All of Arborea’s ghilliedhus are descended from Banyakas, which is why he has a certain level of control over their behavior. By and large, ghilliedhus are docile creatures, but Banyakas is being influenced by an obscure power. Your quest in this instance is to rid him of this spell, before his rage flows into the other ghilliedhus’s souls.

Level Requirement: 65
Item level: –
Format: 1-man

How to access:

Ghillieglade is an exclusive dungeon. Standard users will have 2 daily runs, and Elite users will have 4 daily runs.
The teleportal entrance is only accessible through Velik’s Sanctuary, which requires a Velik’s Opportunity Scroll (Non-tradeable). The Teleport Scroll to the Sanctuary will be available through:

  • Vanguard Initiative Rep Store (15 Credits)
  • Federation Bill Store (5 Federation Bills)
  • Reward for your weekly Valkyon Request Orders (20 Badges)
  • Elite users will have access to Velik’s Sanctuary placed on their Elite Bar, as a skill and not a scroll

Mystics and Priests will receive a 50% damage increase buff when entering this dungeon.

There are 2 paths you can take when challenging this dungeon;

  • Option #1: Choose to aid the Gatekeeper (Giant) and Guardian (Teralith) by carry out the dungeon normally. You must defend the Injured Oasis Giant (2) and keep the Warden away from the Ward Stone (3). Then proceed to destroy the Mighty Hypnotic Stone and free Banyakas (4).
  • Option #2: (or Ghilleglade Hard Mode) Choose to not aid the Giant and Gatekeeper by skipping to Banyakas (4). However, Banyaka will be even angrier and will summon the Giant and Gatekeeper to aid in defeating you. After you break the Mighty Hypnotic Stone, you must then fight Banyakas himself.

Challenge #1: Help the Injured Oasis Giant by defeating the monsters

The guard is injured and surrounded. You must help him defeat the monsters which are spawned by the Coercive Shards. The Giant will destroy a Coercive Shard every 25 kills. You must help until all shards have been destroyed.

Once the Gatekeeper destroys all of the Coercive Shards, you will be prompted with “You protected the Gatekeeper.


Challenge #2: Keep the Wardens away from the Ward Stone

The Ward Stone (Guardian) lies beaten on the ground, however two Subverted Wardens are on their way to finish him off. You must aid him, by keeping them away, so he can recover and destroy the Hypnotic Stone which has these Subverted Wardens under it’s control.

You cannot kill these Subverted Wardens, however you can attack them to generate aggro. They will attack you and not head towards the Ward Stone. You can also stun, sleep, slow, fear and knock them down.

Once the Ward Stone reaches 100% HP, you will be prompted with “The Guardian has recovered fully,” the Guardian will rise and destroy the Hypnotic Stone and the Subverted Wardens and you will be prompted with “You protected the Guardian.

You should stay in the area once the Guardian has fully recovered until you see “You protected the Guardian” as you might be counted as skipping the Guardian if you proceed too quickly.

Challenge #3: Destroy the Mighty Dominolith Shard and free Banyakas from it’s spell

When challenging Banyakas, you will be given the option to receive a power or healing buff. Choose wisely. (You will not get this option if you skip the other challenges).

You must attack and defeat the Dominolith Shard. (Tip for Backcrits: The stone is facing Banyakas, so the stone’s back is facing the bridge. It does not naturally enrage though). However, Banyakas will attempt to defeat you and prevent you from breaking the stone.



Throughout the fight, he’ll spawn Ghilliedhus which will attack you. They have relatively low health and drop motes which heal and regenerate your MP. These Ghilliedhus can be knocked down and stunned.

Lateral Shockwave: Depending on which side you’re on, Banyakas will send a wave of damage on one half of the field. This is easy to notice and dodge as it’s a slow attack, pay attention to his hands.

Heavy Blow: You’ll receive a warning message “There will be nothing left of you but ash!” Banyakas will slam his hands on the ground on the left and right side, if you stand near you’ll receive quite a lot of damage. You can easily avoid this mechanic by staying in the middle section. The area of damage is not big and you’ll find yourself not worrying about this mechanic as much. He’ll then proceed to do Frontal Fire

Frontal Fire: Banyakas will exert fire in front of him towards Dominolith Shard and the bridge. Dealing damage in that area. This is a fixed position and he can only exert fire down the middle of the field.

Bitter Fruits: You’ll receive a warning message “I bear the most bitter fruit!“, the field will be split with a red zone and a safe zone. You must get away from Banyakas by heading to the safe outer section of the field as it’s a close range attack. You’ll receive multiple damage and a slowing debuff if hit.

Fiery Breath: You’ll receive a warning message “I’ll burn you to ash!“, the field will be split with a red zone and a safe zone. You must get close to Banyakas by heading to the safe inner section of the field as it’s a long range attack. You’ll receive multiple damage and a slowing debuff if hit.

Once the stone is broken, Banyakas will be free. A ghilliedhu will reward you with his Treasure Chest.

If you skip the other challenges and head straight to Banyakas:

Ghillieglade “Hard Mode” – Last Boss: Banyakas

You can access “Hard Mode” by walking straight towards Banyakas instead of saving the guardians. You will be prompted by the messages “The Gatekeeper has been dominated” and “The Guardian has been dominated“. Note that saving skipping either of the guardians will trigger “Hard Mode.”

You’ll receive no power or healing support and there will be more spawned Ghilliedhus. You must kill the Dominolith Shard, and whilst killing the Shard, Banyakas will summon the Oasis Giant (at 75% HP) and the Ward Stone (at 50% HP) who will attempt to stun and damage you. Try to avoid red damage zones.

When you destroy the Shard, all summons will disappear, but you must now challenge Banyakas himself. The mechanics are the same but be aware as he is now stronger and deadlier. Melee fighters should be cautious of mechanics like Bitter Fruits. When he reaches 2 stacks of HP, he’ll become invulnerable and stop attacking as the spell is now broken and you will receive a Treasure Chest.

Note that although Banyakas’s “back” for the purpose of back crits exists, only certain skills can actually hit Banyakas from behind, notably the Gunner’s Arcane Barrage. Other classes may consider avoiding dealing or receiving damage until out of combat in order to switch crystals. Banyakas will enrage naturally after he reaches 41% HP, although he can be force-enraged by Lancers, Warriors, and Brawlers.

Doing “Hard Mode” will not yield greater rewards, but only potentially save time.


  1. I got the treasure chest and exited to velika using the teleport that spawned right next to be at the end. So then i wanted to run again and re entered but the instance didn’t rest. It was just left there where i finished it and earned the treasure chest. How do I run this 4 times a day?

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