(Last updated 5/30/17)

Hello, people know me as alan. I main PVE Archer on TR. This is a guide to help you min/max your Archer rotation. This should hopefully help you become a better Archer and rise the DPS ranks!

Before we start the guide, please note that I play a Baraka. I am a friendly and happy little archer xd. This should give you the utmost faith in the guide!

1. The Role of Archer

What does Archer do?

Archer is a ranged class with both consistent and burst dps. With recent changes to the class, it has become more than what is used to be, and is currently nearing towards the top of the dps food chain.

Survivability on Archer

This class falls into the Leather Armor category. This means that you’re able to take a couple hits fore death. However, archers have amazing survivability with skills like Backstep and Breakaway Bolt which will be covered later in this guide.

DPSing on an Archer

Archers have a unique playstyle. It is a class that relies on making the most optimal and efficient rotations with some things that I will be calling “Priority Skills”. These are a tier list of skills that you want to focus on using off cooldown.

2. Skills/Glyphs

(Glyphs will be color coded by usefulness as follows)
This is a necessary glyph
This glyph sucks



(Shoot an arrow at a target up to 19m away)

This is the auto attack. It does little to no damage, but it gives the user a great amount of MP on hit.

  • Slowing Arrow (5% chance to decrease opponent’s Movement Speed by 50% for 3 seconds) – A very bad glyph, 5% chance to slow on a skill you never use.
  • Sapping Arrow (5% chance to stun opponent) – Another bad glyph, 5% chance to stun on a skill you never use
  • Piercing Arrow (10% chance to deal double damage) – Again a bad glyph, 10% chance to deal 2x damage on a skill you never use.



Arrow Volley

(Press the skill button once and lock on up to 5 targets within 18m, then press the skill button again or left-click to shoot at all targets)

Arrow Volley is a lock on skill that deals a moderate amount of damage. This skill can lock up to 5 players and can potentially be a decent filler.

  • Multiplicative Arrow Volley (Increases number of lock-on targets by 1) – This is ok if you’re clearing mobs and you want it to go by a little bit faster. If you’re ever using this when fighting a boss though you’re losing out on valuable glyph points.
  • Influential Arrow Volley (Reduces MP cost of Incendiary Trap by 75 for a few seconds) – This is a terrible glyph, if you’re ever going to use incendiary trap after arrow volley you’re doing it completely wrong.
  • Blazing Arrow Volley (Speeds casting of Penetrating Arrow by 40% for a few seconds) – This is good if you’re trying to do mob clearing and stuff like that.
  • Blazing Arrow Volley (Speeds casting of Stunning Trap by 50% for a few seconds) – This is glyph is terrible, you should never be using stun trap anyways, especially after arrow volley.
  • Persistent Arrow Volley (60% chance to eliminate cooldown) – This is an decent glyph if you’re leveling.



Radiant Arrow

(Charge up an arrow by holding down the skill button then shoot the arrow up to 18m away by releasing the button. Charges to three levels. Overcharging beyond the third-level charge will damage you. While charging up, you can move at half speed.)

One of the best skills in your kit. Deals lots of damage, allows you to move while casting, and has a very very high crit chance.

  • Slick Radiant Arrow (Eliminates slowed movement restrictions) – This is a crucial glyph, as it allows you to move easily to the back of the boss allowing you to keep dpsing from the back with your RA.
  • Sanative Radiant Arrow (Decreases HP consumption by 40%) – Terrible glyph, don’t ever think of putting it on. Even when overcharging the damage taken from it is pitiful.
  • Longshot Radiant Arrow (Increases range by 5 meters) – Terrible glyph, don’t ever think of putting it on. You should never be far from the boss anyways.
  • Carving Radiant Arrow (Triples the chance to crit) – A great glyph. When you have the proper total crit this skill is has 100% crit rate.



Penetrating Arrow

(Charge up an arrow by holding down the skill button, then shoot the arrow at up to 15 targets in a 18m line by releasing the button. Arrow shoots when you release the button. This skill charges up to 3 times. Overcharge after 3rd level charge will damage you. While charging up, you move at half speed.)

Penetrating Arrow is radiant arrow’s slow twin that was never good enough.

  • Empowered Penetrating Arrow (Increases skill damage by 25%) – More damage better dps. It’s not the greatest skill but nothing else to take with as much value as this.
  • Slick Penetrating Arrow (Eliminates slowed movement restrictions) – We covered this in the section below RA.
  • Longshot Penetrating Arrow (Increases range by 5 meters) –  This glyph is terrible glyph, don’t ever think of putting it on. Never be that far away from the boss.



Rain of Arrows

(Shoot arrows in the sky; they descend 15m away and damage targets in a circle when they land.)

The recent changes to Archer have caused Rain of Arrows to work differently. When casted, the first hit whether it is a front, side, or back crit will cause all other hits to be the same (no matter where the boss is facing). You have to be patient when casting it, if the boss is about to turn around cancel the skill by walking in any direction.

  • Energetic Rain of Arrows (Decreases cooldown by 25%) – This glyph is a must have glyph, one of your top priority skills being up more is amazing.
  • Hastened Rain of Arrows (Speeds casting by 40%) – This glyph is great since Rain of Arrows has a very slow startup speed. If this glyph isn’t on then Rain of Arrows will hinder your rotation speeds due to how slow it takes to cast.
  • Empowered Rain of Arrows (Increases skill damage by 25%) – This glyph is an insane glyph, every tick dealing 25% more damage causes for so much more damage.




(Quickly back up out of harm’s way)

This is one of the 2 iframes in the archer skill set. The skill can be used to reposition yourself as well as to dodge attacks/mechanics from the boss. Backstep is an extremely useful skill with very low cooldown.

  • Energetic Backstep (Decreases cooldown by 29%) – Of course you need to take this. Being able to iframe and chase the back more is a must have.



Feign Death

(Deceive monsters by pretending to be dead. This resets all aggro on you. You can feign death for up to 1 min. Ends when you use a skill or take damage.)

One of the coolest archer skills in my opinion. At first when you look at it, it seems terrible, but oddly enough it has some really awesome uses. If you use feign death, you immediately lose all aggro and become out of combat in the middle of the fight. This results in switching out gear mid fight, which I will cover more later in the guide.

  • Energetic Feign Death (Decreases cooldown by 20%) You’re not going to be using this skill off cooldown anyway, so don’t use this glyph.
  • Regenerating Feign Death (Heals 3% of total HP every 1 second for 10 seconds) – This glyph is only useful when you cannot trust your healer. This regenerates a great amount of health, 30% of your total health within 10 seconds is great.



Rapid Fire

(Hold down the skill button to quickly fire up to 7 arrows 18m away. Each successful hit generates 1 stack of Focus.)

PEW PEW PEW. Rapid fire does the most damage on the first and last hit, with moderate damage on the other 5. This is one of your best skills. Although, the biggest downside is that ping is a very big issue here. If you have above 100 ping this skill is just unusable.

  • Persistent Rapid Fire (15% to eliminate cooldown) -This glyph is great. Rapid fire recieved damage buffs and a buff to this glyph. It’s awesome to be able to do back to back rapid fires.
  • Spirited Rapid Fire (Increases MP replenishment by 20% per successful hit) – This glyph gives great mp replenishment and if you’re already using it a lot you will not have many problems with keeping your mana up, there are better places to put points into.
  • Empowered Rapid Fire (Increase skill damage by 20%) – This glyph is a must if you’re able to use the skill. The more damage your priority skills do, the more overall dps you will have. If you have high ping, you can just tap the first hit, it’s still a great filler skill because it does decent damage.



Slow Trap

(Set a trap that briefly slows the victim’s movement speed by 70%. The trap lasts for 15 seconds or until triggered.)

This is a terrible skill, it does no damage, takes forever to cast, and it barely even slows bosses. Its only use is when you need to need to keep the mobs crowd controlled and your stuns are down.

  • Lingering Slow Trap (Increases effect duration by 50%) – Don’t glyph skills that you are never going to use.



Stunning Trap

(Set a trap that briefly stuns the victim, The trap lasts for 20 seconds or until triggered.)

This skill is great for keeping mobs stunned, and it’s also a go to skill when you need to stun a boss for mechanics such as dragon in TSHM. It has the same problem that slow trap does where it does no damage and takes too long to cast.

  • Blazing Stunning Trap (Speeds casting of Penetrating Arrow by 30% for a few seconds.) – This is just a gimmicky glyph for a mediocre skill.
  • Lingering Stun Trap (Increases effect duration by 25%) – This glyph is just like the slow trap glyph, no point in ever having it on. It may have its own uses in PvP, however.



Velik’s Mark

(Mark a single opponent and do 10% extra damage whenever you hit it.)

This skill just gives you more damage. Aim to have 100% uptime on this skill.

  • Influential Velik’s Mark (Reduces MP cost of Poison Arrow by 31 for a few seconds) – This gylph reduces the cost of a skill we never use, it is not good.
  • Lingering Velik’s Mark (Increases effect duration by 25%) – I love this glyph. No one likes having to use velik’s mark in the middle of a fight. That one second of just sitting there marking is annoying, so we can just add more time before reapplying mark.
  • Blazing Velik’s Mark (Speeds casting of Poison Arrow by 25% for a few seconds) – This glyph is bad for the same reason as Influential Velik’s Mark. Buffing a skill that is never used makes for a waste in glyph points.



Incendiary Trap

(Set a trap that damages the victim that steps on it and others nearby. The trap lasts for 12 seconds or until triggered.)

This is skill kind of blows. It’s really hard to ever find the team to use it and the animation to place it down is horrible.

  • Empowered Incendiary Trap (Increases skill damage by 25%) – Not worth the glyph points for a skill you’re never going to use.
  • Powerlinked Incendiary Trap (Increases skill damage of Arrow Volley by 25% for a few seconds.) – This glyph tends to look okay, but arrow volley already does medium to low damage and there are much better places to spend your glyph points than here.



Stunning Trap Arrow

(Launch a trap 15m in front of you. The trap lasts for 10 seconds or until triggered. Briefly stuns the target and surrounding enemies.)

This is similar to Stunning Trap, but it instead shoots it in front of you. It can be great for stunning bosses when needed if you’re far away, but besides that it should never be touched.

  • Energetic Stunning Trap Arrow (Decreases cooldown by 30%) – This glyph is not good in any way. It has the same purpose as Stunning Trap, except you can shoot it.




(Launch a trap 15m in front of you. The trap lasts for 10 seconds or until triggered. Briefly slows the target and surrounding enemies.)

Rip debuff glyph. Back to useless skill 🙁

  • Energetic Snare (Decreases cooldown by 20%) – NO.



Incendiary Trap Arrow

(Launch a trap 15m in front of you. The trap lasts for 10 seconds or until triggered. Inflicts explosion damage on the target and surrounding enemies.)

Incendiary Trap Arrow is surprisingly useful. It may seem like just another trap, but the quick casting of this along with the damage it provides is insane.

  • Empowered Incendiary Trap Arrow (Increases skill damage by 35%) – This glyph is one of the greatest things that could be offered to this skill. Nothing can really make this glyph better besides pure damage increase.




(Shoot a concussion arrow up to 24m away. The shock will cause damage and knock enemies back. It cannot knock back bosses or BAMs.)

Thunderbolt got an insane buff making it your best skill now. It is a Balder’s Vengeance (Gunner Nuke) every 28 seconds. It has 100% crit, fast casting speed, and BIG DADDY DAMAGE. The only downside to this skill is the animation lock and inability to turn after casted.

  • Hastened Thunderbolt (Speeds casting time by 30%) – Thunderbolt is a very slow skill to cast without this.
  • Empowered Thunderbolt (Increases skill damage by 20%) – More damage on hardest hitting skill.
  • Carving Thunderbolt (Triples the chance to crit) – This makes the skill have close to, or once gained enough, 100% crit rate. Since this skill does the most damage of any skill, this glyph is good to take.



Sequential Fire (was known as Final Salvo)

(Fire a quick, damaging arrow after casting Radiant Arrow, Penetrating Arrow, or Thunderbolt, which cancels the stagger animation. A successful hit generates 3 stacks of Focus.)

The skill is both one of your best skills and also one of your worst skills. Why is it one of your best skills? It animation cancels 3 of your priority skills. Why is it one of your worst skills? Sequential Fire damage is extremely pitiful, dealing little to no damage.

  • Blazing Sequential Fire (Speeds casting of Penetrating Arrow by 30% for a few seconds.) – This gets overwritten by Focus, making it a hazardous glyph rather than a good glyph.
  • Energetic Sequential Fire (Decreases cooldown by 35%) – A great glyph since there is no more resetting on this skill.



Close Quarters

(Strike a foe in front of you. Press the skill button twice to make a second attack that may stun the foe.)

An ok movement skill, but horrible damage. You can use this to get close to the boss to land breakaway bolt, since it doesn’t hinder the casting time of breakaway bolt.

  • Empowered Close Quarters (Increases skill damage by 20%) – This glyph is only bad due to the bad damage that Close Quarters already does. Since most of the time you’re only going to be using it for its first tick which only crits for 150k-200k, so it won’t be worth it.
  • Fleetfooted Close Quarters (Increases Combat Movement Speed by 50 for 3 seconds) – NO
  • Lingering Close Quarters (Increases effect duration by 40%) – This glyph is referring to the stun duration that the skill has. It is quite a short stun duration, so maybe it has a place in PVP. Although it serves no purpose in PVE.



Breakaway Bolt

(Shoot an explosive arrow that damages within 4m, then step backward.)

This is your other iframe and movement skill. It has a couple seconds cooldown longer than backstep, but still an amazing skill. Also, it’s decent dps if it hits the boss.

  • Powerlinked Breakaway Bolt (Increases skill damage of Penetrating Arrow by 25% for a few seconds.) –  Use this glyph if you’re high ping since penetrating arrow will be used a lot more often because you can’t use Rapid Fire as effectively.
  • Fleetfooted Breakaway Bolt (30% chance to increase Combat Movement Speed by 10 for 8 seconds) – This glyph, just like all the other movement speed glyphs, are not worth the points. It’s much better to put points elsewhere.
  • Slowing Breakaway Bolt (100% chance to decrease opponent’s Movement Speed by 40% for 6 seconds.) – This glyph is similar to why Slow Traps are irrelevant, there is almost no point to slowing the boss as it will never really be that slowed. There are better places to put your points.
  • Energetic Breakaway Bolt (Decreases Cooldown by 25%) – It serves the same purpose as backstep, just does damage !!!!



Restraining Arrow

(Shoots an arrow up to 18m, decreasing the target’s Movement Speed by 50% and Attack Speed by 15% for a short time.)

A quick skill with decent damage, I love this skill because you’re able to fit it in between skills.

  • Lingering Restraining Arrow (Increases effect duration by 50%) – This glyph is not good for why we use Restraining Arrow, but from looking at the glyph it may have its own uses in PVP.
  • Sapping Restraining Arrow (20% chance to stun the target for 3 seconds) – This glyph is the same reason why we don’t use Lingering Restraining Arrow.
  • Energetic Restraining Arrow (Decreases cooldown by 20%) – Energetic Restraining Arrow is useful if you cannot use rapid fire and you need to put points elsewhere.



Poison Arrow

(Shoot an arrow dripping with lethal poison. The arrow flies 18m, inflicting damage to the target and additionally inflicting 3,128 damage every 2 seconds for 12 seconds. Can be stacked up to 3 times.)

There is a lot of controversy around this skill and whether it is a viable skill or not. To determine whether you should use it or not depends solely on ping. If your ping is so high (250+) to the point where Arrow Volley and Rapid Fire both become unusable then you want to use Poison Arrow. Otherwise I would not bother touching the skill. I will cover more about Poison Arrow later in the guide. The stacks are not worth it because of the damage not being fixed. Damage modifiers to not apply to Poison Arrow.

  • Lingering Poison Arrow (Increases effect duration by 40%) – This glyph is bad, and if you’re forced into using Poison Arrow that does not mean you want to stack it. You’re only going to be using it for the damage it deals on it. The damage over time on the skill is pitiful.
  • Blazing Poison Arrow (Speeds casting of Radiant Arrow by 30% for a few seconds) – This glyph is actually great if you’re using Poison Arrow as a filler. Speeding the cast up for a skill you’re going to use off cooldown is great.



Web Arrow

(Shoot an arrow up to 18m, inflicting damage and slowing the target’s movement speed by 33% for 7 seconds.)

By far in my opinion one of the worst skills that this class has to offer. From the minute you receive the skill it is quite obvious how garbage it is. It deals little to no damage and takes almost 1 second to fully cast for extremely low damage.

  • Lingering Web Arrow (Increases effect duration by 40%) – Increasing the effect duration on a skill you will never use accomplishes nothing. Although maybe in PVP this may be worth taking.
  • Fleetfooted Web Arrow (60% chance to increase Combat Movement Speed by 10 for 12 seconds after a successful hit.) – No



Sniper’s Eye

(Increase Power by 30, Attack Speed by 8, and Movement Speed by 16. Increases damage to Monsters by 7%.)

Not too much to say about this skill. It is an amazing skill and without it Archers would be much weaker in fights. Think of this as equivalent to Assault Stance on Warrior.

  • Influential Sniper’s Eye (Reduces MP cost of Web Arrow by 13 for a few seconds) – Uh




(Call on inner reserves to instantly replenish 360 MP. Briefly increases resistance to stun immensely.)

The only time you want to be using Tenacity is when you have nothing up and you need to be able to get ready to embrace some sort of crowd control or debuff. Since Archers have no mana issues there should never be a situation where you have to use this skill for mana.

  • Balancing Tenacity (Doubles balance for 15 seconds) – This glyph is terrible since you’re never going to be really using Tenacity in the first place, let alone wanting to put any skills into such a situational glyph.
  • Spirited Tenacity (50% chance to replenish 6% of your total MP every second) – This glyph actually gives tons of MP back, but since Archers don’t have any mana problems there is no place for this glyph.
  • Energetic Tenacity (Decreases cooldown by 20%) – This glyph is not too great due to the fact that Tenacity is something never to be used off cooldown. Thus making this glyph irrelevant.



Find Weakness

(While active, your next attack is considered to be an attack from the rear, regardless of your relative position. Effect lasts 8 seconds, or until you hit a target)

This is a very cool skill, but it’s very situational. The animation cast makes it really hard to use.




(Charge forward up to 16 m)

The only time you want to be using Tenacity is when you have nothing up and you need to be able to get ready to embrace some sort of crowd control or debuff. Since Archers have no mana issues there should never be a situation where you have to use this skill for mana.

  • Energetic Chase (Decreases cooldown by 20%) – Useless

3. Glyph Pages

Glyphs for both Low and High Ping

This is the only glyph page I would use on archer. The only thing I’d reconsider is getting rid of is Sequential Fire reset for Velik’s Mark duration. If you have high ping, you might also consider getting Powerlinked Breakaway Bolt instead of Rapid Fire reset.


4. Tips


Recoil Repositioning

Thunderbolt, radiant arrow and penetrating arrow all have recoil after being casted. This is usually canceled by sequential fire. If you’re needing to reposition quickly you can hold off a second before using sequential fire. I would only do this if you’re really min maxing since this scenario rarely happens.

  • Penetrating arrow should NEVER be overcharged
  • If radiant arrow has focus buff, overcharge 4 ticks (max)
  • If radiant arrow has no focus buff, overcharge 2 ticks

5. Focus



(Stack Focus 10 times to reduce charging speed of Penetrating Arrow and Radiant Arrow)

A new, broken passive with the archer revamp. Focus increases the charging shot’s casting speed by 40%. You can use both charge shots in the duration of this buff. It is gained by using sequential fire and rapid fire. Each hit of rapid fire gives 1 stack (7 total), while sequential fire gives 3 stacks. You can manage your focus through the use of priority skills. Make sure to look for when its going to run out so you can efficiently add more after the buff goes away.

6. Rotations

This section is going to be a lot different than most rotations you will see on other classes. This is because archer does not have a set rotation, and it all comes down to what I mentioned at the beginning of the guide called priority skills.

Priority Skills

These are the skills that you are going to want to put emphasis on. There are the best skillson the class, and the only ones you want to be using.

thunderbolt Thunderbolt

This is now your best skill. It has very high crit, lots of damage, and fast casting speed. Drop everything to use this.

rain-of-arrows Rain of Arrows

Good for when the boss is about to move or turn soon. Only use when thunderbolt, radiant, and rapid fire or down. Or, use over rapid fire if the boss is going to turn/move.

rapid-fire Rapid Fire

Every hit of the skill usually crits, and it’s really fast to come out. Use this skill if thunderbolt and radiant can’t come up.

radiant-arrow Radiant Arrow

Better than penetrating arrow,. Faster, moredamage, and similar cooldown. Use whenever you don’t have to thunderbolt.

Good Skills

 penetrating-arrowPenetrating Arrow

Radiant arrow but doesn’t crit so just pray.

explosion-trap Incendiary Trap Arrow

This skill is quick and comes out pretty fast so always try to use this if you can’t cast a full penetrating arrow.

Skill Priority List

Archer cannot just do single rotations, it just doesn’t fit their kit. So instead, it goes based off of priority. This means that we don’t have a set rotation, and we go based off the skills that are available in the current situation. There are basic starting rotations, but once you’ve started there is nothing that comes to a clean rotation every x amount of time.

 →  →  =  →  →  →  → 

Sample Starting Rotations

If starting from the back

 →  →  →  →  →  →  → follow priority list (ez)

If running to the back

 →  →  →   →  →  →  →  → follow priority list (ez)


  • Ideally, 2 thunderbolts per enrage and none unenraged. Sometimes changes if party DPS is too high or low.
  • Use velik’s mark as filler if skills aren’t up and it’s getting low on the timer.
  • If you’re casting penetrating arrow and one of your priority skills is coming off cooldown, you can end the charging early to cast TB/RA/RF/ROA
  • RF > ROA if: boss isnt moving
  • ROA > RF if: boss is going to turn/move
  • If you have the option to, chase the back with a charge shot instead of using backstep / breakaway bolt. Only use those skills if thunderbolt is up and you need to cast it IMMEDIATELY.
  • Think of explosion trap arrow as your best filler, use it in between skills.
  • Scenario: Radiant arrow comes up in half a second but explosion trap arrow/fillers are up as well as rapid fire. Instead of using rapid fire do the filler then radiant arrow. It’s important to use radiant off cooldown unless you need to thunderbolt.

Uptime Skills

veliks-mark Velik’s Mark

The most important skill to keep up. This skill should be marked on the boss close to, or 100% of the time, as it increases your skill damage by 10%.


 →  Penetrating Arrow (BREAK Green-Yellow) > Sequential Fire

This is going to be a new and common filler. If your radiant arrow, rapid fire, rain of arrows, thunderbolt are about to come off cd, it’s more worth it to break pen and sequential fire. The likelyhood of pen critting is low and sequential fire does decent damage as well. Also, free 3 stacks.

restraining-arrow Restraining Arrow

Best filler hands down. This is because of it’s quick cast time, little ending lag, and decent damage.

arrow-volley Arrow Volley

As mentioned earlier in the guide Arrow Volley is only worth throwing out if every priority skill and Restraining Arrow is on cool down.

poison-arrow Poison Arrow

Restraining arrow #2

7. Gear

Ideal DPS Stats (Unbuffed except for Sniper’s Eye and Prime Battle Solution)

  • With Mystic: 60 +170 Crit Factor / 72 +213 Power
  • With Priest:  60 +194 Crit Factor / 72 +201 Power

ambush-bow Weapon

Top line – Increases damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged monsters
Bottom lines – Increases damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged monsters, Increases damage by 6%, and Increases damage by 6.9% when attacking from behind
Fourth line – Decreases skill cooldowns by 7.2%

All of these damage lines are a must have. CDR makes for more fluid rotations.

ambush-chestleather Chest

Top line – Increases damage of Radiant Arrow by 10%
Bottom lines – Decreases damage taken from enraged monsters by 10%, Decreases damage taken from frontal attacks by 6.9%, and Decreases damage taken by 6%
Fourth line – Increases max HP by 8%

Radiant Arrow damage got a lot better due to focus stacks, damage buffs, and crit increase.

ambush-glovesleather Gloves

Increases Crit Factor by 9, Increases Power by 5, and Increases Attack Speed by 2.25%

Standard glove rolls for DPS, no better options.

ambush-bootleather Boots

Increases Endurance by 4, Increases Movement Speed by 6%, and Replenishes 2% of total MP every 5 seconds

Standard boot rolls, no better options.

demense-necklace Jewelry

Full Crit Setup
Godsbane Ring (Crit 4 / Power 4) + Keytrap Ring (Crit 4 / Power 4)
Godsbane Earring (HP 4% / Endur 4) + Keytrap Earring (HP 4% / Endur 4)
Godsboon/Keytrap Necklace (Power 4)

Only use this for Harrowhold.

Mixed Setup
Godsbane Ring (Crit 4 / Power 4) + Heavensbane Ring (Crit 4 / Power 4)
Godsbane Earring (HP 4% / Endur 4) + Heavensbane Earring (HP 4% / Endur 4)
Godsboon Necklace (Power 4)

This is the jewelry set up you will most commonly use regardless of whether you have a mystic or a priest.

quatrefoil-brooch Brooch

Empowered/Quatrefoil/Marrow Brooch (Crit 6 / Power 3)
Quickcarve Brooch (Crit 6 / Crit 4)


ambush-belt Belt

Increases Crit Factor by 6 / Increases Power by 3


signature-inner Innerwear

Increases Crit Factor by 20/16/12/4

Weapon-Etching Etchings

Weapon/Glove Etching

1x Pumped / 1x Energetic
2x Energetic

The different in etchings here are really small. I use double energetic because it makes the class feel more fluid.

Chest/Boot Etching

2x Grounded

Endurance is always good.


Weapon Red Crystals

Pretty straight forward crystals. Pounding is better than carving since we crit so much already because of Crackshot.


Armor Blue Crystals

blue-niv blue-niv blue-niv blue-niv
Glisteningly Hardy Niveot 1x,  Hardy Niveot 3x

The Glisteningly effect is to help you confirm whether a hit was a back crit or not so you can change your positioning or camera angle to get back crits. Archers are not mana hungry.

Jewelry Green Crystals

Keen Vyrsk 4x
Use if you have Priest

Powerful Vyrsk 4x
Use if you have Mystic

Thanks for reading through my guide, I hope this will show you the inside and out of archer. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments.


  1. I’m still a noob, but is there a reason why the jewelry doesn’t match up? Aren’t there set effects for matching all the jewelry?

  2. What min crit factor after rework ? My archer have 60 + 171 (with mystic, 60+217 with priest only), almost >95% TB, RA. It’s good ? My server is TW and semi scroll is too expensive (60k gold ea). My etching wp 12 power, glove 18 crit.

  3. I’m pretty sure that you messed up on glyphing Sequential Fire, with the glyph that increases casting speed you say that its hazardous, however continue to label it as green where it should be red, or maybe even yellow.

  4. I checked the guide prior to the launch of harrowhold in NA and then it said top line was RoA CDR, not RA damage ~.~ Even though it had in consideration the latest archer changes (rework included)

  5. Some thoughts about the defence etchings/earring roll. Im using 2-4% HP on earringsing (ok actually 1-4 cause no luck and dont wanna waste more vses) And using 1 grounded IV and 1 relentless IV etching. Why? basically ive chosen this build cause not one time wasnt accepted in RMH lfgs cause i didnt have 160k+ hp with relentless niveots in armor. This build is optimal for RMH and only for lastboss tho. But since other 2 bosses are not damaging that much and in Hurrohoowd u are 1 shot anyways its worth for me to use this build. I can take red with course, also good 4 carry a bit not that good healers/party in RMH. Thats another thing that im getting refused now from RMH lfgs cause dont have 163k HP with relentless… Interesting that i didnt have any problems to heal RMH with ppl whose didnt even use relentless on lasboss <.<

  6. Hi, my ping is above 100 and still use Rapid Fire, and I can pull like 180k/s Harrowhold phase 3, so I think its worth to use, I use energetic iv on wep… What you think if I use another energetic iv on gloves? It would enhance Rapid Fire and cdr are always welcome…

  7. have you thought about how we are going the change etchings and jewerly when the Crackshot nerf hits us ?
    Crack Shot
    Crit chance passive effect lowered from 15% to 10%.
    sry for doublepost my brain died on the first post

  8. typos:
    Notes for Rapid Fire in 2. Skills/Glyphs say: “If you have below 100 ping this skill is just unusable.” – I think you meant above 100 ping

    Notes for Incendiary Trap in 2. Skills/Glyphs say: “team” – I assume it’s a typo for “time”

    Belts should include Guile just for completion :^) (you have Ambush/Imperator/Slaughter)

  9. Hi Chunts.
    I have a question.
    If i play with 100-140ms, you recomend 1 energetic 1 pumped or 2 Keen?
    My RF is medium fast, in dung i play with spam RF and my dps around 1.50-2.20 M/s with Weap Imp+15 only (without static group and i have 1 Pumped II – 1 Keen III)}


  10. Very useful guide, i followed this from to start up to now. I hope it would be updated for the archer revamp! looking forward to the priority/rotation skills for high ping users. thank you very much!

  11. And yes, buffs from glyphs for attack speed for PA from final salvo or poison arrow for RA and new buff for attack speed which gives after 10 hits with RF or FS or autoattack dont work with each other.

  12. “Find Weakness FW (Eye) dont work with RoA, only use with TB or RA.”
    Work, but if better with TB-RA
    RoA have new passive, first hit of Rain of Arrows is from the rear, the remaining hits will be considered attacks from the rear. But meh, TB have tons of dmg with FW 😀

  13. Hi everyone,

    tldr; => What’s the ping threshold after which you should not use Rapid Fire (or use it on a different priority level) ?

    I’ve been playing Archer for the past couple of months, originally I started playing archer without using Rapid Fire, due to my ping. Which is usually around 150.
    However in the past couple of weeks i’ve been trying a bit different rotation/skill priority:
    – using rapid fire over Penetrating Arrow. From pure trial and error i would say my dps increased by around 10%. Now that might be a misconception from my part, could be to knowing dungeons better and better with each run.
    (the decision to change to Rapid Fire, came from Penetrating Arrow’s insanely pure crit rate (lower than 50-45%), even though i have a decent enough gear, with perfect rolls on rings, and t3 keen and t3 pumped etchings)

    My question would be:
    At which point would you consider a ping too high to use Rapid Fire?
    Skill priority that i’ve been trying to use:
    Considering recent patch:
    Thunder Bolt > Rain of Arrows > (Incendiary Trap) > Radiant Arrow > Rapid Fire > Penetrating Arrow

    When I was running without Rapid Fire, i’ve been using the over charging as a cooldown gap closer so to speak. and Restraining Arrow (even though its extremely fast, so its not much of a ‘long’ filler).

    Much appreciated!

  14. Hey, guys. The eye is really working on RoA from front, but you need to know something: when you use eye and then RoA the eye is still in your buffs. And buff ends only after using next skill (even velik mark) or RoA is finished hitting. So begining of the battle is going to be like that: VM – eye – RoA – charging RA and going behind – wait until RoA is hitting – hit with RA – …
    Here is video:
    I was using crystall which increase your power by X when crit from behind to detect back crits. Message on the middle of the screen “Вы чувствуете еффект Могущество(Кристалл)” means that this crystall is working.
    On this video i used RF immediately after RoA. As you can see, after first hit of RF back crits from RoA is not working.

  15. Super appreciate this as a newbie archer just hitting 65.

    Will the guide be updated upon revamp as well? How significant is the change to Archer in the upcoming revamp [ 2 weeks I believe ]?

    • Not much changed expect that TB became priority skill aswell(due to the 3x critchance glyph and 100% dmg boost), but since it have a loooong cd use it wise. Its better that u talk with the tank when will he enrages cause that can be u use Roa->TB at the beginning of the fight then at 97% of the boss tank enrages it suddenly ,then u are fucked cause it will go off cd when boss is not enraged again <.roa from the front 1st roa hit will be registared as back, rest front, its stupid asf. Best situation to use the eye b4 a tb or RA when u see, u dont have any chance to go behind that fast.

      rf, RA, tb broken asf still ROA is a ~50% critrate skill what u can spam a lot, rest is (ranged firetrap, PA, restraining) are filler skills. My rotation looks like somthing like:

      ROA->TB->rf->RA->rf->filler->ROA->rf->RA->rf->filler etc…

      OFC im not pro-pro archer have no any dmgrecord on moonguard(i dont have the p3w(Gameforge censor) dps dragon passive) just these are the things are recognized about the revamp. Im curiously w8ing for chunt to update this guide, maybe i can find infos about how increase my dps further.

  16. Hi,

    I just started playing TERA, just wondering what is Ping?


    • Ping is your latency to the server.

      What that means, is that its generally the distance/your connection to the server.

      The lower your ping is, ultimately the more real-time your actions are. If you have a high ping you have a considerable delay of 1-5 seconds. (200+ MS) if you have a low ping, there is generally no delay, or little delay registered (0-50)

  17. Hey Chunt just a little question, do you think it’s viable for a 150 ping archer to use empowered rapid fire? my ping it’s always between 100 and 150, and i can’t decide to use it or not

  18. Hey Chunt. I Main Archer on TR as well. I Just finished awakening my sf chest and for my Topline I have the damage increase of RoA, not CDR. Is it better to reroll the Top line to CDR or is the RoA Damage increase still a good roll?

    • I have ‘RA dmg’ on topline cuz i dont wanna reroll chest and server’s best archer using the same roll i dont think that ‘RoA dmg’ is 2 good, its just 2 tricky to land and wasting armor roll on that, but maybe ‘roa cd’, what Chunt recommends is also good, cuz u can spam roa in every ~7 sec(?).

      For PvP i can recommend ‘bb cd’ if u are playing hero style/dueling a lot. If u are moving only with crowd only ‘RA dmg’ or ‘RoA dmg’ if u are using the 1 shot roa combo in duels, what i would blacklist in duels and im never using it. Maybe ill experiment with ‘roa cd’ for pve if ill be p2w. ill never have the MWA to +15 armorpieces its a waste anyways for pve e,e

  19. At brooch sections u have a little mistake , Ofc Quatrefoil is the best ” brooch ” u can get

  20. Eagle’s Eye

    (Increase Power by 30, Attack Speed by 8, and Endurance by 8. Increases damage to monsters by 10%. Cannot be used in conjunction with Eagle’s Eye.) <- You mean Sniper's Eye

  21. Hi, I was just wondering if there’s an optimal crit factor I should be aiming for? Like I believe gunner has a magic number for their crit factor where they have 100% ab crit and 100% bf crit (at max stacks). Does archer have something like that? Also, I wanted to clarify something. In this guide, you said double keen etching, but on stream you said keen + energetic/pumped, and I was wondering which one is correct.

    • Depends, I will give you both crit factor you’re looking for depending on if with a mystic or not.

      Mystic: Aim for something very close or exactly to 60 +175
      Priest: Aim for something very close or exactly to 60 +225

  22. I just wanted to post this here so you can tell me whether or not my rotation is okay enough to be doing maximum DPS.

    Whenever we initiate on the boss I open with a Velik’s Mark > Rain of Arrows > Incendiary Trap Arrow > Thunderbolt > Final Salvo Cancel > Rapid Fire > Restraining Arrow > Charge Radiant while walking melee > Radiant > Rapid Fire > Breakaway Bolt > Penetrating Arrow. I don’t use enfeebling most of the time because the friend I Q with is a warrior. I seem to be outdpsing other archers with better equips with me too.

    • Radiant Arrow should be used earlier. It’s much higher on the priority list than Thunderbolt, Rapid Fire, and Restraining Arrow. Using Fillers like Restraining Arrow when stronger skills are up like Radiant Arrow is also a bad choice. Breakaway Bolt is a big part of your damage, but you should only use BB when you need to reposition.

      Your DPS when you’re with another Archer is also pretty irrelevant since Velik’s Mark isn’t shared and you two have to fight for it.

      • I always figured that it would be best to use Radiant while trying to position behind the boss initially. Now that I know for sure that it’s the better outcome I’ll do it.

        Using it you can still final salvo cancel because of the duration of RoA and Thunderbolt’s casting animations. I just like to use the RoA > Incendiary Trap Arrow > Thunderbolt > Final Salvo Cancel combo for burst.

    • Like I said, Archers really don’t have much of a rotation. You just use the best skill at the specific situation.

      If you’d like a scenario on a sandbag boss (FIHM/NM Desolarus or DFHM/NM Verno:

      Rain of Arrows > Veliks Mark > Slow trap arrow > Rapid fire > Radiant Arrow > Explosion Trap > Rapidfire > etc…

  23. Hi, what is the optimal crit rate for archer after the new passive?
    I’m back to game and have VM Starfall with 14crit and i have 60+250 crit rate. In the guide you say CDR over 14 crit rate for more rotations with 3 R’s.

    Thx for you Guide 😀

  24. How about Quatrefoil brooch on archer? Is it worth using or empowered is better?

    • Quatrefoil is the best in slot brooch. It is a empowered and quickcarve combined. If you have a quatrefoil and you want to double brooch then get a quickcarve. Since empowered does not stack with quatrefoil.

  25. Hey thx for this Guide. It helped me quit a lot playing my archer. Could you do me one favor an record a Video which I can watch and learn? I learn better looking at how a archer has to be played.

  26. Hi Chunts,
    Stats CDR are required? The radiant stat is it totally unnecessary?
    What about ROA DMG topline on chest ?

    How many dps/s did you got with radiant and roa on last dungeon ?

  27. Does eagle eye actually affect damage on bosses? The tooltip just says “monsters” and not “minions”.

  28. So, what’s your opinion on switching to Power/Energetic etching(s) after the new Sharpshooter (+15% crit chance on all skills, making RF 100%, RA around 90%, I think?) passive gets added?

    I’ve seen some people planning to go for power etchings, hell, even energetic 3 on wep and gloves and 2x cdr on bow, assuming they can keep spamming the main damage dealer skills thanks to that cdr and attack speed.

    Asking this since Tier III etchings are really expensive on low population servers, and I kinda wanna max my dps.

    • I’m not too sure yet. That is some expensive testing I’ll have to see in the future, but I do think that Pumped etchings are a possibility for the class. As for energetic not really, we don’t benefit from attack speed like some other classes (brawler, lancer, warrior). Pumped is much more valuable.

  29. This guide definitely helped me roll my gear, didn’t know there was a RoA topline. thnx m8

  30. Can i ask why u recommend carving? I really hate that crystal, i was always hating that one at dps like it doesnt do shit… I ditched that in pvp end pve both. Its like u crit 1 more with RA during the whole fight. I was always using pounding instead of carving since its a 100% effect and carving is an rng effect and rng is really bad in this game, for eg i changed 3 pwr/2crit jewels and kept the same crit rate with mystic after my crit rate in dps meter was the same with mystic and priest with full crit setup. I feel more confortable with pounding.. Why am i keep meeting with carving in guides?

    • Carving is different from the usual way you build crit. Crit chance is a different modifier than crit factor.

      • Still… i dont understand what it does and why ppl recommend it

        • I am bored in school, so commenting this guide. What do u think about RA build like ra dmg on armor and not roa cdr and overcharge it every tiem if u can. likea mark-trap roa->rf->RA(overcharged)->rf->(something filler like explosion trap, PA or TB) then start it again or somthing or just spamming the ‘3R’ off cd, idk im still experimenting how to get on the top of the dps meter, but since i started overgarging RA its really good, i did 1,1kk on nm imperator last time, felt good owo

          also dunno anybody a pvp archer guide, like im pvp ing a lot and got pretty decent in it and have gear too (its 1v1/3v3 rolled tho, not mass pvp) but maybe i can learn new things^^

  31. After having used both Quickcarve and Empowered brooches for a long time, in various party compositions, I would argue that Quickcarve is superior in the case of a solo priest party. Empowered simply doesn’t do anything for you if half (or more) of your skills don’t crit (you use this same argument for Carving vs Pounding and it applies in regards to priest vs mystic party too). The effect on Quickcarve is like having a mystic aura for the duration of the buff, while also having a ton of attack speed to exploit it for the duration. The attack speed is especially effective if you have a CDR line on your weapon, but no AS top line (and your guide indeed recommends enraged damage as top line).

    In a mystic party, I’d definitely take Empowered though. (Not that I have to choose, since Feign Death is OP.)

  32. BTW: guess is valid to share my BNB rotation here for critic: Mark > Stun trap > RoA > Expl trap > TB (salvo cancel) > Rad (salvo) > Pen (salvo) > Restr or Poison > Ens. trap

    • Couple of things wrong with this rotation

      1. No reason to EVER use Stun trap (ignore this if you’re using the glyph)

      2. If we’re looking at the priority list you’re not using it correctly.
      If I were to give you a possible rotation, seeing that you’re high ping considering using Poison Arrow and not considering Rapid Fire it would look something like this:
      Mark > Ensaring > RoA > RA > PA > TB > PA > RA > etc. (CQ + BB whenever FS doesnt reset)

      • I would rather do this 26s rotation for high ping.
        VM>Ensraing>RoA>RA>TB>PA>ET>RA>filler(can be ensaring trap again>RoA>PA>ET>RA>BB>PA>Repeat

        while for low ping

  33. I play archer for like 4 years now and there’s one little thing that always got me thinking: if there’s 2 or more archers in the same party and I cast Velik’s mark on the boss, the other archers will have the extra damage as well? And if another archer overrites my mark will I lose my dmg bonus on that target?

  34. Arrow Volley OP CHUNTAS!

  35. Nice to see an archer Guide, but…
    If youre running a priority based rotation, TB should be higher up on the list, it comes out twice as fast as a Powerlinked-blazing PA and hits for more or less the same, probably more. Saying it has a long cooldown and shouldnt use it as much even when it IS just means youre wasting dps because youd rather use a slower skill, its very similar to the reason Extrap is above and should be above PA even if PA hits harder and has a shorter cooldown; because its faster and has no Pre-requisites like Powerlinks or blazing glyphs, If i WERE to place it somewhere, id actually place it tied with (because its just comes out so damn fast) or right below Rain of arrows (rain of arrows comes out in about two seconds, around the same time as the other two charged arrows) as a “use whenever up.”

  36. Great guide, the only thing i’d add is a bit more info on how RoA works.

    I mean, looking around i’ve seen ppl saying that the damage actually comes from the center of the aoe and as long as u aim it a bit behind the boss it’ll count as backdmg even if ur out of position (like the gunner’s AB) or that u should never look away while RoA is still falling or it’ll stop counting as backdmg (and a lot of ppl like to WASD while charging PA/RA).

    Ofc with just throwing around a couple RoA to test it out everyone can figure out by himself how really is, but since this is a guide and all i feel like it’d be nice to add.

    • P.S: typo sighted! 😛
      on the mixed jewelry setup, the bonuses listed for rings are actually from the earrings and viceversa.

    • Roa was changed a good while ago, along with many other aoe skills to work based on your character’s positioning (not sure about the “must be facing the opponents back” deal), The only skill that i know of that still retains that “center of aoe for backcrit purposes” mechanic is Gunner’s Arcane Barrage

  37. Great guide. You mentioned an archer can be more of a melee archer if certain skills are added to the rotation. I like archer classes in all mmos and I choose them for their range but people tell me (putting it lightly) melee archers are the only way to go as they have more dps output by having easier back time.

    Whats the best rotation/technique for a range archer vs a melee archer and is there that big of a difference in DPS output?

    • Melee archer strictly does more damage because you don’t lose the ability to use any skills. Whereas if you’re standing too far away you end up losing damage. This is mainly from two skills, Incendiary Trap and Breakaway Bolt. Since these two skills can be used along with the other skills in the rotation it makes melee archer strictly better in most scenarios.

  38. Hello.
    Archer have no mana issues? Im using a lot mana potions when playing archer. Cause using main dps skills for first burst will leave u approx. with 50% MP. And following usage burn left MP. Even frequent usage of Rapid Fire is not enough for regen such amount of MP.

    • Even without a glistening niveot on archers they have no mana issues. You running of mana is due to not enough use of rapid fire, or not prioritizing skills correctly. The issue may also be lack of consumables such as Greater Infused Charm. Another issue may be your own healer not providing enough mana.

  39. Wow, so much useful information. I will start right away playing TERA and change things accordingly to your guide. thanks a lot!

  40. Hello, in my opinion
    With proper rotation and double engare, cdr won’t do a thing. Would rather say that cdr could work with AS as top line,
    but again with good rotation even with AS as top line you can be good without cdr.
    Spiteful Niveot -> you are going to use some not ranged skills (traps, CQ or what ever), this crystal is not going to work for them.

    • As for the cdr line, here is the reasoning for it being good, double enrage or not. More cdr = more rotations because skills being off cooldown less. In a fight that lasts over a minute, cdr instantly gets its value. Attack speed topline with cdr is also great, I tested it myself. Although, because of the sheer mount of damage increase from using double enraged it is still worth it to grab cdr.

      As for the spiteful vs. bitter yes I do understand they are not effected by melee attacks and traps. In a scenario where you have 100% backtime it is best to switch to a bitter niveot (ex. desolarus, tshm kuma). Most fights though, you will never have 100% backtime so it is best to use the spiteful as it also works with your priority skills. The skills mentioned do not ever take that much priority to the point where it is worth switching a spiteful out.

      • But here’s the thing… even on bosses that move around a lot, you’ve taken glyphs on RA and PA that specifically exist to allow you to get behind the boss’s back mid-charge. The only other skill where back time is a major issue is RoA. But you shouldn’t even be using RoA if you can tell that the boss is about to turn around. And even if you accidentally do so, it’s extremely rare that a boss will give you side crits; it’s almost always front crits in such a situation.

        Possibly the only boss where I’ve ever felt like using Spiteful was actually a very good idea is Manaya, since you really ought to play at range there (except for certain phases). All other bosses, it’s just too easy to maintain back time, especially when you play a melee archer. Then of course there are bosses which are just stationary the whole time. On those, there is not even a debate; Bitter is best.

        I really, strongly believe the community as a whole made a mistake when all archers just blindly picked up a Spiteful crystal as soon as they came out, and told everybody else to do the same. Bitter vs Spiteful is a matter of the boss you’re up against, if you truly care about optimizing your DPS.

        • Just want to add, to be completely clear: Not suggesting that Bitter is objectively superior to Spiteful, just that your crystals section should (IMO) discuss the pros/cons of both and help the player make an informed decision based on the boss.

        • Many times the iframes (mainly backstep) will have to be saved on Bosses that move a lot and have plenty of mechanics to dodge (specially if breakaway is used on cooldown to increase overall dps). So the inclusion of side crits/Spiteful in dungeons like SSHM is a huge boon. Perhaps a note should be added to give credit to Bitter in stationary BAMs, but in realtime scenarios (not just idealistic situations of 100% backtime) spiteful is a safer pick.

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