Learn to upgrade your gear to become even stronger by enchanting and masterworking your gear. Learn what awakening is and how to become eligible for awakened enchanting.



Learning about enchanting and masteworking is part of a three-part series:


Enchant your Gear

Learn about how to enchant and masterwork your gear!

New or Returning?

Learn more about endgame gear progression.

Increase your ILVL!

Learn more about ways to increase your item level!




Feedstock: Players can obtain feedstock from dungeons, monsters, vanguard quests and from other players via the trade broker. You can also extract feedstock by dismantling unwanted undesired gear, or previously enchanted, no longer relevant gear. Bind-on-pickup gear cannot be dismantled unless it has already been enchanted with feedstock; they have no feedstock value of their own.

Feedstock has Tiers. The appropriate tier of feedstock matching the tier of the gear must be used to enchant the gear. For example, Tier 12 Feedstock must be used for Tier 12 gear. Players are able to combine Feedstock up to Tier 7 up one tier at a ratio of 6:1 (For example, 6 Tier 5 Feedstock turns into 1 Tier 6 Feedstock). For tiers higher than Tier 7, the ratio is 2:1.

Any +0 gear higher than Tier 9 can no longer be extracted into feedstock.

Any feedstock used to enchant a gear will be returned if you dismantle that item. The amount of feedstock used will be displayed at the bottom of the gear’s tooltip. For example, if you used 2,050 Tier 12 Feedstock to enchant your Superior Deathwrack Weapon and then you dismantle it, you’ll receive 2,050 Tier 12 Feedstock back. (Note that you do not receive any alkahest back.)


Alkahests is also needed, along with feedstock, to attempt an enchantment. There are different kinds of alkahest for different levels of enchantment.

For +1 to +9: You can choose from Normal Alkahest (Purchased from the General Merchant), Extensive Alkahest, or Premium Alkahest (though the latter two are not recommended at this range). You’ll notice that Alkahest also have Tiers. This follows the same rule as Feedstock: you must use the same tier alkahest as the tier of the gear. For example, to enchant Tier 7 gear, you must use Tier 7 Alkahest. To enchant Tier 4, you must use Tier 4. You can, however use a Tiered Alkahest which is higher than the gear’s Tier. For example, you can use Tier 3 Alkahest for a Tier 2 Weapon. You cannot combine alkahests for a higher tier alkahest.
For +10, 11 and 12: You will need to use a special kind of Alkahest, such as Masterwork Alkahest (MWA), Extensive Alkahest or Premium Alkahest. They can be obtained from dungeons. However, the easiest way to obtain MWA is through Vanguard Credits. The Vanguard Initiative Merchants (located in Highwatch and Amajuak Trading Post) sell a Masterwork Alkahest Box for 200 Credits and it’s guaranteed to have 16 or more Masterwork Alkahest.
As well as Masterwork Alkahest, there are other versions: Extensive and Premium Alkahest. Tradeable versions are available through Loot Boxes and non-tradeable versions are available as dungeon drops (Premium is denoted as Rare Alkahest), they offer a higher success rate and/or higher enchantment correction upon failure.

Enchanting and the Enchantment UI

To bring up the enchantment UI, you can either press T (default), use the Main Menu and click “Equipment”, press the button in your inventory, or press the red and yellow Enchant symbol next to any eligible gear (on fully enchanted gear, this button is greyed out). The UI will ask you place a piece of gear into the allocated slot. There are two methods of enchanting available.


The first and most common method is the Feedstock method, which uses feedstock and alkahest to enchant. When adding the piece of gear you desire to enchant, you are already faced with suggestions of how many Feedstock you are recommended to use. It’ll also display the amount of Feedstock and Alkahest you have.

As you can see on the left, there are options on how many Feedstock you can use. The amount of feedstock you use effects the success of the enchant. The more you use, the higher the success. The rank of the feedstock must be the same as the gear’s rank. The amount of feedstock you can use depends on the gear type as well:

Weapon: You can use either 4, 8, 24 or 48.

Chest: You can use either 3, 6, 18, or 36.

Boots/Gloves: You can use either 2, 4, 12 or 24.

The amount of alkahest is a fixed amount depending on Tier:

Tier 8 or below: 8 Alkahest

Tier 9 and above: 16 Alkahest

The second method is the Gear method, which uses Bind-on-pickup gear of the same name to enchant. The UI will display the amount of available tries you have. This method does not cost alkahest. This method is an alternative and is not intended to be the main method of enchanting. This method does not increase enchantment advantage and is not a guaranteed success.


Once you press the Enchant button, you will either succeed or fail. If you succeeded, the item will enchant one level! However, if you fail, you will lose your enchantment materials. For the Feedstock method, you will gain a slight enchantment correction advantage that makes your next attempt have a higher chance! This doesn’t apply for the Gear method, however.

To enchant past +9, you must first Masterwork your gear, read below to find out how to Masterwork!

Masterwork and Re-rolling

Masterworking is a big feature in TERA. It allows gear to be upgraded to +12 and unlock extra stats. If you do not Masterwork, then you cannot exceed +9. You can only Masterwork enchantable gear and it does not need to be enchanted to be Masterworked. Once a gear has been Masterworked, it cannot revert to becoming a non-Masterworked piece.

When an item is at Masterwork status:

  • Gain the “Masterwork Gear Name”, such as “Masterwork Lathetilt”. Gain the Masterwork symbol masterwork
  • The gear stats are increased by a few %. For example: Increase healing by 4.5% will become 6%.
  • The gear’s modifiers will receive a bonus, on top of its enchanting bonus. This bonus can be 1%, 2% or 3%. There is a tool, updated with the newest gears’ formula, which allows you to view your bonus: Masterwork Bonus Tool (Updated). Rerolling/resetting your gear will change this bonus.
  • You’ll unlock extra stats for +10, +11 and +12 enchantment.

To Masterwork a piece of gear you will need a Enigmatic Scroll and an Identification Scroll (You cannot use Semi-Enigmatic Scroll). Currently there a few scrolls in the game which can aid you in Masterworking.

Only Usable for non-Masterworked gear:
  • ces Common Enigmatic Scroll: Obtained from Merchants. Has an extremely low chance to Masterwork an item.
  • common-id Uses Common Identification Scroll: Obtained from Merchants. Reveal gear wrapped by Common Enigmatic Scrolls


Usable for both non-Masterworked and Masterworked gear:
  • mes Master Enigmatic Scroll: Obtained from dungeons, boxes and rewards. Has a larger chance to Masterwork an item than Common (about 3%).
  • bes Blessed Enigmatic Scroll: Obtained from EMP Store. Has a larger chance to Masterwork an item than Master (about 15%).
  • nesNoble Enigmatic Scroll: Obtained from EMP Store. Has a 100% chance to Masterwork an item.
  • intricate-id Intricate Identification Scroll: Obtained from Merchants. Reveal gear wrappped by Master, Blessed or Noble Enigmatic Scrolls


The process of Masterworking is simple, you click the Enigmatic Scroll which you would like to use and then click the gear which you would like to Masterwork. You will be prompted with a window where it’ll reveal the gears current stats and the ability to lock (save) individual stats.

Every time you use an Enigmatic Scroll, you reset the re-rollable stats (re-rollable stats are noted by this: rerollable), unless you lock them. You can lock them by clicking the small box near the stat(s) you want to save. However, there’s a cost: you must use Spellbinds. The amount of Spellbinds used depends on how many stats you want to save and the tier of gear.

spellbind The number of spellbinds used depends on the number of lines locked (up to 5 maximum for current gear) and the tier of the gear.

S = 8 Spellbinds for Low-Tier and 16 Spellbinds for Mid and High-Tier gear
1 stat locked = S
2 stats locked = S + S×1
3 stats locked = S + S×1 + S×2
4 stats locked = S + S×1 + S×2 + S×3
5 stats locked = S + S×1 + S×2 + S×3 + S×4

Green rerollable stats colored are considered unoptimal and do not increase the item level of a piece of gear. Yellow rerollables are considered decent and increase the item level of a piece of gear. However, just because a rerollable is yellow does not mean it is optimal for your class or what the weapon is intended to do. For example, “Decreases damage taken while knocked down by 6.9%” is a good PvP roll, but a poor choice for a PvE roll. Some gear might mark this roll as good because it is a good PvP roll, but if your weapon is intended for PvE, you might consider rerolling it to something more beneficial, like “Decreases damage taken from enraged monsters by 10%”.

Everytime you re-roll/reset your gear, an appropriate Identification Scroll is used and there is a chance to Masterwork it. The chance varies depending on which scroll you use. But it is RNG and it could take you many scrolls, or it could take you one.

Congratulations, you have learned how to Masterwork and reroll!

Rerolling Jewelry

Rerolling jewelry pieces (Rings, Earrings, and Necklaces) and accessories (Belts and Brooches) is very simple. All you need is a Semi Enigmatic Scroll: semi

On NA, they’re a drop from BAMs, a guaranteed reward from EMP shop loot boxes, and available from certain events.

Right clicking on the scroll will allow you to select a piece of jewelry. Left clicking that jewelry piece will reroll the item without additional menus.

Semi Enigmatic Scrolls also work on weapons and armor that are rerollable but are not enchantable.

Awakening and Awakened Enchanting

Certain gear pieces are eligible for Awakening and Awakened Enchantment, a special process that will improve certain types of gear even further.

Gear pieces from the following sets can be Awakened:

  • Oblit (VM9.5)
  • Deathwrack (VM9)
  • Behemoth (VM8.5)
  • Ambush (VM8)
  • Imperator (VM7 – unobtainable)
  • Starfall (VM6 – unobtainable)
  • Lucid (VM5 PvE – unobtainable)
  • Tensus (VM5 PvP – unobtainable)
  • Generation (VM4 PvE – unobtainable)
  • Renegade (VM4 PvP – unobtainable)
You cannot Awaken and +15 low- and mid-tier gear such as the following:

  • Conflate Gear
  • Guile Gear
  • Slaughter Gear
  • Dreadnaught Gear (unobtainable)
  • Schisma Gear (unobtainable)
  • Wroth Gear (unobtainable)
  • Ambit Gear (unobtainable)

Once a gear piece is Masterworked and enchanted to +12, it will be eligible to be Awakened.

Travel to Habere and enter Muhrak’s Workshop. Speak with Fovarth to begin the process.

To Awaken, speak with Fovarth and select “Awakening”. You will be brought to this menu, where you will choose the gear to Awaken. Awakening gear costs 2,000 Feedstock of the tier of the gear (Starfall gear would require 2,000 Tier 9 Feedstock, for example) and 1,000 Masterwork Alkahest, 850 Extensive Alkahest, or 600 Premium Alkahest. Awakening has a 100% Success rate. You cannot mix and match different types of Alkahest.

Awakening itself does not give your gear any extra stats; it simply allows it to be Awakened Enchanted. It will give your gear an Eye, replacing the Masterwork Medal. Dismantling Awakened gear does not refund any Feedstock used from Awakening.


Once you Awaken a piece of gear, you can start to attempt to enchant it by speaking with Fovarth and selecting “Awakened Enchanting”. Every attempt costs various amounts of Tiered Feedstock and various amounts of Alkahest depending on whether the gear is a weapon, a chestpiece, or footwear/handwear.

Each attempt to enchant a weapon will cost 200 Tiered Feedstock and one of –

Each attempt to enchant a chestpiece will cost 180 Tiered Feedstock and one of –

Each attempt to enchant footwear or handwear will cost 150 Tiered Feedstock and one of –

Every attempt has a small chance of succeeding. Unlike normal enchanting, failure will not give any enchantment advantage and your gear will remain at its current enchantment level. Dismantling Awakened gear does not refund any Feedstock used from enchanting attempts.


Successfully enchanting a weapon will increase the Attack/Impact modifiers on weapons and the Defense/Balance modifiers on armor. It will also increase the item level of the piece.

On Starfall and Imperator weapons, enchanting from +12 to +15 has additional enchantment lines.

On Tank and DPS weapons:
+13: Increases damage to monsters by 1%
+14: Increases damage to monsters by 2%
+15: Increases damage to monsters by 3%
On Healer weapons:
+13: Recovers 100 HP.
+14: Recovers 150 HP.
+15: Recovers 200 HP.

Once an Awakened piece has been enchanted to +15, it can be liberated and traded.

Use a Liberation Scroll on your +15 Awakened gear to liberate it. Once you do this, it will become tradeable. As of right now, all gear has only been able to be liberated once. After the first liberation, the gear cannot be liberated anymore.


  1. please do what I have to do so Fovarth talks to me, I have everything at +12 and can not talk to him Honza

  2. i have a question since im an idiot and completely forgot one could enchant gear with the same gear, if you succesfully enchant lets say some slaughter gear with the same gear what happens if you try to dismantle it? you get feedstock or it cant be dismantled?

    • If I recall correctly, enchanting with gear doesn’t increase the feedstock amount on the enchanted gear. So you’d get nothing in return when dismantling for those attempts, but feedstock enchanting would still add as normal.

  3. Hi there is currently up to date ?

    Also where is the gear obtainable from? are they questing gear dungeon gear or all craft-able? specifically the gear that can be awakened .

  4. Hey guys, i’m having trouble getting tier 9 MES, and one guildmate told me that it’s possible to upgrader MES’s tier, just like feedstock, just by pressing shift+right click, i’ve been trying without succes, everytime i clicked it, it just ask me for a item to enchant, is it really possible? or he was just screwing with me?

  5. this might not be the right area for this but is ther ea reason why all tier 6 -8 crafted ninja weapons are not tradable will this change in the future?

    • No idea what the reason is for this nor whether or not it will change. VM weapons aren’t tradeable as usual but I’m not sure about why Dreadnaught isn’t. There’s no reason to craft Ambit, Wroth, or Schisma though.

  6. On the other guides written the author gives the optimal rolls for a class.
    I’ve been wondering do the hierarchy of +3 +6 +9 bottom rolls lines matter?

    For instance weapon re-roll is +3 Power, +6 Skill Cooldowns, +9 Enrage Damage.
    Is it any different than +3 Skill Cooldown +6 Enrage damage +9 Power?

  7. You guys might want to clarify how much Premium Alks is used for awakening O: AFAIK, it should be 600.

  8. How do I get my Dreadnaught armor (T8) MW’d since the dungeon that drops the gear gives Enigmatic Scrolls for T7

    • The Vanguard Initiative reward for KDNM, FINM, SCHM, KDHM, TSHM, TSNM and BRHM gives Tier 8 Master Enigmatic Scrolls. If you cannot gather enough T8 MES this way, you can also buy regular Master Enigmatic Scrolls from the trade broker.

  9. where do I earn Semi Enigmatic Scroll?

  10. Hi can you make a guide regarding Awakening Enchantments? I heard that from the Go Berserk PATCH, the Awakening Enchanting are changed, I think I hears before thaat if you fail,you go back to +12 but now it is changed. I will be making a VM Weapon and I’m looking for guides about the enchantments where I feel so horrored about. Thanks!!!

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