This guide is based on Snow’s 30-Man Harrowhold guide written for Amaterasu members and friends and EssentialMana’s Harrowhold (30-man) guide. Information of the previous 30-Man mechanics has been contrasted with GalGoRi KTera 20-Man videos and some information provided by Loriri to modify the current guide and add new mechanics. Multiple KTera videos easily found on YouTube have been used for creating the gifs through the whole guide. We are not completely sure if the information shown below is entirely accurate. You can find us and whisper any of us in EU server Killian at Vanquished or Apricot if you have any suggestion or new information.
We will add different sections to differentiate mechanics that already existed on the past 30-Man raid for experienced players from the new ones, in order to know easily what’s new. Some names are provisional.

Notes for TANKS are written in blue
Notes for DDs are written in orange
Notes for HEALERS are written in green

Depending on your connection, please allow a minute for all media to load on this guide.


Phase 1

The first phase is essentially the same as the previous 30-Man raid. There are few changes such as new added mechanics, but the phase itself remains the same. There are 4 different dragons, having each one a different color. Raid splits into 4 parties and each one battles a different dragon at the start, then moves clockwise. Being inside a circle will apply you a debuff of the very same color, applying stacks every few seconds.

  • library_addParty Composition
    The KTera videos analysed have the following composition: 4 Tanks (Brawler or Lancer), 2 Mystics, 5 Priests and 9DDs. Each party will have essentially 5 people: 1 Tank and at least 1 Healer. How the parties are split is every raid’s choice.
  • library_addEnrage Information
    Each of the 4 dragons can be manually enraged once again with Infuriates. The dragons will auto-enrage after 15% of non-enraged HP lost, enrage time is the usual 36 seconds. We recommend starting the fight enraging the dragons and then using it only on shield phases.
  • library_addColor Debuff Mechanic

    It works exactly the same as the 30-Man raid. There are 4 coloured circles (White, Red, Orange and Yellow), each with a dragon. Fighting inside this area will apply you a debuff of the same color, every 15 seconds.
    At the beginning of the fight, parties should already know which dragon is each party starting at and which direction they do rotate after the shield mechanic (usually clockwise). Approximately 10 seconds after entering the circles your party will get the first stack of the debuff. If you are not in any circle once the first or any other stack is applied, you will automatically die. The animation applying debuff it’s a pale circle that will go from the centre to the outer cercle, as shown on the bottom of the page.
    At approximately 8 stacks or 2minutes into the fight, these dragons will do, as mentioned before, a shield mechanic. It’ll be advised by a message saying “Dragons summon Vergos”, but it’s pretty obvious to see. You must break the shield and rapidly move to the next circle, since by then your stacks should’ve reached 9 and you’re dangerously close to 10. Having 10 stacks of any color will automatically kill you and you won’t be able to resurrect for the whole phase (this can be fixed by relogging) unless the dragon in your circle is killed, which will reset all your stacks to 0 allowing you to get up.
    After killing one of the dragons everyone’s stacks will be reset to 0 and new ones will be applied. Parties who have killed the first dragon should rotate to the next dragon and help killing it, then keep rotating.
    After the first dragon has been killed, a 60s timer starts with the message “Dragons are getting angrier!”. After 30s, you will get another message saying “Dragons will be enraged in 30 seconds”. All dragons still alive when the timer has run out will gain a buff with massive damage and attack speed gain.
    Parties should communicate on the current dragon hp after the shield phase. Optimally, each party should do 25-30% dps per rotation, but some might do more some might do less. Since there is a 60s gap to help other parties, DPS should be hold if HP difference is too high between parties (for instance, one party has Yellow dragon at 3% and White dragon is still 35-40%).


White Dragon – Aquadrax

  • library_addOld Mechanics

    Cutting Wind

    On this mechanic the boss will go to the centre of the circle and fly up and fall back down, pushing all party members to the edge of the circle. It’ll be advised by a message saying “Aquadrax causes Cutting Wind”. On this mechanic, all party members should gather in one side of the boss. Priests should use Kaia before the push so party members take less damage. After the push, a debuff that damages you for 15% of your max HP every 2 seconds will apply. This must be cleansed ASAP and party members must be healed up.
    Tanking on the edge of the circle will make it easier for the party to move, since the boss must move all the way to the middle of the circle.

    Whirl of Chaos

    On this mechanic the boss will stand still and will have some kind of whirlwind around him. It’ll be advised by a message saying “Aquadrax summons Whirl of Chaos”. You must stun the boss right after this mechanic. This is the most common mechanic.
    If this mechanic is failed, Aquadrax will spawn a small white tornado that will roam around the circle dealing substantial damage and will knock up party members.

    Meteor Attack

    The dragon will fly up into the air, curl up and smash onto the ground on top of someone. This attack hits very hard and its hitbox is pretty huge. It should be i-framed or dodged by charging away. This attack however is blockable by tanks, but could deal serious damage through the block, even kill you if you’re low HP or undergeared.


    Aquadrax will fly into the air for a short period of time and a red AoE indicator in the form of a donut will appear. It’s quite slow and easy to react to. You must exit the red area, since it cannot be iframed. Both the inner or outter donuts are possible.

    Miscellaneous attacks

    This dragon will have the same common attacks as it used to, mostly targeted to tanks. DDs however much watch out for this tail attack, that hits twice and quite hard. There’s also one other normal attack that he will quickly fly up and crash down dealing serious damage in AoE (can be once again iframed or blocked).
    Melee DDs must also watch out for the attack which he will charges and rolls foward, since the last tick of the attack also hits behind.
  • library_addNEW Mechanics

    Triple Donut

    Aquadrax will quickly fly into the air and start a 3 donut mechanic. Only this IN-OUT-IN pattern exists. This donut can be iframed.

Yellow Dragon – Terradrax

  • library_addOld Mechanics

    Stone Skin Buff

    The dragon will growl and a big yellow AoE will appear. Once it pops the dragon will gain a buff for 4 seconds. This buff must be plagued/regressed within that 4 seconds. Ideally healers need to iframe and dispell the boss instantly. This AoE cannot be blocked, however you have time to go out and can also be iframed.

    Rock Wall

    Shortly after the stone skin buff, Terradrax will go to the center of the circle and create a rock wall around itself. Your party will have around 15 seconds to destroy one rock of the wall (each rock has separate HP). Ideally your party should group at the back and break quickly the same stone. Once a single rock is broken the whole wall will also break, If healers failed to dispell the buff, Terradrax will gain “x” number of stacks of damage reduction (30-Man was 300, to be confirmed on 20-Man). Each hit will remove 1 of these stacks. If he still has stacks on shield phase, it’s basically wipe. Boss can be stunned right after this mechanic.

    Stomping Walk

    The dragon will growl standing on his hind legs and beating his chest. Afterwards the dragon will walk foward slamming repeatedly his paws on the ground (6 times).
    This mechanic can be blocked. However, you’ll most likely bleed through the block and 6 hits will definitely kill you. Step aside.

    Donut AoE

    As the yellow dragon, Terradrax can spawn a donut AoE where you either have to stay in or go out. Can’t be iframed.

    Miscellaneous Attacks

    This dragon attacks are VERY slow, but don’t get tricked. They’re very powerful and mostly the damage will be dealt at the beginning of the animation, so don’t wait to iframe as a dd (tanks will mostly survive more than a hit).

  • library_addNEW Mechanics

    Electro Wave

    Terradrax will make a little jump on his feet and a yellow lightning will start to gather on his feet. Then he will spawn a progressive AoE donut from in to out (total of 5 ticks). It’s basically the same as the Velik’s Sanctuary Hard Mode Shield-Donut-AoE mechanic. Getting hit by one of this AoE ticks will convert you into a rock. The dragon can break these rocks with any normal attack, and the party can also break it. Failing to break the rock will kill the person trapped inside. To dodge you can either run out of the total AoE area or go out then back in with iframes or charges. This mechanic is usually happens right after the rock wall, but can also trigger randomly.

Orange Dragon – Ignidrax

  • library_addOld Mechanics

    AoE Daggers

    The dragon will look up and the daggers will rise up and form a circle in the air. Shorty after the daggers will hit the ground in a circular pattern around the dragon. This attack is not blockable for tanks, however it is iframeable.

    Targeted Daggers

    It’s similar to the AoE daggers but instead of rising up and form a circle they stack on top of another. Shorty after they target some player and deal a bunch of damage. This attack is also iframeable.

    Donut AoE

    Similar to the other dragons AoE. The donut can either be IN or OUT, and the curling animation form the dragon makes no damage, it’s just an animation. Once again, it cannot be iframed.


    During the fight you will get the following red alert on the screen “Ignidrax starts Fire Blast attack” that means this mechanic will start. The dragon will cover itself in fire and flight up, while meteors above your head grow in size and finally fall down. Once they drop, Hakans will come up. For this mechanic, everyone should split on the edges of the circle then quickly dash to the middle, since for every tick of damage you take from a Hakkan, it’s fire AoE range increases.
  • library_addNEW Mechanics

    “Hot Explosion”

    Right after Hakans (not always), Ignidrax will growl and cover himself in fire. It seems to happen only ONCE per party fight. Shorty after, a fire AoE will pop, with the range of the WHOLE fighting circle. This fire wave must be iframed since it deals huge damage, however it can be blocked by tanks if you’re full HP or got Kaia.

Red Dragon – Umbradrax

  • library_addOld Mechanics

    Melditas and Laser

    As mentioned on Snow’s guide this mechanic is similar to Shadow Sanguinary’s first boss mechanic. During the fight the message “Umbradrax summons Spirits of Agony” will pop. When this happens party members will be randomly chosen to have a purple ball above the head and soon spawn mini Melditas, that has few attacks shown with yellow damage indicators (lasers, circle and donut AoE). This Melditas MUST be placed between the wall and the boss. During the fight, Umbradrax will say with a text bubble “playername, burn in my darkness”, which means this player has been targeted by the laser, it’s random, tanks can also get targeted. You will also get a blue secondary aggro circle under your feet. This laser MUST be used to kill the Melditas, and must also be iframed else you will die, though you might be able to survive 1 tick. Not blockable.


    The dragon will rise up in the air and quickly throw a firebreath to the tank. Can be blocked as shown in the clip. The area is pretty huge, but it won’t hit to the back DDs unless they desync to the front since the collision hitbox is gone.

    Miscellaneous Attacks

    This dragon has once again pretty simple normal attack paterns, they’re easy to see. Mostly they will target the tank, but there’s just one attack similar to the white one where he will quickly rise up in the air and fall down, dealing a substantial damage in a medium-sized area.
  • library_addNEW Mechanics

    Meldita Blue Shield

    Right after being spawned or after some mechanic little Meldita can gain a blue shield. This blue shield will grant the add immunity to the laser, so it must be removed before trying to kill it. Healers must plague/regression the Meldita Blue Shield. This blue shield can already be seen while the Meldita is being summoned (it won’t appear randomly on previously spawned Melditas).

    Donut AoE

    During the fight and like the other dragons, Umbradrax will spawn red circle AoEs that cannot be iframed. He can spawn up to 3 of these AoEs in a row. If the first is in, the second will be out and a hypothetical third would be in again.


Phase 2 is once again the fastest/easiest phase of the four. IT IS THE EXACT SAME AS THE 30 MAN VERSION, SO IF YOU’RE AN EXPERIENCED PLAYER, YOU CAN SKIP THIS PART OF THE GUIDE. JUST THE SHIELDS ARE STRONGER. It consists of two parts: on the first, you will battle Vergos down to approximately 70% HP, when he does the last shield phase. Once broken, Vergos will fly up and start flying in circles around the room starting the second part, the ballista phase. In KTera takes about 4 minutes for the whole phase (Vergos + Ballistas). The basic attack patterns will be the same for Vergos in Phase 4.
The boss spawns once someone has spoken with the NPC on the centre of the room. As soon as he spawns, a circular yellow AoE will pop (can be iframed and blocked) and the fight will start. The leading tank taking the aggro first should go in, block and shout.

  • library_addParty Composition
    Parties must split in 3 parties. This is the following composition from KTera: 4 Tanks/1 Priest front, 2 Priest/1 Mystic + 5DDs on one side, 2 Priests/1 Mystic + remaining 4DDs on the other. However, this can be done with more or less healers, meaning more or less DDs. The two parties each side will DPS on the front paw (left or right) and tanks obviously on head.
  • library_addEnrage/Crystals Information
    The dragon will remain UNENRAGED for the whole fight. It cannot go on enrage by using infuriate, so don’t even try, aka remove Focused crystal. Before the dragon is spawned a message will pop indicating the 4 paws count as back damage while the head counts as front damage.
  • library_addInformation for Tanks (Aggro Stacks Debuff)
    In this phase and from now on, main tank holding aggro will earn stacks over the period of time the aggro is held. The aggro changes easily by using aggro shout. This debuff lasts about 3 minutes and can stack up to 5 times. However, having 5 stacks means you risk a raid wipe. You will want to (and need to) rotate this debuff between tanks at 4 stacks maximum. If you ever reach 5, soon the message “You smell of fear” will appear – when you get the 6th stack – on the centre of the screen and a red AoE will wipe your party out. Also, sometimes you may earn a stack at the very first second of having aggro, so really watch out with sudden aggro changes when you rotate on 4 stacks (on 30-Man some parties used to have 5 tanks and rotate on 3 stacks to prevent this, but it cannot be done anymore with the 20-Man change).


Normal Attack Patterns




Vergos will first look at one direction (left/right) to raise his head up and enter a roar animation while glowing orange. The direction Vergos looked at first will be the direction from where the firebreath begins, which will go all the way to the other side. This mechanic will only be on front, so watch out tanks. It’s not blockable, must be iframed. DDs on front paws WILL get hit at the very beginning/end of the animation (depending on which side) if they are too close to the paw for this mechanic.

(Double Stomp) & Bite

Vergos will raise both of his front legs and will slam its paws to the ground. Afterwards, it will do the exact same with the back legs. Then he will do this double bite, which only tanks have to worry about. It is blockable, but doesn’t deal much damage anyways. Double stomp is between brackets due to it being a rare mechanic, though it always chains to bite. Vergos can bite without doing this double stomp first.

Front Swipe

Vergos will lean its head foward and growl. Afterwards he’ll swipe the front from one side. It’s blockable from the straight front, no need to look at the direction the swipe comes from. DDs from the paw that swipes to the front can keep dealing damage on the same spot the paw was; the hitbox is still there.

Back Swipe

Vergos will look back to a side and will lift a paw from one side. Right after, he’ll do the swipe from front to almost the tail of that side. You can block that from an extra stack as lancer, as seen on the clip. Hurts, but not much. Try to iframe anyways.

Stomp and Side Swipe

Vergos will stom one paw and instead of going back to the original position he will hold it for about 1,5 seconds. Afterwards, he’ll do a side swipe to the whole side of that paw. Both animations deal damage, try to block, the side swipe hurts. Only the side swipe will affect you, iframe else you’ll most likely die.
It can also stomp but no side swipe, so try to look at Vergos holding the paw or not to keep your iframe just in case, but be always prepared regardless. This swipe is also in your range, stay far back or iframe.

Crisscross and Jump

Vergos will look at both sides, then stomp his feet in a diagonal pattern then jump. The first side he looks at will be the first FRONT PAW to be slammed, so the back paw also first slamming will be at the opposite side he looked at. Then he will jump and deal an AoE damage to the whole room. The crisscross is blockable and can be survived if gear is good enough, but the AoE is not blockable and will one-shot you, so it must be iframed.

Side Breath

Vergos will get its head over one side’s shoulder and hold it. Soon a red AoE in the shape of cone will appear, which is the area the firebreath will damage. Party on the corresponding back paw must move to the front in order to just, not to die.

Triple Stomp

Vergos will raise his head up and kind of wiggle it to the sides. If you miss this, don’t worry; it will lift his right paw very slowly to indicate what’s coming next. He will do 3 stomps on the front. Although all are blockable, the first two deal only little damage while the last one will most likely kill you through block. So, iframe the last stomp.


Vergos will stand on its back legs and go in some kind of t-rex position. Right after, he will smash his head to the ground creating a shockwave-like AoE. This attack will one-shot you and cannot be blocked, so it must be iframed.

Old Mechanics

Shield Phases

This hasn’t changed at all from HH30, so we’ll label it as “old mechanics” regardless. Vergos will have three different shield phases at 90, 80 and 70 percent of its HP. However, if somehow Vergos keeps doing normal attack patterns and your raid is able to keep dealing damage, or DPS is high and it’s fast enough to burn from one shield to another, shield phases can be skipped. For instance, if it still hasn’t done the 90% shield and you’re able to push it below 80%, the first shield phase will be skipped. Same if Vergos does the shield phase and your raid is able to push it below 70%; the 80% will be skipped. According to GalGoRi, shields appear to be STRONGER.

TWO out of his 5 body parts will glow yellow, which means the shield must be destroyed by dealing damage on these. If the head gets a shield, the party not having any shield on their side MUST go and help the tanks. Each shield phase has a different variant: after the 90% shield Vergos will keep doing normal attack patterns (usually a headbutt/crisscross); after the 80% shield, it will do some kind of red donut AoE mechanic, shown below in gifs; after the 70% Vergos will fly up and start the ballista phase.

As shown in the clips, after the 80% shield vergos will have a orange/black glowing energy around him and will fly up. Immediately, he will summon a red AoE that will almost take over the whole room. The raid must be on the edge. Right after, and before falling down, he will do another red AoE, this time with shorter range. IF DPS IS HIGH ENOUGH, YOU CAN SKIP THIS MECHANIC AND GO TO 70% SHIELD.

Ballista Phase

After the 70% shield Vergos will fly up and the ballista phase will begin. Players will have few seconds to go to the edge of the room and repair the ballistas (2 people can repair at once to make it faster). Afterwards, Vergos will start flying in circles around the room and firewalls coming from the 4 sides of the quadrangular room will continuously be spawned. DDs and Tanks should use the ballistas and all or most healers should stay out of them, to ress people getting crushed by the fire.

To damage Vergos, you must aim some meters in front of him. The time of the projectile’s trajectory matters. Always watch out for the firewalls not to get killed and if you’re safe for few seconds (after the 4th firewall has already come through for instance – since they spawn 4 by 4, not continuously 1 by 1) you can use the RMB to shot a projectile spray. Anyways, somehow there’s always someone really good with ballistas that will carry the whole raid. Mashing multiple movement keys (WASD) can allow you to do something similar to autoattack glitching and fire off LMB clicks much faster.
There’s also the C skill that makes your ballista move faster for a short time.


This fight is going to take place on a cliff where Vergos will be waiting for you. Just like during Phase 2, tanks will have to manage aggro stacks during the whole fight. Compared to 30-man, Vergos now comes back with even more firewalls and debuff changes, so the whole fight requires good coordination skills of all players. After you reach 90% of Vergos’ HP, a timer will start and you will have 10 minutes to defeat him. %

  • library_addParty Composition
    Parties should either split evenly to Vergos’ left and right paws before the fight, or all start on the same paw and let Vergos place players himself during the first debuff mechanic.
  • library_addEnrage/Crystals Information
    The dragon will remain UNENRAGED for the whole fight. It cannot go on enrage by using infuriate, so don’t even try, aka remove Focused crystal. Tanks should use a back crit setup as you will be only attacking the dragon’s paws.


Normal Attack Patterns


The dragon will rise one of his paws to slowly
smash the ground afterwards on that side.

Body slam

After a slight pause in his attacks Vergos will lift his body up to lean himself on the cliff and smash both sides of the battle area with its paws shortly after.


The dragon will release a firebreath starting from either right or left side and slowly go through to the opposite side. Must be i-framed.
(NOTE: this attack is very likely to happen at the very beginning of the fight).

Old Mechanics

Lava Wave

Vergos will release a huge lava attack that will cover up the entire area. Tanks should block the incoming damage while the rest of the team hides behind them. Since you will still receive damage behind the tanks, healers should be ready to outheal it. This is not i-frameable.


A fire aura will swirl around the dragon’s paws and 3 random players on each side of the map will be targeted with a Hakan; one per person. Just like in Phase 1, if you stay in its range, the Hakan puddle will increase in size and deal damage to your teammates. Everyone should move to the very edge of the map and move back to middle after their head pops up.

Modified Attacks and Mechanics

Debuffs (Red/Black)

After the 85% Hakans, Vergos will get surrounded by a fire aura and each player will get a debuff that’s either Red or Black. Each player will have 5 seconds to move to either left leg or right leg, where the players with the Black debuff will need to go the left leg while the players with the Red debuff will have to go to the right leg. If players with different debuffs are too close to eachother, they will explode, dealing huge damage to themselves and others (100%HP – shields can be used to survive this). Therefore you can only stay together with people having the same debuff as you. For safety purposes, it’s recommended that everytime Vergos does this debuff mechanic, players would move clockwise avoiding the middle area of the map. In case you die, you will not necessarily get up with the same debuff color, therefore you need to always check your debuff when you res, you will then have 10 seconds to move to the right leg before your debuff activates.

“?” Debuff

During the Debuff mechanic, instead of Red or Black, you may get a ‘?’ debuff with a 5-second cooldown. After the cooldown is over, your real debuff color will then show. During the 5-second cooldown you should move to the very back of the map to avoid close contact with those moving to their paws and then position on the side you should go yourself.

Hand Color Switch

At some point past 70%, Vergos’ hands will glow with red and black flame auras and will switch colors. Meaning that if left was black and red was right before, now red will be left and black will be right and vice versa. All raid members should calmly move clockwise to their switched sides. This mechanic will ALWAYS chain to Spheres.

Ninja Color Swap

During the Hand Colour Switch mechanic, your debuff color might suddenly change while you’re on your way to the other hand. You should ALWAYS keep an eye on your debuff bar during this mechanic and be ready to immediately go back in case you get a color switch.

101 On – How to switch debuffs safely for dummies

Fiery Swipe (New)

Similar to the normal swipe from 30-man raid, Vergos will prepare to charge his attack a bit slower and a red fire aura will be surrounding his paw. This attack should be i-framed or walked out of range. If failed to do so, you will be pushed to the opposite side of the battle area and possibly bring your teammates a surprise bomb. This attack doesn’t deal damage itself though, so before debuff it’s safe.

Spheres (Red/Black)

Following the first debuff mechanic at 80%, colored spheres will spawn, where only people with red debuff will be able to destroy the red Sphere and the people with black debuff the black one. Before the first Hand Color Swap, only ONE Sphere will spawn on the centre back of the room. Only the members with the same color can go and damage it, while the others should be careful with the Fire Walls possibly coming by, in the centre front of the room to not collide. After this first Hand Color Swap, there will always be two different colored Spheres on this phase, one on each side.

On the right we can see the Hand Color Switch + Double Sphere chain.

Destroying a Sphere grants you a buff with extra 20% Atk.Speed and 50%CDR for 10 seconds. Failing to destroy one will kill your teammates having the opposite color. Spheres must now become a top priority, right after surviving other mechanics while dealing with them.
NOTE: If you are dead and get resurrected during a Sphere phase, wait until it’s destroyed to get up. Reviving while your party members are close by killing a Sphere might possibly bomb them.

Red Fire Walls

These are equivalent to non colored walls from the 30-man version. A message will pop and Vergos will summon the walls which after a brief moment will start moving through the map. Position in between the walls to keep safe. This time, in 20-man, the walls can spawn from any of the 4 sides at the same time. Above 70% he will only spawn 1 of these walls, although below 70% he will spawn 2 sides at a time.

Red Flame Walls (Safe Mid)

The red walls will spawn where the only safe zone will be the around the very middle of the area. At this point, one side will have to move to the back side of the map while the other to the front under the boss, to prevent bombing each other. There’s enough time to move to the right spot before the wall starts moving so don’t waste your iframes and save them in case you will need to dodge Vergos’ normal attack. Let your raid leader decide on which side goes where.
(NOTE: If this mechanic will happen during the first ball mechanic, the side that isn’t dealing with the ball needs to go to the front side.)

Elemental Flame Walls

Just like the ones we know from the 30-man version of the raid, a message will pop and a set of orange and black firewalls will appear and start moving after a brief delay. The walls of the same color as your debuff are a safe zone (red – orange, black – black). Above 70%, two sets of these will spawn, however below 70% Vergos will summon elemental waves from all 4 sides.

NOTE: Elemental Walls and Red Walls can be spawned at the same time.

Walls Summary

NOTE: The number means the AMOUNT of sides they will come from. Remember in this new 20-man revamp the walls can come from any of the 4 sides – front, back, left or right.


Once again this Phase 4 is a combination between Phase 2 Vergos and Phase 3 Mechanics. For the normal attack patterns, please go to “Normal Attack Patterns” under the Phase 2 section on the document’s guideline. Most of the mechanics have also been modified for the new 20 man revamp, while others have been added.


  • library_addParty Composition
    (we should have a better, decent illustration at some point)

    This is the most commonly used raid composition in KTera. Your raid can try different combinations with more dps and less healers, or with more tanks. However, you will need a minimum of 5 healers for a new mechanic we will name “Blue Shield Phase”, and a minimum of 4 tanks to rotate aggro stacks.

  • library_addEnrage/Crystals Information
    The dragon will remain ENRAGED for the whole fight aka bring back the Focused crystal. Before the dragon is spawned a message will pop indicating the 4 paws count as back damage while the head counts as front damage.
  • library_addInformation for Tanks (Aggro Stacks Debuff)
    In this phase and from now on, main tank holding aggro will earn stacks over the period of time the aggro is held. The aggro changes easily by using aggro shout. This debuff lasts about 3 minutes and can stack up to 5 times. However, having 5 stacks means you risk a raid wipe. You will want to (and need to) rotate this debuff between tanks at 4 stacks maximum. If you ever reach 5, soon the message “You smell of fear” will appear – when you get the 6th stack – on the centre of the screen and a red AoE will wipe your party out. Also, sometimes you may earn a stack at the very first second of having aggro, so really watch out with sudden aggro changes when you rotate on 4 stacks (on 30-Man some parties used to have 5 tanks and rotate on 3 stacks to prevent this, but it cannot be done anymore with the 20-Man change – can still be done, but only 4 tanks is recommended).

Old Mechanics

90% Shield + Celestial Energy

Soon after below 90% a message saying “Do you still believe the gods will save you?” will pop up. Vergos will do a pushback and he will summon celestial balls. These purple orbs slowly approach the dragon and once killed they leave a small purple AoE that will buff your attack power by 50% while inside. The point is to break these balls close enough to the paw so both melee/ranged DDs can damage the paw and break the shield while standing inside. This shield should be the easiest. Vergos takes 50% less damage while balls are up.

50% Shield + (20ish% Shield)

After the 50% debuff phase, Vergos will enter another shield phase. Same as the previous one, but without the help of the purple orbs. If DPS is low, he will do another shield after the 3rd debuff phase.

Rock Cage Phase

After the first 90% shield with the purple orbs is broken, Vergos will do a massive jump and body slam the whole room, generating a shockwave that will one shot everyone. Deals massive damage, so it should be i-framed (can be survived with good gear + onslaught/shields). By this mechanic, the dragon should be pushed below 70% HP. When Vergos lands back, a cage of rocks will form on its surroundings. In this new 20Man revamp all the raid MUST gather on the front and break one selected rock.

After a rock has been broken, quickly hide behind the other rocks left to protect yourself from Vergos destructive fire breath. After he is done spittin’ fire, he will either do a red donut AoE, either behind or in front of the rocks, so stay mid-way and be ready to quickly move.

Rock phase

This mechanic will most likely happen twice. (SKIPPABLE WITH HIGH DPS)-> Past 55%HP vergos will do a yellow circle AoE with arrows pointing to him. Anyone caught inside the AoE will turn into a rock and will receive a debuff that will kill them if they’re converted into a rock for a second time. Three rocks must be taken in order to hide behind them and protect yourselves from the Vergo’s destructive breath coming after the yellow indicator has been filled up. One should be taken at head and one at each side. We would recommend the 2 priests of each side taking it, deciding who goes first and who goes second.

After the fire has stopped coming, rocks must be destroyed and parties must move back because Vergos will jump back down with an inner red circle AoE that will one-shot you. Vergos will do this Rock phase again at about 20% of its HP (NON-SKIPPABLE).
In this new 20Man version, this red circle AoE is able to kill the Spooky Skeletons that might have spawned.


When the floor becomes flooded with some kind of lava, a small bomb will appear above the head of a random targeted player on each of the 5 sides of the dragon. These bombs explode when cleansed or when their duration expires. To not get any damage, all party members from that part of the body must group up and be CLOSE to the bomb. It’s safe on a 3m radius approximately. Party members in the paw range and not inside the safe zone will take lethal damage. If not cleansed, the damaging AoE will be bigger and people close to the bomb will also die. After 50% HP, this phase will turn into Sun Phase.

Sun Phase

Below 50%HP this replaces the bombs mechanic. When this mechanic happens, once again a random targeted player on each of the 5 sides of the dragon will have a bomb summoned on over its heat. However, now rules have changed. Instead of only bothering your party and having a little safe zone around it, now bombs will explode dealing damage to everyone else in the room for a fixed damage (45%HP). The goal is to cleanse all bombs before this phase ends (16s duration). However, leaving one bomb not-cleansed to explode on his own at the end of the mechanic is also alright.
Raids should set an order for healers to cleanse this mechanic, otherwise it’ll be a chaos. We recommend cleansing one bomb at a time then healing up, but experienced raids/healers can cleanse two at a time to speed up the process.

NOTE: Hakkans or Meteors could chain into this phase below 50%, so don’t cleanse straight ahead or you might bomb the whole raid.


A small meteor will start to enlarge above your head and once big enough, it will drop and deal you damage for about a bit more of 50% of your HP. This deals a small area damage as well, so stay away from your raid members as you might be able to kill them with the explosion. Right after the explosion, you need a cleanse from healers. However, this mechanic can chain to Bomb/Sun Phase, so pay attention at your raid leader if he/she is good predicting or hold your cleanse for a bit.


Vergos paws become surrounded by flames and 3 Hakans per body part targeted at random raid members will spawn. It’s same idea as P1/P3 Hakans. If you stay on its area, the puddle grows bigger, so bring it close to the paws and then run back.

Modified Mechanics

Fire Waves

This mechanic remains the same, but the number of fire walls has been increased from 3 to 4. Remember they may come from any of the 6 sides of the room.

15% Pushback + Shield

This is a different shield compared to the other ones. This one has meaning probably it has double the HP. However, you will also have double the time to break it. The difference in this new 20Man revamp is that Vergos will not see its endurance dropped to -50 after this shield is broken, instead it chain into a Orange/Black Debuff Phase and Vergos will keep fighting until your raid drops its HP to 0%.

Orange/Black Debuff   IMPORTANT! 

FOR EXPERIENCED PLAYERS: Okay folks, there has been a major change here all of us will have to deal with. THE ORDER OF THE BLACK/ORANGE DEBUFFS WILL ALTERNATE. What does that mean? On the 30Man Harrowhold, where he looked at first would be black, then orange. Now, this will happen on the first and third time he does this debuff phase, although on the second and (maybe fourth) it will be the opposite: the first side he looks at will be orange, then black.
FOR BEGINNERS: This debuff phase is similar to Phase 3 regarding colours. At some HP percentages or after some mechanics a message will pop up in the middle of the screen saying “I will drown the world in blood!” and you will get a Black or Orange debuff. You will have to take damage from the paw having the OPPOSITE color of the one you have. On HH30 it used to be one way, but now this way has changed, so look at the gifs below to learn the new way.

Normal Debuff

Opposite Debuff

NOTE: Remember Vergos CAN look at the RIGHT first -> colors would be opposite.

There will be this NORMAL > OPPOSITE > NORMAL > OPPOSITE debuff order.

MAXIMUM 4 DEBUFF PHASES WILL TAKE PLACE: They will happen for sure at 50%. There Vergos will do a pushback first, so on this one you got plenty of time and it’s the easiest. It might do another one at about 25% HP, after a shield or before the Rock Phase (THIS ONE CAN BE SOMETIMES SKIPPED IF DPS IS HIGH). The third one is at 21% HP. The 4th and last debuff phase after the 15% shield is broken.
NOTE: If one SHIELD is skipped, it WILL be NORMAL > OPPOSITE > NORMAL debuff order.
It won’t be NORMAL > NORMAL > OPPOSITE because you skipped the second one.

New Mechanics

Paw Debuff

Just like the Orange/Black debuffs, a new set of colors has been added. This time it’s turn for the Red/White debuffs. These debuffs are given by a Front/Back stomp pattern similar to the one before the bite. The buff duration is 5minutes. Front paws give White debuff and back paws give Red debuff.

The debuff itself is not harmful – doesn’t inflict damage if you attack the same paw whose debuff you have received, neither does your DPS suffer any kind of damage reduction. However, it works like the Orange/Black debuff if you don’t rotate them. Taking 2 stacks of the same debuff = exploding.
There’s also no clear timings for this mechanic, it’s quite random. So far, it seems that the first set of debuffs takes place right after the 90% shield is broken. About the others, they’re quite unclear, but most of the runs have had this mechanic 3 times. On multiple occasions, the second time is after the 55% rock phase (can chain into other mechanics and be after 50% debuff+shield), and the last one is at 25ish% HP after the second rock phase/shield. However, since the timings are unclear so far, we recommend already switching paws as soon as possible. Front parties with white debuff must switch at the back to get the red debuff next, and the opposite with the back parties. If your raid DPS is high, one of this paw mechanics CAN BE SKIPPED, simply by remaining outside after the 25% mechanic if it’s rock phase. HEAD PARTY IS NOT AFFECTED BY THIS MECHANIC.

Blue Shield Phase / Dispell Phase MECHANIC FOR HEALERS 

This mechanic happens after the 70% Rock Cage Phase and again at 30ish% HP.

By looking at KTera videos and Loriri’s information, this mechanic lasts about 15 seconds. Vergos will receive a Blue Shield icon on his buff bar. It will gain a stack of this buff every 1s, up to 3 stacks. If the 3rd stack timer runs out, he will receive a Blue Shield buff for 60s that greatly increases its Endurance and Attack Speed. If this phase is failed and Vergos receives the 60s Blue Shield buff, he will repeat the mechanic again. This stacks can only be dispelled by regress/plague. An order must be set, just like the sun phase. Here’s a suggestion:

NOTE: By using this 7-Healer raid setup and the last order, there’s an extra priest as back-up. Mystics have easier timing because of Regression no-cast time, while Priests must take into account the PROJECTILE TIME for this mechanic.
NOTE 2 : When this mechanic begins, Vergos will also spawn firewalls coming from all 4 sides. It is recommended to perfectly dispell during the first 10s because around that timestamp firewalls will start crossing. His paws will also shine with red/black energy as an alert to the phase, as shown below.

Spooky Skeletons

Whenever someone in the raid dies, a Spooky Skeleton will be spawned over his corpse. They will roam across the room to bother all parties from time to time. This soldiers have a huge amount of HP (about 50-100M) and can be killed, but it’s not recommendable to focus on this adds. However, Vergos can kill them with some mechanics. They hit quite hard (about 50% hp), so these attacks should be dodged or healed up instantly. If too many Spooky Skeletons are spawned, it’s recommendable to restart the phase.

These soldiers have 3 different attack patterns: auto attack, yellow circle AoE and yellow line. They targed and follow only one person at once, and seem to be switching parties quickly.


Loot appears to be the similar as HH30 but adapted to the current content. Complete loot table will be updated as soon as possible. According to Seraph, Royal dragon (2.0 Dragon), Superior Innerwear, Superior Etchings Boxes Goddess’s Tear, Dyad Niveot Structures, VM9.5 Essence+Retools and new Battlepacks updated for this patch can be obtained in the KTera version.


Guaranteed loot from Phase 1 to Phase 4:

  • library_addBattle Pack Loot Table

    Battle Pack

    Loot from Battle Pack

    Battle Pack I 30x Tier 12 Feedstock
    2x Spellbind XII
    2x Follower’s Supply Crate
    1x Lakan’s Treasure Chest
    6x Personal Extensive Alkahest
    1x Prime Battle Solution
    400x Noctenium Infusion
    2x Ominous Ore
    Battle Pack II 40x Tier 12 Feedstock
    3x Spellbind XII
    4x Follower’s Supply Crate
    2x Lakan’s Treasure Chest
    6x Personal Premium Alkahest
    1x Prime Battle Solution
    200x Noctenium Infusion
    3x Ominous Ore
    Battle Pack III 50x Tier 12 Feedstock
    12x Spellbind XII
    6x Follower’s Supply Crate
    15x Personal Extensive Alkahest
    4x Lakan’s Treasure Chest
    1x Prime Battle Solution
    500x Noctenium Infusion
    5x Ominous Ore
  • library_addEssence Token Shop

    Oblit Essence Token Shop

    Item Essence Needed Additional Notes
    Oblit Essence Cannot be stored in bank
    Vergo’s Fang (new) 48 Retools VM9 Deathwrack into VM9.5 Oblit.
    Can also be used to retool VM8 Ambush into VM8.5 Behemoth. (Does NOT convert VM8.5 Behemoth into VM9.5 Oblit)
    Vergo’s Scale (new) 36
    Vergo’s Horn(new) 24
    Vergo’s Bone (new) 24
    Federation Supply: Rejuvenation Potion 2 Untradeable
    Valkyon Health Potion 3 Untradeable
    Bravery Potion 5 Untradeable
    Lakan’s Scale 12 VM9 Mat
    Federation Supply: Semi-Enigmatic Scroll 20



  • person_pinSpecial Credits
    We wanna thank Snow from NA Tera and EssentialMana, whose 30-Man Harrowhold guides have been useful as a base to write this one.
    Special thanks also to GalGoRi, whose Harrowhold 20 videos on YouTube have been the most useful to analyse mechanics and elaborate the gifs used in this guide. Other youtuber’s videos have also been used in the making: Asrais, Youtube EDA, dc d and HerbOlive Game.
    Thanks EssentialMana’s team for their help. Specially Loriri for providing information and translation regarding some new mechanics and Obsie for helping in tweaking and improving the guide.


  1. Phase 1 – Party Composition: The KTera videos analysed have the following composition: 4 Tanks (Brawler or Lancer), 2 Mystics, 5 Priests and 9DDs. Each party will have essentially 5 people: 1 Tank and at least 1 Healer. How the parties are split is every raid’s choice.

    Are you sure they have 5 Priests? That would mean 1 Party is with 2 Priests

    • Well, whole raid is based on that composition. Whether a Priest of yours can or prefers switching to DD for P1-2 and maybe 3 is completely up to you, I would even recommend it. It is, though, indeed doable with a double-priest party.

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