EP Talents are one of the many ways in TERA to receive additional buffs. If you’re new to this system, the best comparison to it is glyphs, however these are still very different. Similar to glyphs, you have a certain amount of “points” you may spend on talents. The current maximum is 500 points, and all players start with 300. The points are shared per server, and can be used by each character. For example, if you play on Velika server and have two characters, you will be able to spend X amount of points on both characters. This is why talents are one of the most essential character buffs in the game. With most things such as skill advancements or glyphs, you have to work for them on each character while talents allow you to use the points on as many characters as you want. Talents may be used of characters of all levels, however some talents are only unlocked at later levels. You won’t be able to have all talents at level one, for example. Mechanics on how to equip and use these talents will be found below.

Types of Talents

There are 5 types of Talents in the game. These include

  • Strengthen Offense: This includes talents such as mighty attack, which gives you a flat power boost
  • EP Damage: These talents are usually not that good, considering the scaling for them are horrible. Generally, these are only used when there is nothing better to invest points into
  • Speed Increase: This includes things like increased casting speeds and additional movement speed after resurrection
  • Resource Recovery: This includes things like mana replenishment
  • Defense/Special: This includes things like mighty defense, giving you a flat endurance boost. It also includes necessary talents for healers which will make triple nemesis/volley of curses more potent

Talents are based off of class skills, so many talents will vary per class. The only ones that do not change per character are the ones classed as “Regular” which includes talents that can boost power, endurance, or affect you after resurrection.

How to Use

To access the talent page, find the “My Character” button shaped like a helmet and under the dropdown hit EP. You can then see how many points you have, how much experience you have until you get a new point, and filter by types of talents. You can also select a box allowing you to see only talents you have invested points in. To use a talent, simply click on the talent you want and hit the + signs to put points in, and – to remove points. I should note that once you are done using points, you must confirm them near the bottom of the popup. Once they are confirmed, you can not take points out of a skill. The only way to remove points afterwards is use EP reset potions. These are obtained from completing EP related achievements, such as using a certain amount of points. These will be sent to your parcel. You get quite a lot, but if you should happen to run out of potions and you need more, you can use 30 dragon scales to purchase one. Also, not all talents cost a single point, some could cost more from the start or increase in point value further into the investment.

Gaining Experience

The easiest way to gain EP points is complete vanguard requests. Under each vanguard, you can see a reward icon which looks similar to normal experience boosters you may use when leveling. If you hover over this icon, it will say “EP++.” Completing these will give you a hefty amount of experience. Another way to get experience is killing BAMs, which give 30 experience per BAM. This is not the most efficient way as a vanguard request gives thousands of experience points compared to 30 per BAM.

Unlike actual leveling however, you can not farm EP experience until you have 500 points in a week. There is a daily softcap on experience. If you are away from the game for a while, your softcap will slowly increase and you can get more experience in a day. If you continue playing and completing some of the experience, the softcap will slowly decrease back to the normal amount. This makes it fair for everyone to get EP points in a similar amount of time, even if you can’t play as often.

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