Are you ready to test your own abilities? The arena has various stages to challenge your skills and tactics.


Level Requirement: 65
Format: Solo Instance
Entrance: Gaderong in Highwatch, or using the Enter Dungeon button in the Vanguard menu.


2-3 Randoms among
  • Factory Cabinet x1
  • Dread Ore x1
  • Colluva Ore x1
  • Crystal Box x1
  • Goddess’s Tear x1
  • Low, Mid, High tier Shade Token x12 / 15
Vanguard Reward

VG Points x35
Tier 8 Feedstock x15
Low Tier Essence x20
200 Gold

Time Limit: 12 Minutes

Stage 1
  • Kill Waves of Mobs
Stage 2
  • Kill as many Mobs possible within 30 seconds
Stage 3~10

(Random. some can be combination of other.)

  • Kill Waves of Mobs
  • Kill as many Mobs possible within 30 seconds
  • Blacksmith Cyclone
  • Ice Puddles
  • Argon Device
  • Shadow Cougar
  • Power-up Dummy
  • High-KD Bear
  • Mean Popori
  • Poison Undead Miners
  • Poison Puddles
  • Caiman Bombers
  • AoE bomb Popori
  • Silvery Prions (High-KD and Tanky)
  • Splitting Giant Tuwangi
Stage 11~12
  • Tasty Watermelon
  • Cloaking Hyenas
  • Invincible Witches



  1. With the frogs that split multiple times into smaller and smaller versions you can use staggers like brawler 3rd punch combo ‘s spin to prevent the duplication in addition to this i have come to the conclusion points dont matter as i have run 12 times a day alts with 40k pts sometimes and main with up to 80k and the loot is the same rate and drop wise

  2. “I am the delicious watermelon” = guaranteed correct
    “You will regret if you don’t choose me!” = guaranteed correct
    “I am the true delicious watermelon” = guaranteed fake

    • To add more to that:
      Fake Delicious Watermelon:
      “Choose him!”
      “I am the true delicious watermelon!”

      Real Delicious Watermelon:
      “Here I am!”
      “I am the delicious watermelon!”
      “You will regret it if you don’t choose me!”

      Although sometimes I do get stages where no watermelons say anything…

      • wait around 5-10 seconds and there will be another set of phrases.
        i.e. some or all of them will say something every 5-10 seconds if the wave isn’t cleared.

        Also, the phrase “Here I am!” is not guaranteed correct (sometimes it’s still wrong..)
        The only one that seems to work all the time for me is the phrase “You will regret it if you don’t choose me!”

  3. Ok,
    Somebody can tell me how the fuck can i enter there when i not see npc in place where tera site show him?
    Thank you.

  4. Is there any information in what determines what tier of tokens you get at the end? I’ve always just gotten the mid-tier. Am I just not clearing it fast enough and there’s something past rank 1 or what?

  5. Do you know if Ghillieglade is still in the game ?
    Or gets it replaced by Celestial Arena ?
    Thx for Answer

  6. Just for Clarification on this

    For Stages 3~10, you have 2 types :
    1. Kill Waves of Mobs
    2. Kill as many Mobs possible within 30 seconds

    But on top of that there are special condition which are the long list
    1. Blacksmith Cyclone (Muhrak appears and use cyclone to pull in enemies. does no dmg.)
    2. Ice Puddles (turns you into invulnerable snowman)
    3. Argon Device (pulls you to its center and stuns you)
    4. Shadow Cougar (they turn invisible)
    5. Power-up Dummy (hit it to get buff stack 10 times, i think it was dmg and aspd buff…)
    6. High-KD Bear (also high stagger.)
    7. Mean Popori (high KD…?)
    8. Poison Undead Miners (Poison DoT)
    9. Poison Puddles (little demokrons, they don’t move and you can lure enemies into these puddles to inflict poison on them but it doesn’t really help that much.)
    10. Caiman Bombers (they throw bombs which staggers you but rarely KD )
    11. AoE bomb Popori (These guys have around 8m AoE indicator. if you know the popori from sinestral manor, it’s the same thing. it staggers often.)
    12. Silvery Prions (High-KD and Tanky, i guess…)
    13. Splitting Giant Tuwangi (these guys are pain. when it split, it doesnt split in the same spot, but they scatter on map. I think it splits 4 times…)

    There might be more as I’m not sure. The list was made while I was running celestial arena.
    Also, I’m not sure if we’re getting different version of Celestial Arena which is said to have added or removed few things, but I have to check on this. I couldn’t really find info on it from inven nor have I really saw any differences while I was playing in KTERA past few days.

    The trick with Twangi is to stun it and kill it ASAP. However, I’m not sure if this was patched.

    Another tip:
    Not sure if we’re going to get a Quest (once per character i believe) for this but, of you don’t feel like doing it, you can AFK and just die in there so that the timer (12 minutes) runs out. Apparently it completes the quest as long as you “challenge it”. The whole thing takes avg 6 min though, so it’s not really worth it unless idk, maybe you want to take a shower or go get food or something.

    • Going to add a few more I’ve seen in my celestial arena runs (in NA):
      – “defeat the relic guardians as fast as you can” (a bunch of robots that look like the robot boss in balder’s temple will spawn. they will walk around spamming their lasers) the notice is worded wrong – you actually can’t attack them. Another notice usually tells you to either kill all monsters, or kill as many as you can within 30 seconds. After you kill all monsters or the 30 seconds is up, the stage will clear.
      – “lure zulhounds to the middle to lower their defense.” (zulhounds with very high defense will show up – a second wave usually shows up after 10 seconds. lure them to the middle to decrease their defense [zulhounds will turn yellow with the debuff] and kill them. The debuff will run out when they leave the middle area so you may have to lure them back in for the debuff. )
      – “kill Kariagon with bombs” (I can’t remember the exact phrase for this one, lol) they have really high defense where you’ll be doing only double digits or less. They have to be lured to the barrels that will randomly spawn in the arena. Hit the barrels to detonate and push back the mobs hit, dealing 1/3rd or so of their hp. (**the explosion will not hit you**)
      -“Imps can cause chaos!” – imps will spawn and their attacks have a high chance to cause chaos.
      – “Avoid the Kumas’ statues!” – kuma statues will spawn and occasionally shoot in front of them (very far range in a narrow cone shape). More statues spawn in the later stages. (timescape kuma statue thing)

  7. How many times per day will we be able to run this dungeon? Is it affected by reset scrolls, or is there a hard limit like ghilleglade?

  8. How will Healers fair in this arena? I hope we get our increase damage. 😀

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