Class Guide

Class Guide, Priest

Minus’s Comprehensive Priest Guide

Introduction Awakening Updates As of the Godsfall patch, otherwise known as Awakening 1, Priest has undergone major updates to not only increase their dps, but also their party’s dps. This makes potential score runs as priest easier. Since this update allows for potential some potential priest dps, I will be […]

Class Guide, Gunner

Kernel’s PvP Gunner Guide

This guide’s information is relevant as of v93 Patch Gear & Enhancement Points 1.Gear Choices In patch 93 you can choose from 3 different PvP Weapons & PvP Chests: Harmonic Impregnable Disciplinary For Gunner, Harmonic Weapon is far more superior than any other weapons. And why is that? Because Gunner […]

Class Guide

Basic PvE Gear Guide

Introduction This guide will feature basic information for all classes and their roles in TERA. Information provided will include gear rolls, crystals, etchings, accessory choices, and tips! Currently being updated for Exodor! This guide was written by accumulating information from a various experienced NA players of each class. Class discords […]

Class Guide, General Guide, Slayer

Comprehensive Slayer Guide

This guide’s information is relevant as of the Counterpunch Patch Introduction This guide is intended to help both new and veteran players who are looking to start or improve their Slayer gameplay. This is a heavily PvE focused guide and will not cover PvP. This guide will cover all aspects […]

Class Guide, Lancer

Daniel’s Advanced Min-Max Lancer Guide

Learn how to maximize your combat effectiveness as a lancer. This guide is heavily focused on min-maxing is geared towards veteran and well-practiced players looking for some insight on how to fully utilize their abilities.