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What does Essential Mana do with your donation?

Your donation will go to:

  1. Paying our authors for their time and efforts to bring you quality content.
  2. Paying for website-related bills (hosting, domain name, bandwidth, SSL, etc).

Why should I donate?

So far, we have not had the opportunity to pay authors and relied on people to donate their time and effort for the sake of the community. However, I would like to thank our authors for their help and give them an incentive to keep guides and content updated as new patches come. I think this will ultimately help us help you better. 🙂

If you would like your money to ONLY go to specific authors or people, just note it in the message along with your donation and we will make sure it happens.

Perks for Donors
($5 or higher)

  1. Fuzzy Feelings
  2. No more Ads!
  3. Custom Discord Rank in EM Discord
  4. More Perks soon!


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