I strongly advise running the dungeon without reading this guide first. You will only get confused by reading– experience it first, then try to look at this guide to understand how the mechanic works. This is just as bad as Broken Prison.

Type : 5 man Party

Location : San Allema located in Allemantheia Outskirts.  

Item Level : 423 required for Instance Matching (and Vanguard)

Rewards : Polished Circlet and Diadem materials, , New ResizersHeavensbane/Godsbane accessories, Ambush materials, Deathwrack materials, Dyad Niveot Structures, T11 Enchantment Materials, Personal Extensive/Rare Alkahests, Goddess’ Tears, Goldfinger Tokens, Gold Ticket (Bamarama), etc

First Boss: Bandersnatch

Veterans will remember this guy from Wonderholme. If you are familiar with its basic attacks, you will be set for the most part.


Number of Hits: 1
Blockable: Yes
Iframable: Yes

Double Whack

Number of Hits: 2
Blockable: Yes
Iframable: Yes


Number of Hits: 1
Blockable: Yes
Iframable: Yes
Notes: Sometimes this may bleed through block. iframe when needed.


Number of Hits: 2
Blockable: Yes
Iframable: Yes
Note: Boss moves during this attack. If failed to block properly, he will crawl over you.


Number of Hits: 2
Blockable: Yes
Iframable: Yes
Note: If there’s someone too far away from the boss, he may randomly target a person with this attack.


Number of Hits: 1 per AoE
Blockable: Yes
Iframable: Yes
Note: Even if you are not exactly inside the AoE, you might still get hit by this attack.

Rear “Breath”

Number of Hits: 1
Blockable: Yes
Iframable: Yes
Note: Hurts a lot + Knockdown


Number of Hits: 1
Blockable: Yes
Iframable: Yes
Note: Inflicts Stun. If there is a stunned target, he will whip the surrounding with his body.


Number of Hits: 1
Blockable: No
Iframable: ?
Note: He will do this if there was anyone stunned from the body slam attack. This attack also inflicts bleed.

Counting game – “Open your eyes and count!”

Number of Hits: 1 per AoE
Blockable: No
Iframable: Yes

Above 50% HP: You can tell if the number of AoEs are Odd number or Even number by looking at its after effect. Red is Odd, Blue is Even. (Shown on Left)

Under 50% HP: AoE after effects will be Green, so you must manually count them. (Shown on Right)

Count the total number of AoEs appeared under party members. You must keep track whether the number of AoE appeared are Odd or Even every time because this will be the key for the solution to the next mechanic that may appear randomly after 1 ~ 4 times this attack occurs. As an example, if this mechanic occurs 3 times, and the number of AoEs appeared were:

3 + 2 + 3 = 8
This is the same as
Odd + Even + Odd = Even

You don’t need to do fancy math. Just know this pattern with addition:

Odd + Odd = Even
Odd + Even = Odd
Even + Even = Even

Color Game – “In, or out? Out, or in?’

Wipe mechanic (Cannot iframe)

Above 50% HP – The boss will have a message saying “Odd? or Even?” before this mechanic occurs. At this instant, you must watch for the color of the aura surrounding him. (Shown on Left)

Under 50% HP – The boss will not have a message shown. Instead, you will see the color of the aura surrounding him while he puts AoE under players. (Shown on Right)

When you start to see him glow Red or Blue, you must remember if your total sum of the previous mechanic was Odd or Even.

If the Boss glows Blue, Even = Donut AoE ;; Odd = Circle AoE
If the Boss glows Red, Odd = Donut AoE ;; Even = Circle AoE

In other words,
Odds are Red
Evens are Blue
Opposites have Fled
Alikes are Glued

Final Boss: Demoros

Veterans who are familiar with Yana from Timescape will be familiar with this guy’s basic attacks. However, this guy is a bit special: at the beginning of battle, you will see the following gauge.

The Red gauge represents Demoros’ Dice, while Blue represents Player’s Dice. This gauge fills up based on Demoros’ Key mechanics.
But that’s not the only reason why he’s so special. To defeat this guy, your goal is actually reaching 100 points before Demoros does, not actually killing him.

Die Clap

Number of Hits: 2
Blockable: Yes
Iframable: Yes


Double Clap

Number of Hits: 2
Blockable: Yes
Iframable: Yes
Note: Hits once front, then once back


Number of Hits: 1
Blockable: Yes
Iframable: Yes

Die Scramble

Number of Hits: 3
Blockable: Yes
Iframable: Yes

Die Throw

Number of Hits: 3
Blockable: Yes
Iframable: Yes
Note: If you’re close to the boss, you will only get hit by the first hit.

Die Juggle

Number of Hits: 5
Blockable: Yes
Iframable: Yes


Number of Hits: ?
Blockable: No
Iframable: Yes
Note: Recommended to immediately iframe out of this attack as it deals 100k flat damage per tick.


Watch for Demoros’ surrounding color.

If it’s Blue, it creates AoE bomb once.
If it’s Red, it creates AoE bomb twice in the same place.

You can also tell by looking at the AoE after effect as well.

Circle and Donut

Inflicts Bleed debuff.
Demoros will always initiate combat with this attack with the order: Donut → Circle.
You must watch for the color at the first engagement as this mechanic will be based on which color he starts with. The gifs above demonstrates both scenarios: he can start with either color.

If he initiates this attack again later in the fight, you must check if it was the same color.

If it is the same color, it will be Donut → Circle.
If it is different color, it will be Circle → Donut.

Pro Tip: If everyone agrees, you can stay inside the circle so that healer can immediately cleanse and heal after taking the hit.

Pull – “Come Here”

Demoros will pull in players then attack its surroundings with an AoE. Either iframe the pull or iframe out of the AoE.

Roulette’s Color – “This time, it’s Red/Blue/White.”

Watch the sphere around the map to see which direction it circles around (clockwise or counter-clockwise). It spawns when “Rolling…” is announced. It stops moving when Demoros announces “This time, it’s Red/Blue/White”. The first sphere always moves clockwise.

Depending on which direction it spins around the map, the “Colored Dice” mechanic will be dealt differently.

Memorize Color and Direction.

Colored Dice – “Demoros is summoning dice!”

To clear this mechanic, you must remember the previously mentioned Color and Direction.

With the red notice “Demoros is summoning dice!”, three dice with different colors will appear around the map.

Demoros will also initiate a pull, so time your iframe to avoid it.

If the sphere’s direction was Clockwise, you must break the Colors of dice that were NOT mentioned.
If the sphere’s direction was Counter-clockwise, you must break only the Color of die that was mentioned before.

Usually, when this mechanic is successfully done, the players roll the dice higher than Demoros here, he will be stunned briefly.

If the players roll higher than Demoros, the next sphere spawn will be clockwise.
If the Demoros rolls higher than the players, the next sphere spawn will be counter-clockwise.

Multi-Dice Roll – “You still think you can win?”

Demoros will move to the center and summon four dice around him. Then, the map will begin to draw a pattern toward the center. If this pattern is filled, then Demoros will initiate wipe mechanic shortly after.
To prevent wiping, players must break the dice to create a safe zone. It is best advised to break the dice with highest value on them.
The sum of any remaining dice on the map will be added to Demoros’ Gauge.

FEVER TIME! Demoros is recovering in the Otherworld.

When Demoros’ HP falls below 30%, he will disappear from the map and regenerate his HP back to 69%. Meanwhile, coins will fall from the sky.
Blue AoE coins do not inflict damage and grant 1 points each.
Red AoE coins inflict 70k damage but grant 3 points each.
Spread apart to gain as many points as possible.

Demoros Returns – “You’re doomed!”

When Demoros returns, he will initiate Circle and Donut attack. You must watch out for the color and remember the original color he had at the beginning of the battle.

If it is the same color, it will be Donut → Circle.
If it is different color, it will be Circle → Donut.

Roulette mechanic will no longer appear, but he will recover 0.33% HP every second.
When his HP reaches 100%, he will initiate a 90 second timer. After the timer ends, he will wipe the party.

Occasionally Red AoE coins will also drop. Your party should take turns to take the coin to gain as many points as possible. Only one player can take the coin at a time.
When he initiates colored dice mechanic, attack all three dice to roll them all.
Remember, your ultimate goal is to reach 100 points before Demoros does to clear the dungeon.


  1. Hi, it’s 08/2018 and i’m playing on [EU]Seren, i’m just wondering why i actually get stunned by the Wham on my brawler, whatever i try to block it doesn’t work, all i can do is iframe it, which is annoying when it happens too many times…

  2. odd: blue out red in
    even: blue in red out

  3. When does the number reset at the first boss? Some say it reset after the in or out thing, some say after the boss HP go under 50%, some say after the number add up to 12. Just wondering which one is right. I’m also having difficulty seeing the color after 50%, someone told me it’s the color around him during the last “open your eyes and see”, is that true?

  4. The Orb circling the room always start clockwise, so you will always start with killing 2 of the dices.
    If you roll higher than the boss, the next Orb will still be clockwise, and you kill 2 dices again next time.
    If you roll less and boss wins, the next Orb will then be counterclockwise, and you only get 1 dice to kill next time.
    So if you’re unlucky you keep rolling lower than boss and keep getting only 1 dice.

  5. Ok I saw it now it is in special attacks xD

  6. Very nice guide and pretty fast. Just didnt understand or i cant see it did u meantioned smth about the aoe just before the colourfuil spheres where u first need to be out or in or the opposite i just dont get it

  7. I considered a hard Problem as Lancer… I cant block his Double Whack because the damage goes through the block sometimes, the first few Whacks i can block easily but after some seconds he deals like 20-40k per hit through my block… Need some help, thank you 😀

    • This dungeon in particular is very buggy, it’s not just the double whack that does that but so does the Wham hitting 120k+, breath bleeding through block somehow, rear breath causing stagger + small damage to melee dps, etc… this also includes 2nd boss as well.

      Just in case people ask why this happens:
      1. Boss is enraged and casts attack
      2. Boss is unenraged before he actually hits you
      3. When you receive damage, you are receiving the boss’s enraged damage
      4. But your gear excludes enraged damage reduction stats while the incoming damage is enraged damage
      5. you receive much more damage than normal due to inactive enraged damage reduction stats.

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