Who am I?

Hello, I am Chicken.Fingers, also known as Chicken.Salad. After playing warrior for the past couple of months, I have decided to create a guide to clear up misconceptions and share my views on how the class should be played. I am part of NA’s highest SSHM score run, and hit the highest warrior parse on Shandra Manaya (and many other bosses). I believe that DPS numbers are a qualitative way of exhibiting one’s mastery of their class. In this guide I will show you my rotations, gear/glyph setup, and specific tips to improve your own gameplay.


If you’ve read the guide and are interested in watching gameplay videos to improve, here is my personal youtube channel, check it out for recordings of my Warrior dungeon runs. It is important to analyze rotation and positioning when learning how to play any class, and it will be a great resource for those of you who want to play to the best of your ability!


50% of your total DPS is contributed by Scythe, your highest damage dealing skill and highest contributing overall DPS. Scythe crit cap for 100% crit chance is 240 crit factor this patch. Always try to aim for that number, but do not exceed it. Crit rate’s value diminishes significantly after you hit the crit cap because more crit won’t affect Scythe, it will only affect your other skills which is around 55-60% of your total DPS. This means that building power after you reach the crit cap is the right thing to do because it affects all your skills.



Pounding, Focused, Savage, Bitter.


Score/Slaying run:

Slaying, Focused, Savage, Bitter.


Optimal blue crystals:

3x Brutally Hardy Dyad and 1x Glisteningly Hardy Dyad




Green crystals:

Keen-Vyrsk vyrsk

Keen Vyrsk if you didn’t reach crit cap.

Powerful Vyrsks if you exceed the crit cap.



+12 Masterwork Filet & Steak
Level: 65
Attack Modifier: 9,608 (+3,746)
Impact Modifier: 45,208 (+39,330)

Increases MP replenishment by 47.
Absorb up to 63,119 damage with the Cross Parry skill.
Do 6% more damage when you attack.
Increases PvP attack by 30.

Increases damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged monsters.

+3: Increases damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged monsters.
+6: Increases damage by 6.9% when attacking from behind or Increases damage by 6%.
+9: Decreases skill cooldowns by 7.2%.
+10: Increases Attack Speed by 1%.
+11: Increases Attack Speed by 1.5%.
+12: Increases Attack Speed by 2%.

+15 Awakened: Pay & Back
Level: 65
Attack Modifier: 10,089 (+5.144)
Impact Modifier: 45,660 (+49,312)

Increases MP replenishment by 47.
Absorb up to 64,338 damage with the Cross Parry skill.
Do 6% more damage when you attack.
Increases PvP attack by 30.

Increases damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged monsters.

+3: Increases damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged monsters.
+5: Increases damage by 6.9% when attacking from behind.
+7: Decreases skill cooldowns by 7.2%.
+9: Increases damage by 6%.
+10: Increase Attack Speed by 1%
+11: Increase Attack Speed by 1.5%
+12: Increase Attack Speed by 2%
+13: Increase damage by 1% against monsters.
+14: Increase damage by 2% against monsters.
+15: Increase damage by 3% against monsters.



Top line roll: Increases damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged monsters.


Explanation for top lines:

There are 4 options for your top line roll:

  • Increases damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged
  • Decreases skill cooldowns by 7.2%
  • Increases attack speed by 9%
  • Increases crit factor by 18.


The enraged roll is the best choice for all players regardless of ping.


Skill cooldown is only viable if you have ridiculously low ping. There are a lot of animations locks at the end of warrior’s skills, which means that the you will spend less time in animation locks if you have low ping. As a result, higher ping players will spend more time in animation locks, which results in more downtime in their skill usage. This means that higher ping players will not benefit from this roll because the animation lock time between their skill will make up for the reduced cooldown time on their skills. On the contrary, a low ping player might be able to burn through their skills efficiently with the CDR roll because the animation lock time between their skills are significantly lower, so they can cast more skills in the same time frame compared to a high ping player. Another thing to consider is blade draw resets. By resetting your blade draw, you’re essentially not utilizing your CDR roll (as the reset nature is independant from CDR).


Even with the new warriore revamp, double CDR is still not optimal. With the extra attack speed buff we got on traverse cut, it is harder to manage rotation, but it’s still doable. As I explained earlier, everytime you reset your blade draw, any CDR stats you have is basically useless, which means that if you had the choice between Flat damage or Skill CDR, it’s always better to go for skill CDR. Without skill CDR roll, you will be using slightly more fillers which is fine, because with the buffed deadly gamble, most of your damage will come from that. With optimal party setup and consumables, you can expect to hit more than 8m/s with enraged roll during your first Deadly Gamble at the start of the fight. You don’t need extra skill CDR for optimal Deadly Gamble rotations either.


Attack speed is an interesting roll since it’s more or less the opposite of the skill CDR roll. Although not always true, high ping players will benefit more from this roll, because they will be able to go through their rotation without running out of skills to use as opposed to a low ping player who would burn through their skills quicker and end up with no skills left to use. Basically, we can say that a low ping player has a lot of attack speed and a high ping player has a lot of CDR based on what I have discussed earlier. In conclusion, a high ping player can roll attack speed to get the “same ping” as a low ping player (won’t work if your ping is in the 180s), however, keep in mind that you will lose the enraged roll line.


Crit factor roll is bad.


Bottom line rolls:

  • Increases damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged monsters
  • Increases damage by 6.9% when attacking from behind
  • Decreases skill cooldown by 7.2%
  • Increases damage by 6%


Explanation for bottom lines:

All DPS classes in this game will roll the basic damage increase on the bottom lines of their weapon since they are vastly superior to the other rolls. Some say that crit power is a viable fourth roll since scythe has a 100% crit chance (assuming you hit the crit cap), but it is not optimal. If you are using full red dyads and a crit power VII scroll, your crit power should be at 8.10. By adding 0.3 crit power to that total amount, you are only increasing your crit damage by 3.7%. Attack speed as a fourth roll is completely out of the question, because its value is halved. It gives you 4.5% which is half of the top roll compared to the CDR roll which retains the same value as the top roll.  Crit factor roll is not a viable fourth roll, since you are able to obtain crit factor easily from other sources such as accessories as opposed to skill cooldown reduction which is only available as a roll or as an etching (Energetic etching). In other words, cooldown reduction is the best fourth roll as its utility outweighs every other fourth roll, because it will allow you to use more skills in a fight (which will allow you to build your Edge faster).



+12 Masterwork Katucarf Vest
Level: 65
Defense Modifier: 6,289 (+3,584)
Balance Modifier: 20,056 (+17,448)

Raises max MP by 702.
Reduces damage by 6%.
Raises max HP by 8%.
Decreases damage from enraged monsters by 10%.
Increases crit resist factor by 24.
Increases power by 7.

Increases damage of Blade Draw by 10%

+3: Decreases damage taken by 6%.
+6: Decreases damage taken from frontal attacks by 6.9%.
+9: Decreases damage taken from enraged monsters by 10%.
+10: Increases Endurance by 1.
+11: Increases Endurance by 2.
+12: Increases Endurance by 3.

+15 Awakened: Darksnake Cuirass
Level: 65
Defense Modifier: 6,463 (+5,428)
Balance Modifier: 22,497 (+24,295)

Raises max MP by 702
Reduces damage by 6%
Raises max HP by 8%
Decreases damage from enraged monsters by 10%
Increases crit resist factor by 27
Increases power by 8.

Increases damage of Blade Draw by 10%

+3: Decreases damage taken by 6%
+5: Decreases damage taken from frontal attacks by 6.9%
+7: Decreases damage taken from enraged monsters by 10%
+9: Increases max HP by 8%
+10: Increase Endurance by 1
+11: Increase Endurance by 2
+12: Increase Endurance by 3



Top line roll: Increases damage of Blade Draw by 10%.


Explanation for top line roll:

Some may argue that Blade Draw cooldown is a viable chest roll, however, it is only useful to a certain degree. When you reset your Blade Draw, cooldown is completely useless as the chance to reset your Blade Draw is independant from your CDR. In other words, the cooldown roll is useless when resetting your Blade Draw which happens 50% of the time. This means that the cooldown roll is approximately 50% as effective. On the other hand, Blade Draw damage is much better as you will always be using the roll to its full potential.



Choosing the right etchings for your warrior can be quite difficult, because you will benefit from all three types of etchings.


Energetic etchings:

Energetic etchings are especially good on warrior because it gives you a lot of attack speed which results in fewer animation locks. The cooldown and attack speed are both useful, they synergize very well with each other. The attack speed will allow you to cast your skills faster, which means you will burn through your skills faster resulting in you having to use more filler skills. However, the CDR from the etchings will counteract this. This roll is especially useful for high ping players. In other words, with energetic etchings, you will be able to cast more skills in the same time frame as a warrior that does not have any energetic etchings.


Although, be aware that running double energetic will more or less affect your dps. You lose too much crit/power by doing that. Having 1x energetic will already help you a lot with you animation lock problems, but having 2x energetic won’t really make your animation lock problems better unless if you have some serious ping issues. The only real benefit of running double energetic at this point is being able to cast more skills in a certain time frame. Also, keep in mind that if you want to min-max your warrior, you would have to at least drop one energetic etching.


During Deadly Gamble, you will have Adrenaline Rush (20 attack speed), Lein’s root beer (20 attack speed) and Quatrefoil Brooch (12% attack speed). This means that you have so much attack speed that you will not even see a difference if you had energetic etchings. In addition, since Deadly Gamble halves the cooldowns of your skills, the cooldown gained from the etching is almost nil as your rotation during this time will not require additional cooldown if you do it right. The only reason why you would go for one energetic etching is to help you with your animation locks when outside of Deadly Gamble.


Pumped etchings:

Pumped etchings are a viable choice for warriors. If you’ve hit the crit cap on your scythe (which will be discussed later) then getting this etching would be the most logical thing to do. However, it is really hard to hit the crit cap on scythe if you have mixed jewelry (power and crit), it requires you to be completely geared (gold crit inner, Quatrefoil Brooch, perfect jewelry roll) and you must have a mystic in your party too (which grants you a 2.1x base crit boost).


You can however chose to go with double crit jewelry and get this etching. However, by running double crit jewelry, you will exceed the crit cap on scythe when running with a mystic which makes you lose a lot of dps. In other words, the optimal setup for pumped etchings would be with mixed jewelry and a mystic. In conclusion, if you want to min-max you warrior, you should choose this etching.


Keen etchings:


Trash, especially with the new Scythe glyph.

In conclusion:


1x energetic 1x pumped: If you want to min-max but you want less animations locks or if your ping is somewhat high.

2x keen: ???

2x pumped: If you want to min-max if you have ridiculously low ping (sub 10 ms) or if you don’t care about animation locks.

2x energetic: If you have insanely high ping or you want to get rid of animation locks (needs more testing) or if you like high attack speed.



I’ve tried double power set and mixed set, the DPS difference is neglieable in my opinion. The only way double power set would be better is if you get extremely lucky with you blade draw resets and blade draw crits during Deadly Gamble.

Mixed set:

necklace earring-2earring-2 ring-2ring-2

  • Manorborne ring and earring.
  • Estateborne ring and earring.
  • Manor necklace.
Double Power set:

necklace earring-2shining-earring ring-2shining-ring

  • Estateborne ring and earring.
  • Landsheart ring and earring.
  • Estate/Landsheart necklace.



underwear01_f_tex underwear00_f_tex

-Power innerwear is cheaper and better than crit factor (since you don’t need that much crit anymore).



quatrefoil superior-brooch rare-brooch

You have 4 choices for your brooch: Empowered, Quickcarve, Quatrefoil, and Marrow. Marrow and Quatrefoil are the best brooches, Empowered comes in second and Quickcarve comes in third.

One big misconception about warriors is that Quickcarve trumps Empowered. During Deadly Gamble, having more attack speed helps, however, it is not necessary for an optimal rotation. One big problem with Quickcarve is that it also gives you 50 Crit factor which is essentially useless during Deadly Gamble as you already gain 1.5x Crit Factor (which is around 500 crit factor). Also, since you’ve already exceeded the crit cap on Scythe, crit factor’s value diminishes significantly compared to power. After you hit Scythe’s crit cap, crit factor becomes less useful, so the A-speed from the Quickcarve brooch is the only useful part of it. Basically, the only useful thing you gain from Quickcarve is the 12% attack speed. Having more attack speed will help you chain your skills faster, but it only helps your dps a lot, because it will only help you cast your skills faster. You have the potential to do one extra scythe during Deadly Gamble compared to Empowered brooch, but it will totally depend on your Blade Draw resets.


Empowered brooch is superior to Quickcarve because it increases the damage of all your abilities (compared to Quickcarve which does not increase the damage on your hardest hitting skill: scythe). The main reason to go for Empowered brooch is for increased damage on scythe. Scythe is your hardest hitting skill (consisting of around 40-45% of your total DPS) and it also scales extremely well with power (because it’s base damage is so high if you use it at 10 Edge). The crit factor gained from Deadly Gamble synergizes really well with the power gained from an Empowered brooch, as you will crit more often and you will deal a lot more raw damage on all of your abilities. If you have a Quatrefoil Brooch, you can replace your Empowered brooch with it. Quatrefoil is a combination of Empowered brooch and Quickcarve, making it extremely powerful.


Note: Having a gold Quickcarve Brooch is a good idea for high score runs, since you can use two brooches in a fight (also because you cannot double brooch an empowered brooch and a quatrefoil brooch as they share the same cooldown). Have your Empowered/Quatrefoil Brooch as your default preset. Right before the fight, switch your brooch with the other one and activate your Quickcarve Brooch. Immediately after, switch back to your original preset and activate your second brooch later during the fight. Do not activate both brooches at the same time, your Empowered/Quatrefoil Brooch will simply overwrite the effect of your Quickcarve Brooch.

Skills and Glyphs


Maximum damage output glyphs


Glyph utility

Red – Not recommended

Green – Optional

Blue – Mandatory

Combo Attack

Strike one or more targets in front of you, and gain MP with each hit. Successive strikes do more damage, up to four hits, with the fourth hit dealing substantially more.


Combo Attacks are your “auto attacks”. You should only use this skill as a filler if you have 0.5 seconds left to wait for a strong combo. It also restores 32 RE on the first strikes, 34 on the second strikes, 38 on the third strikes and 10 on the fourth strikes.


Glyph of Threat (5 points): Provides 5% additional aggro.

Not useful, even for tanks.

Glyph of Spirit (2 points): Increases MP replenishment by 35%

You do not benefit enough from this glyph, because you rarely use Combo Attacks.

Glyph of Sap (5 points): 5% chance to stun target for 2 seconds.

You do not use your Combo Attack often enough during your rotation, so the chance of proc’ing this glyph is almost nil. Also, most bosses are immune to CC unless they need to be stunned for a particular mechanic in which case you should use your other stun skills such as Backstab, Reaping slash, Battle cry or Staggering Counter.

Evasive Roll

Dodge your enemy’s attack.


Evasive Roll is one of your main I-frames.  It also acts as an animation canceller and it chains into Scythe. You are invincible during the animation of the skill and also for a brief amount of time after its animation. It consumes 500 resolve every time you cast it, which means you can do 3 rolls if you have full RE.


Glyph of the Swift (3 points): 40% to increase Attack Speed by 15% for 10 seconds.

The likelihood of activating this glyph during a fight is very high as you use Evasive Roll often. Also, since this glyph’s uptime is quite high, you should expect a lot less animation locks, which helps significantly.

Glyph of Restoration (4 points): Immediately restores 3% of total HP for the next chain skill: Poison Blade.

Not good.

Glyph of Unending (3 points): Reduce RE cost by 120.

You use Evasive Roll quite often, which means that you run out of resolve quite often. This glyph will help you manage it by reducing the cost of Evasive Roll to 380 RE. This glyph has the potential to save your life.

Torrent of Blows

Swing your swords in a wide arc, drawing high aggro from surrounding enemies. You take only half damage while using this skill, and are more resistant to knockdown and stagger. Adds frontal block effect,


This is a tank skill. You do not want to use it unless you must absolutely facetank a hit as it acts as a block and reduces dmg which means you can survive hits which would otherwise kill you. It restores 182 resolve.

Rain of Blows

Execute a flurry of sword swings while advancing on your foe. You take 30% less damage while using this skill, and more resistant to knockdown and stagger. Activates faster if used after Combative Strike, Pounce or Cascade of Stuns.


Rain of Blows deals decent damage (~10% of total DPS). You generate one edge (2 during Deadly Gamble) on the last hit of the skill. It hits 7 times and the damage distribution is the following:  2-1-1-1-1-2-2. It is recommended to chain it from Combative Strike most of the time, but on rare occasions when your CS is not up and the only thing you can do is RoB, you can chain it from Cascade of Stuns. You do not want to chain it from pounce, because Cascade’s cast time is faster than pounce unglyphed, which means that if you want to use pounce, you must glyph it. This means that you need to “waste 2 points” for the attack speed glyph on Pounce. You can chain RoB into Scythe and Reaping Slash. You don’t need to finish the skill’s animation to chain it. RoB restores 14 RE on each hit (98 total RE).


Glyph of Power (4 points): Increases skill damage by 25%

Since you use RoB quite often during your rotation, this glyph will help you deal even more damage.

Glyph of Restoration (4 points): Restores 0.5% of your total HP on each successful hits (total of 3.5%).

The heal gained from this glyph is almost negligible. If you are low in HP often, then learn to I-frame or use potions.

Battle Cry

You warlike shout draws high aggro from enemies within 10m, and may stun them.


This skill is mostly used by tanks, however, you can still use it to stun bosses if required.

Assault Stance

Increases Power by 18 and Crit Factor by 55 and skill damage by 10% while attacking monsters. However, your Endurance decreases by 10%. You can use only one stance at a time.


Since we are always DPS’ing, it is important to always have A-stance up all the time. It provides a huge boost to your overall damage. You must re-cast this skill when logging in.


Defensive Stance

Increases Endurance by 25% and Balance Factor by 30. Attacks draw 120% more aggro, and you are immune to push-back from monsters, except for certain special attacks. You can use only one stance at a time.


This stance is reserved for tanks, unless if you want to use infuriate. Casting infuriate will lock you in D-stance for 3 minutes, so you should only use it when the boss is nearly dead when you need an enrage for the final burn.

Death From Above

Become invincible while executing a surprise blow.


Death From Above is also an I-frame. It generates 1 Edge and does decent damage (although it should only be used as an I-frame, not as a damage skill). It is also an animation canceller. Keep in mind that you are only immune to damage during the animation of the skill and it also has an animation lock at the end which cannot be cancelled by evasive roll. This means that you can potentially die after you DFA if you are not cautious. Death From Above restores 180 RE when you cast it.


Glyph of Energy (2 points): Decreases cooldown by 30%.

Having DFA up more often is nice; however, you can play without this glyph. Useful for learning dungeons.

Glyph of the Swift (3 points): 50% chance to increase attack speed by 15% for 10 seconds.

This glyph is similar to Evasive Roll’s. Having more attack speed helps you a lot. It is not necessary to pick this glyph if but highly recommended.

Glyph of Grounding (5 points): Increases endurance by 25 for 8 seconds.

25 extra endurance is quite a bit; however, you already have a lot of defense from your gear. Also, it costs a large amount of glyph points which could be used for better glyphs.

Poison Blade

Poison on your swords wounds your foe for 1892 HP every 2 sec for 10 sec. Does less damage to other players.


Poison Blade’s damage is almost non-existent. It only serves as an Edge generation skill. It will generate 1 Edge on hit, but with noctenium infusions activated, it will generate 2 Edge instead. This means that you must have them on at all times. Its cast time is extremely fast and will also generate 93 RE. Chains into Scythe and Traverse Cut.

Leaping strike

Jump at your foe and smash downward. Knocked-down foes take 5x damage once you learn Merciless Leap.


Leaping Strike is a good mobility skill (please refer to mobility rotations section for more information). Its damage is bad, so do not use it as a damage skill. It also has an animation lock at the end, so beware of that.


Leap to your feet while attacking your target. You can use this skill only when knocked down. You become briefly immune to knockdown, stagger, and stuns.


Only useful when KD’d in PvE.


LYour fourth consecutive use of the Combo Attack skill cuts your foe’s attack speed by 15%. You lose 10 MP every 2 seconds while Mangle is active.


Probably one of the most useless skills in this game. Firstly, you never get the chance to use the fourth consecutive use of Combo Attack. Secondly, most bosses are not affected by CC. Basically, don’t even bother turning it on.

Charging Slash

Charge forward and attack the first target in your path. Attack draws high aggro.


Charging Slash is a good mobility skill, and it does decent damage. It locks onto a target when you cast it. You can chain it into Blade Draw. It also generates 1 edge. You don’t always need to chain your Charging Slash into Blade Draw, you can use it on its own as it is a very fast skill. Beware that this skill can sometimekill you. For example: if you are trying to move away from the boss and you use Charging Slash, sometimes your character will turn back and charge towards the boss, so make sure that you are out of range before using Charging Slash to escape.


Glyph of Energy (3 points): Decreases cooldown by 25%.

An extremely crucial glyph for warriors as it allows you to use your strongest Blade Draw chain more often (Charging Slash>Blade Draw).

Glyph of Influence (3 points): Reduces MP cost of Poison Blade for a few seconds.

Bad mana glyph.

Glyph of Powerlink (3 points): Increases damage of Combative Strike by 50% for a few seconds.

This is an incredibly useful glyph as it boosts one of your main damage dealing skills by 50%. The powerlink lasts for 5 seconds. By factoring in the cooldown of Charging Slash, Weapon CDR roll and Battle Nostrum VI, Charging Slash’s cooldown will be reduced to 6.9156 seconds. Which means that you only have a downtime of 1.9156 seconds on this powerlink if you use Charging Slash off cooldown (72.3% uptime). With energetic etchings, this uptime would be even higher.

Vortex Slash

Swing your swords in a wide arc. You can use it as a chain skill only after Evasive Roll or Death From Above.


Vortex Slash is an interesting skill. It can only be used after Evasive Roll or DFA during a 5 second window time to actually use the skill. You have to pay attention to your cooldowns. Vortex Slash can be chained into Blade Draw. Vortex Slash’s animation cast is extremely fast; it is a very good Blade Draw chain. Vortex Slash is not worth using without chaining into Blade Draw as it does not generate any Edge and its damage is mediocre. Keep in mind that if you need a Blade Draw chain skill, do not intentionally use an Iframe to activate Vortex Slash as it requires too much time to do so. Instead, Vortex Slash should be used only when you Iframe an attack/repositioning and you have Blade Draw up.


Glyph of Power (4 points): Increases skill damage by 25%

A decent glyph, but not required. Vortex Slash is a situational skill, so the skill’s uptime is somewhat low. However, if you crit your Vortex Slash, it does deal a significant amount of damage.

Glyph of Persistence (4 points): 30% chance to eliminate cooldown.

This glyph is not that good to be honest. As stated earlier, the only moment you should use Vortex Slash is when your Blade Draw is available. This means that you only have a 15% chance to use your Vortex Slash twice in a row with Blade Draw (Your Vortex Slash and your Blade Draw has to reset once). Also, if you do happen to reset Vortex Slash, you must re-activate it with Roll/DFA, which means that you will most likely never be able to use double Vortex Slash in Fight.

Combative Strike

Sacrifice HP to deal a decisive attack, decreasing the Endurance of your foes by 8%.


Combative Strike is one of your main damage dealing skills. It’s damage is surprisingly high (on par with Rain of Blows). CS should consist of around 10% of your damage. It will also move you by 4-5 meters (please refer to mobility section for more information). Combative Strike generates 1 Edge and restores 100 RE. It chains into Rain of Blows and Traverse Cut. The Endurance debuff gets overwritten by Debilitate (Lancer debuff), Jackhammer (Brawler debuff) and Punishing Strike (Berserker debuff), which means it can only be applied on the boss when warrior tanking. Essentially, the endurance debuff (which lasts 15 seconds) is useless when DPS’ing on warrior, so do not worry about it.


Glyph of the Sanative (2 points): Decreases HP consumption by 50%.

In normal circumstances, this glyph would be totally useless as the HP cost of CS is so small that it gets outhealed by even the smallest of heals. However, when slaying in a party without a priest, since you cannot have access to the Blessing of Balder (restores around 1k HP per 2 seconds), using this glyph will allow you to keep your HP healthy, because you will eventually run out of HP if you do not get healed. By getting this glyph, you do not need to use HP potions as often to keep your HP healthy when slaying without a priest.

Glyph of Lingering (2 points): Increases effect duration by 50%.

Pretty useless. Considering that you don’t have a Lancer/Brawler/Berserker in your party, you should still be able to keep 100% uptime on CS without this glyph because of how frequent you use Combative Strike.

Glyph of Powerlink (5 points): Increases damage of Rising Fury by 20% for a few seconds.

Decent glyph if you have spare points. The powerlink lasts for 7 seconds, so you have plenty of time to use Rising Fury.

Glyph of Powerlink (2 points): Increases damage of Leaping strike by 45% for a few seconds.

Not useful.

Rising Fury

Hit a target twice; the lower your HP, the greater the damage. Press the skill button a second time for another, even stronger hit. Damage taken reduces by 20% while this skill is being used.


Rising Fury is a very good movement skill. It does a decent amount of damage and chains into Blade Draw. The first activation of the skill does 2 slashes forward (each restoring 20 RE) and you can use the second activation of the skill within the next 1.5 seconds to do one big slash (restores 140 RE) which also moves you forward. Rising Fury can be used as a filler, Blade Draw chain or mobility skill.


Glyph of Persistence (5 points): 25% chance to eliminate cooldown.

Pretty bad glyph to be honest. You shouldn’t be using Rising Fury that often and 25% chance is also quite low.

Glyph of Numbing (4 points): 20% chance to decrease opponent’s attack speed by 15% for 7 seconds.

Most bosses in end-game dungeons are not affected by CC. 20% chance is also really low.

Deadly Gamble

Increases your chance to crit by 50% for 20 seconds. Also, reduces melee attack skill cooldowns by half.


Deadly Gamble is what makes warriors so strong. The extra crit chance helps a bit, but the skill cooldown is the best part. DG’s CDR stacks with your other CDR sources, which means your skill CDR is going to be more than 50% during DG. Your whole rotation changes during Deadly Gamble. Ideally, you would want to sync your Deadly Gamble with Mystic’s contagion and Lancer’s Adrenaline Rush. Attack speed will help immensely during Deadly Gamble, allowing you to cast a lot of Blade Draw chains. Ideally, during Deadly Gamble, you want to pop your Quatrefoil Brooch, Lein’s dark root beer and have the A-rush buff for maximum attack speed. Your main goal during Deadly Gamble is to stack as much Edge as possible to cast more scythes. In order to optimize your main goal, you want to use the best Blade Draw chains available while using the fastest Edge generation combos as well.


Glyph of Energy (4 points): Decreases cooldown by 25%.

Most of the time, this glyph is necessary. The cooldown on Deadly Gamble is slightly longer than Adrenaline Rush and Contagion, which means that if you want to optimize your Deadly Gamble uptime, you need to be able to burn with those buffs up. This CDR glyph will allow you to efficiently sync up with A-Rush and Contagion. However, in score runs//short fights, when you can only burn once with Contagion/A-rush, it is not necessary to take this glyph.

Glyph of Lingering (3 points): Increases effect duration by 20%.

This glyph will add 4 seconds to your total DG duration, which means one extra scythe. Very useful glyph in all situations.

Cascade of Stuns

Slash a target in front of you. If you hit a stunned target, the stun spreads to nearby enemies.


Cascade of Stuns is a filler skill. It’s useful for when you need extend a stun on a boss when required too. It chains into Rain of Blows. The only other time you would want to use Cascade is when your Combative Strike is down and when you need to use RoB. You will rarely need to use this skill in a fight.


Glyph of Brilliance (4 points): Reduces MP cost by 88.

Not useful.

Glyph of Influence (3 points): Reduces MP cost of Rain of Blows by 88 for a few seconds.

Not useful.

Glyph of Powerlink (2 points): Increases damage of Rain of Blows by 20% for a few seconds.

As stated earlier, Cascade of Stuns is rarely used, so you would not benefit from this glyph at all.

Glyph of Energy (4 points): Decrease cooldown by 25%.

Cascade of Stuns is rarely used, so you would not benefit from this glyph at all.

Glyph of Lingering (3 points): Increases effect duration by 25%.

Useful if the extended stun is required (schm ghosts).

Glyph of Power (4 points): Increases skill damage by 25%.

Cascade of Stuns is rarely used, so you would not benefit from this glyph at all.


Rush 15m and make a lethal thrust to your target’s back. The target is stunned for a short period of time.


Backstab is a good repositioning skill. It’s also an iframe and can also be used to stun bosses during special mechanics. It generates 1 Edge. You are immune to damage during the casting time of the skill and also slightly after the animation. Click here for an example.


Glyph of Laceration (3 points): Increases effect duration by 50%.

Useful when you need the extended stun.

Glyph of Energy (4 points): Decreases cooldown by 20%.

Pick this glyph if you use Backstab often.

Glyph of Advantage: Increases Edge generation by 1.

By using this glyph, you whole rotation changes. Pick this glyph at your own discretion.

Staggering Counter

Execute a counterattack that briefly stuns and turns your target around. You can use this skill as a counterattack only after you’ve been hit. Cannot be used while in Defensive Stance.


Staggering Counter is mostly a PvP skill. It has almost no use in PvE except for its stun (which is unreliable).

Smoke Aggressor

Sacrifice 20% of your HP to summon a spirit for 20 seconds. Your spirit receives 1.5 times the HP you sacrificed and retains your aggro level from your enemies.


Smoke Aggressor can mean the difference between a wipe or a kill. If all your party members are dead and you are the only one alive, you can use this skill to switch the aggro to your shadow which allows you to go resurrect your healer. It also acts as a warding scroll, it will absorb damage for you while it is summoned and it stacks with Pounce, Rain of Blows and Torrent of Blows.


Jump to a target and slow the target by 50% with a slash. You take only half damage while using this skill.


Pounce is a filler skill. It can chain into Traverse Cut (don’t use it to do that though, it’s bad since it does not generate any Edge) and into Rain of Blows. You should only use Pounce to chain it into RoB when your CS is not available. Also, since Cascade of Stuns’ cast time is shorter, you must glyph the attack speed on Pounce to make it worth it since Pounce’s damage is also quite low. Overall, I would suggest to never use this skill unless you absolutely need to absorb damage (if you are out of RE and DFA is on cooldown).


Glyph of the Swift (2 points): Increases attack speed by 30%.

You must take this glyph if you want to use pounce.

Glyph of Energy (2 points): Decreases cooldown by 20%.

Useless glyph as you do not use Pounce enough to benefit from this.

Traverse Cut

Make 3 quick lunges to the front. Activates faster and attacks up to 13 times if you first use Pounce, Poison Blade or Combative Strike. Increases your Attack Speed by 0.9% per successful hit, and the effect stacks.


Traverse Cut is extremely crucial for optimal DPS. It increases you attack speed immensely. The Attack Speed buff can stack up to 11.7% and lasts 27 seconds. You can refresh the duration of Traverse Cut by simply casting the first hit of the skill (not necessary to apply all 13 hits again). You should aim to have an uptime of 95-99% on this skill. If you Traverse Cut without chaining it, it will restore 44 RE on each of the 3 hits. When chained, it will restore 10 RE on each of the 13 hits. Traverse Cut is an important skill during your rotation, because it allows you to chain into Blade Draw.


Glyph of Lingering (2 points): Increases effect duration by 50%.

Decent glyph for its cost.

Glyph of Brilliance (2 points): Reduces MP cost by 75.

Not required.

Blade Draw

Stab and slash your target as you draw your weapon from the wound. Activates faster if you first use Traverse Cut, Vortex Slash, Charging Slash, Cross Parry or Rising Fury.


Blade Draw is your main damage dealing skill. Your whole rotation revolves around your Blade Draw reset. BD consists of around 30% of your total damage. It generates 1 Edge (2 if glyphed and 4 during Deadly Gamble) and will restore 33 RE on the first hit and 33 on the second. Always chain your Blade Draw.


Glyph of Power (4 points): Increases Skill damage by 25%.

More damage on your 2nd highest hitting skill is really good.

Glyph of Brilliance (2 points): Reduces MP cost by 80.

When your Blade Draw resets a lot, you might run out of mana. This glyph will help you if you do not have a Glistening armor dyad.

Glyph of Persistence (5 points): 50% chance to eliminate cooldown.

Mandatory glyph for warriors, you need this to be useful.

Glyph of Advantage (3 points): Increases Edge generation by 1.

With this glyph, you will generate an extra Edge on the second hit of Blade Draw. Blade Draw’s usage is very high, so having this glyph is extremely helpful for managing Edge. Without this glyph, your damage potential drops significantly.

Glyph of Carving (4 points): Doubles the chance to crit when attacking monsters.

This glyph is extremely important as it will increase the chance to crit on your Blade Draw drastically. This glyph is a binomial carving glyph, which means that it will not truly double your crit chance. Usually, at 330 crit, you Blade Draw’s crit chance is between 70-75%.


Deliver a deadly sweeping arc, attacking multiple enemies. Scythe exploits Edge generated by warrior skills to do more damage. The skill activates faster when following Rain of Blows, Poison Blade, Blade Draw or Evasive Roll.


Scythe is your highest hitting skill. The number of scythes in a fight will determine the skill level between a good warrior and a bad warrior. Ideally, you want to use it off cooldown as much as possible and when you have 10 Edge. The maximum amount of Edge you can generate is 10, which means that everything beyond that is essentially wasted. Each Edge will increase the damage and the crit rate of Scythe, which means that it is crucial to always scythe at 10 Edge to gain as much damage and crit chance as possible.


Glyph of Carving (4 points): Triples the chance to crit.

This glyph is a true carving glyph which means that if your crit chance on this skill is at 50% without this glyph, it will be at 100% with this glyph. Necessary for optimal damage.

Glyph of Power (4 points): Increases bonus Edge damage by 30%

More damage on your hardest hitting skill is good. 

Reaping Slash

Chop with both blades to briefly stun monsters. In PvP, the skill knocks down enemy players. Activates faster if used after Combative Strike or Rain of Blows.


Reaping Slash is a good filler skill. It does pitiful damage, but it does generate 1 Edge. Reaping Slash hits twice (each hit restoring 30 RE). This skill is mostly there to help you with Edge management. It’s most commonly used when your Blade Draw does not reset during your rotation. You should only use Reaping Slash when chained from CS or RoB.


One big misconception about this skill is that it is a bad skill. That is not true. Reaping Slash has an extremely fast casting time and its animation lock at the end can be cancelled with DFA or Evasive Roll. You could argue that Evasive Roll provides no damage, but remember that you can proc the Attack Speed glyph on it (which helps you a lot) and you can also chain your Evasive Roll into scythe. This means that Reaping Slash should be mainly used when ur at 9 Edge so that you can cancel the skill’s animation with Roll and then Scythe right after to maximize your damage output.


Glyph of Power (5 points): Increases skill damage by 25%.

Reaping Slash’s damage is bad.

Cross Parry

Block frontal attacks with your crossed swords. Damage blocked depends on your weapon’s stats. Lasts as long as the skill button is held down. Allies behind you also get reduced damage. Can only be used while in Defensive Stance.


Cross Parry is mostly a tank skill because it requires D-Stance to be able to use the skill. However, when you’re DPS’ing, you can switch to D-Stance to Infuriate the boss when he’s nearly dead to extend the enrage time on the boss. The damage you lose from not having A-Stance will be compensated with your party’s overall DPS being higher because of your infuriate. In the rare occasion that you will use Cross Parry, remember that you can “block cancel” your skills by cancelling the end animation lock of each skill (excluding chain skills) which will allow you to fit in more skills than usual. Of course, if your tank dies, you can switch to D-Stance to grab the boss’s aggro while your healers try to resurrect him.


Glyph of Pumped (4 points): 30% chance to increase power by 15% for 10 seconds on a successful block.

Only useful for tanks.

Smoke Flanker

Summon a shadow to your position, teleport behind your enemy, and attack it. Briefly stuns your target. Aggro transfers to your shadow upon summoning. Use after a successful Cross Parry on a target within a range of 15m.


Smoke Flanker is a tank skill.

Binding Sword

Throw your sword to snare up to 4 enemies within 21m and draw them towards you. You may not draw bosses or elite monsters.


Binding Sword is a useful skill for leashing multiple enemies. You must face your camera in the direction of the enemies you which to leash for it to work. Click here for an example.


Glyph of Energy (4 points): Decreases cooldown by 20%.

You will rarely need to use this skill in a fight.

Glyph of Power (4 points): Increases skill damage by 20%

Binding Sword’s damage is bad.


Enrage all monsters within 10m and increases your aggro to the maximum amount. Only usable while in Defensive Stance. After using Infuriate, you cannot deactivate Defensive Stance for 3 minutes.


Infuriate is mostly a skill for tanks. Since you get locked in D-Stance when you use this skill, you cannot switch back to A-stance, meaning that this skill is almost useless. However, as discussed previously in the Cross Parry section, you can use this skill near the end of the boss fight. Click here for an example of when to use Infuriate.


The hardest part about warriors is the rotations. Everything is based around your Blade Draw resets, which means that you must adapt quickly in order to maximize your damage. Your goal as a warrior is to stack up Edge with the best Blade Draw chains available and the best Edge generation skills available to finally Scythe at 10 Edge. Every skill’s value is different depending on its cast time, damage and Edge generation potential. The prioritization list will factor in the cast time, damage and Edge generation potential of each combos.


Basic Prioritization list:


– Charging SlashBlade Draw (3 Edge)

– Vortex SlashBlade Draw (2 Edge)

– Combative StrikeTraverse CutBlade Draw (3 Edge)

– Poison Blade (2 Edge)

 Rising FuryBlade Draw (3 Edge)

– Combative StrikeRain of Blows(Reaping Slash) (2 or 3 Edge)

– Combative StrikePoison Blade (3 Edge)

– Combative StrikeReaping Slash (2 Edge)

– Cascade of StunRain of Blows (1 Edge)


This is a basic Prioritization list you should follow, however it’s way more complicated than this. Warrior’s rotation is based around that, but there are even more advanced combos that you can do depending on the situation. Being able to manage your Edge efficiently is key. It’s easier to count your Edge if you group associate combos with a certain amount of Edge generated. One additional combo would be:


Poison BladeTraverse CutBlade Draw


This combo should only be used under a specific circumstance, when you’re at 6 Edge. Now, we want to combine all these combos to form rotations. The following rotations will only work if you have 1 cooldown weapon roll, Battle Nostrum VI, proper glyphs and at 0 Edge.

Main DPS rotations

Obviously, sometimes you can’t always apply these rotations during the fight because of Cooldown, so in those situations, you want to improvise by using filler skills that generate Edge. These rotations are guidelines to be followed when the opportunity allows it; you cannot always use x rotation specifically during a fight. In other words, you can make up your own rotations based on the basic prioritization list. Obviously, there are way more possible rotations than what I have listed. Click here for a video guide about rotations.


combative-strike traverse-cut blade-draw combative-strike rain-of-blows poison-blade combative-strike rising-fury blade-draw scythe

Combative Strike→Traverse Cut (all 13 hits)→Blade Draw→Combative Strike→Rain of Blows→Poison Blade→Combative Strike→Rising Fury→Blade Draw→Scythe


If you start a fight without Backstab and your Blade Draw does not reset after Traverse Cut, then this rotation is the best as it optimizes your damage output even without Blade Draw and it is also quite fast to execute. However, you should always start a fight with Backstab as it allows you to position yourself behind the boss very quickly without needing to use any Evasive Roll or mobility combos. In certain circumstances where it is necessary to save your Backstab, you can use this rotation. If you do not have a ninja in your party to Smoke Bomb the first curl of Shandra Manaya, then you need to use this rotation at the start of the fight.



backstab-warrior combative-strike traverse-cut blade-draw combative-strike rain-of-blows reaping-slash combative-strike poison-blade scythe

Backstab→Combative Strike→Traverse Cut (all 13 hits)→Blade Draw→Combative Strike→Rain of Blows→Reaping Slash→Combative Strike→Poison Blade→Scythe


This is the best rotation to use at the start of the boss when your Blade Draw does not reset. Backstab is a great skill, as it is very fast, allows you to position yourself right behind the boss and it also generates 1 Edge. If you glyphed your Backstab for the extra Edge, then you don’t need to use a second Combative Strike after Reaping Slash.



charging-slash blade-draw combative-strike rain-of-blows reaping-slash combative-strike rising-fury blade-draw scythe

Charging Slash→Blade Draw→Combative Strike→Rain of Blows→Reaping Slash→Combative Strike→Rising Fury→Blade Draw→Scythe


Best rotation to use in the middle of the fight when your Blade Draw doesn’t reset.



combative-strike traverse-cut blade-draw combative-strike rain-of-blows reaping-slash death-from-above rising-fury blade-draw scythe

Combative Strike→Traverse Cut→Blade Draw→Combative Strike→Rain of Blows→Reaping Slash→Death From Above→Rising Fury→Blade Draw→Scythe

This is the best rotation to start off a fight with if you do not need DFA in the next few seconds. By cancelling the animation of Reaping Slash with DFA, you have the potential to gain an Attack Speed buff which helps you a lot. In theory, every time you use DFA, it will always give you 15% attack speed for 5 seconds. Also, DFA gives 1 Edge and its damage is very similar to Combative Strike. Basically, this rotation is the best one because it gives you the most damage output compared to the other ones.


combative-strike traverse-cut blade-draw charging-slash blade-draw combative-strike rain-of-blows poison-blade scythe

Combative Strike→Traverse Cut (all 13 hits)→Blade Draw→Charging Slash→Blade Draw→Combative Strike→Rain of Blows→Poison Blade→Scythe

This is the best rotation that you can use the start of a fight when not starting with Backstab.



backstab-warrior combative-strike traverse-cut blade-draw charging-slash blade-draw combative-strike poison-blade scythe

Backstab→Combative Strike→Traverse Cut (all 13 hits)→Blade Draw→Charging Slash→Blade Draw→Combative Strike→Poison Blade→Scythe

This is the best rotation that you can use at the start of a fight when starting with Backstab. If you have Backstab glyphed for extra Edge, you don’t need to use the Second Combative Strike.



charging-slash blade-draw combative-strike traverse-cut blade-draw poison-blade combative-strike rain-of-blows scythe

Charging Slash→Blade Draw→Combative Strike→Traverse Cut→Blade Draw→Poison Blade>Combative Strike>Rain of Blows>Scythe

This is the best rotation available in the middle of a fight. In this case, Cs>TC>BD’s priority is higher than Vortex Slash because it allows you to Scythe faster.



charging-slash blade-draw vortex-slash blade-draw combative-strike rain-of-blows reaping-slash poison-blade scythe

Charging Slash→Blade Draw→Vortex Slash→Blade Draw→Combative Strike→Rain of Blows→Reaping Slash→Poison Blade→Scythe


This is the best rotation available in the middle of a fight when Traverse Cut is not available.

The following rotations will be listed from the most efficient to the least efficient. Vortex is required for these rotations to work.



charging-slash blade-draw combative-strike traverse-cut blade-draw vortex-slash blade-draw poison-blade scythe

Charging Slash→Blade Draw→Combative Strike→Traverse Cut→Blade Draw→Vortex Slash→Blade Draw→Poison Blade→Scythe


This is the best rotation when you have Vortex Slash available. This rotation is slightly better than 3B, because by using Blade Draw before Poison Blade, you will have your Blade Draw up faster for your next rotations. It doesn’t matter in what order you use Vortex Slash, because we do not use it off cooldown. Which means that Vortex Slash’s cooldown is unimportant in this case. However, since Blade Draw is a high priority skill, you must use it off cooldown to deal optimal damage, which means that extending your Blade Draw is counter-intuitive, because you’re extending your damage potential. The order in which you use Blade Draw is extremely important. In other words, use Blade Draw as soon it is off cooldown.



charging-slash blade-draw combative-strike traverse-cut blade-draw poison-blade vortex-slash blade-draw scythe

Charging Slash→Blade Draw→Combative Strike→Traverse Cut→Blade Draw→Poison Blade→Vortex Slash→Blade Draw→Scythe


This rotation should only be used when Vortex Slash is still on Cooldown. Essentially, you are delaying your Blade Draw by 1 second, which is sub-optimal. However, in this case, when Vortex Slash is not available yet, it’s worth delaying Blade Draw.



backstab-warrior combative-strike traverse-cut blade-draw charging-slash blade-draw rising-fury blade-draw scythe

Backstab→Combative Strike→Traverse Cut→Blade Draw→Charge Slash→Blade Draw→Rising Fury→Blade Draw→Scythe


Use this when starting the boss.


3 Blade Draw resets and more

Anything beyond 2 Blade Draw resets for your normal rotations is basically meaningless as you already used 3 of your best Blade Draw chains for them.

Edge management

You want to get to 10 Edge and Scythe as fast as possible without using any excess Edge to get to 10. Basically, you want to be able to count from 1-10 very fast. Each combo represents a certain amount of Edge (go read the prioritization list) and it is important to be able to add the Edge from each of those combos very fast during the fight. For example, if you are at 5 Edge, you have to use a 3 Edge combo and a 2 Edge combo in order to maximize your damage potential without wasting any Edge or using Scythe too early. Obviously, you want to follow the prioritization list and use the best 3 Edge combo and the best 2 Edge combo by factoring in the Blade Draw resets too.


– At 3 Edge, you want to use one 3 Edge combo and two 2 Edge combos.

– At 4 Edge, you want to use three 2 Edge combos or two 3 Edge combos.

– At 5 Edge, you want to use 3 Edge combo and a 2 Edge Combo.

– At 6 Edge, you want to use two 2 Edge Combos. In scenarios where you have 6 Edge, you actually have a few options on how you want to approach this situation. If your Vortex Slash is down, you can either use CSRoBPBScythe or PBTraverseBDScythe to reach 10 Edge. The damage potential between the two combos can be calculated by comparing the Damage and the cast time. Since CS and RoB’s damage is similar, we can assume that it has a 3000 base damage. Blade Draw has a base damage of 5000. This means that the Blade Draw chain is significantly stronger than the CS RoB chain. Also, the cast time for PBTCBD is significantly faster than the other combo, which means that this combo will always be better than the other one.

– At 7 Edge you want to use one 3 Edge combo. At 8 Edge, you want to use one 2 Edge combo.


Using Scythe at 9 Edge vs 11 Edge

You usually face this dilemma when you reach 9 Edge after Rain of Blows. You have two options here, either Scythe immediately or use Poison Blade which will get you to 11 Edge. By casting scythe at 9 Edge, you lose x amount of Crit factor on your Scythe and by casting scythe at 11 Edge, you lose ~950 base damage. No one knows the crit formula for Scythe, so what I am about to say is purely based on past experiences. Obviously, you must reach 10 Edge to have a 100% crit rate on Scythe. This means that by scything at 9 Edge, you have to potential to not crit on your Scythe, which means that you have the potential to lose a significant amount of damage (as Scythe is 40-45% of your total damage). However, at 11 Edge, you lose ~950 base damage, but you will be guaranteed a crit on your Scythe. Which one is better? In my opinion, using Scythe at 11 Edge is probably safer.


Death From Above

DFA is obviously a good iframe. One important thing to note is that it also generates 1 Edge, which means that you must re-adjust your whole rotation if you decide to use DFA. For example, at 5 Edge, you were planning to use Charging SlashBlade DrawPoison BladeScythe but the boss does a mechanic which forces you to use DFA, this means that you are currently at 6 Edge. Since DFA also allows you to use Vortex Slash, you can use Vortex SlashBlade DrawPoison Blade instead of the former combo to efficiently manage your Edge.

Deadly Gamble rotations

Since Deadly Gamble halves your skill cooldown by 50% (except for Backstab), your whole rotation completely changes. Your main goal during these 24 seconds is to stack as much Edge as possible using the best combo available to use as many Scythes as possible. A skilled warrior can cast from 6-7 Scythes during this timeframe. During Deadly Gamble, Blade Draw resets will determine your rotation.


Deadly Gamble prioritization list:

Charging SlashBlade Draw (5 Edge)

Combative StrikeBlade Draw (5 Edge)

Rising Fury→Blade Draw (5 Edge)

Vortex Slash→Blade Draw (4 Edge)

Poison Blade (2 Edge)

Combative StrikeRain of Blows (3 Edge)







Mobility rotations

Warriors have many skills in their arsenal which allows them to maneuver during a fight easily. Having a high back crit uptime is the key to dealing optimal DPS. These combos will help you manage your resolve.



rising-fury leaping-strike

Rising Fury 1st activation→Leaping Strike


This combo will allow you to move very far in a short amount of time.



rising-fury rising-fury blade-draw

Rising Fury 1st activation→Walk around>Rising Fury second activation→Blade Draw


This combo is extremely useful to maneuver around the boss without wasting RE or when you’re out of resolve. It also allows you to have a high damage output, because you are going to use Blade Draw at the end of the combo too. Click here for an example.



rising-fury combative-strike

Rising Fury 1st activation→Combative Strike


This combo is useful for certain mechanics, especially on the second boss of SSHM. It allows you to a short distance but very quickly without wasting any RE.



rising-fury charging-slash

Rising Fury 1st activation→Charging Slash


This combo will allow you to escape from the boss very quickly (similarly to 5A). However, be aware that since Charging Slash locks onto a target, you charge towards the boss. Make sure you are far away from the boss’ hitbox before using Charging Slash.

Extra Combos


Backstab DFA

backstab-warrior death-from-above

Backstab→Death From Above


This combo is extremely important to be able to execute for Shandra Manaya during her curl. The Iframe from Backstab is not enough to allow you to survive the curl, but you can “chain” Backstab into DFA, allowing you to have an extended Iframe. The timing required for this feat is important. You must analyze Queen’s movements during the curl (usually I watch out for her ankles) or else you will die if you use this combo too early or too late. You can try Backstab>Evasive Roll>Death From Above if you’re not confident yet or even Evasive Roll>Backstab>Death From Above


Combative RoB Reaping cancel roll Scythe

combative-strike rain-of-blows reaping-slash evasive-roll scythe

Combative→Rain of Blows→Reaping Slash→Evasive Roll→Scythe


This combo should only be used at 7 Edge when all your other 3 Edge chains are not available. You can cancel the animation of Reaping Slash while still getting Edge from it with Evasive Roll. Evasive Roll’s damage value is technically zero, however you have to factor in 3 things: It cancels the animation of Reaping Slash (essentially making the skill’s cast time almost negligible), it allows you to chain into Scythe (which actually “cancels” the animation of Evasive Roll) and you can potentially proc an Attack Speed glyph. Also, try to use this combo to Iframe attacks as well. The Attack Speed glyph technically gives you 15% Attack Speed for 4 seconds every time you cast Evasive Roll. Attack Speed is highly valued as a warrior because it shortens the animation locks of many skills.





-Kimchi, for helping me write the guide.

-Nyaruko, for being level 3 friend’s with me since ainm patch :).

-Kaai, for editing my guide.

-Obsie, for helping me with formatting and general advice.

-Xiadais, for math stuff.


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    CS->BD->CS->RoB->PB->[RF->BD or CS->TC->BD] = execution time is 7-7.1 sec W/O any attack speed buffs.

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    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with double energetic etchings on warrior. The more skills you can fire off in a fight is a good thing while not sacrificing too much. I usually have 100-ish ping and ran double energetic for a long time with no issues but I don’t know if having lower ping makes energetic a worse choice than players with high ping. This was a bit confusing.

    I used to use reaping slash then I stopped unless I had nothing else because it felt clumsy. But you made a good point about using it at 9 edge to roll > scythe so I’m going to try that.

    High crit builds have always been questionable to me for warrior. I’ve compared them for the last 2 years of patches now and never really saw it come out on top definitively regardless of party comp. I typically run 262 (total) crit and rarely have a non crit scythe. Not saying it won’t happen. But you can go entire dungeons without a non crit. I think my crit only works with castanic though as I’ve tried non castanic and found it immediately noticeable within the first dungeon. But I can pop a bulgogi and be fine. I also don’t use keen etchings atm so 1 keen etching could fix that. When I tried to ask questions to other experienced warriors about the crit choice I typically got the “because everyone’s doing it” reply and no real thought or testing behind it for comparison. You sacrifice a ton of power to have that guaranteed 100% scythe and I don’t know if it’s worth having the magic number of 330 crit. You guarantee your crits but your crits are wet noodles. Then when things like contagion hit the boss that % modifier is wasted on your low numbers. However in a slaying run you’ll have more crit damage which compensates the loss of power so the crit is going to be worth it there.

    With scythe typically critting I was concerned about BD. I was trying to get more crits with it from with a higher crit build. But I barely saw an increase (under 6% on BD) and it ended up not giving more dps for me overall. I think when you see your overall crit % come out you have to bear in mind that other skills’ crits may have increased (such as traverse) and not the ones that matter. The BD crit glyph helped this a lot and I’m not sure it’s worth trying to chase the crit % by sacrificing so much power at that point. Would like to hear your input on this.

    I’m too lazy to write a guide and no one’s going to listen to what I’d have to say about warrior lol. So thanks for this contribution to the community.

    • About reaping slash: Doesn’t feel great even in the case you’re talking about. The only time I found it useful was when I was in the middle of RoB and the boss turned and I just wanted to throw 1 more edge before I rolled behind them. It’s just too clumsy and sluggish otherwise from what I can tell.

      I finally started to watch this vid you linked and I couldn’t finish watching it. You spend a lot of time talking about skills individually like “the usefulness of auto attack for mana regen” and “backstab is an iframe and stun” (duh?) and that’s not something people are looking for when trying to play warrior at a high level. Not trying to be rude but it’s nearly 2.5hrs of rambling. There’s a lot more I can say about this video but since it was a stream I’ll try to be nice… honestly I’d unlink it from your guide though.

      The written guide also has too much clutter. You don’t need to discuss auto attack glyphs. Why even mention Mangle. I don’t know why it’s a trend among some guides to list every single glyph for every single skill ever – which is about half your guide’s content. Unless it has a distinguishable use – such as stun duration glyphs – just leave them out. This is an “advanced” warrior guide isn’t it? People are coming to read the guide because they are interested in your techniques so don’t bore them with unimportant things.

  15. Hey Chicken =)
    I´ve got a Question. I dont know if anyone asked this before but does it matter for a Warrior if you´re playing a “Castanic Female” instead of an “Elin” or is it just up to you what you like more. The Main Question is : “Is a Castanic Female Warrior better than an Elin or not?

    • the difference between Cast Female and Elin are the animations and the 1% Back Crit Chance passive. some people prefer elin because of the animations, while others stick to castanic for the crit passive. practically speaking, there is no huge difference. mathematically speaking, cast is superior because of the crit passive.

      • In my opinion and having played both for a reasonable amount of time: Castanic is better for PVE and Elin is better for pure PVP since their skills move them just barely further on some skills. But why are people picking specifically Castanic *female*? Just for looks? Or is there an advantage over Castanic male that I haven’t heard of? I’ve played female for a long time and now play male and I don’t feel it’s that different. Or are people going Castanic female only because that’s what Chicken is doing…? I see that it’s becoming a lot more common for warriors to have power etchings now too, lol.

        • i personally think castanic female animations are more intuitive and much, much smoother than castanic male, although i haven’t done any testing to prove this.

          about pumped on warrior; the whole 1 energetic 1 pumped thing is strictly personal preference and hardly anyone knows why they’re doing it. let’s just say the people who thought of running 1 pumped’s mindset was “oh, i can hit 10 edge before scythe gets off cd if i get 2 bd resets, so double energetic must be a waste” – aka complete stupidity. double energetics are just as viable if not better than 1 energetic 1 pumped.

          • I’ve not tested male vs female castanic side by side but male doesn’t feel any worse to me. The evasive roll is slightly different in feel but easy to get used to. I agree the castanic female animations are “better” aesthetically but (from what I’ve seen) not advantageous over males.

            I think people just run whatever etching they’re told to run. I bet what you mentioned about bd resets doesn’t even cross their mind. Remember when everyone ran keen etchings because of Bernkastel’s guide?

  16. you mentioned that scythe at 11edge loses 950 base attack. is that direclty off the damage of scythe or is this an indirect calculation?

    • The value of 1 edge’s base damage is about 950 damage (about 10k base damage on glyphed Scythe and Edge damage is linear if I remember correctly). The value of the crit glyph on Scythe is worth about 500 more? The crit chance value isn’t applicable since you’re already at 100%, so you’re just “wasting” the 950 damage from the 1 extra Edge. So basically, since there’s no difference between a 10 Edge and 11 Edge Scythe, the damage of that Edge is just wasted.

  17. hej chicken, is it possible that make a screen or write me which stats u got on accesoires weapon etc. and maybe which etching ur using.
    and a 2. question is so if i run with a myst comp i only need 50+ 230crit and i got the max crit chance on scythe.
    and is it true that the female castanic is the best class for warrior from her movement ?

    • 2) With a Mystic, your base crit is effectively 109.2, which would mean you only need 221 crit from the rest of your gear to hit the crit cap for this patch.

  18. First of all, whenever you make a statement you don’t provide any proof for why people should believe that statement?
    You say that Pumped is viable on Warriors if you already have a lot of Crit Factor. Where are your graphs showing the damage increase of Pumped compared to the damage increased of the Crit provided by the Keen etching? Without those, how can you be 100% certain your actual dps would increase? You can apply this to pretty much every section since it’s filled with opinions over statistics.

    Your guide says it’s good to use Reaping Slash. However, as we can read here in Berns guide ,
    we see that Reaping Slash is acutally horrible in terms of dps (which he actually backs up with number showing the dps output) so which one of you is right?

    Lastly, hitting the highest dps numbers in NA Tera may be good, congrats, but how many high score players are there in this community? How many Low Ping – High FPS Warriors are there who are +15 geared running with a team that provides full buffs/debuffs uptime? I’d be suprised if that number was higher than 25, so keeping that in mind suddenly getting the highest score versus 24 people is a lot less of an accomplishment.

    • Do I really need a graph to explain it to you?? I mean it’s pretty simple why Power is better than crit after you exceed the crit cap limit. Did u even read what I wrote? You don’t need a graph to prove it, because power is better than crit AFTER you exceed the crit. Scythe is equal to 40-45% of your damage, which means that 55-60% of your damage is contributed by the rest of your skills. After you hit the crit cap on scythe (which allows you to crit all the time), crit rate will NOT benefit your scythe more, it adds zero DPS to you Scythe, because nothing is going to happen if you’re at 120% crit chance (seriously did you even read my guide?). Also, the power to crit ratio for Pumped and Keen etching is not 2:1, it is 1.8:1, which means that technically, if you go with one keen etching, you lose 0.5 power and with 2 keen etchings, 1 power. You can reach the crit rate cap on your scythe without keen etchings. If you so desire it, you can go with keen etchings if you still believe that keen etchings are good BASED on bernkastel’s OUTDATED guide (1 year old guide, a few things has changed since).

      Reaping Slash is indeed a horrible damage skill, however I explained that Reaping Slash provides you a few things (do I really have to explain this?) :

      -It allows you to build one Edge very fast which can be cancelled with roll (the cast time of RS is basically neglieable)
      -By using roll, you can potentially activate an attack speed glyph.
      -Roll will allow you to chain into Scythe
      -If you don’t use roll to cancel your reaping slash, then RS can be used as a buffer (like in my 0 reset rotations).

      Okay, I guess redstrike hitting the highest DPS on gunner, reaper and ninja doesn’t mean anything right? His words don’t have any meaning is that what you’re saying? Ping does not affect warrior DPS by that much, a very good warrior friend of mine called Zaeney did 2.2m/s on queen with 130 ping. If your FPS is bad, then get a better computer (that is really not an excuse to be bad at your class, if you’re serious about playing a video game, then do the necessary). People don’t run high scores because they lack the skill level necessary in doing so. If they were extremely good, people would have already spotted them and taken them to those kinds of run. Good people will party with good people. I believe that what I have to say about warrior is credible because of my accomplishments in the past. If you can find somebody else that is better than me on warrior, then I’ll be glad to delete this guide and write another guide based on his playstyle. Truth is, you can’t apply a min-max guide in real play, the Truth lies in numbers, because the best player sharing his playstyle with other people has the final word regarding normal guides.

      • Very well said Chicken 🙂

      • chicken.fingers, tovarisch, u r my #1 source of entertainment lately. what a comrade.

      • “People don’t run high scores because they lack the skill level necessary in doing so.”

        Or because the playerbase is extremely underwhelming? As I said, how many Warriors are there that are trying to hit the highest dps possible? 2? That makes you the best out of two people., congratulations.

        By your reply you seem to admit that your mathematical knowledge is rather low since you completely disgregard any diminishing returns on stacking power. That’s fine, not everyone is good at those things, but don’t act all-knowing if you don’t.

        A roll does 0 dps, Reaping Slash does nearly 0 dps. The attack speed proc (if not already active) is 40%. All that effort for just 1 extra edge. With simple regression anyone would come to the conclusion that any other filler is a better choice.

        • I dont see why people have to be so salty and complain about a guide a guy took his time out to make to help others out with.
          There is a reason why warrior class is said to be the most difficult to master. From what i have seen it mainly relies on your own playstyle and what this fellow has provided is a base for other potential warriors to follow till they figure their own playstyle out and tamper around with stuff themselves and test otu what suits them more. If you do have an issue with his guide then how about you all go make your own instead of flaming his?
          Heck i have been seeing warriors who only rely on their evasive rolls and charging slash to move around instead of using rising fury or leaping strike and the fact that he also mentioned an effective use for that is just as good.

          • I mean, in the situations where you would use Leaping Strike, moving with Evasive Roll is objectively better, if you can afford to do so and can do it with only one roll. This is simply because you get a chance at an attack speed proc. Leaping Strike has literally 0 DPS because the hit detection is dumb and doesn’t work 99% of the time (and even if it did, the damage is pathetic and not even remotely worth as much as an attack speed proc).

  19. aim for 330 crit rate huh? full starfall, with double crit set jewelry, 4 crit vyrsks, quickcarve brooch and 16 crit underwear and i sit at 316 crit. even with a floretta soup and a heaven’s elixir i reach 329. 1 short of your magical number. currently using an energetic 3 on weapon and pumped 3 on gloves. the big problem here is that my dps is about 150k weaker than by going with 3 crit/2 power jewelry with empowered brooch. sure i don’t crit every scythe, but the damage is significantly higher anyway. i should mention that i only have a total of 258 crit factor with this setup. i can climb to 281 using a bulgogi and elixir. what causes such a massive difference in dps on my end? and this isn’t a 1 time thing, i’ve tested this a good 10 times in each setup to make sure i wasn’t just getting lucky/unlucky on rng. this was in MM, since our party can reliably not fail at it’s mechanics.

  20. Chicken.Fingers! Thank you so much for a great guide. I’ve searched far and wide for a warrior guide and finally found one (yours). However, I would like to say that poison blade only generates 2 edge if you are using noctenium infusions. If you aren’t using any, then it only generates 1 edge. Other than that, good job on your guide!

  21. Your guide does not mention what Green Crystals (Vyrsks) to use, and it’s important to include that type of information in your guide in order to answer as much questions as possible that the viewer may have. Consider adding a section for Vyrsks please (perhaps it was overlooked but it’s still vital information to include).

  22. nice guide.
    just got 1 question idk what u mean with 11 edge scythe u loose 950 base dmg. what do u mean with this or how does it work cause i tried. Even if i use scythe at exact 10 edge point i do the same dmg as let say i have 10 edge points and use pb – scythe.

    • Because 10 edge Scythe does the same as 11 damage Scythe and 1 Edge is worth about 950 damage on Scythe (not factoring in the crit bonus it gives), you’re “losing” 950 damage on Scythe because that 1 Edge was wasted.

  23. Can you define what you think high ping is? You defined “ridiculously low ping” as sub 10 ms, but what if a player’s ping is around 30ms? 50ms? 70 ms? People often cite 100+ms as high ping. I’m curious to know your definition.

    Otherwise, this is a good, streamlined version of Bernkastel’s, without all the math and graphs that made people complain about its length (and their laziness to read.) You could improve the rotations section with a diagram like Bernkastel did, reading through all those scenarios was a bit of a headache. (also TL;DR warriors need to have their skills memorized and rotations done through instinct and intuition)

    The iframes and mobility section was nice, often a lot of that is, again, intuited by warriors as they learn the class but I don’t think anyone’s straight-up written about them before.

  24. Shiro.Neko.Senpai

    It’s only a little thing, but I’d say it’d be worth mentioning Vyrsks because they give you really good on-the-fly control of how much crit you have.

  25. ‘ v ‘ Why not poison blade instead of reaping slash in your 1c Rotation for when blade draw doesn’t reset ‘ v ‘

  26. hello tovarisch.

    i was really looking forward to this guide, but quite frankly im very disappointed.

    the explanations in your etching choices make little to no sense. the fact energetic etchings have always been amazing on warriors is not because of “shorter animation locks” or “more filler skills”. energetics essentially allow you to build edge significantly faster and in turn cast more scythes in a fight. it’s as simple as that. of course attack speed helps bypass animation locks, but that’s hardly a viable reason to run energetics on a warrior.

    your “1C” rotation makes no sense either. why use reaping and an extra CS over PB? same goes for “1D”, how the hell is this “the best rotation to start a fight with if you don’t need dfa”..? CS>Traverse>BD>PB>CS>RoB>RF>BD gives you basically the same effect without the stupidly long Reaping and DFA animation locks. Aspd buff should not even be a factor because 99% of the time you should already have it when the fight starts.
    i don’t agree with “1A” either. starting a fight with backstab is less than optimal imho. instead, you should try opening with Vortex>BD and hoping for BD to reset to chain with CS>Traverse>BD.

    there are a bunch of other stuff but i feel like they come down to personal preference so i won’t mention anything else. however, i do not like the fact you’re referring to these rotations as the “best” ones you can use in set scenarios… they just aren’t.

    on a more positive note, seeing an up-to-date warrior guide is a breath of fresh air and i am glad you took the time to do it.

    cheers comrade.

    • i haven’t talked about your bd reset rotations and your brooch logic but there’s alot of misinformation in those sections aswell…

    • I think you should test things before spewing bullshit out of your mouth:

      I used attack speed scroll, because you are always going to have e-stars/mystic aura in a fight. Nice try though.
      Also about rotation, if you use PB, you are going to waste an Edge :).
      And why the hell would u start with Vortex Slash??? You lose uptime on your Traverse Cut!?!?! If you burn at the beginning, your making your whole party lose DPS for your selfishness. Also, about the etchings: “he attack speed will allow you to cast your skills faster, which means you will burn through your skills faster resulting in you having to use more filler skills. However, the CDR from the etchings will counteract this. This roll is especially useful for high ping players.” Which means that the only thing u gain from this etching is faster attacks AND more cooldown, meaning that your rotation is faster, but not different. ” In other words, with energetic etchings, you will be able to cast more skills in the same time frame as a warrior that does not have any energetic etchings.” That basically implies that you’ll have more of everythign (BD, Scythe). Nice try mister Cyka blyat

      • forgive me tovarisch but i fail to see what this video is trying to showcase or what you mean by “you waste an edge when using PB :).”

        i suggested CS>Traverse>BD>PB>CS>RoB>RF>BD over your completely retarded ‘1D’ rotation, and using PB instead of Reaping>CS in your ‘1C’ rotation. in both of these cases, the rotations i suggested end with 10 edge and without stupidly long animation locks aka Reaping, single CS, DFA.

        starting with vortex is indeed down to personal preference and less than ideal in terms of min-maxing party dps. but in terms of min-maxing your own dps (and assuming BD resets), it let’s you start a fight with a ‘free’ (no roll) vortex>bd and move right into CS>Traverse>BD. you lose virtually about 2 seconds of traverse uptime which, again, is not ideal in terms of min-maxing party dps but very ideal for maxing out your own.

        and honestly, saying “energetic etchings allow you to get more scythes off in a set amount of time” (even with low ping) makes alot more sense than saying “energetic shortens animation locks”. if that’s truly just your way of explaining it then i apologize tovarisch.

        important note; you my comrade are without a doubt a great player and i am not trying to take that away from you, but alot of stuff in this guide are badly written or based off of flawed logic. i still do not understand what you were trying to show in the video you made in my honor (^0^). if it is the fact that BD is still off CD after the RF due to your very low ping, then the obvious solution would be to wait 0.2 secs before using the second RF activation so you can chain it, which would still be faster than reaping>cs. if that is truly your argument as to why this rotation isn’t good though, then i’m even more disappointed.

        • i just noticed i wrote “completely retarded”. i did not mean that my friend, forgive me for being a fuckboy 🙁

          • Charging Slash→Blade Draw→Combative Strike→Rain of Blows→Reaping Slash→Combative Strike→Rising Fury→Blade Draw→Scythe

            So ur telling me instead of that I can use:

            Charging Slash→Blade Draw→Combative Strike→Rain of Blows→pb>Rising Fury→Blade Draw→Scythe

            Regardless, try to come up with an optimal rotation.

          • im not sure i get what youre saying… yes, you can use that instead. the video youve made shows nothing, like i said even if you need to wait a bit before using the second RF activation to be able to properly chain into BD, it would still be faster to execute than your reaping>cs rotation.

            so i think i did come up with an optimal rotation! reason 4 celebration tovarisch! 😀

        • For the video, I simply wanted to show u that ur suggested rotation doesn’t work (plus you’ll have even more attack speed than e-stars, bravery, lamb bulgogi). If u were to add a poison blade to the rotations. I would use PB for sure IF i didn’t need to waste an Edge.

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