Commander Kalligar

Take Note:

In Normal Mode you will have 99 Neophyte Resses. In Hard Mode rookies will have the usual 1 free ress.

A lot of attacks give a bleed debuff, this is cleansable. In Normal Mode this is a 10% per second bleed, in Hard Mode it’s 20% per second. Per Stack.

All of the following are only in Hard Mode:
If Kalligar hits anyone with an attack, he will gain an defense buff which gives him 2% increased defense per stack. This effect stacks up to 10 times.

Much like in Bahaar, when you wipe on this boss the boss wil gain a stack, once this reaches 10 stacks. The fight will basically become impossible, at this point you have to reset.

There are a lot of attacks that give the players an endurance debuff, once this reaches 10 stacks it does a large AoE attack. Which will one shot everyone around you, except you. A video will be in Key Mechanics.

If someone dies then the boss will gain an Attack buff for 60 seconds.

If anyone gets stunned he will say “You’re too slow” and target that person with a spin to win attack that target which applies a cleansable bleed.

The boss has a 10 minute timer, if this timer runs it’s a wipe and will have to start over.

Cross Slash

Simple 1-hit attack
This attack inflicts bleed.

Double Upslash

Simple 2-hit attack

Double Upslash into Spin

Simple 4-hit attack, hurts a lot

Double Upslash into Front Stab

Simple 3-hit attack, recognizable since he starts with the upwards slashes

Double Slash into Cross Slash

Simple 3-hit attack, recognizable since he starts with the upwards slashes. Applies bleed.


Kalligar jumps into the air and slams down on the tank, stunning everyone around him. Has to be iframed

Stomp into Spin

Kalligar stomps his target causing knockdown, this is blockable and then he spins applying a bleed and endurance debuff, this can be iframed.
The first hit doesn’t do that much damage and the bleed is cleansable.

The spin part of this attack is same spin as he does when he stuns someone.

Spectral Throw

Kalligar targets the furthest player and throw detachable blade at them and then pulls it back dealing damage twice causing bleed, leaving a puddle that silences and reduces endurance of people that stand in it. Getting hit by the attack
This attack is also the range check and ress bait.

Traverse Cut

Kalligar stabs the tank 6 times in quick succession followed by a large AoE attack that stuns and has to be iframed.

Uppercut into Stun

Kalligar attacks with an uppercut motion followed by a slam that deals a small AoE circle that stuns and puts an endurance debuff on the target hit.
First attack can be blocked, second attack can be iframed.

Kick into Backwave

Kalligar attacks with an upwards kick (Brawlers Flip Kick) and throws a wave behind him, getting hit by this wave pushes you back
First attack can be blocked, second attack can be iframed.

10 Stacks of Grief

Upon reaching 10 stacks of the endurance debuff, you will explode one shotting everyone around you while you get to live.
Make sure you get away from the boss so you don’t kill the people around you.
Ultimate griefing mechanic.

AoE Bombs

The boss will say “Die, all of you!” and then target everyone with 3 circles which leave behind puddles, which deal moderate damage when standing in it.
After everyone has gotten hit 3 times he will follow it up by an AoE around the players with a safe zone at the center so everyone has to walk backwards while placing down the circles and group after.
The final bomb (the one where you gather) has a delay on coming down even though the explosion is a bit later. You have to stop moving early.
If the tank goes backwards, the healer goes backwards from the side and the dps goes backwards from the back then only the DPS will need to group because the healer and tank will be out of range.

In normal mode you can still take damage from the bombs but there will not be a puddle. The bombs deal 30% of your max HP, can be iframed or dodged by moving.

Righteous Fire

Kalligar will call someone out and say “Die in a fire, Charactername!” and target them with a circle of fire in which the outer circle deals damage, if everyone sticks to the boss then it doesn’t really do anything.
Ninjas please behave

Quantum Wave

Kalligar will jump in the air and slam down with an expanding circle, you have to iframe both attacks. You can either iframe back and forth or just move back a little bit and iframe forwards to dodge both at the same time.

The jump knocks down enemies which will guarantee you getting hit by the wave even though the jump itself doesn’t do too much damage.


Kalligar will call out “Die!” and then go into shield phase. Before you can damage the shield the healer has to Plague/Regress the boss. The faster this is done the more time is left over to break the shield.
You can technically break the shield without Plague/Regress but you will have less time to break the shield after the several seconds of the boss being immune to damage.
While the shield is happening, the boss also goes into a healing mechanic where it will constantly do damage to the party based on their maximum health. Killing everyone who doesn’t get healed.

Lancers can Blue Shield the explosion in case the party fails the shield, saving the run.

The debuff that has to be Plagued or Regressed, makes the boss immune to damage:
The shield timer:

Purple Magic

An attack reminiscent of the Red Magic attack in Antaroth’s Abyss, very much like that mechanic you need to look at which way he spins to know whether or not the circles start from the inside or outside.
This attack is a 5 step mechanic, look closely at the videos and try to identify each step yourself:
1. Kalligar draws a circle on the ground with his foot, pay close attention to which foot he uses. This is used for step 5.
2. He will stomp the same foot on the ground which has to be iframed.
3. He will do a wave attack in front and behind him, you have to move to either side of the boss.
4. A massive backwards wave that can be dodged by going to the front.
5. It will do a donut mechanic as we’ve seen before, depending on the foot used in step 1 and 2.

In normal mode step 5 does not apply.

If the boss uses his left foot step 5 will start with an outer donut.
If the boss uses his right foot step 5 will start with an inner donut.

Left Foot, Outer donut first:

Right Foot, Inner donut first:


  1. Note that for AoE Bombs “Die, All of you!” , sometimes it bugs and doesn’t happen. For now, it only works when the boss is enraged

  2. same here boy… like this purple magic is annoy me i cant rocket jump off it when see first part as it kills me anyway each time even now trying avoid but i always somehow get on his line of attack ;/

  3. i can’t survive not a minute, i really can’t see when he does any attack
    send help plz

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