Gridiron is a PVP Battleground available for players who are level 65 through the Battleground matching system. Two teams of 15 compete in a death match to obtain 70 kills first (or the highest amount when the time runs out).

Every kill you execute will count towards your team, but it will also count towards your ranking within the team. The individual rankings will give extra rewards, such as an extra reward box for rank 1-3.


Gridiron is an equalized battleground, allowing new players and veteran players alike to be on equal footing for a test of strategy and skill.

  • Gridiron is a 15 v 15 match
  • There is 1 round which last 10 minutes.
  • You cannot use consumables
  • Points are obtained from player kills only.

Concept and Ranking:

Your team of 15 will fight against the other team of 15 in a pure PvP battle. Every kill earns a point for your team and the first team to hit 70 kills, wins. If no team manages to obtain 70 kills within 10 minutes then the team with the highest kills when the timer runs out is crowned winner.


Unlike other battlegrounds, where you could choose your spawn point, you will randomly respawn at different spawn points to avoid farming. You will not have a choice to where you respawn, so try not to die.



Players who are on a kill streak will grow in size. This may be a disadvantage as you become a larger target with a glowing orb above you.


There are three types of crystals: Barrier Crystal, Toxic Crystal, and Suicide Crystal.
Barrier Crystal gives you a shield that absorbs damage.
Toxic Crystal gives you an timed aura that deals damage ticks around you.
Suicide Crystal gives you a bomb to detonate to kill those in an circle around you.

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