This guide’s information is relevant as of the Arsenal Patch


Hi my name is Daniel, I am a lancer on both Tempest Reach and Mount Tyrannas. I started playing this game around the TSHM patch and I’ve been a lancer main ever since. Lancer is the best class because it has a shield and I love shields. I am decently well known for achieving high DPS on this class, and I’m writing this guide to show you how you can too! This guide is intended for lancers who are already comfortable with the class, but may not have the knowledge or the right rotations to push high DPS as a Lancer.

Disclaimer: For those willing to learn more about the basics about lancer refer to Lushy’s guide. While this guide is not entirely up to date the information in there is still applicable.



Top Stat Roll:
Decreases skill cooldowns by 7.2% – Currently there are two different rolls that most Lancers use; Double enraged (Increases damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged monsters), and double CDR (Decreases skill cooldowns by 7.2%). Personally I believe that CDR is better because the cooldown on many of your significant abilities, such as Adrenaline Rush, Guardian Shout, and Infuriate are significantly affected by your cooldown reduction. Also, the cooldowns of your abilities are reduced while your Adrenaline Rush is active, and having this top line roll allows you to cast many more abilities under the effects of Adrenaline Rush, as opposed to using the Enraged damage top line.

Bottom Stat Rolls: Standard Bottom Line Rolls
Decreases skill cooldowns by 7.2%
Increases damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged monsters
Increases damage by 6%
Increases damage by 8.6% to the target with the most aggro toward you


Top Stat Roll:
Increases Spring Attack damage by 15% – Seeing how Spring Attack makes up the most of your DPS at around 35% of your total. It makes perfect sense to take this as it increases your dps the most compared to all other rolls.

Bottom Stat Rolls:
Decreases damage taken by 6%
Decreases damage taken from frontal attacks by 6.9%
Decreases damage taken from enraged monster by 10%
Decreases damage taken by 8.7% from the monster with the most aggro towards you


Standard DPS Rolls:
Increases Attack Speed by 2.25%
Increases Power by 5
Increases Crit Factor by 9


Standard Rolls:
Increases Endurance by 4
Increases Movement Speed by 6%
Replenishes 2% of total MP every 5 seconds




I’m still doing tests regarding accessories; currently my findings have concluded that the optimal accessories to take are two of the new Power earrings (Pumped Prospect/Bellum/Daylight/Entropy Earrings) and 2 Resized Godsbane Rings and the Reiszed Godsboon Necklace

Resized Godsbane Rings
Increased Power by 4
Increased Crit Factor by 4

Resized Godsboon Necklace

Increased Power by 4

Pumped Earrings

Increases Endurance by 4
Increases Max HP by 4%


Increases Power by 3
Increases Crit Factor by 6

Brooch (Optimally Marrow or Quatrefoil)

Increases Power by 3
Increases Crit Factor by 6


Wherever possible Dyads will be superior over Niveots. For more information refer to Dyad Niveot Structure Guide.


1x Fine Wrathful Niveot
1x Fine Focused Niveot
2x Fine Pounding Niveot
blue-niv 4x Fine Hardy Niveot


1x Fine Wrathful Niveot
1x Fine Focused Niveot
1x Fine Furious Niveot
1x Fine Slaying Niveot
blue-niv 3x Fine Hardy Niveot
1x Fine Resolute Niveot


4x Keen Vyrsk


Just take my glyph page. It is the most optimal 🙂


It is assumed that you are trying to squeeze as much damage out as possible, and therefore full consumables are a must (Strong Bravery Potion, Noctenium, Food, Root Beer etc)

Prestacking – I personally prefer to prestack your (Hold the Line) buff before “starting” the boss . The way to do this is to kindly ask your party to not hit the boss while you stack. Make sure you do not hit the boss yourself or the fight will count as started. Having 10 stacks of Hold the Line as the fight starts grants you an additional 40 Power, 60 Crit Factor, and 40% more aggro generation, which will greatly increase your DPS and ability to hold aggro. Once you’ve gotten 10 stacks and have everyone in position, you all decide upon when to officially “start” the boss.

Starting the Boss: Optimal rotation -> ( if possible) -> -> -> -> -> &

Adrenaline Rush Rotation:
+ -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> ARUSH END -> -> ……. ( / / / can all be interchanged with each other)

Total Skill Usage

Skill Times Used


During this rotation, with healer buffs (aura/energy stars) and consumables I have +110 attack speed while brooch is active and +98 attack speed without.

Use whenever possible (mainly after or in place of //) but try your best to NEVER break your rotation. It is not worth breaking your rotation especially during just to chain into

Because we are tanks, we don’t really have a “set” rotation that we can use on every boss because of each boss’ unique moveset. – However, assuming we can use each and every one of our skills on command, I believe that we must use shield counter in our regular rotations. – (Think of Shield Counter as a “Shield Barrage” that -Always crits.)

Lancer is all about cooldown cycling. It is difficult because we have to respond to the boss’ moveset, which sometimes makes our rotation cycles break. When min/maxing on a boss fight, we reach several instances where we must decide wheter to cast a portion of an ability (example: 1st 2 ticks of spring attack) before having to i-frame a certain mechanic to squeeze in a little bit more damage, or to wait until the mechanic is over then cast an ability for full damage. This is where I’m going to introduce the “poke” and “burst” sets/concepts of lancer.

Poke: A set of skill sets that Lancers can use to maintain steady damage against bosses while cycling between the boss’ movesets/mechanics without breaking their main rotations.

Poke Sets

r -> ->
-> -> ->
-> ->
for 15% power glyph

Burst: A collection of larger skill sets that Lancers can use to bring out the most damage from their abilities. These skill sets must only be used when you are sure to get all of the abilities off on the boss without interruption. It’s very difficult to recover a “Burst” set after it’s been interrupted – It’s best to continue with “Poke” sets once you’ve been interrupted until you are able to initiate another Burst set.

Optimal Burst set Rotation : -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> ->

This is the best rotation assuming that you are constantly able to block. Realistically this is improbable, so the idea would be to follow the rotation as best you can. In empty spaces, use //

-> -> -> -> -> -> -> ->
-> -> -> -> -> ->
-> -> -> ->
-> ->

The main idea is to use the burst set as a whole or in parts. As long as you can successfully land all hits of the burst set in parts or as a hole, you are maximizing the amount of damage you can put out with your abilities. Starting with shield counter is optimal if the boss allows it, but if not start with skill after in rotation. Whenever there are empty spots or times when you are waiting on cooldowns during the burst sets, you can fill the space with filler skills (// )


The secrets of slaying is to achieve 99.9% damage, which allows you to facetank any boss mechanics that do not deal flat damage.

How to achieve this:

  1. Race change to Aman for the racial passive (10% damage reduction while under 30% hp)
  2. Three Fine Hardy Dyads
  3. One Fine Resolute Niveot (cannot be a dyad)
  4. 2 Poisedly Weapon Dyads
  5. 1 Resolutely Weapon Dyad

It is important not to go above the threshold for damage reduction. If you have more than 99.9% damage reduction you will be unable to shield counter after blocking.

Possible Future Updates (if funded :))
  1. Boss specific slaying guides
  2. Videos


  1. Ming for writing the entire guide
  2. Austin for being iron man
  3. My cat, Fluffy ; hes fat. really fat, and fluffy

Thank you everyone for reading this guide! If you have any further questions, you can contact me on Crits (TR) or Dans (MT). While your at it, donation are also gladly accepted god pls help me im so broke this lance is stuck at +7 why?


  1. How this is even suppose to be a “min-max” guide? min-max guide suppose to cover in-depth the math of the class, behind crit and power stats… there isn’t even an explanation about that onslaught during arush…

  2. Could you explain the glyph setup a little more please? Especially the differences compared to Lushy’s guide would be nice to know.

  3. Nice guide, Daniel. 🙂

  4. slaying section isnt too clear. what gear does this assume? is braveries 10% reduction counted towards the overall%? do mechs like s bomb and triple fist still do enough to kill you?

  5. Could you explain what would be the optimal rotation without adrenaline?

  6. I can definitely confirm that using double cdr setup has been the best so far from my experience. My 1st set is double enraged and for 2nd set is double cd. Mostly used double cd in harrowhold but in dungeons I started to use it quite a bit in the previous patch and in this patch too. I will confirm that it’s best to use double cd because more uptime on the longer skills and even the shorter skills as well a bit in long fights. Now if you’re in something like RG, you’d want double enraged since the dps is so fast there, enrage time is almost 100 percent. But imo, double cd overall is still great. I’m glad I been using this already and seeing it in the guide too makes it really wonderful.

    Also if you’re questioning optimal crit factor, I found around +230-240 is optimal and focus rest power. As mentioned already, it’s best to use the 3 resize godly accessories (crit) if you can and then use 2 pumped earrings (new jewelry) for most optimal setup. I have +234 crit and it seems to be very optimal and at the same time I build really good power.

  7. So what’s optimal crit factor?

    • So far I think around +230-240 is an optimal crit factor and then build power from there. I think building too much crit is not as worth and you end up sacrificing a lot of power.

  8. All this time I’ve been using attack speed top roll and cdr bottom roll. Is it still viable?

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