Just off the coast of Tempest Reach, the evil jester Montori has distilled the nightmares of the Valkyon Federation’s greatest heroes into physical form, and delights in tormenting those who wish to play his twisted games. Dreadspire contains 22 levels of BAMs and baddies that players must clear to reach the top, with each level that much more difficult than the last. With each challenge his contestants complete, his power grows, as do the rewards he offers to those who survive.

Montori’s Dreadspire is back, with tougher bosses and larger rewards! Nicknamed “Dreadspire 2” this season, this dungeon features multiple floors, each featuring its own challenge. The first 15 floors feature various challenges, from BAMs to old Bosses, each featuring its own unique mechanics and twists. The last 7 floors features some of the toughest bosses with their own tweaks.

This guide covers the lowers floors (floor 1-15).

General Mechanics

Champions of the Dream

Every Floor has a timer. After the timer ends, Montori will announce “So much for champions of the dream…” and the current challenge will get much more difficult, with the boss becoming permanently enraged for the rest of the fight. Although the timer is usually not a problem, this will make Floors 12 and above very difficult for new or inexperienced players. Failing to make the timer will not result in a instant wipe, however.

Floor Skipping

At random, a mini-jester will spawn instead of the Boss (This mechanic occurs randomly at a low chance, the jester will only spawn at the start of the stage and will replace the floor’s boss). Killing this jester will cause you to skip the floor. This jester has high defense, but low HP, so skills with a damage-over-time element can effectively deal with this.

Dungeon Drops

Loot will only drop from Floor 4, 9 and 14.

Floor 4

  • Dreadnaught Gear
  • Dreadnaught Accessories
  • Desolarus Tokens
  • Goldfinger Tokens
  • Tier 8 Enchanting Materials

Floor 9

  • Slaughter Gear
  • Gate Accessories
  • Desolarus Tokens
  • Factory Cabinet
  • Starfall materials
  • Vernal Bark
  • Goldfinger Tokens
  • Tier 9 Enchanting Materials

Floor 14

  • Self-Boiling Obkma
  • Vengeance Versa
  • Tyrantblood Tokens
  • Imperator Treasure Chest
  • Vain Accessories
  • Goldfinger Tokens
  • Tier 9 Enchanting Materials
Vanguard Rewards (14th Floor):
  • 200 Noctenium Infusion
  • 160 Vanguard Credits
  • 400 Gold
  • 80 Tier 9 Feedstock
  • 2 Tier 9 Master Enigmatic Scroll

Floor 1 – Triple Kumases

Three Kumases will spawn, one Kumas spawning every minute, notified by “Incoming Reinforcements!“. These Kumases retain the same attacks as their open world, consisting of swipes, breath attacks, projectiles, and jumps.

Floor 2 – Sturdy Basilisk

A Sturdy Basilisk will spawn. This BAM retains the same attacks as its open world counterpart, consisting of fire breathing, projectiles, spins and tail swipes, and a jump. Occasionally, he will spawn two red versions of himself, which will die after 15 seconds. These two red Basilisks can still do considerable damage however, so be aware.

Floor 3 – Bloodstone Teralith

A Bloodstone Teralith will spawn. This BAM retains the same attacks as its open world counterpart, consisting of throwing its arms, spinning its rocks, and firing projectiles.

However, this BAM is protected by an impenetrable shield. To remove this shield, you must kill all of the mobs that spawn. Once you do this, “Attack now!” will be announced on the middle of the screen and the boss will be knocked down. You have 20 seconds to attack the boss before it rises and gains another shield and another wave of mobs will spawn.

Floor 4 – Mini-Game: Ghosts

All players receive a red ring underneath them. This ring deals static damage to all monsters around the player, but multiple rings do not stack damage. Up to 50 Ghosts will spawn around the room and these will need to be killed. These ghosts can be slowed, stunned, and moved around.

You cannot fail this floor, but not killing all 50 ghosts will reward you with less Powerup Pylons.

Breaking the Powerup Pylons will give your party a permanent buff that increases Power, maximum HP, Endurance, and Loot and move you the the next floor. The more ghosts killed, the more Pylons there will be.

Floor 5 – Akasha

Akasha from Akasha’s Hideout will spawn. Akasha is a Hermit Crab BAM, whose attacks involve swipes, poison waves, trampling, and sleeping gas. She will also spawn mini-Hermit Crabs that will also sleep and poison players.

Throughout the fight, she will walk around the field, spawning many minions. These should be brought to the explosive Barrels that will also spawn. They will most likely aggro onto the healer, who should kite these mobs towards a Barrel. Once these are nearby, a party member should attack the Barrel, detonating it and killing the minions.

There are also Mirrors on opposite sides of the arena. Occasionally, a message will be announced, saying “(Player) is going blind“. A player will have their vision slowly turn black. Interacting with a Mirror will cause the screen to flash white for all players, clearing the blinded player’s vision. However, this message is not always accurate, sometimes blinding the wrong person or not appearing at all. Players should try to communicate to party members if they are going blind.


The next three Floors (6, 7, and 8) will fall into one of three sub-types.

  • Triple BAM: Similar to Floor 1, three versions of the BAM will spawn. These are all weakened versions of the original BAM, and they will spawn once every minute, indicated by “Incoming reinforcements!
  • Sturdy BAM: Similar to Floor 2, there is a tough version of the original BAM. Occasionally, two additional red versions will spawn, but will die after 15 seconds.
  • Invincible BAM: Similar to Floor 3, there is a shielded version of the original BAM. Killing the mobs gives players 20 seconds to attack, before the shield comes back and more mobs spawn.

Floor 6 – Arzakaar

Mobs will spawn. These mobs are very easy to kill and they can be stunned and knocked down. Killing all of these mobs will cause the BAM to spawn.

Arzakaar from Labyrinth of Terror will spawn. He will into one of the sub-types listed above. Arzakaar resembles that of the open world Arzakaars, consisting of trampling while firing multiple lasers, spinning his arms, and slamming his arms. He will also unleash an attack that will damage players in close range or in mid range.

Floor 7 – Halvaroggh

Halvaroggh from Labyrinth of Terror will spawn. He will fall into one of the sub-types listed above. Similar to Suulvir Raptor/Harvester BAMs, Halvaroggh has attacks consisting of dives, frontal smashes, and digging into the ground. Players should be constantly be aware of the attack in which he assumes a rolling position and begins rolling forward, dealing massive damage and usually oneshotting all players that it damages.

Floor 8 – Killian

Killian from Labyrinth of Terror will spawn. He will fall into one of the sub-types listed above. Similar to other Hydrath BAMs, he can deal large AoE electric attacks, frontal attacks with his arms/tentacles, and he can assume a drill position and drill forwards.

He retains his Fire Wave mechanic. Occasionally, “Taste hellfire, (Player)!” will be announced and players have a few seconds to escape before the giant Vyjalek fires a large wave of fire towards the initial position of the targeted player. Staying in this will cause all players in the area to instantly die.

Floor 9 – Mini-Game: Urns

Up to 50 Urns will spawn. Players should break these urns before the time runs out. Breaking an urn will cause it to release a push effect. After a couple of seconds, the urn will push all players outward.

You cannot fail this floor, but not breaking all 50 urns will reward you with less Powerup Pylons.

Breaking the Powerup Pylons will give your party a permanent buff that increases Power, maximum HP, Endurance, and Loot even further and move you the the next floor. The more urns broken, the more Pylons there will be.

Floor 10 – Thulsa

Thulsa from Ebon Tower will spawn. Thulsa is a Hermit Crab BAM similar to Akasha, whose attacks involve swipes, trampling, and frontal blasts. He will also spawn smaller mobs that will leave poisonous effects on the ground. There will by pylons that spawn around the field, firing lasers in a circle.

You will notice Thulsa’s Playthings idling around the edge of the arena. Throughout the fight, you will be announced with a message that says either “3 Directions X” or “Locking onto (Player/Thulsa) X“, with X being a Countdown.

  • 3 Directions: Thulsa’s Playthings will fire many red balls in three directions. These deal minor damage, although there will be many of them.
  • Locking onto (Player/Thulsa): Thulsa’s Playthings will fire many white balls towards either the selected player or Thulsa himself. These balls deal minor damage, although there will be many of them. This message might not be 100% accurate, as it can fire towards any random player instead of the selected one. There is an orange target reticule though that is accurate.

Floor 11 – Argon Predator

Mobs will spawn. These mobs are very easy to kill and they can be stunned and knocked down. Killing all of these mobs will cause the BAM to spawn.

Argon Predator (Cygnus from Argon Corpus) will spawn. He has similar attacks to barsicores in the open world, consisting of targetted lasers, tail slams, and AoE electricity. Many of his attacks will apply a long duration uncleanseable status effect. His tail slam will cause a silence and the AoE electricity will stun. He will also occasionally target a player with an orange circle. Players have a few seconds to position themselves before the circle solidifies. After a short delay, the boss will launch a poison puddle onto the area, fearing players that step onto it.

If the fight takes too long, Wraiths will spawn in a line across the centers of the map, making a cross pattern. Your tank should attempt to bring the boss into one of the corners, avoiding the sections in which the wraiths will spawn. Getting hit by these wraiths will give you a debuff that has to be renewed by taking damage from another wraith before it times out. Failure to do so will cause you to die. Dying on top of the wraiths will leave you dead for the remainder of the fight as you will unable to revive without a Goddess’ Blessing.

Floor 12 – Saravash and Suryati

Saravash from Saravash’s Ascent and Suryati from Suryati’s Peak (removed) will spawn. Suryati is invulnerable to attacks.

Saravash is a standard Naga BAM, whose attacks consist of slashing with his blades, swiping behind with his tail, leaping in all directions, and throwing fiery projectiles. If he is enraged, he deals very heavy damage and attack speed increases drastically, possibly bleeding through the blocks of tanks.

Suryati has multiple mechanics to make this fight difficult. He will occasionally shoot blue balls that deal 50,000 flat damage and surround a random player in four Argon Walls (Priests can pull players out with Divine Intervention)

Without an announcement, he will give random players an orange circle that will solidify into a debuff circle (the selected player will not be debuffed) that will apply a random status effect. This player should attempt to stay away from party members for the duration of the debuff.
The debuffs that these might give are:

  • Power reduction
  • Silence
  • Fear
  • Movement speed reduction
  • Death – larger circle, announced by “Suryati has cursed (Player). (Player) will soon take out the party. Stay as far away as possible.

Floor 13 – Skulregnath

Skulregnath from Sigil Adstringo (removed) will spawn. He is the same type of Dracoloth as Drakiirath from Labyrinth of Terror and as the Vault of Winter Dracoloth, and his attacks consist of fire breaths, swipes, and attacking the ground with spikes, leaving red and blue damaging areas on the ground.

Throughout the fight, Skulregnath will call for help from his servants, and your party should kill these, as their spins can deal heavy damage to players.

Every so often, “A pulsing crystal appears.” is announced and a stone pylon is spawned near the center of the arena. This pylon has a decent amount of health, and breaking it will give your party a 25 second buff which renders you invulnerable. However, you should not break it immediately. Your DPS should leave it at low health. Soon after the pylon spawns, “Skulregnath is gathering energy.” is announced and Skulregnath gains a massive power and attack speed buff, resulting in most of his attacks oneshotting players. Players should break the pylon as soon as this is announced, and players can freely DPS Skulregnath for the duration of the buff.

Floor 14 – Mini-Game: Clowns


Mini-Game Floor!

There are five tanks that spawn, one for each player. After a few seconds, up to 50 clowns will spawn around the field. Players should aim towards these clowns with their tanks.

You cannot fail this floor, but not killing all 50 clowns will reward you with less Powerup Pylons.

After completing the round, you are awarded with a Chest which contains:

Breaking the Powerup Pylons will give your party a permanent buff that increases Power, maximum HP, Endurance, and Loot even further and move you the the next floor. The more clowns killed, the more Pylons there will be.

Floor 15 – Kelsaik

Kelsaik from Kelsaik’s Nest will spawn.

Fire/Ice Debuff: All players will have one of the following debuffs: Ice, Fire, or Hell. These debuffs will deal constant damage over time and will kill a player instantly if not swapped within the two minute time limit. How do you swap it? If you have a Fire debuff, you can replace it by getting hit by an Ice attack. If you have an Ice debuff, you can replace it by getting hit by a Fire attack. If you have a Hell debuff, you can replace it by getting hit by either a Fire or an Ice attack. The safest ways of swapping debuffs are with the Double Paw attack or from the Puddles.
Unlike previous incarnations of Kelsaik, these debuffs can stack up to three times. Getting multiple stacks increases the damage over time of the debuff, making it hurt very quickly.

Double Paw: Kelsaik will raise both of his front legs up and swipe them along his sides. His left leg applies Ice debuff to players and his right leg applies Fire debuff to players.

Single Paw and Puddle: Kelsaik will slam one of his front legs towards the player with the highest aggro.

  • If he attacks with his left (Ice) leg, he will fire out a frontal AoE Ice attack that deals very high damage and will leave an Ice Puddle on the ground. Stepping on these will apply Ice debuff and deal very low damage.
  • If he attacks with his right (Fire) leg, he will deal damage in a circular AoE that deals very high damage and will leave a circular Fire Puddle on the ground. Stepping on these will apply Fire debuff and deal very low damage.

Blizzard: Kelsaik will roar, emitting multiple Ice waves, dealing damage, knocking players down, and applying Ice debuff. Classes without blocks should attempt to run away as soon as possible.

Fire Storm: Kelsaik will roar, causing multiple flame pillars to erupt from the ground, dealing high damage and giving players Fire debuff. Players can attempt to stay near Kelsaik to avoid damage from the pillars.

Shield: At 8:55 remaining and repeating every 2 minutes, Kelsaik will roar “Pathetic” and place a heavy bleed onto players. Players can iframe the debuff by iframing as he raises his head or healers can heal through the bleed. Kelsaik will place a shield on himself. Failing to break this shield in 35 seconds will cause him to go on a rampage, essentially resulting in a wipe.

Powerlessness: After 45%, Kelsaik will shout “Feel your own powerlessness!“, repeating every 60-90 seconds. Getting hit by this will deal massive damage and apply a cleanseable debuff which will reduce damage output for all nearby allies. You can iframe this by iframing right as he raises his head. This needs to be cleansed from all party members before the damage debuff is removed.

Painful Death: At 25%, Kelsaik will announce “I look forward to your slow, painful death!” and places a non-cleanseable debuff on your which will will significantly reduce all incoming healing and will last until the end of the fight. You can iframe this by iframing right as he raises his head.

Tail Swipe: Kelsaik will turn around and swipe behind with his tail, placing a bleed debuff onto players.

Jumps: Kelsaik will jump into the air before landing, dealing damage

Roll: Kelsaik will roll towards a player, dealing damage.

Defeating Kelsaik will give your party members a clear for Dreadspire and a Dreadspire Top Challenges Ticket, used for entry to the Upper Floors of the Dreadspire.

Credits to Soleria and Christinna for information about the lower floors.


  1. Nice guide! I wasn’t playing when DS1 was around so I was unclear how it worked.
    So, rewards come at floors 4, 9, 14 only or you get something (of lesser value?) per floor? (aside from Kelsaik’s upper floor ticket)
    Does the Jester appear at a random time but will appear for sure on each floor?
    What’s an normal/average time to clear the lower floors?

    • Yes, the rewards are at 4, 9, 14 only.
      There is a jester every floor just before the floor actually starts, but that one doesn’t do anything. There will be one that is important for the floor with the Queen.

      Average time depends on your gear and experience. ^^

      • Just to clarify on what floss said (I’ll update this in the guide), the Floor Skipping Jester is mechanic that will not happen in most runs. Essentially, once you break the crystal, instead of saying “Dreadspire: Xth Challenge”, Montori will say something like “I didn’t mean to let that one out, please take care of it for me” and it will replace the entire floor’s Boss. This will happen very rarely, so you should not expect it, and not on floors 4, 9, 14, and 15.

        The “Champions of the Dream” timer for floors 1-14 should be 3 minutes (might be 5 for some floors), while Floor 15’s is 10 minutes. An experienced +15 team can clear these floors in under 2 minutes, while Kelsaik took about 2 to 3 minutes. Most pugs that I’ve been in have taken 2 or less minutes for floors 1-11, but floors 12 and 13 took forever because we needed to kite the boss to allow the healer to resurrect. Floor 15 wasn’t even an option.

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