This guide’s information is relevant as of the Counterpunch Patch


Sup, I’m Sam. I’m a Editor/sorta translator/co-admin of Essentialmana and I’ve been playing Tera since Fate of Arun. Slayer was my first character and it just clicked when I played it and as a result i’ve been playing it ever since. This guide was co-authored by me, Kenzy, and Saabi, I hope it helps you out with understanding Slayer.

Hi, I’m Kenzy/Slash/Haiji I started on MT and I transferred to TR during the Arsenal patch. I started playing the game at the end of TSHM patch, Slayer was my first character and I’ve been maining slayer ever since.

What’s good? I’m Saabi, I been playing TERA since it’s release but I’ve started playing Slayer as a main towards the end of Queen patch. Fate of Arun patch is when I really played Slayer seriously and has been my main ever since.


This guide is intended to help both new and veteran players who are looking to start or improve their Slayer gameplay. This is a heavily PvE focused guide and will not cover PvP. This guide will cover all aspects of Slayer PvE gameplay in detail.

So why should you play Slayer over the other classes?

Fluidity, Slayer skills are extremely fluid in their chaining and animations. This has kept me playing Slayer even when it wasn’t a good dps class. Moderate difficulty and low ping dependency makes it a good starter class for many players who want a little challenge to learning the game. The propulsion passive has boosted slayers to top tier in terms of damage and has made the class even more fun.
Slayer is also the only melee class with High sustain DPS along with a traditional “bun” or “steroid”, the latter which takes the form of In Cold Blood. This allows you to experience both sides of DPS classes in TERA. As a result Slayer ranks highly among DPS classes in terms of value, losing out only to Berserkers and in some cases Warriors. You may ask, what determines the value of a DPS? The answer: being able to push the boss quickly to it’s enrage phases and burning the boss during it. Slayer as a class excels in both aspects.

  • Gearing


    Top Stat Roll:
    Decreases skill cooldowns by 7.2% –
    Increases damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged monsters
    Preference based, typically on short fight/Harrowhold Phase 4 you would take Enraged Damage and Cooldown Reduction for longer fights.

    Bottom Stat Rolls: Standard Bottom Line Rolls
    Decreases skill cooldowns by 7.2%
    Increases damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged monsters
    Increases damage by 6.9% when attacking from behind
    Increases damage by 6% (take out this line if you do not have Frostmetal or Stormcry)


    Top Stat Roll:
    10% Overhand Strike Damage – Overhand Strike damage is the safest pick as it is always in effect and affects both overhand strike and ultimate overhand strike, the latter capable of doing insane damage. Boosting the damage on a core skill is always good to have.
    15% In Cold Blood Cooldown Reduction – This particular chestline is good when running with brawler/warrior as your tank, as your burns wont sync with enrage without it. With a Lancer you still want Overhand Strike damage

    Bottom Stat Rolls:
    Decreases damage taken by 6%
    Decreases damage taken from frontal attacks by 6.9%
    Decreases damage taken from enraged monster by 10%
    Raises max HP by 8% (take out this line if you do not have Frostmetal or Stormcry)

    Standard DPS Rolls:
    Increases Attack Speed by 2.25%
    Increases Power by 5
    Increases Crit Factor by 9


    Standard Rolls:
    Increases Endurance by 4
    Increases Movement Speed by 6%
    Replenishes 2% of total MP every 5 seconds



    Here we’ll talk about the different types of etchings you should run on Slayer

    Weapon and Gloves

    Keen – These will typically be used if you are lower geared and cannot hit a decent amount of crit. Can also be used in Slaying/HH to help your crit a bit.
    Energetic – Your mainstay etchings, smooths out your animations and cooldowns. I suggest getting tier III energetic etchings from doing high tier IoD bams when you get gear with 4 bottom lines. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to get tier IV etchings when you reach top tier gear.

    Armor and Boots

    Endurance – Not much else to take, I guess you could make an argument for HP but it’s not needed.


    Keen – Keen, Tier 2 is BiS since Tier 4 is a massive pain to get and not worth the cost, at least on the NA servers. Going higher will only increase your HP which does not help your DPS.


    For Slayers the propulsion passive makes critical hits directly affect the way your cooldowns work so stacking crit is currently the best way to go. This will mean there’s 2 setups that you can use, 1 using the 3 piece older gear and 2 new Earrings, see below for the possible setups:

    Full new crit:
    This grants the highest possible crit and future upgrade possibilities. If you are completely unsure go this route, as it is the safest to take. Newer players you’re stuck with this as there isn’t a good way to get the older stuff now.
    Older crit:
    Utilized 2 resized Godsbane rings and a resized Godsboon necklace(or their PvP counterparts). This allows you to get the 3 piece 4% attack speed bonus from the older accessories. This is paired with 2 new crit earrings, recommended if you can get your hands on ALL the older pieces needed. [ Keep in mind that the bonuses will be removed with the Talisman patch ]

    Below is an example of both sets and what they will look like:


    You will be aiming for Quatrefoil Brooch or Marrow brooch and the rolls you will want on these are:
    6 Crit Factor
    3 Power


    On the circlet you want to roll 8 Crit Factor

    If you are unable to get these then you will want to go for a Quickcarve Brooch which will not allow you to roll Power so you’ll go for:
    6 Crit Factor
    4 Crit Factor


    On the belt you want to roll these:
    6 Crit Factor
    3 Power


    For Rings you’ll be using
    4 Crit Factor
    4 Power

    For Necklace you’ll be using
    4 Power

    For Earrings you should be using
    4% HP
    4 Endurance


    For innerwear you’ll be trying to get a 16/20/24 Crit Factor. Don’t worry too much if you can’t get a top tier innerwear off the bat, any Crit Factor innerwear is fine but as you get better gear you want to upgrade that as well.


    Weapon Crystals

    Regular runs

    Pounding, Focused, Savage, Bitter.


    Slaying Runs

    Slaying, Focused, Savage, Bitter.


    Armor Crystals

    Hardy, at least 1 glistening dyad as you will run into mana issues otherwise. It is okay to use a non-hardy glistening if you need the mana.


    Keen Vyrsk or Powerful Vyrsk, we usually use Keen to increase our Crit Factor
    Keen-Vyrsk vyrsk

  • Skills

    Here we’ll be going over all the important skills for Slayer and explaining some of the logic behind them.

    Green colored glyphs are mandatory
    Yellow colored glyphs are situational
    Red colored glyphs are bad
    Combo Attack
    You typically won’t be using this ever, so no glyphs taken.

    • Empowered Combo Attack(4)- Increases damage by 25%
    • Spirited Combo Attack(4)- Increases mana restored by 10%
    • Swift Combo Attack(4)?- 10% chance to proc a buff for 15% attack speed for 10 seconds
    Knockdown Strike
    Deals damage in front of you, moves you forward during the animation. Has high chance to knockdown. Grants immunity to stagger and knockdown during the animation.

      • Powerlinked Knockdown Strike(Whirlwind)(2)- Increases the damage of the next Whirlwind by 25%, lasts 8 seconds.

    Increases Whirlwind damage which is a core skill, take it

      • Grounded Knockdown Strike(3)- Reduces incoming damage by 50% during the cast animation.

    This is good for facetanking some mechanics, varies a bit based on gear though.

      • Powerlinked Knockdown Strike(Overhand Strike)(2)- Increases the damage of the next Overhand Strike by 20%, lasts 5 seconds.

    Great glyph which helps boost one of your main sources of damage.

      • Strengthened Knockdown Strike(5)- Increases chance to knockdown by 20%

    Useless, as many bosses are not prone to being knocked down with exceptions to some mechanic.

      • Empowered Knockdown Strike(4)- Increases Damage by 30%

    Solid damage increase

    Deals damage over 2 hits. Grants immunity to stagger and knockdown during the animation.

      • Brilliant Whirlwind(4)- Reduces mana cost by 63.

    Mana might be an issue but this glyph is not the solution.

      • Keen Whirlwind(4)- Increases crit factor by 112 during the animation.

    Whirlwind has some crit issues, while this won’t solve them all it’ll help alleviate some of it.

    Evasive Roll
    Rolls in a direction based on camera or directional keys. Grants a invincibility frame during the animation. Can be used again within 4 seconds to put it on cooldown.

      • Persistent Evasive Roll(4)- Chance to eliminate cooldown by 20% on cast.

    Now while it may seem great to reset your main iframe, the chance is far too low to justify the cost of the glyph.

      • Powerlinked Evasive Roll(Fury Strike)(4)- Increases damage of fury strike by 25% for 5 seconds.

    Amazing for slaying as it helps boost your damage a ton during it.

      • Powerlinked Evasive Roll (Backstab)(4)- Increases damage of backstab by 25% for 5 seconds.

    Using a glyph to boost the damage on a skill that has terrible damage and is primarily used for iframe? Pass.

      • Glyph of Fleetfoot(3)-30% chance to proc a 15% movement speed increase buff for 10 seconds.

    Legit just use Dash if you really need movement speed.

    Increases movement speed by 55% for 15 Seconds.

      • Energetic Dash(4)- Reduces skill cooldown by 25%.

    You don’t use this skill that often enough to justify this at all.

    Teleports up to 17m to the back of your target(nothing personnel kid) and deals damage. Roots the target. Grants iframe during the animation.

      • Blazing Backstab(Knockdown Strike)(4)- Increases Knockdown Strike cast speed by 25% for 5 seconds.

    You shouldn’t be using backstab for anything but the iframe/repositioning.

      • Blazing Backstab(Heart Thrust)(3)-Increases Heart Thrust Cast speed by 35% for 10 seconds.

    Same as above

      • Energetic Backstab(5)- Decreases cooldown by 20%

    This is usually not needed as backstab is a secondary iframe for emergencies and will be up when you need it.

    Overhand Strike
    Deals to targets in front of you, chains faster after most of your skills. Legit almost all of them. Your bread and butter and helps you maintain the fluidity of the class.

      • Restorative Overhand Strike(4)- Restores 3% of your maximum HP on successful hit.

    Unless your healer is braindead you will never need this and even then it’s not great.

      • Persistent Overhand Strike(2)- 60% chance to reset the skill.

    You ABSOLUTELY need this glyph, it allows you to do everything that is Slayer.

    I don’t need to explain this, all the glyphs are bad so ignore them.

      • Empowered Retaliate(3)- Increases damage by 25%.
      • Powerlinked Retaliate(Leaping Strike)(5)- Increases damage of leaping strike by 25%.
      • Energetic Retaliate(4)- Decrease cooldown by 20%.
    Heart Thrust
    Deals damage in a straight line, moves you forward. Grants immunity to knockdown and stagger during the duration.

    • Persistent Heart Thrust(4)- 35% chance to eliminate cooldown.
    • Heart Thrust used to be a core skill, but with the changes it is now a filler. This can be good but HT spam is no longer optimal.
    • Keen Heart Thrust(4)- Increases crit factor by 112 during the animation.
    • This helps it crit even more as the skill has an inherent 1.4x crit chance modifier.
    • Empowered Heart Thrust(4)- Increases damage by 30%
    • More damage on a high damage skill? Yes please.
    Stunning Backhand
    Stuns targets in a large arc.

      • Empowered Stunning Backhand(3)- Increases damage by 25%.

    Skill barely does damage and is a low priority filler.

    Distant Blade
    Shoots out a blade up to 15m, can be used a total of 3 times.

    • Brilliant Distant Blade(4)- Reduces mana cost by 18.
    • You don’t use this much other than filler.
    • Numbing Distant Blade(5)- 30% chance to reduce a enemy’s attack speed by 15% for 5 seconds.
    • Doesn’t even work on bosses.
    Startling Kick
    Kicks backward dealing damage and stunning targets hit. Can move through both enemies and allies.

    • Brilliant Startling Kick(4)- Reduces mana cost by 30.
    • No.
    • Lingering Startling Kick(4)- Increases stun duration by 30%.
    • Stuns don’t work on bosses outside of special mechanics, even then this sucks.
    • Blazing Startling Kick(Knockdown Strike)(4)- Speeds casting of Knockdown Strike by 25% for 5 seconds.
    • Low priority filler, not much use if you rarely use the skill.
    • Hastened Startling Kick(3)- Speeds casting by 25%.
    • You can animation cancel this skill with Overhand Strike or Eviscerate, so this glyph is useless
    • Blazing Startling Kick Heart Thrust(3)- Speeds casting of Heart Thrust by 25% for 5 seconds.
    • Nope.
    Fury Strike
    Slashes in front of you dealing more damage the lower your HP is. Elins have the longest reach on this skill, reaching around 7m. Maximum damage is reached when your HP is lower than 10%.

      • Blazing Fury Strike(Whirlwind)(4)- Increases casting speed of Whirlwind by 25% for 5 seconds.

    Speeding up Whirlwind is amazing as the skill has a long cast time.

      • Mending Fury Strike(4)- Restores 4% of your max HP if you use Stunning Backhand after Fury Strike.

    If you are using fury strike as one of your main damage skills you want to be low as possible.

      • Empowered Fury Strike(4)- Increases damage by 40%.

    Mandatory if you are doing slaying, boosts damage by a ton.

    Headlong Rush
    Rushes forward 17m, and increases the attack speed of the next skill by 60%.

    • Energetic Headlong Rush(5)- Reduces cooldown by 25%.
    • On our current patch this isn’t needed, possibly in the future a build will exist where this is good.
    • Powerlinked Headlong Rush(Knockdown Strike) (4)- Increases damage of Knockdown Strike by 25% for 5 seconds.
    • This glyph allows Knockdown Strike to potentially exceed Measured Slice in damage, however you will still use the primary effect to speed up Whirlwind.
    Gathers power to increase the damage of your next skill by 33%. Buff lasts 20 seconds. Effect persists until the first hit of damage is dealt, meaning Slayers are amazing for breaking shields.

    • Brilliant Overpower(3)- Reduces mana cost by 33.
    • You know the drill, mana reduction glyphs are bad
    • Powerlinked Overpower(3)- Further increases the damage of the next hit by 10%.
    • Boosts the total damage increase by 10% making it 43% total, pretty good if you ask me
    • Keen Overpower(3)- Grants a 56 crit rate buff for your next hit.
    • Helps the next hit crit, take it.
    Replenishes 900 MP, grants immunity to stuns for 5 seconds.

    • Grounded Tenacity(5)- Increases endurance by 20% for 10 seconds.
    • Balancing Tenacity(4)- Increases balance by 15 seconds.
    • Energetic Tenacity(3)- Decrease cooldown by 30%.
    • Spirited Tenacity(3)- 50% chance to replenish 6% of your max mana per second for 5 seconds.
    • You don’t use this skill other than just getting mana up quickly before combat. If you’re lower geared without glistening dyads you can use this along with mana potions to help keep up mana.
    In Cold Blood
    Increases power by 29 and attack speed by 8% for 20 seconds. Activates Ultimate Overhand Strike during this time. Ultimate Overhand Strike has higher damage, range, and no cooldown. Due to the Icy Veins Passive, the cooldown on Heart Thrust, Knockdown Strike and Whirlwind will be reset upon use.

      • Brilliant In Cold Blood(3)- Reduce mana cost by 50.

    Due to the long cooldown, these glyphs are not in use often enough to matter.

      • Blazing In Cold Blood(2)- Speeds casting of the next Heart Thrust by 25% for 10 seconds.

    Same as above

    Exhausting Blow
    Throws a blade 20m, Players that are hit have their skill cooldown time increased by 50% for 11 seconds.

    • Empowered Exhausting Blow(4)- Increase damage by 25%.
    • Energetic Exhausting Blow(6)- Decrease cooldown by 35%.
    • This is a PvP skill with abysmal damage and cooldown, not worth even having on your bar in pve.
    Measured Slice
    Slices all targets in 360 degree circle moving forward. Activates faster after Overhand Strike and Eviscerate.

      • Carving Measured Slice(4)- Triples the chance to crit.

    This skill is basically your best, take all glyphs as if they are mandatory.

      • Empowered Measured Slice(4)- Increases damage by 30%

    Same as above

    Strikes all targets in 10m line in front of you. Activates faster if used after almost everything.

      • Energetic Eviscerate(4)- Decreases cooldown by 20%.

    Both of the Powerlinks for this skill are persistent, and do not disappear until the cooldown runs out which means this glyph allows you to reach that 100% uptime on those buffs. Critting on this skill lowers the cooldowns on Measured Slice and Whirlwind, so having it up faster is always better.

      • Powerlinked Eviscerate(Measured Slice)(2)- Increases damage of Measured Slice by 25% for 8 seconds.

    You want your Measured Slice doing big damage? Here it is.

      • Empowered Eviscerate(3)- Increases damage by 25%.

    More damage on a core skill.

      • Powerlinked Eviscerate(Overhand Strike)(2)- Increases damage of Overhand Strike by 25% for 8 seconds.

    More damage for another core skill.

    Propulsion is a passive with the following effect.

    • Decreases cooldown of Measured Slice by 1.5s when critting with Eviscerate
    • Decreases cooldown of Measured Slice by 1.5s when critting with Whirlwind
    • Decreases cooldown of Whirlwind by 2 seconds when hitting a target with (Ultimate)Overhand Strike
    • Decreases cooldown of Whirlwind by 2 seconds when hitting a target with Eviscerate

    Putting all the information from above into a glyph page and you’ll end up with:

  • Skill Priority

    First thing that need to be said is SLAYER DOES NOT HAVE A ROTATION. Following that mindset what you will do as a slayer is: use your cooldowns properly

    By each HIT of (Ultimate)Overhand Strike and Eviscerate the cooldown on Whirlwind is reduced by 2 seconds
    Measured Slice:
    By each CRIT of Whirlwind and Eviscerate the cooldown on Measured Slice is reduced by 1.5 seconds

    This is especially important as the way you prioritize skills will be based off of this

    What skills do we want to prioritize?

    Measured Slice:
    This will usually be our highest damage skill so making sure it’s used on cooldown as much as possible is optimal.

    Getting critical hits with this skill reduces the cooldown on Measured Slice, so we make this our second highest priority.

    We utilize this to both maintain the glyph uptime and reducing both Measured Slice and Whirlwind cooldowns.

    Overhand Strike:
    Reduces the cooldown of Whirlwind per hit, core to getting to your Measured Slice

    Fury Strike:
    We utilize this for the speed glyph for whirlwind, this skill priority moves up if slaying.

    Knockdown Strike:
    Mainly used to cancel ICB animation and as filler.

    Heart Thrust:
    Filler Skill, used if Whirlwind doesn’t crit.

    Startling Kick:

    Stunning Backhand:

    Chain Priority

    Overhand Strike/Eviscerate > Measured Slice
    / >

    Fury Strike > Overhand Strike

    Headlong Rush > Whirlwind > Overhand Strike
    > >

    Whirlwind > Overhand Strike

    Heart Thrust > Overhand Strike

    Knockdown Strike > Overhand Strike

    Opening Rotation

    You will always start the fight in the same way:
    In Cold Blood + Rootbeer + Brooch > Knockdown Strike > Overhand Strike > Eviscerate > Overhand Strike > Measured Slice > Fury Strike > Overhand Strike > Whirlwind
    + + > > > > > > >

    After this point everything will be based on propulsion passive, which skill you will use next will depends on WW crits. Basically you just want to follow the skill priority after that.

    Q and A and Videos

    Q: Why prioritize Fury Strike over KDS/HT as a OHS chain?
    A: Fury strike doesn’t do as much damage as your other fillers outside of slaying, but it gives the benefit of a faster WW casting which affects the amount of times that you can use MS. This results in more HPM ( Hits Per Minute ) on both WW/MS, which is a much better dps increase.

    Q: What should I use Overpower on?
    A: KDS/HT and SOMETIMES EVIS ( if you need to go for for whatever reason ), Overpowering KDS with the powerlink from HLR can make the damage exceed that of Measured Slice if it crits, however that requires relying on crits. If you want more consistent damage Overpowering HT is better.

    Q: Why not Overpower Whirlwind?
    A: Overpower only affects the first hit and the first hit of Whirlwind is 40% of the total damage, making it a dps loss to do.

    Sample Videos of rotation (Burn + What to do after):
    Kenzy Point of View

    Saabi Point of View


    Tip: If you’re trying to improve compare your HPM on moongourd with other slayers and you will see where you may be low in terms of HPM on some skills.

    ICB Glitch

    Glitched ICB is referring to a bug which occurs when the player uses ICB, the skill is normally supposed to increase UOHS damage by 30% but instead makes it reach values far above that. This results in multipliers of near 300% making UOHS do insane amounts of damage. Unfortunately there is no way to make the glitch consistent and it is completely random when it occurs.

    It used to be optimal to spam (OP)>KDS(cancel)>OHS during ICB if you got a high multiplier, but with the passive this is no longer optimal to do. Doing this 1 or 2 times during ICB if you have a high multiplier is fine however.


    Just like Berserkers, Slayers have a skill that gets increased damage based on how low your HP is. For Slayer this is Fury Strike. Unlike most DPS classes just puting on a Slaying Crystal and doing what you normally do is not going to be optimal for Slayer because of this. Below you will see the damage increase versus Slayer’s HP.

    HP Damage Increase
    100%-90% 30%
    89.9%-80% 60%
    79.9%-70% 90%
    69.9%-60% 100%
    59.9%-50% 115%
    49.9%-40% 130%
    39.9%-30% 150%
    29.9%-20% 165%
    19.9%-10% 185%
    9.9%-0.1% 200%
    Fury Strike reaches its maximum damage below 10% HP which basically is 9.99%. Which means if you have 0.1% or 9.99% hp the damage will be the same.

    As a result of this literally anything will kill you at this HP, making it extremely important to be aware of the mechanics of the boss.

    In order to achieve the highest damage with Fury Strike, we adjust our glyph page, which you can view below.

    Slaying Rotation/Priority:

    Your rotation slaying is quite different from the normal rotation, KDS that used to be a “core skill” is a filler. The hardest part of Slaying is recognize the times that you can do Roll > Overpower > Fury Strike which is the “core thing to do” slaying.
    > >

    Note: Overpower > Roll > Fury Strike will also work
    > >

    What you want to do slaying at the start of the fight is land a Roll>OP>FS and then use ICB your initial rotation should be something like
    Roll > Overpower > Fury Strike > In Cold Blood > Knockdown Strike > Overhand Strike > Eviscerate > Overhand Strike > Measured Slice > Whirlwind > Overhand Strike > Heart Thrust > Overhand Strike > Startling Kick > Ovehand Strike > Eviscerate > Overhand Strike > Measured Slice > Roll > Overpower > Fury Strike

     >  >  >  >  >  >  >  >  > >  >  >  >  >  >  >  >  >  >  > 

    The only thing that changes in your rotation is that you’ll prioritize Roll>OP>FS over other things and barely will need to use kds unlike the normal rotation. With the passive, slaying became much more difficult to explain and with that in mind we made two videos for you guys to watch

    Sample Videos of rotation (Burn + What to do after):
    Kenzy’s Rotation

    Saabi’s Rotation

    [ Neither of them did it perfectly in this video. It’s just the mindset that you need to follow ](slow the videos down if you can’t see it properly)

    Their rotation is pretty much alike, the only big difference is Kenzy’s choice to BKH/KICK more in an attempt to do more OHS and make chains as fast as possible and Saabi’s choice to utilize KDS for the glyphs to boost WW damage and OHS. Both do similar damage so just pick whichever matches your playstyle better

    A sample of what HPM [ Hits per minute ] you should be getting on RKE last boss with a good rng crit/mechanics [ skill orders can change based on your crit, UOHS in case if glitch would be TOP #1 ]

  • Awakening

    Coming soonTM
  • Gameplay

    Here is an example of a RKEM last boss run
  • Credits

    Special thanks to:

    Austin; for helping us with math that we’re terrible at

    You the reader; hopefully this has helped you learn how to play Slayer a little more optimally, please feel free to ask questions and best of luck on your journey as a Slayer.


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    • Heart thrust is prioritized due to the much higher chance of a crit. KDS simply is very unreliable for a damage source due to the lack of crit modifiers. You want to utilize HLR for speeding up WW and your end goal is to get more MS off, not to be boosting the damage on a filler skill. Awakening is just around the corner and likely we’ll be changing everything soon.

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    • OP>MS isn’t done because it delays your resets from crits, which is a dps loss on it’s own. OP>HT is pretty close in DPS to OP>MS and it doesn’t interrupt your flow. Delaying your potential resets with propulsion is very unwanted and the animation for OP>MS can let a boss turn/get you interrupted/killed.
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    • You should switch to tier 3 energetic etchings when you get frostmetal gear and double cdr on your weapon. Your crit is alright for now, but double cdr and double energetics will help out a ton when you don’t crit.

  13. I noticed that aswell with the glyph page, I can’t get my glyphs to those point ranges. Most likely the reason is because the console versions don’t have the updates pc has, so those glyph ranges are pretty much impossible till we get updated. I have followed that glyph page pretty much to the T on which are uncommon and rare only needing 2 more rare to have all the ones I need. Aswell on Xbox/Ps4 Tera we don’t have Propulsion the passive skill, just more info to show you we are pretty far back on things.

    • The guide is for the PC version, the current glyphs and rotation will not work on console. We currently have no plans to make a console guide for Slayer but may make one in the future. This might be the page you would use on console, but that patch was so long ago i don’t fully remember. You basically focus on using as your main filler skill outside of MS/Evis. Once again i need to repeat that the current essentialmana guide for slayer is PC only and this version will be following PC patches and not console ones.

      • Hello again, I just wanted to say thank you for the tip and the image that would help me alot. Just one other thing aswell, even tho this guide follows PC patches, it is still a great guide and a ton of help when it comes to knowing what stats to get on gear and etchings and many other things even with my version of tera. I appreciate it and thank you once again for you help. Keep on Slaying, Fellow Slayer.

  14. Great guide, however it seems the glyph part has not been updated. Some of the glyphs cost more now, seeing as I’m unable to get all 4 glyphs for Evisc. Could you gimme an update on the glyphs? 🙂

  15. Hello,

    New player here. I have some questions regarding the glyph part. It looks like I dont have enough points for your skill build. Am I missing something ? Or did the skill glyphs changed ?

    Thank you again.

    • You’re missing the master and rare glyphs, do alot of sabex armory and catacombs for your master glyphs. Then do island of dawn to buy the rare glyph boxes from the tokens. You’ll need enough to match the glyph build we have.

  16. Hey, first of all i would like to thank you for the Awesome Guide, allthough i have a Question, do you have any Knowledge about the Awakening? I was reading the Patch notes, and we get a lot of Crit Stuff, so i wonder, will there be a “Crit Cap” Like, lets say, go for +280 Crit and then just stack Power?

  17. How come and i always go oom just after 1 rotation? maybe i shouldnt use fury strike and HLR and roll that much? (frostmetal gear)

    • You absolutely should get a glistening armor dyad, it can be any kind. Once you get to Stormcry you will want at least 1 glistening hardy dyad. Using consumables like sarberry ice/divine infusion can help alot too.

  18. Uhm, I saw one of your videos, and you were actually losing no mp at all. Would you recommend using a glistening weapon crystal until you get a hardy glistening?

    • No, I would suggest getting a “bad” glistening dyad crystal, literally 1 of any kind of armor crystal with the “glistening” prefix. Binding it onto Frostmetal armor will last you a while. Using mana potions when you’re getting low helps alot too, although alot of it will be based on your healer’s ability to give you mana.

  19. in the extreme case that you have to use Stunning backhand, how do you make sure that youre not going to be stuck in the animation?

  20. Thanks for guide! I have two question. First what is the best race for play slayer? I have elin but wondering if its better to change to Castanic for that 1% extra crit?? And second question is.. Why so big differnce beetween using chainskill by hitting spacebar or using buttons? Everybody told me that using classic buttons is much more better (more dps) but i cant see why? Thanks!

    • Race for slayer doesn’t matter too much, however elin and castanic have the longest range on fury strike at 7m and 6.5m respectively. For someone who no idea what to choose I would tell them to go with castanic female as the others have told me that has the best animations(i’ll die before i switch from high elf male though).

      The chainskill key is not recommended for a few reasons; firstly there is a small delay on chaining some skills into other, while it’s not extremely noticeable it does add up. Animation cancelling is much smoother and you have better control with it when using manual controls. Secondly even with setting chain orders the system overrides some of them and you will be thrown off your priority order.

  21. How much crit factor is good enough for Harrowhold?

    • There is no crit cap for Harrowhold, you want as much as you can get. However you still want to use a pounding crystal and not a carving.

      • In that video where Saabi was attacking like a madman, how do you throw out attacks so fast? Mine seem to be pretty slow despite going in rotation, using the glyphs that increase the cast speed.

        • Which video are you referring to? A few of them are done under Adrenaline Rush to show off how you would do a burn during ICB.
          A lot of slayer skills have long ending animations which can be cut down through proper timing on your chains. Higher ping will affect your specific timing and the chain skill key [default spacebar] is slower on this as well for some skills.

  22. Is there a way to use ICB more effectively?

  23. Hey Sam, thanks for the response. I just found out Austin helped you with the math (which I’m thinking it’s Fury Strike damage scaling and OP damage increase). He’s a very helpful person espeically with Talisman so I respect him for that. Regarding to Overpower exact damage increase, I also heard it’s 36.3% (0.33*1.1) damage increase but I’m not 100% certain if that’s really the case. I did a damage test on TRNM gate using Heart Thrust skill, only Guardian weapon in the gear slot, and tested both on Stormcry gear and Nostrum. My calculation was 46.3% damage increase and it was very consistent from all damage dealt.

    The numbers shown below are critical hits only while using Heart Thrust in SC gear.
    Base Damage: 750
    Empowered Glyph 30%: 976
    Overpower 33%: 1298
    Overpower 10% Glyph: 1428

    To keep it simple, I’ll only calculate 976 which will be: 976*(1.33*1.1)=1,427.888 (which is rounded to 1428 in-game). I also did reverse calculation to find the % damage increase and it was: 1428/976 1.46311475… (46.311…%), which closely aligns to 1.33*1.1=1.463 (46.3%) I mentioned earlier.

    However, with the actual base damage, the calculation goes: 750*(1.3*1.33*1.1)=1,426.425. So I’m not sure why I’m missing 2. It’s probably in-game number rounding but that’s all I get here. Perhaps you can ping Austin or Chs to check my given numbers listed above.

    Anyway, I remembered one more thing I didn’t mention on my original post. You should definitely add a sentence or two about Overpower not disappearing during shield phases. That would surely help Slayers help to quickly break shields.

    • Oops, I forgot to hit the reply button oh well.

      • So after some discussion on the subject Austin figured out the way Overpower functions.
        The base skill which is the 33% bonus which multiplies against everything, however the glyph acts like the buffs, which means it’s additive to your buff multiplier stat. Effectively this makes the powerlink similar in function to a Bravery potion.
        What this effectively means is that the more powerlinks/+%dmg modifiers you have. the lower the effectiveness of the 10% dmg increase glyph on Overpower will be. However even with maximum possible powerlinks/buffs the lowest it goes is around 6% total.
        All in all that just means the total effectiveness of the glyph ranges from 6-10%, depending on buffs.
        The way it’s calculated is 1.33[overpower base effect]*(1+ .1[glyph]+[stuff like bravery/cane/adrenaline rush/powerlinks]).

  24. Hello! Quick question. I have tried both full Crit vs full power for accessory crystals and I find that my crit rate is rather the same, around 60%. Do you think that there is ever a crit cap in terms of when I should start building power or should I just go full crit anyway for higher crit chance, specifically on WW.

    • In terms of crit cap there isn’t really one, we want WW and evis to crit as much as possible to reset our skills. If you’re running with a mystic you can opt to change your accessory crystals to power, i personally don’t bother to change it but it is a option if you choose to do it.

  25. Hey, thanks for writing up the guide. This will surely help many inexperienced Slayers out here. Although there are some inconsistencies I would like to point out, so I’ll try to write them cleanly formatted as possible. Some are questions from a “new TERA player” perspective, some are missing details/incorrect information, and some other things that are most likely useless. I don’t aim for these points to be angry-like tone but some of these are critical from a new Slayer perspective. The purpose of any guide is to be consistent and avoid having more questions than answers. For older players and mostly experienced Slayers, it won’t matter much since they should know most of basic details of the mechanics of a Slayer (Rolling/SK behind back bypasses boss collision, etc.).

    • What rolls should a Slayer put for necklace jewelry? It’s missing on Gearing section.

    • Some skills are missing on Skills section (for example, Tenacity, SK, HLR, etc.).

    • Certain mechanics will make Slayers travel far away from boss like the bombs in RK9 first boss. What should new Slayers do if their Backstab is on cooldown? Walk back? It would be helpful to know if there are some skills that are great for repositioning, especially for some bosses in LK and TR.

    • The Overpower 10% damage glyph is multiplicative (46.3%); It’s higher than 43%. 😉

    • Since this guide also provides alternatives for users without Best-in-Slot gear, it does not mention the usage of mana pots which may lead new Slayers to pop Tenacity for mana, decreasing damage uptime. Not everyone will have a proper party composition like it was shown from your RKEM video or have Glistening Hardy Dyad (and highly unlikely someone would equip one on first 2 tier gears).

    There could be more but I can’t remember. For now, these are the points that came up to my mind while reading this guide. I’m not 100% sure if it’s necessary to address the new player concerns considering the age of TERA, but for people who played TERA and starting to get into Slayer, some points could be addressed such as repositioning and mana pots, especially if the party comp is not proficient.

    So yeah, it’s still a great guide that covers many important topics. I already know pretty much most of the topics covered here in this guide but having someone to allow critical thinking can make guides even better. 🙂

    • First off I would like to thank you for pointing out that some things were missing, somehow the skills that were missing got deleted but I’ve fixed that now.

      -For mechanics which move you far away from the boss you would use Headlong Rush, Leaping Strike, Evasive Rolls, Backstab, or some combination of those. This changed depending on the situation, we’ll have some more videos up soon to help readers get a better idea of what to do. As for positioning roll is the fastest way too reposition yourself, followed by backstab, knowing which to use comes more from experience than anything but practive does make perfect.

      -I know the Overpower glyph isn’t exactly 10% additive, our math guy has been busy with Talisman stuff to give us a exact calculation. From what i remember it’s closer to 10% of the 33% bonus, but i’m horrible at math and i’ll update it when i get the exact math on it.

      -For lower geared players a “bad” glistening is a option, but starting out it’s ok for a newer player to use tenacity for mana as they’ll be struggling even with a glistening in a sub-optimal party. Mana pots are definitely necessary however, it’s something that’s common sense with older players at this point so we forgot to mention it.

      I would like to make the guide a little more geared to newer players but it’s very difficult as many players learn at varying paces and all three of us have been playing so long that our concept of “basic” is very different from what a new player would think. I am open to suggestions in this area and may consider updating the new player guide to help accommodate them better.

  26. Thanks for taking the time and putting in the work to make such a clean and effective guide!

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