Corsairs’ Stronghold is available for level 65 players through the Battleground matching system. Two teams of 20 take turns attacking and defending an Anchorstone. The team to destroy the Anchorstone the fastest wins! Players can queue in groups of up to five players or as a 20 man raid.

Kills do not directly affect the results of the match. Only the results of the Anchorstone matter. However, if a player has more contribution points, they will receive more Battleground credits.

Your team of 20 players will either start on the defending or the attacking team. Players on the defending team will aim to protect their Anchorstone, while the attacking team will aim to destroy the opposing Anchorstone.

Entering Corsairs’ Stronghold will give players the daily quest “A Pirate’s Life For Me”.


All players receive equalized gear exclusive to Corsairs’ Stronghold. However, players may bring their own crystals and glyphs, like other equalized battlegrounds.



The Left Airship travels towards the Left Outer gate then towards the Inner Gate courtyard.

The Right Airship travels towards the Central Pyre then towards the Left Inner Ladder. This airship, if left unchecked, can allow the attacking team to infiltrate the Anchorstone Room without dealing with obstacles such as gates or ladder climbing.



The Cross-Keep Airship will travel towards the Central Pyre.

Special Skills

Location Scan: Raid Leaders will have the ability to scan the battleground every 30 seconds starting at the two minute mark. Raid Leaders can open up the map (default keybind [M]) and click on the Scan icon. This scan will reveal the positions of all enemy players.
Da Bomb: There will be Bombs on the Pyres and the Defense Starting Point. Interacting with these will put players on a 60 second timer. During this time, all player skills are unusuable. After this timer, or when players press their Left Mouse Button, they will explode, dealing 50,000 flat damage to all nearby enemies. After the explosion, the player carrying the bomb will instantly die as well.

Game Rules

  • Players on the attacking team have 7 minutes initially to destroy the Anchorstone. Destroying either one of the Outer Gates will add 2 minutes. Capturing Central Pyre will add 3 minutes. Destroying Inner Gate will add 3 minutes, for a total of 15 minutes. Before each round starts, there is a 2 minute break to allow the raid leader to create a plan.
  • If on the first round, the Anchorstone is not destroyed, the objective for the new attacking team is to deal more damage than the first team. If on the first round, the Anchorstone is destroyed, the objective for the new attacking team is to destroy the Anchorstone faster than the first team.
  • No consumables are allowed except for Charms and Noctenium Infusions (automatically enabled for all players). A Charming Campfire is provided at the start of each team, and the charms do not expire until the round is over.
  • After death, players will respawn in 10 seconds. If their team is in control of a Pyre, players can choose to respawn to any Pyre or the Start camp.

Commonly Used Terminology

X-Y-Z = Used by defense raid leaders to signify the number of players the leader wants defending the inner ladders. X refers to the number of people on the left inner ladder. Y refers to the number of people taking the Inner Siege Weapon (1). Z refers to the number of people on the right inner ladder. Most commonly used is 3-1-3, or 3 on left, 1 in inner tank, 3 on right.

NS = Left (North) Airship
SS = Right (South) Airship

(Left/Right) Inners = Left or Right Inner Ladders. If said during defense, it is implied that it, and therefore the Anchorstone, is vulnerable.

Tank = Siege Weapon

Ninja = Typically used to describe a sneak attack strategy or players. Players can use the Right Airship for easy access to the defending team’s Anchorstone or they can climb empty Inner ladders.

Block Gate (with Tanks) = Players can use a Siege Weapon near the Outer Gates and drive it towards the Outer Gate. If done correctly, this will protect the members attacking the gate from being staggered or knocked down from opposing Siege Weapon fire.


  1. If a team does 7 minutes on attack and doesn’t hit the crystal, does that mean that on the second round the match can go up to 7 minutes? Or will it go draw if 7 minutes are over and second team doesn’t hit crystal as well?

  2. In the next update they are releasing they are apparently changing it. Pre-made groups of 2 are the max allowed to queue for BG. Presumably to give pick up groups a chance. Having a pre-made group of 20 go against anything other than another pre-made group of 20 kind of kills it for us filthy casuals.

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