Updated with Guardian and Twistshard cost reductions

With Patch 61 coming, the gear system will get a complete overhaul in which you progress through end-game, as far as items are concerned. This guide should be able to help you understand the changes and can be used as something to refer to in case there’s uncertainties. This guide will be largely based on information from KTera with EnMasse also providing some of the more local information.

The Basics

First of all I’d like to explain the concept of the new gear system. Since these fundamentals are referred to throughout the entire guide. There are two main changes to the progression system and several smaller changes.

First of all the the Linear Progression. Let’s first go over what exactly this Linear Progression means. Prior to this patch, you would progress from +12/+15 towards +12/15. There was simply no point in stopping midway because your previous gear would perform better. With this new system, every upgrade you do will directly translate into benefits.

To explain this in an example: Let’s assume you fully enchanted your mid tier. Your next step would be to farm the high tier and fully enchant that before using it. So from +12 to +12. In the new patch if you go from +9 Twistshard to +1 Frostmetal, there will already be a direct increase in stats.

An illustration the Linear Progression can be found on the below. The sets you can progress through are called Guardian, Twistshard, Frostmetal and Stormcry. Of which Guardian upgrades up to +6 and everything else up to +9. When a piece of armor reaches the max level of enchantment it is available to be upgraded to the next set.

The second change is the way in which you enchant. Prior to the patch you needed Feedstock and Alkahest. Both of these items are not going to have any value from now on, however they can be dismantled for Entropic Emblems and Metamorphic emblems. These Remnant Tokens are tokens obtained from dismantling enchanting materials and can be used to purchase items in the Entropic Emblem Shop and Metamorphic Emblem Shop respectively. A list of items Is available in the dedicated paragraph called Entropic Emblems.

In the new patch you will need specific items which drop in Dungeons/are Crafted or bought from stores. There is a table with the items further down in the guide. So instead of Feedstock and Alkahest you are supposed to have the required Enchanting Materials. Additionally, there is an added system where every Vanguard gives your gear Experience as can be seen in this illustrations below.

This Experience is used to increase the success chance of enchanting your gear, you are able to increase the success chance to up to 100%, depending on your gear and enchantment level. While not the fastest way to obtain Best in Slot gear it is most definitely one of the cheapest methods, especially when it’s concerning Top Tier gear.

Pros and Cons

These changes come with mixed opinions as you can expect, personally I feel like it’s a great change but everyone has their own opinion and that’s fine. Here’s a list of things that I consider the pros and cons of the new system.


  • Linear Progression
  • No enchant restricted lines, except Stormcry
  • Less RNG involved
  • No more Awakening
  • Easier for new players to progress
  • No more set bonuses
  • All sets go to same enchantment level

  • No more “skipping” gearing
  • No more red wings at start of patch
  • Very gold reliant
  • Getting best in slot requires grinding


Due to us going from one system to another there is going to be a transition from the old system to the new system. The most notable part of this transition is the fact that you are able to convert your current gear to similiar level of power in the new progression system. The only items available for this are Tier 11 items and above, this translates into it being Misery, Ambush, Behemoth, Deathwrack and Oblit It is VERY IMPORTANT to note that this only affects items that are enchanted to +12 or higher. This is as far as Weapon, Boots, Armor and Gloves go. I will show you the conversion table below. In the case of you not having any of these sets, for example you just got to level 65 and are still on Guile or an alt character of yours is still rocking Imperator gear. There is going to be a quest called Fresh Arms and Legs available, this will pop up on your quest log the moment you hit 65 or after patch releases, that will provide you with a full set of all Guardian items and Prespect jewelry.

Gear Conversion Table

Enchantment Level Misery Ambush Behemoth Deathwrack Oblit
+12 +0 Twistshard +3 Twistshard +5 Twistshard +0 Frostmetal +3 Frostmetal
+13 N/A +7 Twistshard +9 Twistshard +4 Frostmetal +7 Frostemtal
+14 N/A +0 Frostmetal +2 Frostmetal +9 Frostmetal +0 Stormcry
+15 N/A +7 Frostmetal +9 Frostmetal +2 Stormcry +4 Stormcry

The gear does not convert the moment the patch happens, this is something you will have to do manually by buying an item at the Specialty Merchant for a very low price, practically free. What this means is that in case you want to upgrade your gear some more before converting. Then you should do that as it increases your starting point in the new progression system. In fact you can buy feedstock and alkahest with the Emblems you can get from the tokens you get from dismantling other materials, doing Vanguards and doing the Questlines.

Naturally you also get to convert the rest of your gear (read: Jewelry, Belt and Circlet) the conversion table for that can be found below. It is for example impossible to go straight to the highest set, even if you have the top jewelry right now. The naming scheme for these items is as following: Prospect, Bellum, Daylight and Entropy.

New Accesory Converted From
Guardian Belt N/A
Twistshard Belt Misery Belt Ambush Belt Behemoth Belt
Frostmetal Belt Deathwrack Belt Oblit Belt
Stormcry Belt N/A
Prospect Circlet N/A
Bellum Circlet Demoros Circlet
Daylight Circlet Demoros Diadem
Entropy Circlet N/A
Prospect Jewelry N/A
Bellum Jewelry Resized Heavenly Resized Godly
Daylight Jewelry Resized Key (PvP)
Entropy Jewelry N/A

Just like the previous table, if the item you wish to convert is not on the table above. It will not be available to convert and you’ll have to start upgrading from Prospect. If you currently do not have the Key jewelry I suggest not putting time into getting it unless you’re really close. You will see below that going through the jewelry is cheaper than buying the Key jewelry right now, naturally you are allowed to but it is something you will have to decide for yourself.


Now that you know at which part in the progression you will start it’s important to know how to progress through the sets. Well this isn’t all that difficult. It pretty much comes down to doing Vanguards for the experience, collecting the items and attempting the enchantments. The only thing that’s different is the fact that your gear will gain Gear Experience. This is what I’ll want to talk about right now. As you could see in the picture earlier every Vanguard gives your Currently Equipped items Experience. What this means is that at the moment of completing your Vanguard, the gear you are using at that specific moment will gain the Experience. This translates in the ability to level an item you did not clear the dungeon with. The Experience that your items can accumulate is visible in the illustrations in Required Items, along with the items that you need to attempt an enchantment. An illustration of what the experience looks like in the Vanguard Menu can be found below.

One thing to note is that it is possible to accumulate more Experience than the item shows, this experience is moved towards the next enchantment. You will only use your experience on a Succesful Attempt. When you try to enchant and you fail, you will gain a 3% increase in your enchantment chance. This bonus increase will accumulate with every single failure. The actual formula for the enchantment bonus can be found on the right (or below on mobile), the formula is purely additive.
Base Chance
+ Item XP
+ Previous Failure
+ any Bonus effects (items, etc)
+ Tera Rewards
+ Active Events

In this formula Item XP refers to “(Accumulated XP / Max XP) * (X)” where X stands for 0.5, 0.3 and 0.15 for Twistshard, Frostmetal and Stormcry respectively.
Previous failures stands for “Amounts of failures * 3”.
any Bonus Effects is part of the formula but I’m unfamiliar with anything that would go here, possibly future items that increase enchantment chance
Tera Rewards refers to the 1/2/3% increase you get for having a certain Tera Reward Rank. (This is an EnMasse exclusive so Gameforge players will ignore this one)
Active Events refer to any sort of Event ran by either EnMasse of Gameforge. (For example a 5% increase in chance would be additive)

Required Items

Now that you know how to get your gear, know how the Experience works, it’s time to go over the actual Enchanting process. Like mentioned before, gather the items and you are able to attempt an enchantment. The items required for Guardian gear are much easier to obtain than those for Stormcry.

Guardian Set

So let’s start with the items required for Guardian set. As mentioned before, it’s the set you get when you hit level 65 or are unable to convert your gear. The table of the required items can be found below.

1 2 3 4 5 6 Tshard Total
Weapon Golden Talent 7 9 13 14 20 21 9 93
Wood Scrap 7 11 12 16 23 33 11 113
Archdevan Catalyst 49 49
Gold 112 158 190 237 309 435 652 2,093
Chest Armor Golden Talent 6 10 10 11 11 14 6 68
Wood Scrap 5 7 9 11 16 24 8 80
Archdevan Catalyst 35 35
Gold 78 116 136 170 221 310 460 1,491
Golden Talent 5 6 6 10 10 15 5 57
Wood Scrap 4 6 7 9 13 19 6 64
Archdevan Catalyst 28 28
Gold 62 91 108 136 179 251 366 1,193
Basic Success % 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%

As you can see above, The enchantment chance for this set is 100%. These items do not accumulate experience. Guardian set only requires 2 different items and to upgrade it to next set it’ll require an additional item. These items are readily available in fact doing the 5 Red Questlines that take you to Kalivan’s Challenge, Ravenous Gorge, Shattered Fleet, Thautmetal Refinery and RK-9 Kennel should actually get you a long way to getting through the Guardian Set. There will be a more in-depth guide available for new and returning players that go over the ways of obtaining the materials for the Guardian Set, as most people will be able to skip this.

A second way to obtain these items is by using the Entropic Emblem Shop, the shop that I explained earlier and will have a seperate chapter below. Farming these Emblems canelp you progress through this set.

Twistshard Set

If you just finished upgrading your Guardian Set, converted from +12/+13 Ambush or Behemoth you’ll obtain the Twistshard set and the required items will also be slightly different. The base enchantment chance is 50% and you can start increasing this by grinding Experience. You’ll find the table below.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Fmetal Total
Weapon Golden Talent 22 20 22 26 27 25 29 35 36 7 249
Polished Arunic Ore 4 6 7 8 11 15 20 25 34 10 140
Archdevan Oil 14 14
Gold 549 621 738 873 1,062 1,314 1,638 2,070 2,619 3,393 14,877
Chest Golden Talent 16 14 20 20 17 17 21 24 27 4 180
Polishd Arunic Ore 3 4 4 6 8 11 14 18 24 6 98
Archdevan Oil 11 11
Gold 387 450 522 621 756 936 1,170 1,476 1,872 2,496 10,686
Golden Talent 10 14 12 10 13 16 17 22 18 4 136
Polished Arunic Ore 3 3 4 6 7 8 11 14 20 6 82
Archdevan Oil 8 8
Gold 315 360 423 495 612 747 936 1,179 1,494 1,896 8,457
Basic Success % 50% 50% 50% 50% 50% 50% 50% 50% 50% 50%
Exp 328 376 441 525 639 786 985 1,241 1,571 2,045 8,937

All of the items in this chart are still available in the Entropic Emblem Shop, naturally they will also drop in dungeons and you can check the Vanguard Menu for more information on the drops that are available in each dungeon.

Frostmetal Set

This is when enchanting starts to get a bit more pricy and requires a bit more grinding. The base enchantment chance goes from 30 at +1 to 22% at +8, this means that even with maximized experience your enchantment chance will still not be extremely high. You can find the table for the required items below.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Scry Total
Weapon Golden Daric 35 37 38 39 45 50 56 64 68 1 433
Liquid Metal 5 5 5 6 6 6 6 8 10 1 58
Hypnotic Device 3 3 3 3 3 4 5 6 9 1 40
Archdevan Surfactant 5 5
Emerald 3 3 3 3 3 4 5 6 7 9 46
Gold 407 467 496 741 921 500 109 206 410 964 5,221
Chest Golden Daric 22 24 24 29 32 26 34 36 39 1 267
Liquid Metal 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 5 7 1 35
Hypnotic Device 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 4 6 1 26
Archdevan Surfactant 3 3
Emerald 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 4 6 28
Gold 160 220 220 370 460 280 160 866 586 600 3,922
Golden Daric 15 16 17 20 23 24 20 17 33 2 187
Liquid Metal 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 4 5 1 26
Hypnotic Device 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 4 5 2 26
Archdevan Surfactant 2 2
Emerald 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 19
Gold 736 766 >796 >886 >976 280 527 81 679 740 6,467
Basic Success % 30% 30% 28% 28% 26% 26% 24% 24% 22% 22%
Exp 1,588 1,629 1,705 1,828 2,016 2,311 2,747 3,341 4,213 5,490 26,868

Again, just like the previous sets. Most of these items are available from the Entropic Emblem Shop, with the exception of Emeralds. Which can be crafted by using Alchemy, refer to Revamp Crafting Guide for more information on how to obtain Emeralds. Another way to obtain the items is to run dungeons because they do have a chance to drop in the specified dungeons, check your Vanguard menu for more information on the dungeons you can run for these.

Stormcry Set

This is where most of the end game players will start as they all have Deathwrack or Oblit enchanted up to +15. This is also where it becomes very expensive, the amount of gold, EXP and items required for every enchantment are much higher than any other set as can be seen in the table below. As far as the items go, most them are actually still available from the Entropic Emblem Shop. However, these items are not what makes obtaining +9 of this set to be tedious, long and expensive. That’s because of the Emeralds, Diamonds and for +8 and +9 the Elemental Essence. Not to mention that the Base Enchantment Chance goes down from 15% at +1, to 5% at +8.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Total
Weapon Golden Plate 20 23 36 48 56 64 79 85 93 504
Aristan’s Tools 7 7 7 7 8 11 18 15 16 96
Copper Clasp 3 3 3 3 5 7 12 9 10 55
Pansophic Ash 5 8 7 8 28
Elemental Essence 3 6 9
Emerald 5 5 6 7 8 31
Diamond 1 2 3 4 10
Gold 138 340 218 28 993 6,245 2,841 274 2,699 13,776
Chest Golden Plate 11 14 23 33 41 44 53 62 60 341
Artisan’s Tools 5 5 5 5 8 7 12 11 10 68
Copper Clasp 2 2 2 3 4 5 9 7 7 41
Pansophic Ash 4 6 5 5 20
Elemental Essence 2 5 7
Emerald 3 3 4 5 6 21
Diamond 1 1 2 3 7
Gold 368 570 178 415 518 1,633 6,334 1,586 1,474 13,076
Golden Plate 7 9 12 19 29 36 44 36 53 245
Artisan’s Tools 3 3 4 4 4 6 9 8 9 50
Copper Clasp 2 2 2 3 3 4 7 5 6 34
Pansophic Ash 3 5 4 4 16
Elemental Essence 2 4 6
Emerald 2 2 3 4 4 9 24
Diamond 1 1 2 4
Gold 498 633 135 170 845 293 3,070 7,273 5,968 18,885
Basic Success % 15% 14% 13% 12% 11% 10% 9% 7% 5%
Exp 4,244 4,565 5,386 6,931 9,523 13,645 19,978 28,883 41,253 134,408

If this is first time you see this table you might actually start disliking this entire patch, however let me comfort you. You do not require +9 to be able to be relevant. If you manage to get to +5 Stormcry before hitting a wall. You will still do fine in terms of damage, there is no content where your gear does not meet the requirements. Yes, you will do less damage than someone who was able to obtain +9. However, this isn’t going to stop you from running the hardest content! Like mentioned all the way in the beginning of this guide, it’s a Linear Progression. You can just play at your own pace and progress at your own pace.

Elemental Essence

The most exclusive item that you need to upgrade Stormcry from +7 to +9 would be the Elemental Essence. This item is probably the hardest item to obtain in the entire patch, the ways of getting it is limited. So I’d like to go over the different ways of actually obtaining them.

  1. RK9 Kennel Hard Mode, you have to trigger Extreme mode to obtain it here
  2. Harrowhold Phase 4, clearing it will give everyone a Battle Pack which gives 1 of them. Additionally, up to 3 will drop
  3. Rally or Guild Boss, has a chance of dropping it and the top performing raid will get a box that has a chance to drop up to 3 Elemental Essence
  4. Civil Unrest: Velika, the BAMs that spawn every 30 minutes (up to 3 times) have a chance of dropping it.
  5. Battleground Champion Boxes, these have an extremely low chance of giving one.

Belt, Brooch, Circlet, Necklace, Ring and Earring

Not just Weapons and Armors can be upgraded through the progression system, same goes for the other parts of your gear. The only difference is, you will not be able to enchant them. The only thing you can do, is upgrading them when you get the items. A list of items is available in the table below.

Belt Brooch Circlet Necklace Ring Earring
Ballum Daylight Entropy Ballum Daylight Entropy Ballum Daylight Entropy Ballum Daylight Entropy Ballum Daylight Entropy Ballum Daylight Entropy
Plain Metallic Piece 20 20 20 20 13 13
Silver Arborean Crystal 12 35 12 35 12 35 12 35 8 23 8 23
Filtered Essence 7 7 7 7 5 5
Silver Arborean Piece
Ominous Spell Scroll 21 21 21 21 14 14
Ornamental Piece 11 11 11 11 8 8
Dimensional Fragment 3 3 3 3 2 2
Silver Arborean Plate 68 68 68 68 40 40
Diamond 2 2 2 2 1 1
Basic Success % 100% 30% 10% 100% 30% 10% 100% 30% 10% 100% 30% 10% 100% 30% 10% 100% 30% 10%
Gold 754 1,950 528 754 1,950 528 754 1,950 528 754 1,950 528 493 1,367 3,575 493 1,367 3,575
Exp 0 8,938 80,638 0 8,938 80,638 0 8,938 80,638 0 8,938 80,638 0 8,938 80,638 0 8,938 80,638

Entropic/Metamorphic Emblems

Now we’ll talk about the specifics on how to get the actual, as we’ve mentioned before you can obtain them from dismantling materials. EnMasse has released a table of all the items that are available to be disenchanted, however it is important to note that some of the current enchanting materials will become “Depleted”. The depleted items will give Entropic Emblems rather than the non depleted versions that give Metamorphic Emblems (read: obtained in new patch). The table below will go over the Entropic Emblems as those are the Emblems you can obtain with items you bring from the current patch, into the next one.

Item Name Amount of Emblem
Sturdy Alkahest 1
Retro Alkahest 1
Master Enigmatic Scroll 2
Common Enigmatic Scroll 1
Intricate Enigmatic Scroll 1
Federation Enigmatic Scroll 1
Semi-Enigmatic Scroll 28
Federation Supply: Sturdy Alkahest 1
Spellbind 2
Depleted Masterwork Alkahest 1
Personal Extensive Alkahest 1
Personal Rare Alkahest 1
Spellbind XI 1
Spellbind XII 1
Master Enigmatic Scroll XI 1
Master Enigmatic Scroll XII 1
Ancient Wish 120
Spellcatch Bijou 10
Depleted Ominuous Ore 12
Depleted Herpvein Powder 40
Talisman of Lakan 400
Depleted Lakan’s Scale 240
Badge of Loyalty 240
Lakan’s Banner 80
Item Name Amount of Emblem
Depleted Triumph Keybadge 750
Chance Engine 30
Risk Amplifier 100
Necklace Resizer 1800
Earring Resizer 1000
Ring Resizer 1500
Extensive Alkahest 1
Federation Supply: Semi-Enigmatic Scroll 7
Veteran’s Extensive Alkahest 1
Rare Alkahest 1
Friendly Master Enigmatic Scroll 1
Friendly Semi-Enigmatic Scroll 7
Blessed Enigmatic Scroll 12
Noble Enigmatic Scroll 160
Tier 12 Feedstock 3
Goddess’s Gemstone 12000
Goddess’s Tear 120
Quatrefoil Base 24
Tier 11 Masterwork Alkahest 1
Tier 12 Masterwork Alkahest 1
Veteran Masterwork Alkahest 1
Valuable Alkahest 1
Premium Alkahest 1
Depleted War Keybadge 5
Item Name Entropic Emblem
Retro Alkahest 5
Masterwork Alkahest 12
Personal Extensive Alkahest 4
Personal Rare Alkahest 4
Extensive Alkahest 16
Rare Alkahest 16
Blue Event Alkahest 1
Veteran Masterwork Alkahest 3
Valuable Alkahest 16
Master Enigmatic Scroll 25
Common Enigmatic Scroll 1
Friendly Enigmatic Scroll 5
Blessed Enigmatic Scroll 150
Noble Enigmatic Scroll 2,000
Tier 12 Feedstock 2
Spellbind 20
Spellbind XI 5
Spellbind XII 5
Goddess’s Gemstone 3000
Goddess’s Tear 30
Quatrefoil Base 30
Ancient Wish 150
Spellcatch Bijou 25
Depleted Lakan’s Scale 450
Depleted Ominous Ore 3
Depleted Herpvein Powder 10
Depleted War Keybadge 8
Depleted Triumph Keybadge 1,200
Chance Engine 30
Risk Amplifier 100
Necklace Resizer 1,800
Earring Resizer 1,000
Ring Resizer 1,500
Semi-Enigmatic Scroll 160
Veteran Semi-Enigmatic Scroll 40
Federation Supply: Semi-Enigmatic Scroll 40
Item Name Metamorphic Emblem
Talisman of Lakan 9,000
Lakan’s Scale 5,400
Badge of Loyalty 5,400
Lakan’s Banner 1800
Ominous Ore 36
War Keybadge 96
Triumph Keybadge 14,400
Masterwork Alkahest 144
Tier 12 Feedstock 24
Necklace Resizer 1
Earring Resizer 2,400
Ring Resizer 3,600
Herpvein Powders 120

Special Thanks

I’d like to thank the following people for helping make this guide possible:

  • EssentialMana: Gathering all of this information from KTera, it would not have been possible without their help, as well as helping with the styling and information
  • Spacecats: Reaching out to us to make this collaboration possible
  • Seandynamite: Being our primary point of contact in this collaboration, his positive attitude kept people going
  • Sjmagner: Providing all the screenshots and information about the localization


  1. Hi ..i farmed 75 chance engine some hours before revamp update to upgrade my demoros cerclet to diadem but didnt have time to finish..risk amplifier are all gone from broker after revamp… i want to know if there is a way to upgrade my demoros cerclet to diadem if there is no longer risk amp..or i can only upgrade the cerclet without get it in diadem ty

  2. hi, I play on ps4 and I’m new in the game .. sorry for the trivial questions.
    if I sold the guardian set can I buy it back? if yes where? once I get to +9 how can I turn it into the next set?

    thank you so much

  3. Item XP success chance if now maxed out at 30% for +0 frostmetal. I have accumulated 15090xp / 1588 * .3. Item XP still at 30%.

    • Item XP max bonus for Frostmetal was always 30%. (It’s also said in this article but a bit hidden)

      Anyways, bit of stuff in this article is outdated (for example they changed enchant cost second time >.>) so take stuff with grain of salt. Replacement of this is about half-written.

  4. Hi. No in question. I play on ps4 and actually have +12 t10. When this update come can I trade it for t11 or I must already have ambush?

  5. Hi, can you update this with the recent gold cost reduction done by EME? So I can properly use this guide to get a gauge on how much I need to save up from guardian to frostmetal?

  6. I am trying to upgrade my accessories. Prospect jewelry says at the bottom of the info window, “Can be upgraded to a Carved Bellum [piece].” But if I try to select through the normal enchant/upgrade window I use on armor & weapons, it says I cannot select that item. So….what am I missing?

  7. Since Dyads won’t carry over after upgrading each gear tier, will etchings do?

  8. What happens to Dyads when gear is converted? do we just lose it all and need to reforge them?

  9. Are starts getting reset upon enchanting to next gear? F.e, I have perfect stats Guardian, will stats on my Twistshard be random?

    • Stats work a bit differently in the new patch: everytime you get new item, you get it “Enigmatic” – with no stats.

      On enigmatic items you’re free to choose any stats you want, for free.

      On normal items you must pay 4-6 SES per stat you want to change.

  10. Thank you for your work guys <3

  11. What happens if I have now the pvp jewerlies but they are not resized

  12. Would it be better to +12 Misery before patch or wait till after the patch (after patch meaning having to dismantle mats and using tokens to buy new mats to enchant)? Or just forget Misery altogether and do the quest to get Guardian and go from there?

  13. Quick question on Item XP component of enchantment probability of success. For an example, lets say you want to enchant Twistshard (0.5 factor) and you have 250 out of a max of 500 possible Item xp for this try. The formula says your number would be (250/500)* 0.5 =0.25. Looking at the previous failures component, if this is the second try the number would be 3 for that component, which we know represents 3% added to the prob of success. Would the component from Item XP increase the probability of success by 25% or by 0.25%?

  14. What will happen to the Strongboxes (Locked, Spellbound, Extensive, etc.)? Spellbind and Alkahest the main items received from them and people stockpile the strongboxes and keys.

  15. So no more glow?
    Can we trade required items for enchanting?

    • There will be glow, it’s just it will be progressive: Only Stormcry gear will have wings, it will start yellow at +0, and be red at +9.
      For example Stormetal will have strong blue glow at +0 and red glow at +9.

  16. What about masterwork alkahest?

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    • Tier 10 Feedstock can be converted to Tier 12 Feedstock, then to Entropic Emblems. Tier 10 Spellbind can be converted to Tier 11 Spellbind, which can be converted to Entropic Emblems.

      Tier 10 Alkahest will not be useful.

  18. This seems like the way the game should have been all along.. I just started playing and I only have 2 characters that are level 40 so im pretty excited. I never liked the way the gear and weapon system worked. Grinding is not a con. It separates the casual players to the ones who dedicate themselves to the game. Im glad that this is more gold oriented now

  19. Great data, but uh, is there more? I’m curious about the upgrade process from one tier to the next; eg. from frostmetal to stormcry. I’m guessing it’s only for +9 to +0 of the next, no skipping. Also, it looks like you can only level gear you’re wearing when you click the vanguard button, which puts a serious damper on gearing alts by playing your main or am I missing a trick for alt-gearing?

    • There’s not too much more. The revamp itself is not that complicated; it’s just new.

      For upgrading gear, you do go from +9 to +0, but the +0 will have higher base stats than the +9 of the previous tier and will be better if Etchings, Dyads, and rolls are the same.

  20. So a few questions
    1 Can we still use scarabs to craft white dendrites for etching after revamp?
    2. Should we +15 deathwrack now or wait til revamp which will be cheaper?
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    • Everything regarding Tier 1-3 Gear Etchings will remain the same.

      If the buy rates are the same, then +15ing after the patch should be optimal as you do not need to awaken; however, if you’re using Premiums, Extensives, or Veteran’s Masterwork Alkahest, whose values are worse after the patch, then it might be more optimal to +15 now.

    • i c thank you
      what about after revamp dw+12 into high tier +0 then upgrade it to +2 top gear ,will it cost less than +12-15 average?

  21. Depleted does not mean unusable right?
    I.e. Depleted MWA able to be used to enchant old gear or Depleted War/Triumph Keybadge to make Keybadge Acc

    • Depleted does mean unusuable, there was a glitch on KTera that got fixed by making items Depleted. However the emblems you get for disenchanting them should be identical to the Emblems you spend to buy the same item in the shop.

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    Also I guess good guide, it feels like it’s missing something but I can’t grasp what it is.

    • People are too used to being able to get gear fairly easily, and then enchant it with resources farmed in advance. As for red wings – since you’ll have to convert your your gear into new one, you will lose your enchantment glow (red wings / red glow / …) and be “downgraded” a few lvls down

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