The Island of Dawn has come back as a new zone for level 65s! It’s a new open world area optimized for solo players, including tanks and healers. There will be BAMs ranging from levels 65 to 69 residing in their own area. Killing these will complete Vanguard Initiative Requests and reward players with Enchanting Materials, Vanguard Initiative credits, and a new Token!

How do I get there?

Once a player reaches level 65, they will receive the story quest “Ominous News” to talk to Seir in the Valkyon Federation Headquarters in Velika. Seir will send the player to the Island of Dawn. Players can use a Pegasus, Teleport Scroll, or a Village Atlas to the Island.

What is on the Island?

Once they turn in the initial story quest, they will receive 4 Undercede Tokens, some gold, and begin a chain of yellow quests, starting with “Adria’s Suspicion“, that will explain the story behind the new Island of Dawn and introduce you to the BAMs that they will be encountering. An additional story quest will unlock at the same time, “Desolate Garden“. You can follow the yellow quest chain at the same time as the story quest. Completing Desolate Garden rewards the player with a full set of Slaughter gear and T1 Still jewelry plus some additional enchantment materials and emeralds.

There are 9 types of BAMs on the Island, classified as Low-Level, Mid-Level and High-Level (3 BAM types in each group). An item level requirement exists for each group of BAMs in order to receive Vanguard quests. The Vanguard quests require killing 10 of one type of BAM and reward players with Feedstock, Cede Tokens, Vanguard Credits, and Gold based on the difficulty of the BAM. In a party, each BAM kill will only count for one player. Killing a BAM that you have no Vanguard quest for will not count. These Vanguard quests are not repeatable until the next day, and the game will assign a different BAM type after each completion until the player is done.


Island of Dawn BAMs drop the HP and MP motes typical of other open world BAMs, however there is a special yellow mote, called Keening Dawn Mote, that increases your crit factor and crit power significantly for 1 minute, but the effect disappears if you leave the island. Take advantage of them to speed up your kills!

Island of Dawn Achievements

There are 8 achievements to be earned in the new Island of Dawn zone, for a total of 100 points.

See here for details on the achievements.

Map of the Island of Dawn

Undercede Token
Intercede Token
Supercede Token

BAM Types and Rewards

The rewards and item level requirements are based on NA Tera and may be different in other regions.


Lv 65 Brutal Basilisks

Lv 65 Brutal Orisks

Lv 65 Brutal Ovoliths
Idoneal set or better required for Vanguard quest.
Reward per VG quest: 170 Gold, 40 Underhold Tokens, 20 T9 Feedstock, 50 Vanguard Credits, 60 Reward Points.

Lv 67 Brutal Bloodbound Teraliths

Lv 67 Brutal Fimbrilisks

Lv 67 Brutal Searing Fangspawns
Item level of 417+ required for Vanguard quest.
Reward per VG quest: 200 Gold, 40 Interhold Tokens, 30 T11 Feedstock, 60 Vanguard Credits, 90 Reward Points.

Lv 69 Brutal Naga Battlemasters

Lv 69 Brutal Iron Giants

Lv 69 Brutal Onyx Hydraths
Item level of 423+ required for Vanguard quest.
Reward per VG quest: 230 Gold, 40 Superhold Tokens, 50 T11 Feedstock, 80 Vanguard Credits, 120 Reward Points.


Hold Token Shops

The different shops are accessed by right clicking on various Hold tokens. (To be updated on May 9, 2017)

[Low-Level] Underhold Token Shop:

Guile Gear, Demense Accessories, Flawless Brooches, Plunder Glyph Boxes, T10 Spellbind and MES
You can also exchange 6 Underhold tokens for 1 Interhold Token.

[Mid-Level] Interhold Token Shop:

Misery Gear, Godly Accessories (Tier 1 and Necklace), Simple Empowered/Grounding/Quickcarve/Cleansing Brooch, Plunder Glyph Boxes, Ominous Ore, Caprin Horn, Personal Extensive Alkahest, Goddess’s Tear, Crystal Box, and Titan’s Ease.
You can also exchange 6 Interhold Tokens for 1 Superhold Token.

[High-Level] Superhold Token Shop:

Godly Accessories (Tier 2), Superior Cleansing Brooch, Plunder Glyphs (Boxes and Specific), Goddess’s Tear, Dyad Niveot Structure, Ominous Ore, Personal Extensive Alkahest, Personal Rare Alkahest, and Lakan’s Scale.

  • Fully updated for “Spellbound” patch.
  • Fully updated for “Secrets and Shadows” patch.
  • Updated info on “What is on the Island?” for Secrets & Shadows patch.
  • Updated Token Shop.
  • Updated Vanguard Rewards.
  • Updated formatting.
  • Fixed typos and updated material names.
  • Token Shop images updated with information from Gameforge Preview.
  • Island of Dawn BAM map added.
Credit to Loriri (Idi0ticGenius) for Island of Dawn information.
Fluffy Tails (Obs) for writing the guide.
Updated some information for “Secrets and Shadows” patch by Banim, including token shop images.


  1. What’s the minimum ilvl requirement or the minimum gear mix that will “unlock” the higher tier vanguard quest for shadetop tokens? I currently have slaughter weapon and belt, rest dreadnaught with last patch jewellery. Thanks ^^

  2. Elites get double tokens per quest? ty for the info

  3. Looks good but.. the pic labeled as ‘lvl 66 Brutal Ovoliths’ is definitely an arachen, not an ovolith

  4. Have you information about VP shop? After 1th march MWA box still coast 200 VP points or shops where gone?

  5. So when exactly is this new patch coming alive?

  6. There are limits for quests?

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