Ascension Valley (PVE) and Fey Forest (PVP).

    You can do both PVE and PVP content in either type of server, but the difference is that PVP servers allow for open-world PVP as you travel, and PVE doesn’t allow open-world PVP without your consent.

    Mount Tyrannus is the largest server, though Tempest Reach also has a large population. If you are looking for a small server community, you may want to consider Celestial Hills, Ascension Valley, or Fey Forest. Interestingly, Mount Tyrannus has the highest amount of active PVE while Fey Forest has the highest amount of open world PVP.

    EU TERA (Gameforge)

    EU TERA has 10 different servers, with 2 PVP servers (Killian and Icaruna) and 8 PVE servers (Fraya, Arcadia, Veritas, Zenobia, Kaidun [DE], Hasmina [DE], Akasha [FR] and Elinu[FR]). You can do both PVE and PVP content in either type of server, but the difference is that PVP servers allow for open-world PVP as you travel, and PVE doesn’t allow open-world PVP without your consent. The international servers are Killian and Icaruna, while the English servers are Fraya, Arcadia, Veritas and Zenobia.

    Killian (PVE) is the largest server of the 7, followed by Fraya, Arcadia and Veritas, and then Zenobia.

    What class should I play?


    There are 13 different classes to choose from in this game.

    • Melee DPS: Berserker, Slayer, Warrior (Assault Stance), Ninja, Valkyrie
    • Mid-range DPS: Reaper
    • Ranged DPS: Archer, Gunner, Sorcerer
    • Tank: Brawler, Lancer, Warrior (Defensive Stance), Berserker (at level 65)
    • Healer: Priest, Mystic

    The meta of which class is the strongest DPS or most OP class is always changing from patch to patch, as class balances continually happen. The best answer will always be whatever class you can maximize the potential on. Because this game is an action combat MMO based on skill and experience, a well-played “underpowered” class will always perform better than a poorly-played “overpowered” class.
    To reach a little more about each class, check out this Class Overview.

    What race should I choose?

    Unless you plan to be a competitive PVP player, race does not make a significant difference. You can be a top PVE player with a non-optimal race.
    Each race does have their own unique racial ability and passive, but they are very minor and do not make a significant impact on gameplay. All races have the same hitbox except for Amani and Baraka (slightly bigger hitbox). Elins and Poporis have the same hitbox as Castanics and Humans. That said, different races have different animations and timing for each class.

    If you wish to learn more about optimal races for classes, see the Class Overview for more details.

    Is this game P2W (Pay-to-Win)?

    No, TERA is not pay-to-win.

    It is indeed possible to obtain gear in TERA by spending real-life money, since anything obtained from the cash shop can be sold in-game for in-game gold. However, at least in NA Tera, gearing is very easily done by simply playing the game regularly that the conversion is rarely worth it. At that point, one would mostly be pay for convenience and speed.

    The cash shop is almost completely cosmetic, with the rare exceptions being the dragon mounts which provide battle benefits (but are also obtainable in-game) and liberation scrolls which allow you to unbind best-in-slot gear once. However, since everything in the cash shop can be sold on the in-game trade broker, and bought with gold, there is no need or pressure to spend a dime on this game.

    TERA does have an optional monthly Elite subscription model you can sign up for, which provides very good benefits for those who want to play endgame. However, this too can be bought be in-game gold.

  • person_pinCharacter Progression

    Understand your Character


    You cannot ever mess up a character build in TERA. You don’t level up stats like in a typical MMO, nor is there a skill build you need to reset if you mess up. How strong your character is depends entirely on the rank of your skills, the gear that you wear (and the rolls on it), the crystals you use, and the consumables you use. We’ll touch more on that later but the key point is that you cannot mess up your character as you are learning the game.

    Once you reach endgame, you can choose to boost certain stats, like Crit Factor or Power or Attack Speed, through etching choice, gear stat rolls, crystal choice, and more.


    Just like stats, there is no skill build you can mess up. You can max all skills, as long as you have the gold and level requirement to rank them.

    mainmenu-skillsicon To access your skills, go to your UI’s main menu and click on the Skill icon (default keybind K) to open up your skill window. As you go through the game, every other level (i.e. 2, 4, 6 … etc) will give you new skills or skill ranks to unlock with gold.
    mainmenu-skillsicon-rank When you unlock a new skill or rank, you’ll see a red number next to the Skills icon. The new skills you can rank will have an arrow next to them.

    Alternatively, you can visit a Tactics Instructor (Melee classes) or Magic Instructor (Ranged classes) in any town.


    What are glyphs?

    Once you reach level 20, you can start using Glyphs. You begin with 10 Glyph Points and you obtain 1 per level up to a maximum of 55 points at level 65. Glyphs give specific boosts to abilites, such as increasing the damage, decreasing the cooldown, or another effect. To use glyphs, open up your skill window. You can change your glyphs at any time provided you are out of combat and you can save up to five glyph pages for easy swapping. If you need help deciding on which glyphs to use, hit the Recommended Glyphs button on the bottom right of the Skills Window or check out a guide!

    Any glyph that is not grayed out is available for use.


    Glyphs are primarily unlocked by leveling up.

    Master Glyphs

    Beginning at level 58, Uncommon or Master glyphs can be used. These special glyphs will either give you otherwise unavailable glyphs, decrease the glyph point cost of existing glyphs, or increase the effect of existing glyphs.

    Master glyphs are indicated by a green or blue arrow on the top left corner: masterglyph

    You can obtain Tier 1 master glyph boxes as drops from the dungeons Sabex Armory and Macellarius Catacombs. Alternatively, you can purchase master glyphs with Glyph Tokens obtained using Vanguard Initiative Credits (300 credits per token – 1 token for a level 58 or 60 glyph of your choice and 3 tokens for a level 61+ glyph of your choice). Tier 2 master glyphs (also known as Plunder Glyphs) can be obtained using Island of Dawn Tokens or from the dungeon tokens of the current patch.

    How do I make my gear better? How do I enchant in this game?

    As you level in this game, you will receive Relic pieces from dungeons and mobs to build avatar weapons. Due to their innate high crit, avatar weapons are the strongest gear to use as you are leveling (even if dropped dungeon gear may have higher numbers). As for armor, glove, and boot gear, use the most recent level gear you find as you level.

    In addition, enchanting your gear is an important aspect of improving your gear. All avatar weapons are enchantable, while only some armor, glove, boot pieces will be enchantable.

    enchant To bring up the enchantment UI, you can either press T (default keybind) or use the Main Menu and click “Equipment”. The UI will ask you place a piece of gear into the allocated slot.
    When adding the piece of gear you desire to enchant, you are already faced with suggestions of how many Feedstock you are recommended to use. It’ll also display the amount of Feedstock and Alkahest you have.

    See the Enchanting & Masterworking Guide for more details.

    What are crystals and how do I use them?

    Enhancement Crystals are items that are able to be slotted into gear pieces. Weapons have slots for red crystals, Chestpieces have slots for blue crystals, and Accessories have slots for green crystals.

    You can obtain crystals by purchasing them from Crystal Merchants, as monster drops, or from the trade broker.

    To equip a crystal, make sure that the gear has an available socket. Uncommon weapons and armor have two slots, Rare weapons and armor have three slots, and most Superior weapons and armor have four slots. Usually, accessories that are below level 60 do not have any slots for crystals.


    Crystal Tiers

    cabochon Cabochons are available for gear that is level 11 or above.
    hexage Hexages are available for gear that is level 23 or above.
    pentant Pentants are available for gear that is level 35 or above.
    concach Concaches are available for gear that is level 48 or above.
    crux Cruxes are available for gear that is level 58 or above.
    niveot Niveots are available for gear that is level 65.
    zyrk Zyrks are available for jewelry that is level 55 or above.
    vyrsk Vyrsks are available for jewelry that is level 65.

    At level 65, you can purchase Fine Niveot crystals from the Vanguard Initiative Crystal Merchants located in Highwatch or the Amadjuak Trading Post. You can also obtain them from combining three Fine Cruxes and a Niveot Structure, or from Crystal Boxes.

    Crystal Fusion

    You can combine three Fine crystals into a random Fine crystal of the same tier (i.e. 3 Fine Pentants into a random Fine Pentant).

    Click on the rightmost button in bottom of your inventory to open up the crystal fusion menu.


    Insert your crystals (they have to be either all fine weapon crystals or all fine armor crystals), insert a Niveot Structure (optional), and press Fuse.

    For PvE, DPS should usually have Bitter, Savage, and Focused crystals on. These crystals are aimed to give players maximum DPS when critting bosses from behind, or “back critting,” and against enraged monsters. The last crystal is usually going to a Forceful, Carving, Pounding, Backbiting, or Slaying crystal, depending on the situation and gear choices, although a Pounding is most players’ usual choice. As a result of these crystal choices, players using this crystal combination should aim to hit bosses and monsters from behind, while tanks have their attention.

    Tanks should usually use Wrathful and Focused crystals. These two crystals give tanks increased crit damage when critting bosses from the front or side. The last two are usually two Poundings or a Pounding and a Carving. Undergeared or unskilled tanks might choose to swap out a Pounding for a Threatening if aggro is a problem.

    Healers usually use a Swift crystal, a Carving crystal, and two Brilliant/Cunning crystals. It may also be beneficial to equip DPS crystals against some bosses.

  • person_pinBasic Game Mechanics

    Combat Basics

    Because TERA is a true action combat game, movement, positioning and dodging are all crucial aspect of combat. Unlike other MMOs where you get hit by unavoidable damage, TERA encourages players to use their skills resourcefully to avoid damage while dealing damage. Here are a few important things to know:


    Iframes are short for “invulnerability frames”, which basically means skills that have a short time of invincibility you can use to avoid taking damage.

    All classes have at least one iframe. All non-healer classes can iframe at least twice in a row.



    Bosses and BAMs will enrage, which makes them deal more damage. However, with correctly rolled gear and crystals, you can deal more damage to enraged bosses. To know when bosses enrage, look carefully at the boss bar for a red glow and look for a combat indicator that looks like this:

    Most endgame bosses will naturally enrage if they take 10% of their maximum HP in damage while unenraged, and each enraged period will last 36 seconds. Tanks can force bosses to enrage as well.


    See here to familiarize yourself with other TERA combat indicators.

    More Information Coming Soon

    Gathering and Crafting

    Every account has Production Points, capped at 4,000. Crafting and Gathering will use Production Points. Points are restored over time (5 points every 5 minutes) or by using Crafter’s Cures (1,000 points) or Crafter’s Cure-All (4,000 points).



    As you travel the open world in TERA, you will encounter nodes of Plants, Ores, and Essences.

    As you approach these nodes, you can Interact (default keybind [F]) with them to attempt to gather these nodes.


    This small information screen has the name of the node, the gathering level of the node, the difficulty of gathering, and the production point cost.

    Maxing your gathering is useful, as it gives you an extra row of inventory space.


      Note   Crafting is no longer a profitable or worthwhile endeavor.

    Opening up the Crafting menu (default keybind [J]) or interacting with a Crafting Station will bring up this UI:


    Once you learn Designs by right-clicking them in your inventory, you will see them in this menu. You can also click on “Show all” on the bottom left of the menu to show all of the designs.

    Basic and Artisan designs can be purchased from Crafting Design Merchants. Master designs are obtained as dungeon drops.

    Crafting Kits can be purchased from Crafting Material Merchants.

    Clicking on any Design in the menu will bring up


    This will inform you about the Crafting Skill required, Skill Gained from crafting the item, Critical success rewards, Production Point costs, and the Materials required per craft.

    For Artisan and Master items, most items will allow you to use crafting Additives to increase the chance of Critting.

    You must either be interacting with a Crafting station or be resting by a Campfire to craft. Once you fulfill all of the requirements and click Create, the item begins crafting!

    Artisan and Master Crafting

    Once you reach 500 Crafting Skill on any one profession, you have the option of advancing to Artisan. Artisans can craft higher level items, such as crafting Oils. However, be aware that you can only be Artisan in one field of Crafting!

    Once an Artisan Crafter reaches 800 Skill, he can choose to advance to become a Master. Masters can create even higher level items, and their designs cannot be purchased from Crafting Merchants.

    To advance from Basic to Artisan and Artisan to Master, you must first take a test. This test requires you to craft items and/or crit on crafts. Once you receive enough Promotion Points, you will automatically advance.


    If at any point you wish to drop your advanced profession, you can use a Revival Fruit purchased from a Crafting Merchant to reset back to Basic.

    Any general tips?

    • Change your “Chain Skill” hotkey! Or rebind your jump button. You don’t want to accidentally jump instead of using a skill. Open up your Skill Window (K) and at the bottom right corner will be a “Chained Skill” button. You can change your “Chained Skill” hothey in the window that pops up. ss+(2015-11-03+at+01.27.14)
    • Use the “Unstuck” option – It’s a free Safe Haven portal every 30 mins that ports you instantly. unstuck-option
    • Linking items in chat – Ctrl + Left Click


  1. Former EU player for 2.5 year

    Current EU server situation:

    Kaidun and Hasmina are German servers, so if you are not a german speaking person, you should avoid them. Elinu and Akasha are French servers, so same situation. Killian and Icaruna are labeled as “international” which means you can spam every possible language on global and its ok (-random flame for “omg, learn English”). All other (Fraya, Arcadia, Veritas and Zenobia) are English ones, so if you write on global with some national language and you will find some dumb tards online, they will flame you for “writing in this stupid not English language” (on most cases they accuse you of writing polish, no idea why, even if you write in other language). But do not worry, basically you can find any European (also asian, middle east, african, south american) players on every INI and EN servers.

    As for population – you can’t currently (as of last Tuesday 24th after the weekly maintenance) create a character on Icaruna and every player on Icaruna can for free (something very rare and near impossible for EU publisher) transfer your characters (up to 8-10, depending if you have free character slots and veteran/collector account) to Killian. This means that from all servers, the PvP Icaruna is the most dead. I can’t say from my experience how does the population of German and French servers looks like, but at least I can say for others. Current population (-Icaruna) would be:
    Killian > Fraya > Arcadia/Veritas > Zenobia, but keep in mind that population of Killian is probably as large as all other EN servers combined, and there are daily transfers to Killian since all other English servers are getting more and more deserted each day (promps from Arcadia, on which I have chars: last 3 days of Dreamstorm was like this: 1 full [30] spot, one 15-25, all others empty, on every possible Dreamstorm hour while in LFG you see 2-3 parties/raids at most times of day) and it seems the publisher has little to no interest to keep the players here, to encourage those who went on hiatus to comeback (on NA you can get all kinds of ‘welcome back’ items, useful event-items when new patch hits [like permanent mounts with Brawler for very to easy get achievements], on EU you will most likely get either nothing [like you can feel it doesn’t matter for the publisher if you are playing or not] or on max not tradeable, temporary cosmetics/mounts) or to attract new players (no desire nor information of any Steam release, no active advertisements, no sponsored articles in EU based gaming sites, no almost nothing).

    Another thing that is very frustrating on EU are the 2 instance/battlegrounds queue pool, that currently are like this:
    Pool1: Killian, Icaruna, Kaidun, Hasmina and Zenobia
    Pool2: Fraya, Arcadia, Veritas, Elinu and Akasha

    And despite the constant requests and suggestions to merge servers or at least queue pools, GF does nothing (aside from locking threads about those topics on boards) because after the last queue pool change (something near FoA2 patch) the reason why 1 pool won’t work was “due to technical issues and reasons” that most players just took as “we are too incompetent” (there were also mentions of “we can’t have 1 pool cause if we will do some events it might cause issues” – something that happened only one time during double drop event when everyone rushed to LoT and killed the instance server – of course the amount of events currently held on EU is so low this reasoning is just pathetically lame). Also at least on the PvE pool, queue times for instances are very high if you are not tank – last time I tried to do AC/MC story line, it took me about 5h in queue to do both of them… Sadly I can’t say about 62+ instances, but I doubt the situation for DPS classes are better (well maybe aside from MCata and 3man instances, due to “no tank queue”, sadly 60-62 lvl stuff didn’t get that luxury). Last thing about pools is that PvE pool (which I used) in BG is sadly filled with “french noobs” who refuse to speak English, often act as total idiots and noobs (CS -> Leader: “all N gate”, few frenchies go and attack South) so the overall experience of this might not be nice.

    Also as a last part if you somehow would come to EU website and got lost on reading the server status page – that page is a LIE (it it made like this to trick and deceive new players as to show that the “EU version is alive, many servers, many players, such popular, much wow” to lure those who won’t waste 1-5 mins to check boards and see how it actually looks like, even the boards are lately more and more deserted with almost the same users posting there only, also most valid suggestions/feedback never ever gets any Team reply or answer, even if its about game issues, fps issues, ping issues, etc wrote by few players). It is in no way objective and shows valid data regarding the true state of EU servers population. Assume that if you check NA “high” servers and compare them with EU “high”, you can read EU status page as this:
    – LOW -> avoid at all cost, ghost towns have a higher population
    – MEDIUM -> you will find max 1-3 LFG at prime time
    – HIGH -> if you can get 3×30 Dreamstorms, its a success

    And keep in mind that if the status page shows “high” it probably wanted to mean “Medium”, “Medium” means “Low” and “Low” means “Dead” (maybe aside from Killian, but even that servers is getting each day more deserted).

    Former EU player for 2.5 year

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