Champions’ Skyring is known as one of the most intense PvP battlegrounds TERA has seen! There are two ways to queue: Solo (Equalized) and Premade (Non-Equalized).

How do I participate?

Like a normal battleground, you must queue by clicking the “Battleground Matching” button on the Menu. You can queue in a group of 3 or as solo player.

Matching Rules

There are matching rules, depending on how you queue.

If you queue as a solo player, the rules are:

  • Player must queue alone (Cannot be in a party or raid).
  • Your team will consist of one healer.
  • You will receive equalized gear for the battles.

If you queue in a team of 3, the rules are:

  • Players must queue in a team of 3.
  • Players must all be a different class.
  • Your team will consist of one healer.
  • Your gear will not be equalized for the battles.

Game Rules

  • There will be no consumables (Noctenium is allowed)
  • Every player must be a different class and you cannot have more than one healerĀ (No Mystic and Priest queues).
  • The match will be best out of 3, if the timer for the round ends – the team with the most surviving members will win. In the event of a tie, the round will be a draw.
  • Rounds will last 6 minutes, with a 1 minute break between each round.


  1. Actually cap (combat accelerelator potion) is working on sr and noct is applied as bg buff so u dont have to waste ur noct there anymore c: And for everyone: plssss plss pleaaasee dont q sr if u dont have pvp crystals or not exped in pvp. Take ur time and duel at vo for a week or so~ THEN q skyring pls

  2. hiiiiii

    for team 3v3 you don’t HAVE to have a healer on eachh teamm. 3 dps can queue. It’s just teh standard to queue with
    2 dps 1 healer

    ok byye

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