Hyderad Settings provide the highest base healing amount of any currently obtainable ring—even more than Pinnace/Argosy rings. Each Hyderad Setting provides +9.52% healing, for a total of +19.04% increased healing from two rings. This is significantly higher than the heal increase provided from Lifetic/Lifetock or Pinnace/Argosy rings.


As of the Spellbound patch (October 2016), the healing on the Hyderad Setting rings has be nerfed from 5% base healing and 4.52% re-rollable healing, to 0.5% base healing and 1% re-rollable healing.

Instead the Still accessory and the new Rakelith jewelry will gain “Increase Healing” rolls, making Hyderad Settings obsolete.


Hyderad Setting
Superior Ring
For Level 60 or above
Cannot trade. This item can’t be stored in the guild bank.
Item Level 269
Hyderad Legacy Revered or higher required for purchase.

Attack Modifier: 319
Balance Modifier: 618
Raises max MP by 153.
Increases HP recovery by 5%.

Increase your healing skills by 4.52%.
Increases Crit Factor by 2.

Pristine Succoring Zyrk

For the current TERA: Knockout patch, most healers use Pinnace (Healing) accessories. Hyderad Setting rings require a bit of grinding to obtain, but they’re the current best-in-slot rings for highest base heal amount.
There are different viable accessory builds that healers can use. Often, healers build all-heal accessories, with a few healers substituting in some crit factor for more frequent crit heals.
Do note that the item level for these rings is low as they are for level 60, meaning your item level can go below the requirement to receive vanguard request rewards on higher difficulty dungeons. If this happens, it’s recommended that you switch to current content patch rings before the last boss dies.

Heal Amount Comparison

Based off a setup with 4 succoring vyrsks/zyrks, no noctenium infusion, no consumables, and non-heal skill roll on chest, the healing values are as follows

Full Pinnace Set

Argosy & Pinnace (Rings), Argosy & Pinnace (Earrings), Pinnace Necklace

Pinnace + Hyderads Setting Set

Hyderad Setting x2 (Rings), Argosy & Pinnace (Earrings), Pinnace Necklace

Dreadnaught Mystic

  • Normal Heal: 33,429 HP
  • Crit Heal: 50,143 HP

Starfall Mystic

  • Normal Heal: 35,740 HP
  • Crit Heal: 53,610 HP
Dreadnaught Priest

  • Normal Heal: 34,066 HP
  • Crit Heal: 51,099 HP

Starfall Priest

  • Normal Heal: 36,329 HP
  • Crit Heal: 54,493 HP
Dreadnaught Mystic

  • Normal Heal: 35,291 HP
  • Crit Heal: 52,936 HP

Starfall Mystic

  • Normal Heal: 37,859 HP
  • Crit Heal: 56,788 HP
Dreadnaught Priest

  • Normal Heal: 36,078 HP
  • Crit Heal: 54,117 HP

Starfall Priest

  • Normal Heal: 38,591 HP
  • Crit Heal: 57,886 HP


If you use a Dreadnaught weapon or better and use 4 succoring zyrk/vrsk crystals, you can expect an increase of roughly about 1,862~2,263 normal healing (2,793~3,393 crit healing) at the sacrifice of 16 endurance, compared to using a Full Pinnace Set. The more healing power you have (from gear and crystals), the better the rings will scale at providing more healing power.

Obtaining Hyderad Settings:


Hyderad Settings are available for purchase via “Hyderad Legacy” credits at 1700 credits for each ring. To purchase the rings, you need to first max your reputation level (Revered) with the Hyderad Faction through daily quests. Although these rings are technically bankable, they are bind-on-purchase, so you’ll have to farm credits on the healer you want to give these rings to.buying-hyderad

Reputation accumulates until you have enough to bump up to the next reputation level. Although it should take over 2 weeks of daily quests starting from 0 reputation to max Hyderad reputation and farm enough credits, you’ll find that helping these cute popori with silly quests is worth every minute. It’s also worth noting that as your reputation level with Hyderad Legacy increases you’ll get more daily quests per day, up to a maximum of 5.


Reputation Levels:

        1. Suspicious (3,000 rep.)
        2. Apprehensive (6,000 rep.)
        3. Wavering (9,000 rep.)
        4. Neutral (12,000 rep.)
        5. Favorable (15,000 rep.)
        6. Friendly (20,000 rep.)
        7. Trusted (25,000 rep.)
        8. Revered (1,000 rep.)


** “Revered” status is required to be able to purchase hyderad rings. Note that the Hyderad Legacy Reputation (“rep.” in the chart above) that you’ll earn through yellow quests and green daily quests is only used to increase your reputation level and is independent from the credits that you’ll obtain *only* from green daily quests. Credits are the currency necessary to purchase goods.

With Revered and 1700 credits you can buy your first hyderad ring from Ermin, one of the “Hyderad Legacy Merchants” standing by the Federation Bill NPC and the teleportal in Bastion. Doing just a few more dailies will get you your second ring, and then you’re done!

A 100% Reputation Boost will double the amount of rep. and credits you earn!


Steps to Increase Hyderad Legacy Reputation

1. Complete all area quests in Bastion (indicated by yellow “!” and “?” symbols). Some of these will require killing BAMs, so it may help to have a DPS friend come along to help you clear the harder-to-kill ones. Once you’ve cleared all area quests in Bastion, you should be past “Suspicious” status with the Hyderad Faction. You’ll start to receive daily quests at this point.

2. Each day, you will receive a new set of randomly selected Hyderad Legacy daily quests (indicated by green “!” and “?” symbols). Complete all of these: it should take anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes per day for all these quests, depending on which quests you’re given.

3. Repeat these quests daily, and you’ll begin to get quests that give you more and more reputation points. Use the Bastion teleportal often, and keep in mind you can only enter the Lighthouse of the Sun for quests once a day. Grab all the quests first before starting any. This should save you time, as many times different quests have you go to the same location. If you have one, it’s also recommended that you use your Travel Journal to save frequently visited spots such as the Lighthouse of the Sun’s entrance.

Quest region: Bastion and surrounding areas

Quest region: Bastion and surrounding areas

Quest Name Reputation Reward Location Quest Info
Up the Creek 700 rep.
20 credits
Ruma Visit Umma, and then activate the fish feeders on the streams outside Bastion.
Come Mister Valkyon 700 rep.
20 credits
Ruma Visit Arura, and then collect from banana trees outside Bastion.
Trying to Be the Shepherd 700 rep.
20 credits
Rukdi Talk to Ruma and herd a sheep back to him.
Scarier Crows 700 rep.
20 credits
Arisel Kill Strylik Iskaragard, Krylar Iskaragard or Veldraj Iskaragard (random)
A Chance of Sun 750 rep.
25 credits
Akma Visit the Lilist by the Lighthouse of the Sun, go inside and restart the Ignition Device at the top.
Keep Off the Grass 700 rep.
20 credits
Arisel Visit Kurda, and kill the Remorseless Sentinel or Brass Warden (random).
Killing Trees to Save Them 750 rep.
25 credits
Arisel Visit Bahab, Kuren or Maahru (random), and then report to Meiga.
First Chance to See 750 rep.
25 credits
Rukdi Visit Eiru, and then guide a Baby Blue Horn Giant Toad to Eiru.
Sun Worship 700 rep.
20 credits
[Info Needed] [Info Needed]
Cleaning the Shed 750 rep.
25 credits
Akma Meet Maun by the Lighthouse of the Sun, go inside and get the ancient legacies.
Time to Rest 800 rep.
30 credits
Akma Meet Maun by the Lighthouse of the Sun, go inside and kill Old Bronze Golems as you advance.
You’re Not on My List 800 rep.
30 credits
Akma Meet Lilis by the Lighthouse of the Sun, go inside and destroy the Old Keeper on the sixth floor.
The Seed Vault 750 rep.
25 credits
Buran Meet Lilis by the Lighthouse of the Sun, go inside and destroy oak barrels to find ancient seed pods.
Balder’s Balm 700 rep.
20 credits
 Buran Gather Moon Shadow Plants or Moonlight Lotus (random)
The Pause That Refreshes 700 rep.
20 credits
Buran Find Ersilla, then collect a bellflower, a silver bellflower and an evening primrose, then report back to Ersilla.
No Loafing 700 rep.
20 credits
Ruma Visit Umma, and then activate the fish feeders on the streams outside Bastion.
Nature’s Perfect Food 700 rep.
20 credits
Ruma Find Arura, then collect fruit from banana trees outside Bastion.

Using Your Hyderad Rings:

The Hyderad Setting ring has 2 rerollable lines, one of which you must roll for “Increase your healing skills by 4.52%”. The other is quite negligible, but you might aim for “Increases Crit Factor by 2” if you can spare the Semi-Enigmatic Scrolls to reroll it.

As the Hyderad Setting is a level 60 accessory, you cannot equip a level 65 Vyrsk (green crystal). Instead, you’ll use either a Pristine Zyrk (level 55 crystal) or a regular Zyrk (level 60 crystal). I recommend [Pristine] Succoring Zyrks for your hyderad rings, as they give relatively similar amounts as the corresponding level 65 version of the crystal.

Here are some comparisons of Zyrk and Vyrsk values:

CRYSTAL TYPE [Pristine] Zyrk (lvl 55/60) Vyrsk (lvl 65)
Succoring (Heal) +2% +2.5%
Keen (Crit Factor) +2 +6
Relentless (Max HP) +1246 +2230
Grounding (Endurance) +1 +3
Swift (Attack Speed) +0.8% +1%



Once you’ve chosen your crystals and rolled your new Hyderad rings, you’re all set! Hope this guide helped a bit. What accessories are you running on your healer and why? Do you think Hyderad rings are optimal for mystics/priests? Let us know your thoughts in comments below!



Delsaber/Millenium (NA-HW) — For introducing me to Hyderad rings and inspiring me to get my own set of the rings.

Snowfall (NA-HW) — For helping me get started with the area quests and accompanying me to some of the daily quests.

Edonaru (NA-HW) — For letting me use him as a healing test subject in the demonstration video.


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