Montori’s Dreadspire is back, with tougher bosses and larger rewards! Nicknamed “Dreadspire 3” this season, this dungeon features multiple floors, each featuring its own challenge. The first 15 floors feature various challenges, from BAMs to old Bosses, each featuring its own unique mechanics and twists. The last 7 floors features some of the toughest bosses with their own tweaks.

The top floors of Dreadspire are intended to be the most difficult content of the patch. It is advised to complete gearing before tackling this dungeon. This guide also includes a difficulty rating, with ★ (one star) being the easiest and ★★★★★ (five stars) being the most difficult.

This guide covers the Upper Floors, Floor 16 to 22, and includes Story’s tips.

General Mechanics

Champions of the Dream

Every Floor has a timer. After the timer ends, Montori will announce “So much for champions of the dream…” and the current challenge will get much more difficult, with the boss becoming permanently enraged for the rest of the fight. Although the timer is usually not a problem, this will make the bosses’ attacks hit very, very hard and quickly. Failing to make the timer will not result in a instant wipe.

Floor 16 to 19 have a 10 minute timer. Floors 21 and 22 have a 15 minute timer. Floor 20 has no timer.


Permanent Buffs

Entering the Dreadspire Upper Floors will give your party buffs that increase Power, Defense, and Maximum HP. These buffs are the same as the ones given from completing the Mini-Game floors in the Lower Floors.


Montori’s Buffs

After destroying the Phantom Crystal, Montori will give your entire party Bravery Potion, Onslaught Scroll: Crit Power VII, Battle Nostrum V, Lamb Bulgogi, Heart Potion III, Freeholds Flame Salad, Traditional Bleakfields BBQ, and Bleak Wings. He does not give you Charms.

If your party wipes, the boss will respawn in 60 seconds. Your party will receive a boon in 30 seconds. You will receive consumables shortly after. Your party should charm, rebuff, and get into position within the next 30 seconds.

Warning: If a player logs out during the boss fight, they will lose their consumables. They will need to reapply their own consumables. The way that this is coded is it checks if a player has the consumables and removes them, regardless of whether the consumable is the player’s or Montori’s. For example, if a player dies during a fight and uses an Onslaught Scroll: Crit Power VI and a Battle Nostrum V, if that player logs out, then they will lose the Battle Nostrum V but not the Scroll. As an alternative, players can use an Extensive Battle Nostrum V if they log out.

Dungeon Drops

In order to enter the Dreadspire Upper Floors, you will need a Ticket from the Lower Floors. This ticket can only come from the 15th Floor (Kelsaik) and is tradeable and bankable. Tickets from the previous Seasons do not work.

Completing the floors will give players a choice to either take the chest and end the instance or continue onto the next floor. So BE CAREFUL, don’t break the chest if you wish to continue.

All chests will drop Gems and Desolarus Tokens.

Floor 16’s Chest will drop: Niveot Shard

Floor 17’s Chest will drop: Niveot Shard

Floor 18’s Chest will drop: Niveot Shard

Floor 19’s Chest will drop: Niveot Shard

Floor 20’s Chest will drop: Gems (emerald, rubies, amethysts), Tyrantblood Tokens and Riding Skill: Smolder (not tradeable, not bankable)

Floor 21’s Chest will drop: Tier 10 feedstock, Tyrantblood tokens, and Goldfinger tokens

Floor 22’s Chest will drop: Tier 10 feedstock, Dyad Niveot Structures, Noctenium Infusion Boxes, Goddess’s Blessings, Imperator designs, Tyrantblood tokens, Masterwork Alkahest, and Goldfinger tokens.

Floor 16 – Hrathgol ★★


Hrathgol from Manaya’s Core (Hard) will spawn after Montori’s opening statements (900 Million HP). Hrathgol has the same basic attack patterns as Hrathgol in Manaya’s Core (Normal) and Bhaozurbas in Cultists’ Refuge, consisting of sword swipes and slams.

Silence: Hrathgol will target a small AoE circle on a player. Getting hit by this will cause silence. He will usually follow this with a Pounce.

Servitors: Three Argon Servitors will spawn. Hrathgol will target a random player who will receive the aggro of these Servitors. These Servitors will fly towards the person and activate on top of them. Once they are activated, they will remain stationary and release damaging puddles underneath.

Cellular Decay: At 80%, 60%, 40%, and 20%, Hrathgol will walk towards the center of the room, shouting “You’ll pray for death before I’m done.” Hrathgol will then apply Cellular Decay to the three closest players. This debuff will deal massive amounts of percentage health damage. Hrathgol will proceed to unleash two Energy Beams onto the player with the highest aggro and continuing his normal attack patterns. These players should be healed for the duration of the debuff while the tank holds aggro away from the rest of the group. Your group should decide before starting who is going to be taking these debuffs.
Tip: Summons (Mystic Thralls and Warding Totem, Warrior Shadows, Gunner ST) can take a debuff as well. Reaper Retribution can also ignore the debuff.
Unlike previous incarnations of Hrathgol, Cellular Decay will also deal massive amounts of damage to nearby players. Anyone with the debuff should avoid standing near other players while receiving heals.
Pounce: Hrathgol will choose a target and leap towards it, dealing damage by slamming his swords.

Ground Smash: Hrathgol will use his swords and stab forward before raising his fists, charging up a powerful attack. He will then smash the ground, dealing high damage to players in front and directly behind him and applying a bleed.

Sword Smash: Hrathgol will summon a giant argon sword, smashing it into the ground soon afterwards. He will usually do this attack multiple times.

Energy Beam: Hrathgol walk backwards a few steps before charging up a powerful attack, dealing damage in a very large AoE circle in front of him. This will apply a movement speed slow if not blocked.

Teleport: Hrathgol will raise his sword before teleporting onto a target.

Energy Wave: Hrathgol will place his arms onto the ground before unleashing an energy wave forwards, dealing damage.

Charge: Hrathgol ready himself for a powerful attack, before kneeling and charging forwards, slicing all players in front of him, dealing massive damage.

Eye of Destruction: Hrathgol will rise up, tainting the ground underneath him blue. He will unleash a powerful attack while in the air before coming back down.

  • Brawler:
    • Due to the boss’s fast attack speed and multi-hit attacks, it is easy to keep up Growing Fury. Try to time perfect blocks with boss attacks to fill up the Rage meter.
    • On the mechanic starting at 80%, 60%, 40%, 20%, dodge by backing away using Bull Rush or Punch+Counter.
  • Lancer
    • Nothing special other than stacking Debilitiate and backstepping donuts.
The following classes can avoid the “Cellular Decay” debuff with special skills or summons:

  • Gunner: ST (Sentry Turret)
  • Reaper: Retribution
  • Warrior: Shadow
  • Mystic: Thrall of Vengeance or Thrall of Protection

DPS players with the debuff should distance themselves from everyone else and receive heals. The important thing is to avoid being in the AoE or stacking them. It is also important to use potions when heals are delayed or in case of emergencies for survival.

When the boss heads to the center for the mechanic, Priests should use Kaia’s Shield and Mystics should summon a Thrall and Warding totem in order to have the DoT target them instead.

Floor 17 – Melkatran ★★


Melkatran from Manaya’s Core (Hard) will spawn after Montori’s opening statements (900 Million HP). Melkatran has the same basic attack patterns as Melkatran in Manaya’s Core (Normal), Mutated Kaidun in Necromancer Tomb and open world Akalath BAMs, consisting of leaps and sword swipes.

Parasites: Occasionally, “Invisible parasites flock to you.” will be announced. Throughout the fight, Parasites will cover your screen, making it veiny and red. These Parasites will deal increasing percentage health damage. These parasites cannot be cleansed, but you can jump to remove the parasites.

Faithful Argons: At 80%, 60%, 40%, and 20%, Melkatran will walk towards the center of the room, announcing “Wake up faithful ones. Your time has come.“.

Melkatran will become invulnerable and turn either red or blue.

  • If he turns red, he will say “Kill the red argons. Empowered argons increase the enemy’s health.
  • If he turns blue, he will say “Kill the blue argons. Empowered argons increase the enemy’s health.

Waves of Argon mobs will spawn. They will be either red or blue colored. Kill the appropriately colored argons. If you missed the announcement, look at the color of Melkatran and kill the argons that are the same color as him.

Melkatran will gain an icon on his health bar indicating the number of argons necessary to survive. Whenever an argon of the opposite color reaches Melkatran, he loses a stack. Whenever an argon of the same color reaches Melkatran, he gains a stack. If he has any stacks up by the end of the waves, he will leash all players in and wipe the group.

Your party should decide on who will go on which fifth of the room before starting the fight.

Glitch Information

There is a glitch to bypass this mechanic. The player with the highest aggro before he gains invulnerability can go into character selection or close their client before the Melkatran absorbs the last wave. This will glitch Melkatran and cause him to not pull and subsequently kill players.
Stomp: Melkatran will raises his front legs and stomp down, dealing damage in a large AoE.

Ground Stab: Melkatran will stab the ground in front of him with his sword, dealing damage.

Shield Swings: Melkatran will walk forwards, swinging his shield back and forth, dealing damage. After this, he will swing his sword to his left, dealing damage to players behind him.

Charge: Melkatran will leap forwards, dealing damage.

Backstep: Melkatran will backstep, dealing damage upon landing.

Stun: Melkatran will raise his shield, stunning nearby players. The attack that applies the stun is not blockable, but the stun is cleanseable.

  • If Melkatran does not spin his shield, he will damage players near him
  • If Melkatran spins his shield, he will damage players mid-range from him.

Floor 18 – Lokmar Sorgalur ★★★


Lokmar Sorgalur from Argon Corpus (Hard) will spawn after Montori’s opening statements (1.1 Billion HP). Lokmar Sorgalur has the same attack patterns as Lokmar Sorgalur from Argon Corpus (Normal) and Maskimxuul in Granarkus.

Overseers: At 95%, “Clumsy Overseers are beginning to watch.” will appear and three Overseers will spawn around the arena. These three Overseers will patrol the room in a clockwise way. The Overseers walk at different speeds, so their relative positions to each other will be different throughout the fight.

If an Overseer detects a player within range, it will announce “Overseer has detected (Player).” If players remain in range, it will release a Kelba Watcher (bomb) that will follow players until it explodes, killing players near it. (See next for more details) You can avoid Overseers by hugging the outer wall of the room, or walk closer to the boss inside the inner white circle.

Inexperienced ranged players can stand between the Overseers and rotate with them clockwise. This will cutdown on backtime, but prevent bomb spawns, possibly allowing for better overall team dps.

Kelba Watcher (Bomb): A Kelba Watch (bomb) is spawned by an Overseer detecting a player. The Kelba Watcher will attack three times, before spinning in place and exploding. Each attack knocks down players, so it’s important to trigger the attack and detonations while not being hit. The final attack is a one-shot. Each time it attacks, it can change targets, so it is important to note the actual target until it explodes.

Volsurus: Lokmar will stop moving for a few seconds before announcing Volsurus’s arrival with “Volsurus is beginning to watch.” Volsurus will go around the room counterclockwise. If Volsurus is within range of a player, he will announce “Volsurus has detected (Player).” If players remain in range, he will summon an Argon Priest (notified by “Defend this place!!“, who will constantly release electric waves around him. Warriors and Brawlers can move these with Binding Sword and Bullrush respectively. You cannot get past Volsurus by going around the edge of the room, like you do with Overseers.

Twist: Lokmar will create an orange circle around him. After a very short delay, he will start twisting his pieces, knocking players down. After this, he will release three waves that deal high damage.
  • Ranged players can avoid this mechanic by staying outside of the inner white circle.
  • The final damage is wider than the orange circle indicator, so it important to move farther outside.
  • Priests should use Arise and/or Kaia’s Shield to help melee DPS caught in the AoE’s knockdown.

Clones: Lokmar will nod his head downwards before summoning four clones of himself. These will do Twists before dying off. Melee players should just stay back until these die.

Circle: Lokmar will flash his eye red before spinning his pieces, creating a wind effect. He will choose a target with secondary aggro and they will receive a circle that follows them. Wait for the circle to solidify, and dodge out of the circle. This circle will instantly kill players within.

Basic Attacks: Lokmar will throw three very short ranged waves in front of him, dealing damage. If the tank (or person with aggro) is far away, the boss will use this move mostly.

Shard Throw: Lokmar will start charging a powerful attack, notified by him spinning his shards on top of himself with a wind effect. He will throw these shards either in front or behind him, dealing massive damage in a wide arc. If he turns behind, he will throw them behind him. If he doesn’t turn, he will throw them in front of him.

Top Spin: Lokmar will place his uppermost piece onto the ground, before spinning 180 degrees, dealing high damage.

Pull Up: Lokmar will start charging an attack by placing his upper piece down, before pulling up a few seconds later, dealing damage.

Pushback: Lokmar will pull his pieces close, before slamming his upper piece down, pushing players back. and dealing moderate damage

Thunder: Lokmar will create four medium sized circles around him. After a few seconds, these will activate, thundering down and dealing damage.

Floor 19 – Meldita ★★★★


Meldita from Argon Corpus (Hard) will spawn after Montori’s opening statements (1.3 Billion HP). Meldita has the same attack patterns as Meldita in Argon Corpus (Normal).

360 Laser: Meldita will lie on the ground and start charging up a laser. She will quickly spin in a circle, firing off a laser with a 30m radius. Getting hit by this laser will instantly kill anyone who touches it. Meldita will use this whenever she becomes enraged.

Worms: Meldita will summon Worms every other 360 Laser, depending on the DPS. After the laser, she will cast a Triple Laser. Kill these worms as soon as possible, as if left unchecked, they will start firing projectiles and begin multiplying themselves.

Single Laser: Meldita will rise higher into the air and charge up a laser. She will appear to be following the target, but she will revert back to the original position of the target before firing. If the player targeted is the person with primary aggro, she will follow with the Triple Laser.

Triple Laser: She will then target the player, firing off three rapid lasers in front, to her left, and then to her right. Getting hit by this will apply a debuff which will take 10% of your maximum HP after a few seconds.

Baritzal Servitors (or “Jellies”): At 35%, Meldita begins summoning a Baritzal Servitor (same one as on Hrathgol), announced by “Baritzal servitor has been summoned.” These will chase a player until it reaches them, at which point they will become stationary and leave damaging puddles on the ground. These puddles also apply Electric Charge on players, stunning nearby party members. It will continue spawning these occasionally until it reaches 21%.

Past 20%, Meldita will spawn Servitors that do not stay stationary. The post-20% Servitors will continue to chase players until Meldita is dead, and change targets once they attack (doesn’t need to hit). The first two Servitors will chase the closest target. Every other one that spawns will chase the target with the highest aggro. The tank should maintain aggro at all costs besides death.

A good strategy is to burn Meldita from 35% to 21%, and then hold DPS when Meldita is at 21%. Once Meldita does a 360 Laser + Worms spawn, the tank should force-infuriate the boss and your party should prepare for the second 360 Laser. After this, your party should take care of any worms and burn Meldita from 21% to 0% as fast as possible.

Past 20%, the person with Servitors chasing them should kite them. It is recommended to use mobility skills or Scroll of Dash. If the Servitor is chasing multiple people, the players can let the Servitors attack them until they change aggro to one person. A Brawler or a Priest kiting will make this phase much easier.

Basic Ice Attack: Meldita will slam the ground directly in front of her with ice.

  • If she retracts her tentacles, she will unleash an ice ring that hits players to the side and behind her.
  • If she doesn’t retract her tentacles, she will unleash three quick ice attacks in front of her.

Ice Spikes: Meldita will curl her tentacles in a circle, then attack twice in front of her with spikes.

Trample: Meldita will start gliding towards a player, trampling until she reaches her target. Players targeted by this should not move until she reaches her target, as she will continue trampling until she reaches that player.

Don’t Bother Me!: Meldita will start shaking rapidly before releasing three waves of ice, dealing damage.

Ring: Meldita will start shaking rapidly but there will be a white circle and an orange circle. Players between the white and orange circle will take damage. She will then extend the attack, dealing damage to players a few meters past.

Ice Eruption: Meldita will target a player with an orange circle before causing ice to erupt from the ground, dealing damage.

Tentacle Slaps: Meldita will slap players with tentacles, dealing low damage. She will usually repeat this move again to face the tank again, but she can also do only one.

Ice Line: Meldita will create red indicators, before firing off a line of ice in front and behind her.

Chase: If a player is too far, Meldita will chase that player and attack in front of her with a small AoE.

Floor 20 – Koleogg ★

Koleogg from Rift’s Edge (Hard) will spawn after Montori’s opening statements (1.8 Billion HP). Koleogg is a unique BAM without an open world or dungeon equivalent (Rift’s Edge was removed).

Earthquake: Koleogg will shield himself, announced with “The ground quakes!.” Failing to break the shield will cause Koleogg to shake the ground, dealing massive damage, knocking players up, and leaving a bleed debuff.

Lightning Charge (Part 1): Approximately every 2 minutes, “Koleogg is building up a lightning charge!.” is announced. Koleogg will charge up a powerful attack. Unlike previous incarnations of Koleogg, Priests and Mystics cannot remove the buff that makes Koleogg immune to knockdowns and staggers. All players should move as far away from Koleogg as possible.

Lightning Charge (Part 2): “Koleogg’s lightning charge is almost ready!.” is announced. Players should get to the edge as soon as possible, as Koleogg will unleash three waves of lightning. The third wave will affect the entire arena, dealing damage (not blockable or iframeable) based how far a player is. At max distance, this attack will deal negligible damage. Moving even a few meters forward might result in a death.

Living Bomb: Starting at 90% and repeating every 20% at 70%, 50%, 30%, and 10%, “The more you all gather together…The greater your pain! Become… hm… a living bomb!!” will be announced. All players without primary aggro will receive a large orange circle around them. After a while, these circles will activate, pushing players up and dealing 25,000 damage to all players inside the circle.

Beetle Dust: Certain attacks will cause Koleogg to rise up and release waves of beetle dust, fuzzing up affected players’ screens and dealing damage. Jump to remove this.

Blue Ball: Koleogg will dig into the ground, pulling out a blue ball and firing it.

Dive: Koleogg will rise into the air before diving at a target.

Beetle Exhaust: Koleogg will turn around, releasing a wave of purple gas.

Ring: A large ring will show up as Koleogg unleashes a powerful attack to players mid range. Stay away from this ring to avoid damage.

Floor 21 – Kaprima ★★★

Kaprima from Vault of Kaprima will spawn after Montori’s opening statements (2 Billion HP). She has the same basic attacks as her home dungeon counterpart.

Pentagrams: Kaprima will slam the ground with immense power, you must pay attention to either the words she speaks or the damage indicators as this will notify you whether the damage area is small, or large.

  • If the damage area is directly beneath Kaprima, in a small circle, she’ll say: “Irritating pests…! I shall exterminate you!
  • If the damage area is a larger area around Kaprima, she’ll say: “Vermin! I will wipe you out… all of you!

Getting hit will cause you to take on “Curse of Kaprima” which applies a damage over time debuff, as well as increases damage received by Kaprima by 30% for 15 seconds.

Leash: Kaprima will walk towards the middle of the room, saying “There is no other way…“, before leashing all players in. She will proceed to do the close-ranged Pentagram



Melting Armor: Certain attacks will apply “Melting Armor” which decreases Defense by 10% per stack.

Cursed Ritual: Kaprima will retain her wipe mechanic, after announcing “What’s the meaning of this? You leave me no choice” she will carry out her ritual. This involves Kaprima heading to the center of the room and begin to cast a deadly spell. The room’s floor will be covered in pentagrams.

A player will then be chosen at random, they will be stunned and have a small circle zone around them. A few moments later, that player will be encased in a snake head, shielding them from Kaprima’s ritual and escaping death. In order for the other players to survive, they must quickly move themselves and stand inside this small zone before the snake head appears, so that they are encased as well.

Warning: Being inside the snake head will save you from instant death. However, even the snake head cannot shield against Kaprima without fault. You will still receive a fixed amount of damage and will not be able to use skills while you are encased. Therefore it is highly recommended that your healer ensures that everyone has enough HP.

If players fail to enter the snake’s head before it rises, players can attempt to iframe the ritual.

Cursed Ground: At 90%, 75%, 60%, 45%, 30%, and 15%, Kaprima will announce “How about we make things…interesting?“. All players without primary aggro will receive a circle that grows increasingly large (similar to Gunner’s HB drop). When the circle grows, 3/4 of these circles will leave an area on the ground permanently scorched, dealing damage to players who step inside. Every other Cursed Ground will have a different message.

Enraged Kaprima: At 15%, Kaprima will announce “Wrath is the source of my power!” and gain a massive attack speed buff. She also gains power stacks over time until she is dead, announced by “My outrage is palpable!


Scythe Attacks: Kaprima will use her scythe to deal deadly blows in different formations, whether this is from behind, above, below or all around, everyone should be careful. Kaprima will sometimes shout “Dodge this!” and then proceed a roundhouse swipe, knocking players back and inflicting a deadly bleed.


Eruption: Following one of her Scythe attacks, Kaprima may inflict damage in the form of an eruption. This will be a direct line of damage in front of her.


Fire Triplets: Kaprima creates 3 Fire Orbs with her hands and then fires them at a player, dodge them to avoid damage.


Damage Circles: Kaprima will target a player with a red circle which will follow them until just before it deals damage, you must use your evasive skills or block to avoid being hit.

Floor 22 – Shandra Manaya ★★★★★


The Argon Queen herself, Shandra Manaya from Manaya’s Core (Hard) will spawn after Montori’s opening statements (2.1 Billion HP). The Queen has the same attack patterns as Shandra Manaya in Manaya’s Core (Normal).

System Seizure: Getting hit by the Claw, Pounce, Energy Wave, Tailwhip, Grenade, or Leap will apply a stack of Argonic Metastatis. Obtaining five stacks will apply System Seizure to players, which deals 50% HP damage every second for 20 seconds and slows. This player is essentially dead, as System Seizure cannot be cleansed.
manaya-debuff manaya-seizure

Stand: Shandra Manaya’s primary mechanic, this mechanic requires three members of your party to willingly take damage from certain AoEs.

  • Beginning at 90% and occuring every 45 seconds afterwards, Shandra Manaya will stand on her legs, creating three AoEs. Each AOE deals 70,000 flat damage and apply a specific debuff if it hits the player. Shandra Manaya takes reduced damage during the Stand.
manaya-circle1 manaya-greedy
Close Range (White Skull/Greedy Thought)
5m radius circle directly under Manaya.
Greedy Thought can be replaced by Hateful Thought.
manaya-circle2 manaya-hateful
Mid Range (Green Skull/Hateful Thought)
5m inner 10m outer radius donut immediately outside of 1.
Hateful Thought can be replaced by Desperate Thought.
manaya-circle3 manaya-desperate
Long Range (Red Skull/Desperate Thought)
Anything 10m away from Manaya (including the entire rest of the map).
Desperate Thought can be replaced by Greedy Thought.
  • All of these debuffs will deal moderate damage over time. At the end of its 90 second duration, the player will receive fatal damage.
  • After every stand, Manaya will check the status of all three debuffs. If all of these are not currently on the field, Shandra Manaya will do an Insufficient Curl and give all players System Seizure resulting in a wipe or near wipe. Ninjas can use Smoke Bomb to save the party from a wipe.
  • Usually, the DPS will take the debuffs. The tank and healer will stay in AoE 3 until the AoE 2 has been activated, at which point they will enter the AoE field and continue fighting.
  • Alternatively, the burden can be shifted to two players who will take two debuffs. The first player initially takes (2). The second takes (1) and (3). After this, they will alternate taking (1) and (3), and (1), and (2). This method is very heal intensive and should only be done with an experienced party. This is only recommended for parties with a Priest and a Mystic who are comfortable with the fight.
  • Players should determine before breaking the crystal who will take which debuff. If a debuff taker dies, it is extremely important for the party to be aware so that the other members can take a debuff in their place.

Montori’s Interference: Montori will appear for every timed Stand. He will announce “Oh, how I love to have fun!”. He will target one player. They will swap to the next debuff (If that player had Green (2), he will swap to Red (3), and etc.) with 30 seconds remaining, instead of the usual 1.5 min remaining. This player must skip taking their debuff (or take it to prevent party confusion). At the end of the 30 seconds, this player will die. As an alternative strategy, four players can alternate the debuff, letting a fourth person take the place of the person swapped. The swapped player can take the necessary debuff to prevent death.


  • Brawlers can use Provoke to try to stop Montori from swapping a party member. Bullrush can no longer interrupt like in Season 2.

Evading Pranks

  • After the message, count half a second and then iframe to avoid the debuff switch-up. Classes with long iframes have an advantage.

Forced Stands: In addition to the timed stands, Manaya will perform a forced debuff phase at 50%, 30%, and 20%. This can occur directly after or before a Timed Stand. If a Timed Stand swapped a player’s debuff, the party can use this to correct their swapped debuffs. If a Timed Stand occurred before the Forced Stand and no one was swapped, then the party can “skip” this stand by not taking any debuffs.

Iron Wall/Shield: At 70%, 50%, 30%, and 20%, Manaya will announce “You think to hurt me? You’ll have to touch me first!” After a few seconds, she will gain a 10 million health shield. Failing this shield will cause an Insufficient Curl and System Seizure effect to happen. At the first shield, she will not do anything after the shield is broken. Each Shield after the first, she will usually do an Energy Wave and a Tailwhip and Taser. After the shield is broken, she has a few seconds where she receives increased damage.

Great Ones: Starting at 50%, Manaya will announce “Great ones, lend me your powers!” She will start gaining stacks of Queen’s Shriek. At three stacks, she will gain Queen’s Wrath, a massive Power and attack speed buff for the remainder of the fight. Priests and Mystics can remove stacks of Queen’s Shriek with Plague of Exhaustion and Regression. As soon as she gains a stack, your healer should dispel it.
manaya-queenshriek manaya-queenwrath

Fevered Pitch: Right after forced Stand phases at 50%, 30%, and 20%, Shandra Manaya will warn your party with “You must know you won’t escape.” She will gain a 10% attack speed buff for the remainder of the fight, up to 30%.

Queen’s Walk: At 8%, Manaya will start walking in the opposite direction of the player with the highest aggro. After this walk, she will permanently gain Queen’s Wrath for the remainder of the fight (unavoidable). Your party will need to be extremely cautious with DPSing, as most of her attacks will now one- or two-shot players. She will Dive and place Puddles a lot during the post-walk phase. Focus on survival above all else and DPS safely when she is stuck in animations for mechanics such as Great Ones or Stand. The healer does not need to dispel any post-walk Great Ones and they are only opportunities to deal damage.

Donut: [Cannot be blocked] Manaya will fly up and assume a disc formation. She will unleash a mid-range AoE (13m radius), then a close-ranged AoE. Both of these will instantly kill players. When Manaya is enraged, the speed becomes too fast for walking out. It is important not to panic and waste iframes.

Curl: [Cannot be blocked] Manaya will curl into a ball, releasing a signature, distinct audio cue. After a few seconds, she will unleash an explosion in 18m that will instantly kill players. This can be iframed, although most classes cannot do this. Similar to Darkan’s “All they are is dust…” mechanic.

Tailwhip and Taser: [Can be blocked] Manaya will look behind her, slamming her tail downwards. She will then split her tail, causing any players that stay between them to take high damage. Melee DPS can iframe to the side when they see her turn her head and angle their camera to continue dealing back damage.

Dive and Puddle: [Cannot be blocked] The Queen will dive into the ground before coming up and firing a puddle at a player. The puddle does high damage. Players should save their iframe for when the puddle actually lands onto the ground. Shandra Manaya can also fire off a Puddle without diving after Fences

Fence: [Can be blocked] Manaya will start creating a large AoE fence to a target. Anything that remains inside when it is finished will be rooted (though this can be cleansed). If trapped, the player should call out for a cleanse, or a priest can pull the trapped player. Brawlers can use Punch+Counter, Bull Rush, or Quick Dash even with the debuff. Manaya will usually follow this up with a Puddle, Curl, or Donut.

Laser: [Can be blocked] Shandra Manaya will charge up a laser attack. This is a three-pronged attack that deals multiple ticks of damage. Cloth classes would not survive more than 2 ticks of a non-enraged laser. The laser can be targeted at any random member of the party.

Claw: Shandra Manaya will slam downwards with her front paws, dealing frontal damage.

Energy Wave: Shandra Manaya will swipe in a direction, releasing a wave of energy that deals damage.

Trample: Similar to Meldita’s Trample, Shandra Manaya will start walking towards a player. Players should stop and wait until she reaches them instead of iframing away, as she will continue trampling until she reaches that player or the wall.

Leap: Shandra Manaya will fly upwards, choosing a player. She will fly towards that player and land, dealing damage.

Pounce: Shandra Manaya will quickly pounce towards a target.

Argon Grenade: Shandra Manaya will target a player and throw a small AoE onto the target, dealing damage.

First Stand Phase
The tank should immediately infuriate and the group burns to 90% to start the first Stand.
Shield Phase
The first shield phase is at 70%. If the timed Stand Phase (every 45 seconds) overlaps at the same time, she will perform the Stand Phase first and then do the Shield Phase.
Forced Stand Phase, Shield Phase
If overlapped with a timed Stand Phase, she will perform two Stand Phases in a row (forced and timed Stands), and then do the Shield Phase. Infuriate should be off cooldown at this point if you used infuriate at the beginning, so use infuriate again when her shield is up if not already enraged.
Fevered Pitch
After the 50% Shield Phase, she will do the Fevered Pitch mechanic. She will first do the timed Stand Phase, followed by Great Ones.
Forced Stand Phase, Shield Phase
Same as 50%. She will force Stand and then Shield.
(Low DPS) Queen’s Wrath
If the party cannot burn from 30% to 20% during Shield Phase, Manaya will do another Great Ones.
Forced Stand, Shield Phase
Same as 50% and 30%. She will force Stand and then Shield.
10% – Great One, Fevered Pitch, Queen’s Wrath
The Great One mechanic always occurs here so healers should be ready to use Plague/Regression. With both Fevered Pitch and Queen’s Wrath, her attack speed will be very high. Tank should be alert for Curl.
Queen’s Walk
The tank should make sure Manaya is enraged. If the party’s DPS is low, everyone should stop DPS at 8% and wait until the next Stand and burn through her walk. It is important to remember that Manaya, like most bosses in the Dreadspire, deals less damage when she is enraged.
Positioning is very important. Since the 22nd floor’s map is circular, the Tank and DPS will need space in order to avoid Curl. So it is necessary to tank off to the sides, so there will be enough space on the map.

It is recommended to Infuriate at the start, 50%, and during Queen’s Walk.

Always tank in a straight line.
For example, when Manaya does Curl, the tank should escape in a straight line where she is facing and return in the same path. So that she will not turn around.
Although it may mess up your positioning, there will be a DPS loss if the DPS have to constantly reposition.

During Fence, despite having a puddle under you, you should trust the healer and tank in that spot.

Be knowledgeable about the Debuff mechanics and Counters to Montori’s Pranks to avoid mistakes.
During Queen’s Walk and Stands, don’t just rely on the healer(s), but also make use of potions to survive as long as possible.
Recommendation: During Stand Phase, use Kaia’s Shield then throw Healing immersion after inner (1) and mid (2). Then hug Manaya while locking onto the 3 people taking debuffs, and heal when the outer debuff hits. Mystics can pre-lock targets and toss Boomerang Pulse.

During Queen’s Walk, the Healer’s role becomes crucial. Pre-lock targets that have secondary aggro beforehand, and heal them immediately when the puddle hits.


  1. What else drops at kaprima? I’ve been wanting to try and clear kaprima a few times before we start wiping at manaya, but lm rather interested on what drops on kaprima, the dif between its and manayas and keleoggs drop

  2. when do you actually use provoke to stop the debuff from swapping?

  3. Typo on system seizure, paragraph says 50% health and 20% slow but ingame tooltip says 20% health and 50% slow.

  4. Great guide, thank you very much

  5. Can i retribution montori’s prank?

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