TERA’s recent patches have raised the level cap from 65 to 70. Additionally, many new features have been added. The linear progression system has been pushed to the side to be replaced by Exodor gear, usable at level 68. This guide is designed to aid any returning players with picking up the game again. This will cover all major gameplay proceses or features that may be confusing for new or returning players. I will cover the recommended steps to reach endgame content as quickly as possible, so the game is enjoyable for you.

This guide is currently being updated for the Exodor patch. Please be patient as this guide is not completely done at the moment – thanks!



Leveling from 1 to 65

Levels 1 to 65 is the introduction to TERA. It is often regarded as dry and repetitive for players who have already reached endgame on a character, but this period can be overwhelming and confusing for new or returning players. This section of the game is supposed to introduce you to many of the game mechanics so you are ready for endgame, but unfortunately TERA does not always explain the mechanics well, or some are not relevant before level 65.

Levels 1 to 65 can take various amounts of time depending on how you approach it. Some people are into the lore and take the time to complete side quests and read everything. Obviously, this may be time consuming, however if you are interested in reaching level 65 as fast as possible, please check out our leveling guide. It will show you the fastest way to progress through the levels. Endgame can not begin until level 65 at the minimum.

The main game mechanics you should learn within this time period is how parties work, how to use instance matching, how to use glyphs, determining what to sell and what to keep, which gear is better, and the basics of using your skills. This is a lot of things that new players, or even returning players, are tasked with and can be extremely overwhelming. Understanding these mechanics are a necessity if you would like to begin endgame. Since TERA may not explain these mechanics in depth, some additional information can be found below.

Partying Up

Parties are used in just about every MMO and are not hard to understand. The purpose of parties is to group together with other players to complete a common goal. This can be reaching a certain level, killing monsters together, or doing a dungeon. Being in a party will share experience and loot, as well as party buffs.

You’ll notice two things when hitting level 60 (or if you’re returning to TERA as a pre-Fate of Arun player).

When you reach level 60, you will be given Airship Platform Teleport Scroll, placed into your inventory. This teleportal scroll will send you to the starting area for Fate of Arun quests (Velika Outskirts).
The second thing is the Vanguard Request’s board, you can access this by pressing “H” (Default) or by clicking the Vanguard icon under your mini map. This will essentially guide you through the “Story Quests and Objectives” till 65.

You’ll start automatically receiving Daily Quests: these are your “General” quests, there are also “Dungeon” and “Battleground” quests as well. Completing these quests will give you experience, gold, feedstock, and a new reputation credit called Vanguard Initiative credits, which can be used to purchase essential items, such as Crystals, Masterwork Alkahest and Glyphs. However, there is a limit on how many you can do a day, and you’ll get no rewards after you reach the limit. Be sure to turn in and claim your reward after you finish each Vanguard quest (press H and click “Claim Reward”).

If you feel like you’re ready, then proceed by using the Airship Platform Teleport Scroll which will take you to Velika Outskirts.

Talking to the NPCs, you’ll receive the Fate of Arun Story Quests. They are fairly easy to follow and always remember that if you are stuck then press “H” to see what part of the story you are on. Clicking “Check Quests” will open your “Quest’s Log” and display what quest you are on and what you are required to do (like normal questing).


Gearing: Level 60-65

If your gear is outdated, don’t worry since you’ll be given new gear from the main story quests to aid you.

  • You’ll receive the Initia armor and accessories from the first set of story quests. This is an enchantable set, and I recommend enchanting it to +9. Another alternate is doing Manaya’s Core for the Level 60 gear set.
  • You’ll receive the Emina armor and accessories from quests around level 62. This is an enchantable set, and I recommend enchanting it to +9. This gear will be sufficient until level 65.

For your weapon you’ll start receiving Avatar Relic Pieces as you kill monsters (you also obtain some from story quests). Don’t worry about hunting these pieces, as you’ll get them eventually by just killing monsters for the quests.

  • You’ll receive Ishara’s avatar weapon (level 60) when you collect 8 Ishara’s Relic Pieces, these are obtained by killing monsters in Velika Outskirts and the new zones when you’re level 60. I recommend enchanting to +9.
  • You’ll receive Oriyn’s avatar weapon (level 62) when you collect 15 Oriyn’s Relic Piece, these are obtained by killing monsters in the new zones when you’re near level 62. I recommend enchanting to +9.
  • You’ll receive Bahaar avatar weapon (level 64) when you collect 10 Bahaar’s Relics, these are obtained by killing monsters in Macellarius Catacombs, Velika Outskirts and the new zones when you’re level 63. I recommend enchanting to +9. Do not dismantle this weapon when you reach level 65, as it is going to be your first endgame weapon.

Questing is a good way to level to 65, as the amount of gold you earn from quest rewards will help you get started with your endgame gear. However, there are other ways to level such as repeating dungeons, battlegrounds or even simply mob grinding. If you feel like you want to grind your way to 65, then you kill BAMs or concentrated areas of monsters on your vanguard, such as the area outside Amadjuak Trading Post.


60+ Dungeons, Glyphs and Skills

While leveling, you may pick up a yellow quest in Amajuak Trading Post which asks you to clear a dungeon. There are two leveling dungeons:

Both of these yield a decent amount of experience and drop Khirian Glyph Crates and Vanguard Glyph Crates that give important Master Glyphs for your skills.

Master Glyphs are better versions of normal white glyphs, and they reduce the glyph cost or give a stronger effect. The Khirian Glyph Crate will give a random uncommon master glyph for your class. The Vanguard Glyph Crate gives a random improved glyph for your class. You can also purchase Glyph with Glyph Tokens from the Vanguard Reputation Merchant.

There is also a new tier of blue Rare Master Glyphs, but this cannot be earned from the Vanguard Reputation Merchant or the 60-63 dungeons. Instead, they can be obtained from Lakan’s Domination Tokens or from Island of Dawn tokens. (See the Master Glyph guide for more details: Master Glyphs)

I recommend repeating both dungeons until you have attained all important glyphs.



I’ve reached Level 65!

Congratulations on hitting level 65! More info in Gear rewamp guide

Original work by Zephya (general layout, presentation, “Getting Started”, “Gearing 60-65”, “60+ Dungeons, Glyphs and Skills” and “Fate of Arun” patch progression).
Updated for “Go Berserk!” progression by Floss.
Updated for “Secrets and Shadows” progression by Banim and Floss.
Updated for “Spellbound” progression by Obsie.
Updated for “Honorbound” progression by Floss.
Updated for “Velik’s Fate” progression by Floss.


  1. So, if I am one of those returning players, is the flat attack bonus and +2 power on Misery really worth replacing my Imperator (VM7) weapon/gloves for?
    It just doesn’t seem enough to make up for the +9% damage bonus and the 4th line on weapon. I tried looking at the spreadsheet but I still don’t see it. @_@

  2. I followed the guide and enchanted the slaughter set but my item level is 409 and not meets the required 410. What did i miss?

  3. Hey im a returned player – i have a starfall gear +12 weapons and rest of the gear….base stats are better then slaughter but worse then guile – so i assume i should aim for the guile? I got the parts rdy still collecting stuff for enchanting it tho

    • If you had +15 starfall from before, it would have been equivalent to guile but Guile is definitely better than +12 Starfall. I would advise getting the full +12 Guile set if you plan on actively playing for the next month . However I do not recommend progressing any further this patch. I would spend the rest of the patch farming IoD and building gold/feedstock/alkahest supply for next patch.

      • So if i understand corretcly – if im not super hyper active NOW you suggest me to stick with my +12 starfall untill next patch ? Im rly copnfused and not up to date now…any quick hint whats gonna happen next patch?

      • Sorry for replying again – you say to keep farming now etc whats that “farming IoD” googled it nowhting showed up so i dont know if i miss something 😀

        • Sorry I meant island of dawn. When you press H, your vanguard window will open. Look for green vanguard quests that say to kill 10 bams. There are low, mid and high tier bams. I would suggest doing the mid-tier bam quest and if you manage to get enough ilvl, the high-rise bam quest as well. Completing the bam quest will reward you tokens (among other things). I would suggest using the tokens to buy caprin horns and selling them.

          Now, the reason why I suggested stopping after Guile was because in about 1-2 weeks, there will be a new patch releasing a new class. I would suggest trying that class to see if you like it. It will be a very strong class. And we predict about 1-1.5 months after that patch, we can expect another patch with all new gear.

  4. For the part where it says ” Island of Dawn story quests: Completing the story quests “Ominous News” and “Desolate Garden” (this quest chain starts with Seir in Highwatch)”

    I had some old avatars where i logged in in february this month 2017 and there were the island of dawn quests in my quests, thats good. But i just leveled up a 65 character this month and i did not receive any of the story/optional quest of Island of Dawn. Did they actually remove the quests? Did i miss a step? Or are all new leveled 65 characters not getting the quest anymore?

  5. Is it worth Re-Rolling Low-Tier Jewelry and Brooch?

  6. I had a question about how I should tackle getting back into this game. I have not played since at October 2015, so about a year and change. When I stopped playing, I had an awakened +15 lucid weapon with chest. In all, my ilvl was 403. What would be the best method of attack? Should I try to somehow get straight into Guile or do I start from the bottom? I doubt Idoneal is going to do much for me, even if it has been bumped since I stopped playing. My goal is to start farming enough materials to support a Lunar Dancer when that launches. But, I will always play this poor, forgotten Slayer. ;_;

    Any tips are much appreciated! <3

  7. Hi, just a little comment on the Guile equipment. I don’t know where you go the screenshots with the stats like that, but as of now they’re incorrect. All the armour pieces are shown to give 8 power (even the belt) in the guide, while they only give 7 in-game, making Imperator gear more powerful (since those do give the 8 power shown here). Just an FYI.

    Also a question, is it worth making the gloves and boots for Imperator +15?

    • When I made the page, I assumed that the Power/Endurance of the gear increased by 1 like it has in the previous patches. I’ve fixed it since.

      Making any Armor +15 for DPS is a Luxury in my opinion. It depends on the resources you have.

  8. Also is Slaughter easier to plus now? or still just as hard as it was back when it just came out?
    Im a priest and both Pve and Pvp and not sure of what gear is good from going from +12 dread pants and gloves and +15 starfall weapon and torso?

    • Slaughter is easier to enchant and masterwork as it is now the low-tier gear of the patch.

      If you have Starfall +15, you can just skip Guile. The Dreadnaught pieces should be upgraded to Slaughter (if you don’t have much gold) and eventually Guile or better.

  9. Is starfall even a good gear anymore? I stopped playing around June this year

  10. hi , i have been out from tera for a long time , probably 2 years , so now i am back
    i have devastator set the weapon is +11 everything else is +9
    so can i jump to slaughter or dread ?
    or i have to go up a bit by bit like this guide said ?

  11. Hi , I have been out of tera for a long time
    I guess two years
    Now I am back
    I have devastator set +11 axe and +9 rest of the set
    Can It help in lvl 65 dungeons ? Or I have to progress through the sets as in your post ?

  12. When you say “It may be predicted that each Imperator piece may cost 1 million gold or more. Goodluck!” you mean a piece of equipment +15 w/ right stats rolls?

    • Yes, awakened enchanting is a very expensive process. Each try of T10 on a weapon costs over 20k gold and you should expect over 50 tries. Many people have had over 100 tries without even +15 to show.

  13. Let it be known, there is a quest on the IoD when you first go there now that gives you a full set of Dreadnaught with accessories , belt and a brooch

  14. where is the “Vanguard Reputation Merchant” mentioned in this post? I can’t find them.

  15. Is there an information about which stat items to wear for each class? I have brawler and gunner but not sure which one should wear which stats.

  16. Is this updated for the brawler patch?

  17. Ah yeah…thanks much clearer now. Thank you!

  18. So I have a question. I have full Idoneal, I have all my glyphs and my Item Level is now 346. But with the new patch the ilvl required to enter Kalivan’s Challenge and Channelworks is 355??? How am I supposed to get the next level of gear if I can’t get into the dungeon to get it?

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