This guide covers the dungeon Broken Prison in the Fang and Feather patch.
This guide is currently a work-in-progress.

The world of TERA is dotted with captive gods, imprisoned for their crimes against mortals and the other gods. The most despicable among these is Lakan, whose prison under Oblivion Woods has begun to show signs of mysterious activity. Someone or something is attempting to infiltrate the prison and free Lakan…and it is up to you to stop them.

Level Requirement: 65
Item Level: 417
Format: 5-man

Dungeon Drops:

  • Alkahests
  • Imperator Designs and Materials
  • Ambush Designs and Materials
  • Quatrefoil Design and Goddess Tears
  • Manorborne and Estateborne accessories
  • Tier 10 Feedstock, Master Enigmatic Scrolls, and Spellbind
Vanguard Rewards:
    • VG Credits


    • Tier 10 Feedstock


    • Gold


Pre-Boss Battle

The first room has 6 Archdevan mobs. They’re are just as same as Archdevan mobs you’ve encountered in Shadow Sanguinary and Lilith’s Keep. Defeat them and Balbatos will make his first appearance. After fighting him for 10% of his HP, he will summon Gorgoth and run away.

First Boss: Gorgoth

Gorgoth is Hydrath-type BAM. You will have to be cautious of its constant slams with its arms.

Basic Attack (Primary Aggro) – Strikes the person with Aggro twice with its snake arms and delivers a third blow. This isn’t much of a threat, but if the tank takes hits from this constantly, it becomes a burden for Healers to keep up.

Basic Attack (Secondary Aggro) – Turns to a person with secondary aggro, swings its snake arms twice and delivers a 5-way split lightning path. This can be moderately dangerous as those lightning trails can drain 30~50% of your HP.

Random Target AoE – Targets farthest person.
Advanced: Best strategy is to have healer take this behind tank with some distance to prevent the boss from turning; however, ranged DPS might need to be cautious about their range while healer is doing this to avoid boss from turning around.

Blender – “I desire a sacrifice!” – Initiates with yellow 10m AoE that inflicts stun that can be iframed and blocked. The blender attack can also be iframed and blocked. Healers should be ready to cleanse the stun if necessary. However, be careful as this attack will push you across the room.

Triple Donuts – The boss will flip in its place twice, puts inner, mid and/or outer at random order consecutively 3 or 4 times, dealing 80k flat damage that cannot be iframed or blocked. Just move out of the way. Ranges of this attack seems to be 0-10m, 11-20m, 21-30m.

<!– media –>
Destructive Energy – Starting 90% HP, the combat area will be limited similar to Lilith’s Keep. Stepping on this area will inflict a bleed debuff that drains 40k HP per tick. Your party’s performance in Fire and Lightning will determine whether this area will expand or shrink.

40k Flat damage PER TICK
Cannot be iFramed or Blocked.
This attack can be fatal.
Limits Combat Zone.


Fire & Lightning – Initiates every 1 minute after first time at 90~80% HP (unsure). Success shrinks the Destructive Energy, while failure expands it. Read the text that appears in the middle of screen, which indicates the number of members required to stand in the Fire and Lightning AoE that forms under 2 random party members. So 1 person will have a orange AoE (fire) under them, while another will have blue AoE (lightning).

The message will say:

“Fire and Lightning…the source of my power!”
(X) for fire, (Y) for lightning.
The number X and Y can be any number between 1 to 5.

TL;DR – The number of people hit by the orange AoE must match the X number, the number of people hit by the blue AoE must match the Y number.


At first, it starts with 2 Fire and 2 Lightning. You can easily distribute this by having 2 groups of two people in the AoE separately, but the two people with the AoE can stay together by themselves as well.

However, if you get something like 4 Fire, 3 Lightning, you can already tell that you cannot have 2 separate group as there are only 5 Party members, so you must overlap the Fire and Lightning AoE so that 1 person take Fire only, 3 people take both Fire and Lightning.

Note: If you don’t understand just by reading, just see image; this might be easier to understand if we put it visually.

Yellow Area (Pretend it’s Orange) = Fire Energy
Blue Area = Lightning Energy
Black Dot = Party Members with either Fire or Lightning AoE (they are the AoE’s center)
Red Dot = Other Party Member(s)



If you successfully complete this mechanic, the Destructive Energy will shrink up to about 30m away from the center of the room.

However, if you fail this mechanic, the Destructive Energy will expand up to about 10m from the center, leaving little room for combat and Puddles.


Puddles – Red AoE indicator will appear under everyone. Everyone must place these puddles as far away from the Boss possible. Failure to do so will limit your combat zone as these puddles stay for long time (unknown whether it stays entire fight). Also, DO NOT immediately run in after placing the puddle as it will follow up with Blender attack. If you get pushed into the puddles or Destructive Energy.

40k Flat Damage PER TICK
Cannot be iFramed or Blocked.
This attack can be fatal.
Limits Combat Zone.



Pre-Boss Battle 2:

You encounter Balbatos again, take him to 90% HP. Nothing new. He’ll run away agin and summon Molek.


Second Boss: Molek

Molek is Vulcan-type BAM.

Gauge Management

If you can successfully read and understand this part, you don’t even have to worry about the Gauge and its maths behind it much.

When the boss HP falls below 95%, Molek’s Joy Gauge will appear:

How the gauge works:

This gauge starts with 50, and you must try to maintain it around 50 as much as possible. You don’t want the boss to be too happy nor too angry, so help him control his mood swing problems. Above 50, the gauge will slowly increase by 1 every 2 seconds, while below 50, the gauge will slowly decrease by 1 every 2 seconds.

Small Buff = Slight Attack Speed + Damage
Big Buff = Massive Attack Speed + Damage

How to adjust the gauge:

When this message pops up:

“I will be joyful if you get hit by this!”

the boss will do one of three attack patterns: 1. Circle (Inside), 2. Donut (Outside), or 3. Pizza

Depending on what level your gauge is, your party must either take or avoid this mechanic. Assuming everyone’s

Here are tables of all possible sums in all scenarios:

Maintaining the gauge between 15~85 during the entire fight will unlock the achievement:
“Total Killjoy”

There will be a message in the middle of your screen saying:

“I’ll show you the depths of Lakan’s power”

Then there will be either Orange or Blue aura around the boss. Make sure you’re watching this aura’s color when the message pops up.

<!– media –>

Orange Aura – Breathes fire that spins completely around the boss clockwise once. For Veterans, this is very similar to 360 single laser like Meldita. However, if you don’t even know what M in Meldita is, then think of Verno’s Laser from Demokron Factory with the speed of “Burn!!”, but the laser starts from where it’s facing. One strategy is to stand near its left arm and iframe to the right arm, but since the fire spins around quite fast, you can easily iframe it without worrying about timing too much. Tanks can just move toward left arm and move to right arm to avoid it.
TANKS: This CANNOT be blocked, but it can be iframed
This attack can be fatal.


<!– media –>

Blue Aura – 5 Blue circles appear around the boss (6~8m? Away from Boss), equidistant from each other in regular Pentagon shape. Each blue circle can only save 1 person from instant death, so anyone outside of the circle will most likely die. You can see the blue circle being filled up before the boss blasts the entire area. See below:

Some may remember Manglemire’s star mechanic. However, if a person fail to enter the blue circle, they just die in place. Other than instant death, there is no extra penalty from this mechanic.

Advanced: If the positioning of players are chaotic and some may not reach the blue circle, there are priorities of who should take the circle:
Healers > Tanks > (Slayer, Archer, Reaper, Berserker) > (Warrior, Sorcerer, Gunner, Ninja)
This is because Warrior, Sorcerer, Gunner, and Ninja have long iframes and if they time it correctly, they can iframe the attack. Just look at the blue circle filling up for timing reference.

TANKS: This CANNOT be blocked, but it can be iframed
This attack can be fatal.

<!– media –>

Spread bomb – Most likely targets farthest target (not always the case). Boss will turn to the target with secondary aggro and throw a barrage of yellow puddles left, right and behind. Avoid this attack by moving (or iframe) TOWARD the boss. Also, even if you are not targeted, be careful of your surroundings as you may accidentally be bombarded by this as well. You might barely survive with one or two hits though.
This attack can be fatal.
Again, avoid TOWARD the boss.

<!– media –>

Claw Slam – With the red flash on his eyes, the boss will raise its arms and have a seizure before slamming down which can stun you. If a party member is stunned, it will say “This should keep you quiet!”, face the stunned target and throw down a barrage of slams.
This attack can STUN.
This attack can be fatal.
TANKS: This CANNOT be blocked, but it can be iframed

<!– media –>

Claw and Body Slam – The boss will raise its arms BUT he will quickly strike its claws down, try to backflip and fail horribly by landing on its belly. Thankfully, both can be blocked, but DPS must stay shard when it jumps for body slam as it inflicts STUN. Similar to Claw Slam, if a party member is stunned, it will say “This should keep you quiet!”, face the stunned target and throw down a barrage of slams.
Body Slam inflicts STUN.
This attack can be fatal.

<!– media –>

Barrage of Slams – Triggers when there’s a stunned target. Boss will turn to stunned target and repeatedly smash its front with its claws. Hurts a lot. get out of it ASAP.
This attack can be fatal.

<!– media –>

Purple Breath – Randomly targets one person while saying “Have a glimpse of despair!” and spits purple breath to the target, then follows up with Body Slam. The breath inflicts SILENCE (cannot use skills for 2 seconds), and the body slam inflicts STUN. Similar to Claw Slam, if a party member is stunned, it will say “This should keep you quiet!”, face the stunned target and throw down a barrage of slams.
Breath inflict SILENCE.
Body Slam inflicts STUN.
This attack can be fatal.



Third Boss: Balbatos

(Same basic mechanics as Kaprima, if you can do that you can do this, mostly)

For veteran players, this is similar to both TSHM Yana’s colors mechanics and SSHM Pahoegar’s pillars mechanic.

TL;DR – Pick the Otherworldy Portal color closest to entrance. Place Elemental Gates near the entrance. Kill all gates except the chosen Portal color, and hide behind the chosen gate for the wipe mechanic.


Otherworldly Portals

(Similar to TSHM Yana’s colors) After dropping his HP below 95%, there will be Big Orange, Blue, and Green Portals spinning around the map counter-clockwise. (After 55% or below, there will be a 4th Big Purple Portal as well.)

PLEASE NOTE THAT: These Big Portals completely circles around the map at exactly 48 seconds, regardless of the number of Elemental Gates circling around.


Elemental Gates

(Similar to SSHM Pahoegar’s pillars) As soon as you see those messages,

“I’ve been too easy on you”
“Balbatos summons elemental gates!”

3 random party members will have purple orb above their head and a 6-second debuff . (After 55%, 4 random party members will have purple orb.) After 4~5 seconds (as debuff timer goes from 2 to 1 second), there will be an elemental gate placed on them facing the center. The color of these Gates are random and there is no way of telling who has which color.
Note: We recommend placing the gates close to the entrance, towards the center of the room, not stacked on each other.

Immediately after this will be a small AoE beneath each individual player, these AoEs can remove the Elemental Gates placed down earlier. Removal all the gates except for the “safe color” gate. Make sure to leave 1 Elemental Gate left or else you will fail the next part of the mechanic.


The boss will go to the center of the room, say Time to end this! and begin the wipe mechanic. This is similar to the Curse Ritual in VoK, but everyone MUST hide behind the chosen Elemental Gate that was placed down earlier. This mechanic cannot be iframed since it lasts around 3 seconds. The Elemental Gate will “warp” the AoE that came down to one of the portals circling the room, color corresponding. The outer portal which spits the AoE out will leave a Poisonous Field on the ground which does 100k ticks of damage, this last the entire fight (very similar to ABHM Krakatox Demokron Virus puddle, but worse).
PLEASE NOTE: The time it takes for Elemental Gate to leave a streak on the ground from Balbatos saying “I’ve been too easy on you!” is about 22~24 seconds. I will come back to this later.
Cannot be iFramed, Cannot be Blocked.
Not even Smoke Bomb, Recall and Warp Barrier will save you.
Instant Death.

Left: Safe behind the Elemental Gate.
Right: Big Blue Otherworldly Portal leaves a streak.

PRO TIP: Don’t be too greedy with DPS.

120 Degree Cone – Immediately after the wipe mechanic, Balbatos will randomly target a party member and put a large cone AoE, which instantly kills anyone inside that AoE.
200k Flat Damage PER TICK.
Cannot be iFramed. Cannot be Blocked.


Now that we’ve covered all mechanics, let’s gather the “PLEASE NOTE:” parts from the explanations above:

  1. Big Otherworldly Portals completely circles around the map at exactly 48 seconds, regardless of the number of Elemental Gates circling around. That means they are rotating around the map at the rate of 7.5° per second. I will come back to this later.
  2. Best place to put Small Elemental Gates is somewhere near inner circle. I will also come back to this later.
  3. The time it takes for Elemtanal Gate to leave a streak on the ground from Balbatos saying “I’ve been too easy on you!” is about 22~24 seconds. I will come back to this later.


The Otherworldly Portals are located like this (48 Increments of 7.5°) and move in a counter-clockwise direction.

You can see that Orange, Blue, and Green Otherworldly Portals are equidistant by 120° (If there is Purple Elemental Gate as well, then it’s 90° apart). Since Otherworldly Portals rotate Counter-Clockwise, the timer is also listed counter clockwise.
If Balbatos started “I’ve been too easy on you!” mechanic at this moment, then we look 22~24 seconds ahead to predict the streak placement, the corresponding colors will be at:

This means that, if you want to safely succeed in doing this mechanic, the placement of Small Elemental Gate you want to hide behind MUST NOT be across (about 165°~180° around the circle) from the Big Otherworldly Portal. If you mess this up, you can get killed by the giant poison lane!

Now we know the logic behind this, let’s move on to actually doing the mechanic without the maths.

How-To: So then what should the whole party do?

Choose a point of reference: the entrance to the third boss room is a good point.

Then, whenever there’s a “I’ve been too easy on you!” mechanic, someone (preferably Healer) should look at that point (the entrance), and say the color of the Otherworldly Portal closest to that point (example: “O” for Orange, “B” for Blue, “G” for Green, and “P” for Purple for quick chat spam).

Now, to figure out where would be a safe spot to place the Elemental Gates, we need to know where the green straight puddle will be placed. Based on how fast the Portals move and which Portal color we choose, we can predict the puddle location as being straight across the room (about 165°~180° around the circle). So let’s say that we have this scenario with 3 Elemental Gates:

The dotted gray line means that, you want to fight the boss under that imaginary line, so if you have some reference point, then fight somewhere near it. When Balbatos says “I’ve been too easy on you!”, then immediately look at the reference point and choose the closest color. When you place the small Elemental Gate, try to place it somewhere near the inner circle of the map shown below. Then, after confirming which one of those are Orange, LEAVE ORANGE ALONE and erase Blue and Green. If you wonder why, this is because our target was orange, but if we had something else, you end up limiting the combat zone, potentially causing wipe. See image below:

Now, you can see that, if you keep doing this, you will most likely stack most of the streaks nicely. However, if you’re somehow panicking and think that there are two Elemental Gates equally near the reference point, choose the one that is approaching it. In other words:

Now, the reason why I recommend placing Small Elemental Gates near the inner circle of the map is because of the 120° Cone. Let’s say the person with secondary aggro was standing behind the Small Elemental Gate and compare the placement of Green with Blue:

Even without knowledge of Geometry, you can already tell that, the closer you are to the boss, the easier it is to get out. You actually have entire 4 seconds between that indicator showing up and getting hit (and dying) from this attack, but if you are too close to the wall, you may reduce the chance for you and your party to survive this attack due to how far you have to travel.

If you clear the dungeon (kill Balbatos) for the first time, you unlock the achievement:
“No Prisoners”

Circle or Donut – SAME THING AS KAPRIMA, for this mechanic Balbatos will slam his Scythe into the ground and a indicator will appear. If it’s a circle you need to get out or iframe, if it’s Donut you need to get inside. It give you plenty of time to react to this mechanic (4 seconds). If you want to iframe the circle, you need to watch when he stomps his hoof (right foot). The AoE detonates as soon as he stomps.
TANKS: This CANNOT be blocked, but it can be iframed
This attack can be fatal. One-shot in most cases.

Circle on the left and Donut on the right


Warping Breath – Two large pink warp gates will appear in front and behind Balbatos. He will then unleash a purple breath attack toward the warp gate in front of him which is sent to his behind as well, inflicting damage on party members behind him. See Image below.
40k Damage PER TICK
This attack can be fatal, but easy to dodge.

Scythe Slash – The basic among basic attacks. He just either slashes the person with aggro, or turn around and slash. Just watch out as it can catch you off guard. It’s pretty fast compared to Kaprima.

Scythe Crush – Crushed wherever he is facing with the hilt of its scythe in front of him.

Scythe Slam – Balbatos will slam either the blade pointing downwards or upwards toward the person with aggro and pause for a moment. At that instant, look at the position of its blade.

Blade is UP: He will swing his scythe around him, hitting everyone nearby. 12m(?) radius. However, don’t get too cocky as it will push you across the room if you get hit by this. DPS and Healer need to get ready to iframe while Tanks can simply block.
This attack has PUSH BACK effect.

Blade is DOWN: There are two possibilities
Smashs his behind with his scythe. Nothing much.
Uppercuts toward person with aggro, followed by fireball. However, be careful when he does this because a pink portal will be placed being the person with aggro, and 4 portals will be summoned around his back. So when he fires the fireball, it will go through the portal behind the tank, then behind him through the portal. See images below:


Quick Spin – Balbatos’ eyes will flash red very quickly and he will perform a very fast spin directly around him. This deals quite a bit of damage but you can survive it assuming you have good rolls on your gear.

Balbatos Combo – He actually has a consecutive combination of his basic attacks. I didn’t get to see much of this, but the combo goes: Stomp, Spin Slash, Uppercut, and Spike Down. But he will not follow up any of the Slam Down chain mentioned above.

Fireball – Targets random party member and throws fireball. That’s it. It’s so easy to dodge, you’ll accidentally dodge it while repositioning anyways. It doesn’t hurt much, but if you facetank all three balls, it can be fatal.


  1. One qestion on last boss when double portals come <40% why some ppl can't use skills and iframe small aoe?? Coz all portals was broken? i forgot to say we skip portals and Lancer shield us anyone know??

  2. Maybe it’s just me, but about the fire/lightning part, I view it a bit simpler like this: whenever the numbers are equal, that’s the number of persons that must be in the intersection and *only* intersection (e.g. if it’s 4/4, then 4 persons stay in the common area, and nobody else in rest) — this can be easily seen in the diagonal of your drawings, top-left > down-right. If the numbers differ, the difference tells you how many persons stay in the respective remaining area, and the lower number tells you how many are in the intersection (e.g. 3F/5L means 5-3=2L [L is the greater number], so 2 stay in the exclusive lightning area, while 3 3 stay in the common area). Thank you for the tutorials, noobs like me should make a carved idol.

  3. The Fire and Lightning Mechanic for first boss can be Plagued/Regressed.

  4. On the first boss, when he does fire and lightning I’ve heard that healers can plague/regress to avoid the safe zone shrinking even if we fail the mechanic. When should I do that if I’m running BP as a healer?

  5. so.. about the last boss’s wipe mech, “This mechanic cannot be iframed since it lasts around 3 seconds.” if the length of it is the only issue, would ninja’s smoke be able to skip it?(stoneskin even) or its the kind of thing that will hit u regardless of u being mid-iframe ?

    • Also on second boss it could be worth mentioning that if the bar reaches 0, its not an instant wipe, there’s a message on the screen saying ‘If you dodge this i’ll let you live a little longer’ and he does the joy/anger mechanic, if everyone dodges, the bar goes back to 30, this happened everytime i’ve hit 0 but the one time we reached 100 it didnt (probably because at 0 hes supposed to be VERY happy and at 100 VERY angry? dunno.)
      I’ve been wiped a couple times by people who dont read the msg on their screens and just take the attack at 0 trying to raise the bar and get us killed instead, sooooo yh, just my 2 cents 🙂

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