KTERA has a vastly different aggro system with the release of the Brawler patch, making aggro extremely easy to hold. The threat formula has been changed to be more straightforward, making DPS/Crit builds much superior as you deal enough damage to hold aggro without the need of any Threat%. Threatening Crystals have been combined into one, so each Threatening Crystal is worth four times as much, but they’re not stackable. There has also been a new weapon Crystal introduced (Wrathful) that increases your crit damage when attacking monsters from the front.

This guide is intended for new and learning players to familiarize themselves with the brawler class.

For those looking to advance their Brawler further or looking for more min-max tips, check out Laundry’s Brawler PVE Guide.


The Brawler is the tank of a party. Unlike Lancers, Warriors, and Berserkers, Brawlers are considered more of a burst damage tank. Their primary defense comes from skills that have a frontal block effect, which will automatically block frontal attacks from monsters. Successfully blocking within 0.5 seconds will “Perfect Block”, which generates 200 Rage and guarantees a Crit. How does this make Brawlers different? This effectively allows Brawlers to attack bosses with very little downtime for long duration boss attacks, such as Yana’s Dice Spin. Brawlers’ standard Counter block is rather slow, as it has a relatively long animation lock to cast and to release compared to the other block classes. However, they can still end most of their animations by casting another skill, which is what their primary method of animation cancelling is.

Although Brawlers are tanks, they do have very high DPS output compared to other tanks and even DPS classes as a result of the perfect block buffs, the lack of downtime, high base damages, and crit chance glyphs.

To read more about tanking in general, read this offensive tanking guide.


Obviously, you will want to go for the Best-in-slot gear. However, you might not be able to get it, and that’s fine. I’ll cover basically everything you need to know about gear.

The Best-in-Slot weapon for Ninja patch is Imperator, which is a huge upgrade for brawlers, followed by Starfall +15, followed by Slaughter.

Weapon Rolls

The weapon’s base stats (that are applicable in PvE) are:

  • Increases damage by 6% when attacking.
  • Your attacks draw 15.5% more aggro.

For low- and mid-tier gear, there is one rerollable option as a +0 line and three rerollable options on the bottom as +3, +6, and +9 stats. For Dreadnaught, you have %aggro on the +4 and +8 enchant levels, and the +10, +11, and +12 enchantment levels give bonus attack speed.

For VM-tier gear, there is one rerollable option as a +0 line and four rerollable options on the bottom as +3, +5, +7, and +9 stats. For Dreadnaught, you have %aggro on the +4 and +8 enchant levels, and the +10, +11, and +12 enchantment levels give bonus attack speed. When awakened, +13 and +15 give more attack modifier. Starfall and Imperator has increased monster damage as lines for +13, +14, and +15.

Recommended Top Stat Roll:

  • Increases damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged monsters – all around good roll; Most bosses are enraged for most of every fight. This lets you deal more damage to them, dealing more DPS.
  • Increases Attack Speed by 9% – depending on your playstyle, this can be decent.

Recommended Bottom Stat Rolls: (low- and mi-tier can only have 3/4 of these):

  • Increases damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged monsters – see above
  • Increases damage by 6% when attacking – dealing more damage is always good.
  • Increases damage by 8.6% when attacking the target with the highest aggro to you – this helps you keep aggro once you have it
  • Decreases skill cooldowns by 7.2% – shorter cooldowns means less time using fillers and more time using primary skills. Very important for brawlers.
+12 Masterwork Dreadnaught Powerfist
Level: 65
Attack Modifier: 10,451 (+3,696)
Impact Modifier: 41,568 (+36,164)

Increases MP regen by 47
Absorbs up to 70,034 with Defensive skills
Increases damage by 6% when attacking.
Your attacks draw 15.5% more aggro.
Increases PvP attack by 14
Additional 6% PvP damage when attacking.

Increases damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged monsters

+6: Increases damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged monsters
+4: Attacks draw 5% more aggro.
+6: Increases damage by 8.6% when attacking the target with the highest aggro to you
+8: Attacks draw 8% more aggro.
+9: Decreases skill cooldowns by 7.2%
+10: Increase Attack Speed by 1%.
+11: Increase Attack Speed by 1.5%.
+12: Increase Attack Speed by 2%.

+12 Masterwork Slaughter Powerfists
Tier 9 Superior Powerfist
For Reaper
Level: 65
Bind on Equip
Can be Enchanted
Attack Modifier: 12,097 (+4,716)
Impact Modifier: 42,829 (+37,260)

Increases MP regen by 47.
Absorbs up to 70,034 with Defensive skills.
Do 6% more damage when you attack.
Your attacks draw 28.5% more aggro.
Increases PvP attack by 30.

Increases damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged monsters

+6: Increases damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged monsters
+6: Increases damage by 8.6% when attacking the target with the highest aggro to you
+9: Decreases skill cooldowns by 7.2%
+10: Increases Attack Speed by 1%.
+11: Increases Attack Speed by 1.5%.
+12: Increases Attack Speed by 2%.

+15 Awakened: Starfall Powerfist
Level: 65
Attack Modifier: 11,520ย (+5,874)
Impact Modifier: 42,405ย (+45,797)

Increases MP regen by 47
Blacksmith’s Hammerstrike
Absorbs up to 71,361 with Defensive skills
Do 6% more damage when you attack
Your attacks draw 15.5% more aggro
Increase PvP attack by 14
Additional 6% PvP damage when attacking.

+ Rerollable Stat

+3: Rerollable Stat
+4: Attacks draw 5% more aggro.
+5: Rerollable Stat
+7: Rerollable Stat
+8: Attacks draw 8% more aggro.
+9: Rerollable stat
+10: Increase Attack Speed by 1%
+11: Increase Attack Speed by 1.5%
+12: Increase Attack Speed by 2%
+13: Increase damage by 1% against monsters.
+14: Increase damage by 2% against monsters.
+15: Increase damage by 3% against monsters.

Awakened: Imperator Powerfists
Tier 10 Superior Powerfist
For Brawler
Level: 65
Bind on Equip
Can be Enchanted
Item Level 365

Attack Modifier: 12,703 (+6,478)
Impact Modifier: 43,256 (+46,715)

Increases MP regen by 47.
Blacksmith’s Last Mercy
Absorbs up to 74,093 with Defensive skills.
Do 6% more damage when you attack.
Your attacks draw 28.5% more aggro.
Increases PvP attack by 20.

+ Rerollable Stat

+3: Rerollable Stat
+5: Rerollable Stat
+7: Rerollable Stat
+9: Rerollable stat

+10: Increase Attack Speed by 1%
+11: Increase Attack Speed by 1.5%
+12: Increase Attack Speed by 2%
+13: Increase damage by 1% against monsters.
+14: Increase damage by 2% against monsters.
+15: Increase damage by 3% against monsters.

Armor Rolls

Recommended Top Stat Roll – Skill modifier:

  • Increases damage of Jackhammer by 12% – more damage on a very high DPS skill. Jackhammer is 20-30% of your total DPS. This should be the only real option.

Recommended Bottom Stat Roll (low- and mid-tier gear can only have 3/4 of these):

  • Decreases damage from enraged monsters by 10% – more damage reduction; if you take less damage, things don’t bleed through block, you get to facetank more often, and you help your healer out
  • Decreases damage by 8.7% from the monster with the highest aggro to you – more damage reduction
  • Reduces damage by 6% – more damage reduction
  • Decreases damage from frontal attacks by 6.9% – more damage reduction

Glove Rolls

Offensive (dps) gloves are recommended for brawlers. You should not need Defensive (aggro) gloves to hold aggro.


  • Increases Crit Factor by 9 – critting more often gives you more damage
  • Increases Attack Speed by 2.25% – attack speed lets you get your skills off quicker
  • Increases Power by 5 – more power is more damage

Footwear Rolls
  • Increases Movement Speed by 6% – helps you move around and dodge some attacks easier
  • Increases Endurance by 4 – helps to be tanky
  • Replenishes 1% of total MP every 5 seconds – more MP regen


For your Weapon and Gloves, you should get a Keen or Energetic Etching. Keen Etchings are the obvious choice, giving you more Crit Factor. However, Energetic Etchings are viable for a speedier playstyle that helps keep Growing Fury uptime higher. Choose between Crit Factor or Attack Speed and Cooldown reduction, it’s your preference. However, if you have higher ping, Energetic might not be a good idea.

For your Armor and Footwear, you should get a Grounded Etching. More Endurance is always good for a PvE player, regardless of class. The other options (Unyielding and Relentless) aren’t as good because Crit Resist isn’t that great in PvE and Relentless doesn’t give you as much effective HP as Grounded.

Jewelry and Other Gear

Full Crit – This setup is aimed at getting the most Crit Factor out of your jewelry. This double-dips into the 2 of Set Bonus to get the most Crit Factor. More Crit Factor helps your skills crit (surprise!), especially the ones that don’t already have Crit Chance glyphs such as Piledriver. This is highly recommended for party setups without mystics.

  • shadowvain_ring Shadowvain Ring
    shademaze_ring Shademaze Ring
    shadowvain_earring Shadowvain Earring
    shademaze_earring Shademaze Ring
    shadowgate_necklace Shadowgate Necklace

Mixed – This setup is aimed at getting a good balance of Crit Factor and Power. Whether it’s better than the Full Crit setup will depend on your current Crit Factor and whether you’re running with a Mystic or not.

  • shadowvain_ring Shadowvain Ring
    shadowvain_ring Bloodvain Ring
    shadowvain_earring Shadowvain Earring
    shadowvain_earring Bloodvain Earring
    shadowgate_necklace Bloodvain or Shadowvain Earring
You want to roll your rings to be these ideal rolls:

  • Increase Power by 4
  • Increase Crit Factor by 4
You want to roll your earrings to be these ideal rolls:

  • Increase Max HP by 4%
  • Increase Endurance by 4
You want to roll your necklace to be the following ideal roll:

  • Increase Power by 4

Inner Armor
Since you’re going for a Crit build, you want a Crit Factor Inner Armor. A Rare (12) or a Superior (16) Crit Inner will suit you fine.

Both Empowered Brooch and Quickcarve are viable brooch options for brawlers. Quickcarve is recommended if you can only afford one, as the crit and attack speed benefit more of your skills.
You can also choose to double brooch by using the other brooch before you start the fight, and then changing gear presets to the other brooch. If you choose to double brooch, the recommended order is to Empowered first before swapped to Quickcarve.
You want to roll your Empowered or Cleansing Brooch to be the following in a descending priority:

  • Increase Crit Factor by 6
  • Increase Power by 3
  • Increase Crit Factor by 4
  • Increase Power by 2
If you have a Quickcarve Brooch, you want to roll it to be the following:

  • Increase Crit Factor by 6
  • Increase Crit Factor by 4
If you have a Grounding Brooch, you want to roll it to be the following in a descending priority:

  • Increase Crit Factor by 6
  • Attacks draw 4.5% more aggro
  • Increase Crit Factor by 4
  • Attacks draw 3% more aggro
The Belt you want should be one that complements your gears’ set bonuses. You want the one that gives you the most DPS output through Power set bonuses.
You want to roll it to be the following in a descending priority:

  • Increase Crit Factor by 6
  • Increase Power by 3
  • Increase Crit Factor by 4
  • Increase Power by 2



  • wrathful Wrathful – lets you deal a ton more damage when you’re at the front of the boss (you should aim to be there just like how DPS want to be behind the boss). The tooltip for the “front” is a bit misleading as everything not considered the back is the front. This allows you to get front crits from the side, for example.
  • Fine Focused Focused – lets you deal a ton more damage when the boss is enraged (it usually is)
  • niveot Pounding – With higher crit rates, Pounding becomes the better choice. If you find yourself low on total crit factor, you may want to consider a Carving instead.
  • niveot threatening Pounding / Threatening – If you have no problem holding aggro, double Pounding is ideal. However, if you’re drastically undergeared or having difficulty holding aggro, you might want to consider replacing one Pounding with Threatening.


  • blue-niv Hardy – there’s pretty much no questions about your crystals here


  • Keen Vyrsk Keen Vyrsk – pretty self-explanatory: more crit for a crit build
  • zyrk Pristine Powerful Zyrk – if you cannot obtain Vyrsks


Low Growing Fury Uptime Page

This glyph page is recommended for inexperienced brawlers who may lose Growing Fury often.

High Growing Fury Uptime Page

This glyph phage is recommended for more experienced brawlers focusing on damage.


Credits: Yosha for translating skill/glyph effects

Red – I do not recommend using this glyph
Orange – Useful in some situations
Yellow – Useful in most situations.

Speaking of which, skills which are noted with a DEF are Defensive skills, meaning that during its animation, you are considered as blocking. If an attack is blocked within the first 0.5 seconds of the skill, you “perfect” block it, which immediately deals a critical hit equal to 50% of the skill’s damage to the enemy (if within 8m) and generates an additional 200 Rage. Using any skill with a DEF will reset the timer for the perfect block, so during certain moves that tick multiple times (such as Yana’s dice spin), you can interrupt the animation of skills like Ground Pounder and follow it up with Counterpunch and obtain multiple perfect blocks. Trample effects can proc perfect blocks as well. Multiple Perfect Defenses within 0.5s of the skill’s use will trigger the critical hit and Rage generation multiple times.
Perfect blocks are shown as an orange block while imperfect blocks are shown as blue, as shown:

Throw a punch, replenishing your MP and increasing your Rage.

Skill Usage
This is your basic attack. The first two Punches will sustain a knockup. The only real purpose for this skill is to chain into Counter skills, which do significantly more damage and can proc Perfect Blocks.

Glyph of Power: Increase skill damage by 20%. – You should not need to use this skill too often to glyph this
Glyph of Spirit: Increases MP replenishment by 15% – You do not have MP problems as a Brawler. If you are, use Mana Potions
Glyph of Swiftness: 10% chance to increase attack speed by 15% for 10 seconds. – Attack speed isn’t as good on Brawler as on other tanks

Counter (DEF)
Block frontal enemy attacks, or follow Punch for some amazing combos (with frontal defense effect):

  • After 1 Punch: staggers enemies
  • After 2 Punches: knocks enemies into the air
  • After 3 Punches: pulls enemies towards you
  • After 4 Punches: knocks down enemies

Skill Usage
No Punch: Block frontal damage.
After 1 Punch: Moves you forward 9m, staggering enemies while blocking frontal damage.
After 2 Punches: Launches enemies into the air while blocking frontal damage.
After 3 Punches: Whirlwind AoE, sucking in enemies while blocking frontal damage.
After 4 Punches: Knockdown enemies while blocking frontal damage.

Glyph of Power: Increase skill damage by 20%.- You do not use the damage part of this skill often enough to make this worth it.
Glyph of Powerlink: 30% chance to increase skill damage by 50% for 6 seconds on a successful perfect block – 50% skill damage is huge, take this whenever you’re confident in Perfect blocking.
Glyph of Carving: Doubles the crit chance of this skill. – see Glyph of Power

Quick Dash
Dodge past your enemy’s attack.

Skill Usage
Your only iframe. There is a short animation lock at the end unlike skills like Backstep or Evasive Roll. It is aimed like Rolling Reload, so you choose a direction with your directional keys and you will move in that direction.

Glyph of Persistence: 20-30% chance to eliminate cooldown. – 20% chance is too low to rely on this, especially when you have blocks.

Roundhouse Kick
Kicks monsters up into the air, increasing your Rage. Staggers enemy players.

Skill Usage
This is going to be your favorite skill as a Brawler. The skill by itself is not very good against bosses, but the Glyph of Grounding makes it one of your best tools. Using Roundhouse Kick will proc the glyph, which will give your next Jackhammer, Piledriver, or Haymaker a DEF tag, meaning that you will be blocking during the animation. Because of this glyph, you want to be using Roundhouse Kick along with the chained skills so that you will get a frontal block.

  • Roundhouse Kick > Haymaker is a very high damage skill combo that has a long animation, in which you can easily take damage, so using Kick chained into this is obvious.
  • Roundhouse Kick > Jackhammer deals decent damage and refreshes your endurance debuff. Jackhammer has a crit glyph, but has a lower base damage than Piledriver.
  • Roundhouse Kick > Piledriver deals moderate damage, and has a 60% chance to reset the cooldown on Roundhouse Kick. It has a higher base damage than Jackhammer, but lacks a crit glyph.

Glyph of Powerlink: Successfully hitting a target will increase power of all skills by 10-15% for 3 seconds. – 10% more damage for 3 seconds on a very often used skill? 10/10 would glyph again.
Glyph of Grounding: After using this skill you have 5 seconds to use one skill in chain (Jackhammer/Piledriver/Haymaker) that blocks damage until the skill animation finishes. – probably a Brawler’s best glyph. It makes your rotations a lot more flexible as you can block during the animations of your primary DPS skills.
Glyph of Energy: Decrease cooldown by 15-25% – Yes please.

Hammer the enemy with a flurry of rapid jabs, increasing your Rage and decreasing enemy’s Endurance.

Skill Usage
This is your endurance debuff. It also deals decent damage and is on a low cooldown. Feel free to use this often, as it does decent damage and has a relatively short animation. Jackhammer is overridden by Debilitate.

Glyph of Power: Increases skill damage by 25%. – More damage on your second best DPS skill
Glyph of Aggravation: Increases damage by 25% if target is airborne. – Useful while leveling or killing massive amounts of mobs, Otherwise leave this off.
Glyph of Carving: Increase crit chance by x1.5-x2. – More crit chance on high DPS skill.
Glyph of Spirit: Each hit from this skill increases rage meter by 1% more. – More Rage for Rampage spam or Growing Fury uptime. Against multiple targets, multiplies Rage generation.

Deliver a series of uppercuts while leaping into the airโ€”then end with a powerful downward blow. Successful hits increase your Rage

Skill Usage
This skill similar to Jackhammer in how its used. However, it does not have an endurance debuff, lacks a crit glyph, and has a longer cooldown. However, it has a high chance (60%) to refresh the cooldown of Roundhouse Kick (which is very important).

Glyph of Power: Increases skill damage by 25%. – Great glyph, as Piledriver is about 15-20% of your total DPS.
Glyph of Persistence: Successfully hitting a target have a 60% chance to reset cooldown on Roundhouse Kick. – Roundhouse Kick is the best skill ever. This glyph gives you a lot of utility and options when it procs.
Glyph of Spirit: Each hit from this skill increases rage meter by 2% more. – More rage, more fun! Against multiple targets, multiplies Rage generation.

Wind up and throw a terrific punch, with a high chance of knocking the enemy down. A successful hit increases your Rage. (You deal more damage when the enemy’s HP is lower.)

Skill Usage
High burst damage with a high chance to crit. It should be used similarly to Lancers’ Wallop and Berserkers’ Thunder Strike, where you should only use it if you have a lot of time before you need to block the next attack. This problem can be alleviated extremely well if you use Roundhouse Kick chained before or if in Growing Fury.

Glyph of Power: Increases skill damage by 25%. – high burst damage skill needs more damage
Glyph of Carving: Increase crit chance by x2. – Crit more often! Haymaker has a very high base crit chance even without this glyph. If you have under a certain Crit Factor threshold (below approximately +200 without buffs), you can leave this off and you will still have a 100% Crit chance. If you do not reach this threshold, you should use this glyph.
Glyph of Carving: Increase crit chance by x2.5-x3. – see above
Glyph of Brilliance: Reduces MP cost by 100. – Brawlers don’t have mana problems
Glyph of Persistence: 20% chance to eliminate cooldown. – You should not be using this that often because of the long animation. Also 4 points for a 20% chance is really low. However, if you’re going to have very high Growing Fury uptime, this can be very good.

Rampage (DEF)
Rage Skill: Rush the enemy from up to 24m away and deliver a series of devastating blows.
Knocks enemy into the air and blocks attacks from the front.

Correct timing leads to Perfect Defense, which immediately deals one critical hit to the enemy (if within 8m) and generates an additional 200 Rage.

Skill Usage
This is one of your Rage skills. If a target is up to 24m away, you can use this to gapclose to them. This skill is considered a DPS loss, so should only be used as a gapclose or as a last resort because every other skill is on cooldown.

Glyph of Power: Increases skill damage by 20%. – More DPS on your primary Rage skill. However, if you’re going to keep a 100% Growing Fury uptime, you don’t need this glyph.
Glyph of Spirit: Each hit by this skill will increase your MP regeneration by 2%. – You do not need the mana
Glyph of Restoration: Each hit by this skill will increase your HP regeneration by 1-1.5%. – Aim for perfect blocking instead.

Leap to your feet while attacking your target, increasing your Rage. You can use this skill only when knocked down. You become briefly immune to knockdown, stagger, and stuns.

Skill Usage
You get up from the ground, gaining a 2 second buff that makes you immune to stuns, staggers, and knockdowns.

Glyph of Power: Increases skill damage by 25% – no.
Glyph of Energy: Decreases cooldown by 20% – no.

Ground Pounder X (DEF)
Pound the ground at your feet to pull the enemies closer, then knock them into the air, increasing your Rage. Blocks attacks from the front.

Correct timing leads to Perfect Defense, which immediately deals one critical hit to the enemy (if within 8m) and generates an additional 200 Rage.

Skill Usage
This is something you want to be using off cooldown if you don’t have to move. It does very high damage, generates a lot of Rage, and it’s a DEF skill. It’s like Rampage except you don’t need a full Rage bar! Against groups of mobs, you can cluster them with Bull Rush into Ground Pounder to place them all clumped up in front of you.

Glyph of Spirit: Each hit by this skill will generate 3% more rage. – More rage, more DPS
Glyph of Power: Increases skill damage by 20-30% – More DPS on high DPS skill
Glyph of Energy: Decrease cooldown by 20%. – Long-ish cooldown, this helps a ton
Glyph of Carving: Increase crit chance by 2-3. – Duh?

Bull Rush
Charge forward, driving back enemies in your path, generating aggro. Use your mouse to adjust your course in mid-charge. Enemy player can use evasion type skills while being pushed.

Skill Usage
Use this to gather up mobs or travel quickly. You can stop it early by tapping Counter or using Quick Dash

Glyph of Energy: Decrease cooldown by 20%. – You do not need to use this often enough to make this worth it.

High Kick
Kick a knocked-down enemy up in the air, increasing your Rage. Activates when you knock down an enemy.

Skill Usage
If you manage to knock something down, you can use this as filler, although it’s not very good at that either. It’s primarily used as a way to restart the knockup juggling against groups of mobs after a knockdown.

Glyph of Brutality: Deals double the damage on a downed target. – Not worth it, as rarely any bosses/adds can be KDed for this to become usable
Glyph of Brutality: Deals triple the damage on a downed target. – see above

Draw the attention of enemies within 10m, increasing their aggro toward you. Can be used while moving.

Skill Usage
This skill gives you maximum aggro for the next 5 seconds. You can use this at the start of a fight to secure aggro, or use it to quickly regain aggro after a death or boss mechanic causes you to lose aggro.

Glyph of Brilliance: Reduce MP cost by 100. – Just no.
Glyph of Energy: Decrease cooldown by 20%. – You will rarely need to use this to keep aggro.

Counterpunch (DEF)
After a successful block, throw a counterpunch that knocks the enemy up into the air, increasing your Rage. Blocks attacks from the front.

Correct timing leads to Perfect Defense, which immediately deals one critical hit to the enemy (if within 8m) and generates an additional 200 Rage.

Skill Usage
This is similar to Lancers’ Shield Counter, Berserkers’ Axe Counter or Warriors’ Blade Draw, except it activates much slower. However, it is a DEF skill and a great way trigger more perfect blocks or to extend a current DEF skill if the boss’s current attack has a long animation. This has a very high base chance to crit.

Glyph of Energy: Decrease cooldown by 25%.> – Increases DEF uptime.
Glyph of Power: Increase skill damage by 20%. – Good glyph if you have
Glyph of Power: Increase skill damage by 30%. – see above

Meat Grinder
Target an enemy suspended in air and pummel it with a series of devastating blows, increasing your Rage.
When used on an enemy player, the enemy player cannot use evasion type skills for 3 seconds.

Skill Usage
In PvE, this has very limited uses as a way to extend a knockup against groups of mobs while dealing decent damage.

Glyph of Energy: Decrease cooldown by 20%. – You will rarely be able to use this in a dungeon when it matters.
Glyph of Power: Increase skill damage by 20%. – see above

Growing Fury (DEF)
Rage Skill: Release your Rage to gain the following effects:

  • Increses Power and Crit Factor by 30
  • Increses aggro generation by 10%
  • Reduces skill cooldown by 30%
  • Increases size and melee range by 10%
  • Blocks frontal attacks while casting
  • Adds frontal defense effect to all attacks while active
  • Consumes 300 Rage per second. Effect ends when you run out of Rage
  • You cannot use Mounting Rage or Meat Grinder while this skill is in effect. If Mounting Rage is in effect, casting Growing Fury cancels Mounting Rage
  • Reduces Attack Speed by 10

Skill Usage
This is a huge self-buff skill, making all of your skills DEF during its duration. In theory, this skill will last indefinitely if you obtain a decent amount of Perfect Blocks and you are allowed to freely attack the boss. During this duration, you can essentially use skills off cooldown, prioritizing high damage skills. Different bosses will allow you different uptimes of this skill, so use appropriate glyphs depending on the boss and situation. I would normally only glyph one of the two glyphs.

Glyph of the Pump: Increase Power while activated by 25 more. – This can be used if you can keep this up for near the entirety of a boss fight
Glyph of Energy: Decrease cooldown by 20% – The longer uptime on this skill, the better. However, not all bosses will allow you to do so, so take that into consideration of whether you can keep this up for a long time or not per fight. If you lose the buff due to boss mechanics, it’s good to glyph this.

Flip Kick
Kick an enemy in the head, stunning the enemy for 3 seconds and increasing your Rage. When used on an enemy player who’s knocked up into the air, the enemy player can’t use Retaliate for 3 seconds.

Skill Usage
In PvE, it’s just a stun with a relatively slow animation.

Glyph of Lingering: Increases effect duration by 50%. – Animation is long and most bosses cannot be stunned under normal situations.
Glyph of Aggravation: Increases damage by 50% if target is airborne. – How to knockup bosses

Invigorating Rage
Rage Skill: Burn off half your Rage to recover 40% of your HP and replenish 40% of your MP.

Skill Usage
You can use this to self-heal if you need it for an emergency or as sustain between fights if you don’t have a healer.

Glyph of Energy: Decrease cooldown by 20%. – You have a healer, probably.

Mounting Rage
Immediately gain 50% of your maximum Rage, then gain 50 more Rage every second for 20 seconds.
You cannot use this skill while Growing Fury is in effect.

You can use this when you want a burst of Rage, such as before a fight starts or when you want to use a high impact Rage skill such as Growing Fury or Divine Wrath. Alternatively, you can use this as a self-heal when you have no Rage, by using Mounting Rage > Invigorating Rage.

Glyph of Energy: Decrease cooldown by 20%. – A lot of Rage generation, but you probably will not need to use this, especially if you have Growing Fury uptime.

Divine Wrath (DEF)
Rage Skill: Call up on the fury of the gods to leap into the air and smite a group of enemies, with a high chance of knockdown and a high change to crit. Also blocks attacks from the front.

When your Rage is full, press the skill button once to activate, select your target area, then press the skill button again to execute.

Skill Usage
A very high damage skill. Use this like a Gunner uses Balder’s Vengeance. If you plan on keeping uptime on Growing Fury for the entirety of a boss fight, you can use this before Growing Fury to gain a large amount of burst damage.

Glyph of Spirit: Generates an additional 50% Rage per successful hit. – Maybe? Probably not worth 4 Glyph Points though. You can use this in special cases where you need the burst damage by casting two Rage skills consecutively.
Glyph of Energy: Decrease cooldown by 20%. – This is like glyphing Balder’s Vengeance on Gunners.

Level Learn 65 | 100 MP Cost | 5 Mins Cooldown | 1.1 Secs Cast Time
Challenge enemies within 10m range, drawing maximum aggro.

Skill Usage
You can use this to enrage bosses. Otherwise, Provoke has nearly the same purpose with a shorter cooldown.

Glyph of Slowing: Decrease opponent’s movement speed by 50% for 5 seconds. – No.
Glyph of Energy: Decrease cooldown by 20%. – You don’t need to use this often at all.


Deadly Fury
Shields a brawler from a fatal attack by monsters. Consumes all remaining Rage to recover 50% of maximum HP. Deadly Fury will only activate once every 5 minutes.

Punching Bag
Increases Crit Power by 0.4 against targets suspended in air.

Pounding Rage
Rage does not decrease for 30 seconds after a successful hit. Doubled Rage gain when you attack a player. You can spend Rage to power skills such as Rampage, Growing Fury, Invigorating Rage, and Divine Wrath.

Skill Priorities and Usage

Start fights with . It guarantees you aggro for 5 seconds, which can help you maintain aggro if you are casting Growing Fury or Infuriate.

Some tips on optimal skill usage:

  • At the start of a fight, if you can get a full bar of Rage beforehand, use Growing Fury at the start. If you can’t, start with Mounting Rage 20 seconds before beginning the fight.
  • Your main priority list will depend on whether you need to block an attack or not. Perfect blocks are guaranteed crits, so you should try to use the skills with the highest base damages (Jackhammer, Ground Pounder, and Haymaker) to Perfect Block. A single skill can proc Perfect blocks multiple times, provided that the incoming attack allows for it.
  • Haymaker, Counterpunch, Ground Pounder, and Counter (only for the Powerlink glyph) are the best skills to proc Perfect Blocks with.
  • The Powerlink glyph on Roundhouse Kick lasts long enough for any two skills except for Ground Pounder + X. Use Jackhammer often; you should be properly spacing your skills out. Using Roundhouse Kick > Haymaker > Jackhammer puts Jackhammer on cooldown later, so you can’t Roundhouse Kick > Jackhammer > Piledriver immediately after. Jackhammer can and should be used every Roundhouse Kick.
  • Do NOT Roundhouse Kick > Piledriver > Roundhouse Kick as this wastes the Roundhouse Kick Powerlink glyph.
  • Use Infuriate at the start as well unless you are saving the cooldown for a burn phase or the boss will naturally enrage quickly, like in Timescape.


Your primary DPS skills are:

tempest, torrential-fist and earth-shaker.

Jackhammer, Haymaker and Ground Pounder. These will be your primary DPS skills. You don’t really have a rotation, just use Roundhouse Kick > Jackhammer/Piledriver/Haymaker if you need to block an incoming attack or one of the skills without Roundhouse if you don’t need to block soon. Prioritize Perfect blocking with high base damage skills and keep Growing Fury up as much as possible.

Your primary filler skills are:
airborne-kick, tornado-dive, stunning-kick, cross-counter, and strike + iron-block.

Piledriver and Counterpunch are great fillers that can do high damage, but should not be prioritized in your rotation over your primary DPS skills. Punch and Counter combos, and Flip Kick are decent fillers as they deal decent damage and generate Rage. If you need to save stuns for certain mechanics, you should save Flip Kick for that mechanic and use Punch and Counter instead.

Offensive Rage Skills

Growing Fury – A massive self buff skill. Use your Rage on this whenever you know you’re going to be able to attack the boss for a while. Your primary “chain” during Growing Fury is going to be Roundhouse Kick > Piledriver > Roundhouse Kick (if reset) > Haymaker.
Divine Wrath – A very high burst damage skill. If you don’t need this for specific burn phases, you can just use this as your first Rage skill. If you want, you can wait for the Counter Powerlink for screenshot worthy damage.
Rampage – If you get a full Rage bar and Growing Fury and Divine Wrath are on cooldown, you should use Rampage. It does very high damage. However, if you’re going to be having a near 100% uptime on Growing Fury, this will never get used.

Tips and Tricks

Managing Rage

Managing Rage is technically very simple, although it might be difficult during some fights where the boss is invulnerable. As long as you have proper skill spacing and usage and get a good amount of Perfect blocks, your Growing Fury uptime should be good.

There are two buffs that you have that prevent Rage from decaying.

Mounting Rage is an active skill. Upon use, it will give you 1,500 Rage and a buff that gives you 50 Rage a second for 20 seconds (1,000 Rage total).
Pounding Rage is a passive skill. Damaging an enemy will give you a 30 second buff that prevents Rage from decaying. Taking damage does not give this buff. At maximum Rage, you gain Overwhelming Rage, which has a yellow buff icon and allows you to use Growing Fury.


Brawlers have many skills that will knock enemies up, suspending them midair and preventing them from retaliating.

punch – The first two casts of Punch will suspend enemies in the air.

counter – The Counter chain with two Punches will knock enemies up.

counter – The Counter chain with three Punches will suck enemies in.

counter – The Counter chain with four Punches can knock enemies down.

roundhouse-kickRoundhouse Kick knocks monsters up.

jackhammerJackhammer will suspend enemies in the air.

piledriverPiledriver will suspend enemies in the air before slamming them down onto the ground.

haymakerHaymaker can knock enemies down.

rampageRampage will knock enemies up each hit. The last hit will slam enemies down onto the ground.

ground-pounder – The first two hits of Ground Pounder will suck enemies in. The third hit will knock enemies up.

bull-rushBull Rush will drag monsters along with you.

high-kickHigh Kick will knock enemies up.

counterpunch – The second hit of Counterpunch will knock enemies up.

meat-grinderMeat Grinder will suspend enemies in the air before slamming them down onto the ground.

flip-kickFlip Kick will stun enemies and suspend them in the air, but will not knock up.

divine-wrathDivine Wrath can knock enemies down.

Against multiple enemies, the Glyph of Spirit on Jackhammer, Piledriver, Ground Pounder, and Divine Wrath will proc multiple times. Hitting two monsters will double the Rage generated from the glyph, making Brawler vs multiple monsters very easy.

You can use Bull Rush to gather up any strays if there are any. Start off with Ground Pounder, as it will leave enemies exposed while grouping them up. If you have enough Rage due to Ground Pounder’s Glyph of Spirit, cast Rampage. This will knock the enemies up. Cast Roundhouse Kick followed by Jackhammer or Piledriver. The Glyph of Spirit for these skills will give you enough Rage to hopefully cast another Rampage. Repeat this cycle of Roundhouse > Jackhammer/Piledriver > Rampage until the monsters are dead. If there is downtime, you can use Counterpunch. The key part of juggling is to not lose your defenses. Always use skills that will either suspend enemies in the air or knock them up, and if these skills are on cooldown, use Defensive skills.


Brawlers are not as maneuverable in combat as the other tanks, due to their lack of an instant block. However, they do have some mobility and a method of pseudo-skating by using Punch.

The Punch x1 + Counter combo moves you forward 4.6m and if used right, can be a good mobility combo that can block while moving. As an alternative, you can use the first three casts of Punch to move forward. This can be useful if you are at the edge of something and just need a little bit extra. For example, you can use Punch x3 to move out of Darkan’s donuts instead of Punch x1 + Counter, which might overshoot you. Roundhouse Kick also moves the Brawler a fair distance forward. Provoke can cancel the animation of your current skill and lets you move during the cast.

Mentioned earlier, Brawlers do not block cancel like the other tanks. They were designed to constantly assault the enemy, and this is reflected by how you can only cancel the end animations of skills by using another skill. You can also cancel the end animations of skills like Haymaker by simply Punching or Roundhouse Kicking towards a direction if Quick Dash is not up. Mostly used in cases such as Darkan’s Obliteration Swipes, you can use Haymaker safely by pressing Punch in one direction and Punching back to the original spot, before continuing to attack Darkan.

Bull Rush is amazing mobility, propelling you to faster than mounted movement speed for several seconds. You can turn during the animation, letting you easily move around a target.

This guide has been updated for the “Secrets & Shadows” with the help of Laundry (Celestial Hills).


  1. This is with ambush a guile gear, i replaced my top roll on my weapon and gloves with attack speed, and put attack speed etchings. with this, when you in a boss fight , you pull agro and enrage, then hit growing furry and spam attacks. Your attack speed is so quick that you vertually never run out of growing furt (unless the boss has a still phaze ) and youre basically invisible while attacking.

  2. can we update this for patch 56.03 please? Thank you!

  3. Thx for the nice guide.
    I really love brawler, but i have problem in keeping Frowing Fury up.
    What i want to ask is: once i used GF, and i keep the rage up, sometimes it comes max, and full again, and on the buff icon i dont see the GF-buff again but only “rage-icon” like hand on fire…is it still buff from the GF? or is it buff if my Rage 100%? Does Brawller get buff if the Rage full and not used?


    • You only have the GF buff if you actually see the icon. If your rage ever drops to 0 or you pop your passive, then you lost it.

      Usually if your rage goes back to max, then you lost the buff. GF should otherwise be costing 300/10% rage every second.

  4. What would you say is the best character stats for a Brawler? I have two and am now working on the newer one and would like to know. Tyvm for making this guide as it is helpful.

  5. Hey there, new to TERA and just picked up brawler. Only played a few dungeons so far but I’m wondering if the powerlink on roundhouse kick will proc on any jackhammer/piledriver/haymaker used in the time frame, or is it just the next skill used? Basically I’m wondering if I use roundhouse>jackhammer>haymaker will the jack and haymaker both have DEF or just the jackhammer.

    Thanks a lot, this guide is fantastic

  6. Am I missing something or does every glyph page linked in popular brawler guides skip over glyph of grounding for roundhouse kick? For (arguably?) a brawler’s best glyph, I’m not sure why it’s not included. Not enough glyph points or some other reason?

  7. Nice guide dude, helped me a lot ๐Ÿ™‚ well, I have a question about gearing, since I’m almost 65, are all the endgame dungeons possible to do with a medium tier set like slaughter (maybe excluding sshm)? I’m asking these cause brawler is only my second char and the money to gear him up is short. Ty from now

  8. Dude
    Brawler will suffer any kind of nerf next patch revamp ? I read something about it but i don’t know if it’s true.
    Do you know something about it ?

  9. I’m not too familiar with growing fury but rampage helps when essential skills are down and blocks for a long duration of time. Maybe I can do more damage with growing fury. Thanks for the tip.

  10. Thank you. I learned a lot from this guide.
    I like to play Brawler.
    I’m learning tanking with her.

  11. With the recent update will growing update be still a factor? i kinda give up on growing fury due to the nerfs and instead of glyphing growing fury, i added on rampage glyph of power. can i have a recommendation or will u come out with a new updated guide for brawler? THANKS

  12. Emiliano Giuseppe Pratici

    07/07/2016 in Tera EU

    Third combo whirlwind punch changed such that enemy players are no longer pulled forwards

    Growing Fury
    Reduced power boost from 50 to 30
    Reduced Crit Factor boost from 50 to 30
    Now provides buff which increases aggro generation by 10%

  13. Quick question on rotation any one use roundhouse into rampage for extra damage. Is this s good idea. I use the combo alot on bam dailie farming

    • The main point of Roundhouse Kick is for the Powerlink; the block is good, but not necessary. I haven’t done the math for how much DPS Rampage does compared to your main skills but if it’s higher than those, then it’s better. If you want the numbers, you should read Bernkastel’s guide in #contents-and-mods in the Tera Subreddit Discord channel.

    • Emiliano Giuseppe Pratici

      In the cap you count the base of 50 ? Thank you

      • Whether it includes the base of 50 Crit Factor will depend on how the guide words it. If he says +X Crit Factor or bonus Crit Factor, then it won’t count the base. If he says total Crit Factor, then you should include the base.

  14. Emiliano Giuseppe Pratici

    In the weapon i have critical factor 18 (upper), critical factor 14 + speed 4,5% and damage 6% i have to save it or reset ? And what’s the cap of critical factor ? Regards

    • %damage lines like 9.3% damage to enraged monsters is much more valuable than Crit Factor. Your Crit Factor should come from Jewelry, Etchings (maybe), Gloves, and Growing Fury. Crit Factor “cap” is at about +230-250 Crit Factor including Growing Fury’s 50.

  15. Great, I’ve loved it! Plays perfectly with all the synergy fits my play style. I’ve gotten nothing but compliments from other players on how well I’ve done on my Brawler. Really hope this will get updated with new Ninja patch. Though I’m sure other than gear, might not be too major of changes.

    • I’ll update it if I have time with the new gear, but the main thing that changed in PvE was the Punch x1 + Counter combo since that got nerfed from 9.6m to 5.6m, making it a lot worse for mobility, though that shouldn’t really change your playstyle.

  16. Was wondering why “At the start of a fight, if you can get a full bar of Rage beforehand:” you go Growing Fury > Jackhammer > Roundhouse > Piledriver > (Roundhouse if reset) > Haymaker > Groundpounder. Wouldn’t it be better to go Jackhammer > Roundhouse > Haymaker > Piledriver > (Roundhouse if reset) > Groundpounder. That way you proc the powerlink from Roundhouse on your 2 hardest hitting skills. Great guide btw. Very thorough and was very helpful to get me started as a Brawler.

  17. Hi all,

    Thanks for this guide ! I’ve got my brawler on Europe server and I’ve got a question at the moment what is the best VM5 or vm6 ? a lot of ppl told me VM5 is better than Vm6 but Idk what to choose ๐Ÿ˜ก

    • VM5 is the more economical option for this patch. The difference in damage between a VM5 and VM6 weapon this patch is very little. VM6 will still offer a bit more damage but it’s not a dealbreaker.

      However, once the patch comes with Ninja and VM7, VM6 gets buffed a lot and makes it much more superior than VM5. VM7, though, is also much better than VM6 for tanks. It’s up to you at this point whether you want benefits now or benefits later.

      I don’t recommend crafting VM5 though, only purchasing it at a good price. If you can’t get VM7 quickly after the patch hits, get VM6. If you can, you should go for a Cheap VM5.

  18. Hi a noob question XD

    Is the glyps of —–>>>> Counter (DEF) :(4) Glyph of Powerlink: 30% chance to increase skill damage by 50% for 6 seconds on a successful perfect block โ€“ 50% skill damage is huge, take this whenever youโ€™re confident in Perfect blocking. Really work?
    I mean its 4 points, Why not use these points somewhere else?

    • Oh, it’s actually supposed to be 3 points.

      The reasoning for this is glyph being amazing is because 50% Skill damage will add several millions of damage every proc.

      There aren’t too many alternatives to this glyph. After getting the core glyphs, the only options that you could replace this with are Counterpunch damage, Haymaker reset, or Growing Fury cooldown.

      If you can’t get good uptime on this, then you shouldn’t use it and you should go for glyph that more fits your playstyle.

  19. Hi ๐Ÿ™‚ Tera Beginner here. I’m already a lvl 34 Brawler, but my glyph and chain skill are not efficient to my level. Can I ask for some advice (in-depth chain skill and glyph “choosing” answer) on what to pick and use. Thanks <3

    • Well, your core glyphs are all the Roundhouse Kick ones, Piledriver reset to Roundhouse Kick, and the Rage generation ones. Everything else is just going to be damage glyphs.

      Your skill chains are mainly going to be Roundhouse Kick -> Jackhammer/Piledriver/Haymaker. Between these, you would want to use Ground Pounder, Counterpunch, Flip Kick, Punch/Counter, and Rampage.

      Your skill rotations are always going to be sub-optimal until you get all your glyphs at level 65 and be able to upkeep Growing Fury. Pre-65 is honestly just facerolling the keyboard.

  20. So i played the brawler for some time. I started with 3/2 crit/crit accesory around +160 crit and the usual rolls on Dreadnaught weapon( enrage%, highest aggro %, cd, flat%), Dreadnaught chest (roundhouse) and cdr etching weapon and VM5 gloves. My glyphs are the same as you guys, at the beginning. Playing the brawler i realized that i even though i spammed skilled on cd as much as possible, i realized that Jackhammer/Haymaker/Counterpunch outperform my other skills by a quite a margin.
    So i thought to myself why waste so many glyph points on other skills and maybe tweak it a bit.
    My result is this: http://www.essentialmana.com/glyph-calc/#br65:b1:c1346:d124:h13:l1:n145:p35:s01
    With this setup i also changed my accessory setup since i also realized that even with quite a high crit rate my other skills cannot keep up. I know play with a 3/2 power/crit setup and a +108 crit rate. My main dps skill still crit 100%, except for Haymaker, which is around 90%+.
    This change gave me quite a strong dps boost. Last time i ran TSHM, i did around 1,3M/s dmg at Kuma and i play with Crux not niveot crystalls and standart critdmg rolls.

    • Honestly, I doubt that Counterpunch will do that much damage in the course of a fight. From my own results, Counterpunch does much less total damage than the other skills, so I glyph those instead. Maybe a Power build like yours will affect this, but with a standard Crit build (which this guide is aimed towards), Counterpunch damage is not worth glyphing. 20% chance to reset Haymaker is a lot more useful in my opinion as it gives your highest damaging skill a nice chance to reset, helps keep Growing Fury up better, and it’s also pretty fun to Haymaker multiple times.

      • well my dps tool isnt lying, this of course only works with a boss which attacks me quite often so that i can keep my perfect block up and keep the fury going. Perimos in SCHM also works quite well that way too. Enemys like Forsaken Island Endboss are quite bad for my setup. But since have never seen a brawler come near my dps with similar gear.

      • On Tempas, both with a full crit and crit + power build, my DPS meter always reads Haymaker > Counterpunch / Ground Pounder > Jackhammer / Piledriver. Of course it has a lot to do with skill prioritization, but given Counterpunch’s relatively high base damage, 100% crit chance, and fast animation, I almost always prioritize it over Jackhammer and Piledriver. Highest I’ve managed so far is 2.11 M/s with full crit build + priest buffs + mystic (with a duo clear time of 2:18) fwiw.

        I’ll have to try the Haymaker reset glyph – I’ve stayed away from it so far because 20% chance is just, well, very low for that glyph point cost. How many resets would you say you get in an average boss fight?

        • Should have mentioned: Consumables being just the standard (charms, crit power scroll, nostrum) + noctenium and bravery. No fancy event or publisher-specific consumables.

          • yeah i also don’t like that reset glyph on Haymaker. even with a high reset % does it rly make a lot of sense to use such a slow skill? I personally like to keep running my rotations and use counterpunch asap.
            Do you use a VM5 weapon +15? what are your base stats and etchings?

          • I think it’s safe to say that the reset chance glyph isn’t really a good idea. See this post: https://www.reddit.com/r/TeraOnline/comments/3zadrb/just_a_brawler_perimossolo/cylgp4i

            I’m using Lucid +15 (3% MW) with enrage damage, enrage damage, aggro damage, damage, cooldown reduction. Focused/Wrathful/Carving/Pounding dyads. Also using Generation gloves for the 3% damage line. Keen III etchings on both. (After having played around with various combinations of attack speed and cooldown reduction, I’m not personally convinced that Energetic III etchings are worthwhile, but YMMV.)

  21. Hello. Fluffy could u tell me about my schisma rolls they’re good or shoul i reroll them. I post screnshot http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc51/fafu098/1_zpszse4mruh.png

  22. when i try to use master enigmatic scroll to reroll schisma belt, it says ‘Cannot transmogrify that item’. It doesn’t let me re roll on the belt. Do you know why?

  23. Why in your personal glyph build you have glyph of power for counter yet in the guide you say it’s not worth it…?

  24. I’m curious, has anyone tried running with double CDR rolls yet? In particular, I’m wondering if one could completely eliminate the need to use fillers with a setup like that (assuming no attack speed rolls and no energetic etchings) and whether it would actually be worth the loss of an enrage damage line.

  25. The Glyph of Powerlink from Counter, it only works on perfect blocks FROM Counter or it works too on perfect blocks from others skills?

  26. I did some spreadsheet math: http://puu.sh/m2diS/12b4bd47d3.png & ran some dungeons: http://puu.sh/m16vW/accab8316b.png (normally counterpunch is fourth or fifth, but this was on Desolarus)

    Through my results I’ve managed to tweak my gear & glyphs and ended up with:
    Glyphs as follows: http://www.essentialmana.com/glyph-calc/#br65:b1:c146:d124:h1:l146:n145:p15:s01
    -3/2 crit/power jewellery with keen vyrsks
    -empowered brooch & belt with 6/3 power/crit rolls
    -focused&wrathful&pounding&pounding / focused&savage&bitter&pounding (sub pounding for slaying/furious if necessary)
    -2x energetic etching with 9.3/9.3/8.6/6/cdr
    -crit innerwear
    -substituting the skill damage glyph on Ground Pounder & reset chance for Roundhouse Kick on Piledriver for Growing Fury power gain, I am not entirely sure if triple crit on Haymaker is necessary, more testing is necessary

    For most fights I’m able to keep up Growing Fury indefinitely, but I’m not the most proficient so it goes down on harder fights like Darkan (wrath on ghosts & back up for burn) and when Eremes (Black Dragon) flies up, not sure if these scenarios are preventable but I’ve kept it up through Kalivan’s charges and Viyor’s ghosties before so I know it’s possible to do so more often.

    I’ve also developed a ‘Frankenstein’ skill-priority-type rotation based on the math and some dungeon runs, following up every Roundhouse Kick with Jackhammer & following that with Haymaker (resulting in my top-priority combo), repeating if Haymaker resets. This requires a filler if you have lower ping such as Piledriver & possibly even more filler depending on your ping such as Counterpunch, flip kick, or punches. If Haymaker isn’t up you can follow the roundhouse kick & Jackhammer with a Ground Pounder and go straight into another “top-priority combo”

    What are your thoughts on this?

    • Okay, long post.

      3/2 Crit/Power and 3/2 Crit/Crit will honestly depend on if you’re running with a Mystic or not and a build preference.

      I would use Carving over a second Pounding, but you might prefer the Pounding if you don’t want to deal with RNG.

      If you’re always able to keep Growing Fury up indefinitely, I would take off the cooldown glyph. I have two pages that use either the Power or the cooldown, depending on the boss. I wouldn’t personally go without the Piledriver > Roundhouse reset glyph because it offers a ton of utility. You can skip the Ground Pounder damage if you want, but I like it because it does hit quite hard. I’m kinda confused about the Haymaker crit chance glyph because of what everyone has said about Haymaker having a very high base crit chance. If that’s the case, my glyph build would look something like this: http://www.essentialmana.com/glyph-calc/#br65:b1:c1346:d124:h1:l16:n145:p135 + one of the Growing Fury glyphs.

      As for the Roundhouse > Jackhammer > Haymaker, I’m against doing this all the time because of the varied attacks of different bosses. If you don’t need to block an attack, sure. But I do like using Haymaker to “block” attacks more than Jackhammer because the Perfect Block damage is higher. Just an example though.

      This definitely isn’t a mix-max guide though. Just something I did in my free time to help people learn about Brawler (not about specific tanking tips such as positioning boss, although that’s important). Maybe I’m doing something terribly wrong, but I’ll leave that to someone else to point out.

      • Does 3/2 crit/power not win out even without a mystic? I feel like it does, same with carving crux, but again, I’d need to run the numbers. The sacrificing of 38 crit for 25 power (re: jewellery) may be enough to warrant keeping the 3x crit Haymaker glyph

        • The crit rate does seem noticeably lower if I remove some of my crit gear, putting me at +135 instead of +205. Some very brief testing suggests something along the lines of 1 in 6-7 hits not critting. Quite a stark difference from a near-guaranteed crit at +205.

        • Well, I’ve always been a fan of critting more often rather than seeing bigger numbers. I’ve never actually run with a 3/2 Crit/Power set up because I accidentally discarded the stuff. I don’t use a DPS meter when playing, so I’ll need to test out crit chances. I don’t find myself critting that differently with a Mystic compared to a Priest, though again I haven’t tried a DPS meter to see if that’s actually true. I have +175 Crit right now, and have an average crit chance of about 50-55%.

          Again, this isn’t at all a min-max guide and I haven’t done any math on really anything. Just going by what I like using.

    • Did a run on Perimos (http://puu.sh/m3MHB/781f817bd5.png) using these glyphs (http://puu.sh/m3NwD/32542f5079.png) with a Priest Mystic Brawler Gunner Reaper comp. Was at 50 + 250 Crit Factor with a Bulgogi.
      Probably should’ve put Carving Haymaker into Empowered Piledriver but still even with the glyph, it still would’ve been behind Ground Pounder.

      Seems like we prioritize Ground Pounder and Piledriver differently ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Either that or I didn’t get very good RNG with the last hit of Piledriver. I do tend to use Ground Pounder off cooldown though while I use Haymaker and Jackhammer off of Roundhouse Kick more often than Piledriver.

      In my case, it would be more beneficial to run with Ground Pounder damage glyphed instead of Piledriver damage, though you can probably still take off Haymaker crit chance for Piledriver once you get above a certain Crit Factor threshold (maybe around +200?)

      • Yeah perimos is a horrible test of dps since it’s old content and he’s basically locked into useless animations where you can get super free dps, removing carving haymaker for groundpounder skill damage is likely optimal

  27. A few thoughts after having played around with brawler for a few days:

    1) I find that Glyph of Carving on Counter actually makes Punch > Counter a very good filler combo. The problem with Flip Kick is that it just doesn’t crit very much, plus you sometimes need to save it for mechanics. Punch > Counter also has the added bonus of being a block that’s very easy to time with incoming attacks and can give you the insanely good powerlink effect. So, I would pretty much just always spam either Counterpunch or Punch > Counter for filler and not even consider Flip Kick a valid filler.

    2) At > +200 crit factor, Haymaker seems to crit 99% of the time without Glyph of Carving, much like Counterpunch. Even better if you’re with a mystic. I can’t justify spending 4 glyph points on Haymaker’s Glyph of Carving when it would only save me from doing a non-crit maybe once a day or something (if even that).

    3) With Piledriver accounting for ~15% of DPS, I think Glyph of Power on it should be considered important, especially since it’s only 3 glyph points and dropping Haymaker’s Glyph of Carving makes it an easy glyph to pick up.

    These are the 2 glyph pages I use at the moment:

    * Rampage: http://www.essentialmana.com/glyph-calc/#br65:b13:c1346:d124:h13:j1:l1:n145:p135

    * Growing Fury: http://www.essentialmana.com/glyph-calc/#br65:b1:c1346:d124:h13:l1:n145:p135:s0

    I forgo Glyph of Carving on Counter in the Growing Fury page because, well, fillers are almost never necessary in Growing Fury. As you can see, I could drop Glyph of Carving on Counter and Glyph of Power on Piledriver and have one glyph page that allows me to use both Rampage and Growing Fury with their respective glyphs. However, I found that for bosses that don’t allow good Growing Fury uptime, it’s more worthwhile to take the aforementioned glyphs since Growing Fury doesn’t tend to last very long and can generally only be used once per fight (at least with a good party). Your mileage may vary, though.

    • I honestly don’t even have a glyph page made with Rampage damage glyphed. I usually don’t run into situations where I’m never planning on using Growing Fury except maybe the first dragon in TSHM. I must admit I don’t use Flip Kick as filler that often, but in terms of raw damage (when I don’t need to block something for the powerlink), Flip Kick does more than Punch and Counter. I mostly included it because I would use Flip Kick sometimes when everything else is on cooldown. You can also animation cancel Flip Kick really well with Roundhouse. So I typically go for a Flip Kick > Roundhouse > Haymaker as it’s okay filler.

      As for glyphs, I believe glyphs are up to the users’ preference. As for the “core” glyphs, these are what I consider to be used on every PvE build: http://www.essentialmana.com/glyph-calc/#br65:b1:c1346:d124:l1:n145:p35 + one or two Growing Fury glyphs depending on the dungeon.

      • Well, bosses like Yana, Fulminar, Kalivan, Darkan, etc. have certain mechanics that just make it very difficult or outright impossible to maintain Growing Fury for the entire fight. Not that I don’t use Growing Fury on these, I just usually only get to pop it once and it lasts maybe 1/4 of the fight, so for the rest of the fight, I just switch to Rampage spam (+ Divine Wrath if it happens to be ready). I don’t have enough runs with DPS meter to give useful data here, but I feel like it’s more worthwhile to glyph the more general-purpose skills during these particular fights rather than glyphing Growing Fury. Could certainly just be me, though.

        A critting Flip Kick definitely deals more damage than a critting Punch > Counter, but its crit rate quite a bit lower than a glyphed Counter. Plus there’s the fact that it’s on a cooldown. Another very important factor is that Punch > Counter is just a great combo in general, not just in the role as filler. Personally, I try to pull off Punch > Counter > Roundhouse Kick > Haymaker when I can, as that can end up packing quite a punch. Having some extra crit chance during other uses of it is a plus too.

        Good point about animation canceling Flip Kick. I still don’t think I would prefer it over other filler skills/combos as Flip Kick > Roundhouse Kick > Haymaker (or whatever other skill) still leaves you vulnerable for some time, while Punch > Counter is an almost instant block which, even if you don’t get a perfect block, still keeps you alive at least. I feel like this makes Flip Kick a non-starter on bosses that attack constantly (which we have quite a few of this patch).

        Regarding glyph preferences, just to be clear, I didn’t mean to imply that one setup is necessarily the superior one, I just wanted to make a case for why Glyph of Carving on Counter might deserve a better rating (orange?) than it has when considering all the factors that, at least the way I see it, make Punch > Counter w/ Glyph of Carving a better filler combo than Flip Kick. Similarly, I think Glyph of Power on Piledriver and Glyph of Carving on Haymaker should probably have their ratings revisited.

        • Well, I mean glyphs are always situational. If against bosses that you can’t keep Growing Fury up on, of course glyphing Rampage would be ideal. I’m not going to be adding boss-specific glyph pages for people to use as it’s always going to be changing depending on the dungeon, the boss, and whether or not you’re going for a high score/speed run. Against most bosses though, keeping up Growing Fury is rather easy and glyphing the cooldown on Growing Fury is usually enough to keep at least a 75% uptime on the buff.

          Well, the thing is regarding Counter’s crit glyph is that Counter itself has a rather low base damage if you’re not going to be getting the “higher-end” Punch chains. As for Flip Kick, I don’t usually find the need to use it as filler when not in Growing Fury, which makes it a defensive move. I wouldn’t normally use Flip Kick out of Growing Fury unless I’m 100% sure that I don’t need to block an attack soon, as admittedly a Punch > Counter chain would be better in that instance.

          And as for the glyph ratings, I did change them yesterday. I hadn’t updated them in a long time and I only did them based on the little experience I had in KTERA and the test server, which I didn’t have access to a DPS meter nor access to all the possible glyphs. I really only had them set up the way I’ve been seeing Koreans build their Brawlers. Glyph of Carving on Haymaker, according to what Story told me, is the difference between 8 Edge Scythe vs 10 Edge Scythe. Dunno how much that’s actually worth compared to other glyphs, but I do trust his judgment on glyphs as he has a lot more experience than I do. If you go with a more Power heavy build though, you should probably always glyph Carving Haymaker.

  28. have you seen them in NA server?

  29. there is no increase haymaker damage roll on armor, I tried 200 master enigmatic scrolls on dreadnaught armor, got all skill rolls except haymaker.

  30. Why has it not been said that there is Jackhammer 12% damage roll for chest? It doesn’t exist in the in-game List Effects. And I’ve never seen the roll while masterworking or rerolling on either my Schisma chest or Dreadnaught chest.

  31. 1) Cannot roll power on defesive gloves. It’s replaced by agro, and in the new update (I *heard) you cannot equip offensive gloves on brawler.

    2) Isn’t 12% damage increase on haymaker a bigger increase in overall damage than jackhammer? or about the same? 12% increase on a bigger number but has less time up would be *about* the same.
    (using 10% for sake of calc in head)
    V This is all in my head math take with a grain of salt.
    ~2,500dp 6.5s (~5,000(4556 + 10% (3645+911.2 (13s CD)) vs ~3000 dp 6s (2764 + 10% (2018 + 746(6s CD)) but then you have to adjust for the bosses time spent as it’s health is low. Lower health gives haymaker more damage.

    Just a thought.

    • 1) Yeah I don’t have power on the defensive glove options. As for the glove options, the VM quest gave me Offensive gloves only, not defensive ones, but you can still use defensive ones on Brawlers if you have them (http://puu.sh/lQXrq/afa52fd0d5.png)

      2) In theory, Haymaker can do more raw damage,, but I find myself using Jackhammer a lot more than Haymaker because of the need to chain Roundhouse Kick before it most of the time due to the long animation and Jackhammer generates more Rage than Haymaker over the course of a fight, which does add more DPS.

      • Agreed, jackhammer has more usefulness, and gives more overall. Which makes the roll more worth it than just the damage for jackhammer.

        Also, what are your thoughts on the bosses enraging in NA version? I have heard people saying the bosses don’t enrage as much. So i decided to go without the enrage roll and do

        Agreed to you

        As my damage reduction rolls on my t8 piece.

        • Agroed to you* whoops

        • http://puu.sh/lRnCo/34ad3139a1.png – That is apparently my skills’ damage %s with a 100% Growing Fury uptime on Desolarus (FINM). I have Roundhouse Kick CDR rolled on my chest. From what I’ve seen, when you’re not in Growing Fury, you should be a lot more cautious of using Haymaker because of the long animation like I said before. I’m not sure about what the damage %s would be from the skills if I didn’t use Growing Fury, but I would imagine it would be a lot lower.

          And yeah, the bosses don’t enrage as much. Any 3 damage reduction rolls are good, but I would still take enraged over frontal damage because if you have plans of doing Dreadspire Uppers Season 2 (I have a Lucid chest so I got all four % rolls). Those rolls are fine though.

          • i personally use kick into haymaker for the increased damage for 3 seconds and the shield. Not 100% sure though if haymaker casts fast enough to receive the increase damage like jackhammer would though.

  32. How would you keep 100% uptime on Growing Fury?

    • It’s not easy to do if there are certain boss mechanics that don’t let you attack the boss, but you should still aim to do so. The method is honestly timing your perfect blocks. Getting a perfect block gives you 200 Rage. The rest of your skills (with appropriate Rage glyphs) and decent perfect blocking should allow you to get good uptime on Growing Fury.

  33. Hi you can add stat for belt please ?
    thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. God, obsie makes me so excited to play a brawler. What an amazing guide and amazing author.
    His guide will singlehandedly help me beat him to cutting-edge on CH.
    Obs are you single?

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