First boss: Nedra

Take Note

This BAM type does not actually show up much in the game, you might be familiar with it from Channelworks tho. The basic attacks are more or less the same.

Take note: The room will be either be surrounded in Purple or Green auras. Once in a while flowers will drop down from the sky, we’ll talk more about this in Key Mechanics but for now just know that getting hit by the flower explosion will swap your debuff. After all flowers are done dropping you need to have a debuff that matches with the color of the room.


Simple 1-hit attack.


Simple 2-hit attack.


Charge Attack, hits 5 times.


Attack tank with hands, pause a bit, then fart behind which causes pushback.
Shares starting animation with Big Bite.

Big Bite

Double hit in the front, shares animation with Fart – difference being in mouth starting to glow.
Blockable, but second hit hurts trough block, preferably iframe it.

Plant Boom

3 Blockable attacks in front of the boss, followed by an iframable flower explosion on everyone.

Who wants to feed me?

The boss goes under ground after the text message and then does an AoE attack near the one with secondary aggro. This AoE stuns, and if anyone gets stunned, the boss goes and eats him up, killing him.
Get away from the position secondary aggro is at that moment or iframe.

Thorn Hell

Boss does an AoE under ground and sends little thorn balls in a specific circular pattern.
Getting hit by the initial hit will put a massive slow on you.
Thorns cause bleed on hit.

Thorn Wall

The boss does 2 bites quickly twice in a row then followed by an attack that spawns Thorn Walls on targets far away. These walls last around 1 to 2 seconds.
Standing in it does not do damage, moving or iframing into the walls will stun you.


The claws of the boss start glowing and will then throw an AoE attack at the secondary aggro target, iframable. Will knock up if you get hit.
Ress bait in HM

Rock ‘n Roll

Rocks fall from the sky and then roll from the front of the boss to behind the boss, then the boss rolls backwards. Can be iframed or facetanked.
Not visible on videos, but pay attention to falling dirt animation if you want to know which one he is using – large version has this animation on screen edge, small one doesn’t.

Large rocks:

Small rocks:


A text message saying “Strange odor fills the air” will show up and the outer area of the map will start glowing Purple or Green. Then people will also get a debuff which is Purple or Green as well.

Green debuff on character.

Green area glow.

Then after a while a text message saying “Aren’t you pretty?” will indicate that the boss will stop doing everything and the flowers start dropping on the ground. These flowers explode when they hit the ground and CAN be iframed but you don’t always want to iframe them.

Getting hit by an explosion will switch the debuff you have, Green will become Purple and vice-versa. After this mechanic is over your debuff needs to match to the color of the room.

Normal flowers

Special yellow flower

If you want to switch your debuff, get hit by an odd number of flowers.
If you want to keep your debuff, get hit by an even number of flowers (this includes 0).

A Yellow flower will drop in Hard Mode below 40% as can be seen on the right. This flower needs to be hit and then will explode after around 1 second. If it isn’t hit it will deal massive damage to everyone including a nasty bleed debuff.

Amount of Flowers:
Normal Mode:
100 – 40% HP: 1-2 flowers
40 – 0% HP: 2-3 flowers

Hard Mode:
100-70% HP: 1-2 flowers
70-40% HP: 2-3 flowers
40-0% HP: 1 yellow flower

Boss will then follow up this mech with lengthy animation which, ofcourse, kills you if you have wrong color.

Second boss: Ptakum

Take Note

You might remember this boss from Velik’s Hold about a year ago. This boss is pretty much the same with some new mechanics.

In this room there’s 3 statues, we’ll go over them in Key Mechanics as well but do take note that every statue throws an expanding AoE that puts a debuff on the first target it hits. This includes the boss.

Right Left

A simple Right, Left hit

Left Right

A simple Left, Right hit

Left Turn

Boss turns to hit the back.
Applies bleed.

Right Turn

Boss turns to hit the back

Target Swipe

Boss turns towards secondary aggro and swipes at them

Double Right, A massive.

Hits the tank twice, both blockable. Followed by a massive. Getting hit by last attack will stun you.

HM only: If someone gets stunned and boss is under 75% hp, he will do a quicker version of front and back wave attack.

Break Wave

The boss will charge up a laser at a secondary target and then fire it. Notified by message “I will break you!”.

Take note: This laser can be used to break one of the statues, more about this in Key Mechanics.

Back Roll Wave

The boss will do a couple of normal attacks, followed by 2 left handed hits and then roll backwards, finally throws an unblockable wave at the tank.


The boss will do a wave attack in front of him followed by a wave attack behind him

Take note: This is also the attack that happens when the tank gets stunned by Double Right, A massive.

Bad Breath Donuts

The boss will do 3 outer donuts AoE followed by frontal Breath. This attack can be blocked, but can bleed trough block a bit in lesser gears.

Secondary Target Lasers

The boss shoots a barrage of lasers at a secondary target.


First let’s go over the statues because they are the most important part of this boss fight. There’s 3 statues in this room, the names are Bloody, Radiant and Cursed. Each one of them does an attack that puts their own debuff on the first target it hits.

The goal is to get all 3 of them on the boss so all you have to do is not get hit by it, run to the other side of the boss where this expanding AoE is coming from. After every statue has done their AoE once the boss will do a mechanic and will deal percentage based damage to the party depending on how many debuffs are NOT on him.

Depending on how many debuffs are on boss / players, boss will do different attacks during mech time:

  • All 3 on boss: the boss will be stunned for a short duration. He doesn’t do anything else if he’s stunned.
  • 0-1 on players: 30% HP damage to everyone and applying 1 bleed stack + powerup buff on boss
  • 2 on players: 50% HP damage to everyone and applying 2 bleed stacks + powerup buff on boss
  • 3 on players: 100% HP damage to everyone. This ignores shield so it’s just a wipe.

Now you may notice the conditions were writen in particular way – this is because you can destroy statues with Break Wave attack, and this will remove debuffs from players / boss. This also degrades the mechanics to a lower tier, and you can save wipe this way, but you can never upgrade it to full boss stun (that requires all 3 on boss, not just 0 on players).

These bleed stacks last 10 minutes and do 2% max hp damage per second for every stack you do, gets removed when the player dies. When you fail the mechanic several times in a row, you might want to take turns dying to make it easier on the healer.

In Normal Mode the statues can only do in-out AoEs above 50% boss HP.
In Hard Mode he will do 2 statues at same time below 50%

While the statues are doing the expanding statue attack the boss will also do a mechanic: the next one in the list, In/Out.

Stunned boss:


This mechanic is going to take some getting used to because you can see a difference between the In and Out but it’s a small difference, try to get familiar with it by looking at the clips below.

After the In or Out attack he will do either a large AoE around him or a small AoE on all players, iframe them. The timing is slightly different.

Inner AoE

Outer AoE

You can see him visibly winding up for a spin in Outer AoE clip after a while passes. Use this animation to dodge the AoE. (Note: the effect he has in this clip is of the buff he gets on failed mech)

Final boss: Kylos

Take Note

This boss is much like Argog where it has 3 phases in Hard Mode and 2 in Normal Mode. The Awakening phase in Normal Mode will start at 70% while the Hard Mode phases are Awakaening at 80% and Awakening 2 at 30%. The boss will do room wide silencing attack whenever phase starts.

First awakening (phase 2 start)

Second awakening (phase 3 start)

In Hard Mode after boss Awakens, he starts the timer will start running indicating you have 9 minutes to kill the boss. Or else Monuments will keep spawning non stop, this technically is not a wipe but might as well be.

Take note:
This boss is mostly combinations of normal attacks and sometimes this boss does an Empowered Attack. After doing 4 Empowered Attacks (each applies 1 stack) it will do a massive AoE we will go over in Key Mechanics. In the Awakening 2 in Hard Mode it only requires 2 Empowered Attacks (each applies 3 stacks) to trigger this mechanic. Empowered Attacks can also be spotted by signature purple-swirling letters around boss and glowing eyes.

It’s recomended to count stacks boss has, but there are also visual cues: if boss has at least 1 stack he will have purple buff in his buff bar, and his whole body will glow acording to number of stacks he has. Notably: if he is glowing red-ish (care not to confuse with enrage) his next Empowered Attack will trigger mechanic.

0 stacks (but awakened)

1 stack

2 stacks

3-4 stacks

Take note:
Important detail on this boss is Chain Lightning – getting hit by some attacks causes stun and small AoE to appear on stunned person. If this AoE hits someone, they will too get stunned and have AoE on them ! Take care to not stun your whole party. This mechanic only works while boss is Awakened (1 or 2).


Simple 1-hit attack with left arm.

Double tap

Simple 2-hit attack with right arm.

Breath combo

Simple 4-hit attack. Breath pushbacks.


Simple attack on damage dealers. Blockable or iframeable. Causes Chain lightning. Is an Empowered attack.

Front POV

Back POV


Second attack on damage dealer, this one a bit more dangerous, care when dealing with this. Causes Chain lightning. Is an Empowered attack.

Front POV

Back POV

Secondary Aggro/Ressbait

There are two different secondary aggro attacks, care about them. Both are unblockable. Causes pushback if hit.



Basic hit + Wing slam + Back wing slam

Care about this attack second hit is unblockable, uniframeable, and third hit is unblockable.
Causes Chain lightning on 2nd/3rd hit. Is an Empowered attack.

Left paw first

Right paw first

Boss can also fly up at the end and do unblockable, uniframeable expanding donut attack. This one shots in Hard Mode ! Causes bleed in Normal Mode.

Left paw first

Right paw first

Lightning Combo

Care about this the AoEs (3rd and 4th hit) are unblockable, uniframeable one shots and causes Chain lightning.

Last breath attack is blockable, but very high damaging in Hard Mode – unless you bring out best gear and best damage reduction and boss is enraged you’ll die ! … trough block. Recommended to iframe.

Is an Empowered Attack.

3 wingslams in front

Boss will slam tank with wing repeatedly with blockable attacks, then may follow up with AoE on damage dealers and unblockable frontal AoE. Causes Chain lightning.

Is an Empowered attack if and only if he also does the second part.

Short version

Long version

Chain Lightning Monuments

The boss will start this mechanic in Hard Mode at 75% and have a different variation below 40%, in Normal Mode it’ll do this mechanic at 50%.

Debris will start falling from the sky – each party memeber will be targeted by one piece. This stuns so you need to iframe this and then a Monument will spawn (2 of them below 40% in Hard Mode).

To do this mechanic correctly you need to create a line of people from the boss towards the Monument on the following attack. A Chain lightning will go through all players standing near each other. If done properly the chain lightning will reach the monument. This chain lightning applies bleed, healer needs to heal up party after mech.

If you did NOT do this mechanic properly your HP will be set to 1 (30,001 if you have kaias). And you can’t be healed for 20 seconds, if you are able to survive without getting hit once in those 20 seconds this is a perfectly viable strategy.

This is what it looks like when done properly:

4 Stack Lightning

When the boss has done 4 Empowered attacks in Awakening 1 or 2 Empowered attacks in the Awakening 2 he will do lightning attack that needs to be iframed, getting hit will put uncleansable bleed and silence on you and applies pushback.

Note the distinct animation as fairly fast reaction and / or preparedness is needed for dodging this

Fly and Spin Left or Right

Sometimes the boss will fly up in the air and put secondary target at someone, after landing looking at target the the boss will spin on one side an cast an expanding unblockable AoE.
Depending on what side he spins to, after he will follow by an uniframeable half-circle AoE on the side he spinned to.

Hard Mode: He will also spawn 0/1/3 orbs that needs to be destroyed in the half-circle depending on which phase is he in (Normal / Awakening 1 / Awakening 2). This orb explodes after a while and applies uncleansable bleed and pushback. The initial circle also expands way faster when enraged.




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  3. Hello, can you please distinguish what attacks are in hard mode and what ones are in normal mode? It’s hard to tell by just reading the guide. I wen’t into the dungeon expecting all of these in there for GLSN and they weren’t.

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