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Level 65 gear displays information on the quality of each piece of equipment (weapon, armor, footwear and gloves) in the form of item level. The quality of the stats rolled, plus the enchantment level of the gear, will dictate the item level of equipment. This recognizes that two players with +12 gear may do completely different levels of damage because one has good rolls while the other has poor rolls.

You will notice a level gauge on enchantable level 65 equipment, as well as yellow and green stat lines.

The level and percentage increase along with the enchantment level. However, getting equipment to +12 (or +15 for VM sets) by itself will not grant you the max item level for that piece. To reach 100% max item level for a piece of gear, you will also need to roll the correct stats. Good stats and situational stats will be yellow and will add 4 points to the item level, while questionable ones will be green and do not add any item level.

To make things simpler, the desired rerollable stats that add to your item level will be displayed in yellow text, while the questionable ones will appear as the standard green.
rerollable stat highlights
Note that the fixed stats you can’t reroll will always appear in green.


What counts for max item level

  • Enchantment level (+12 for Low- and Mid-Tier gear, +15 for High- and Top-Tier gear)
  • Yellow enchantment rolls
What doesn’t count for max item level

  • Etchings
  • Green enchantment rolls
  • 1%, 2% or 3% Masterwork Bonus



The process to reroll is simple. As long as you have in your inventory at least 1 of each: a enigmatic scroll, identification scroll and (optionally) spellbinds, you can reroll your gear.

To see what rolls are possible to get, click on this button. You can also see what rolls are good (yellow) and what rolls are bad (green). Clicking on this button brings up a window like this:

This one shows the possible options for the bottom rolls ↓

This one shows the possible options for the top roll ↑



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