Information from out-side sources

Essential Mana would like to thank and credit the following for their images/guides/information:

Espei, Yosha, Story, TeraToday, Gameforge EU, EnMasse NA, Inven/Hangame KR and the many KTera streamers/youtubers.

Logos and media content belong to their respective companies/users. EM did not create these and takes no credit. Information used will always be credited, we take plagiarism seriously.

Please contact us if you have any issues with your work being used. We’ll be happy to help and will take action immediately.

Using information from Essential Mana

As this is a community site where players post their work, distribution of articles and posts made from the community is up to the author. You must contact the author if you would like to use their work.

Information from Essential Mana (moderators and editors) can be used, however we advise that work is credited (we recommend using the authors name, site name and/or the article link when referencing). This is to be fair to authors who have took time to write up and format the information.

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