This guide’s information is relevant as of the Heroic’cs Oath Patch


Hi, I’m a simple guy and like to get to the point. My IGN is “Jack” I’m from Tempest Reach and I’ve been one of the top ninjas for RMHM, DSU, and SSHM patches. I want to shed some light on the poor dead class that is ninjas and try to make every ninja reach the max potential. This is kind of a hybrid guide somewhere between a min max and a casual how to play guide, if you want to truly min max and theorycraft feel free to join my ninja discord and let me know so I can give you the ninja tag (Guide is missing some info use my Google Doc found in ninja discord until I can find time to update this, or just message me on discord.)


Ninja does not have a whole lot of skills and some of them are simply not used but we’ll go over them regardless.

Green colored glyphs are mandatory
Yellow colored glyphs are situational
Red colored glyphs are bad

Combo Attack (AA)

  • (3) Spirited Combo Attack – Increases MP Replenishment by 15%.
  • (4) Empowered Combo Attack – Increases skill damage by 30%.
  • (3) Swift Combo Attack – 15% Chance to increase Attack Speed by 10% for 5 seconds

Auto attacks are generally considered to be bad on most classes, however on Ninja this is not the case. This is due to the fact that every hit of Combo Attack reduces the cooldown of Decoy Jutsu, Double Cut, Skyfall, Circle of Steel and One Thousand Cuts. Most of these skills are the main skills of your rotation, therefore utilizing Combo Attack will allow you to use your maximum priority skills more often.

Shadow Jump (Roll)

  • (3) Energetic Shadow Jump – Reduces Cooldown by 20%.

This skill is your main iframe and repositioning tool. This skill moves 7 meters into any direction and can be used twice within 3 seconds befre it goes on cooldown. Important: If you do not use your second roll before those 3 seconds run out, this skill will not go on Cooldown.

Leaves on the Wind (LotW)

  • (3) Aggravating Leaves on the Wind – Increases damage by 60% to targets suspended in air.
  • (3) Energetic Leaves on the Wind – Reduces Cooldown by 20%.

This is one of the primary skills used in a different rotation, one that I do not use so will not talk too much about in this guide. The idea is that you use Leaves on the Wind instead of Combo Attack after your core rotation. However I still use this skill if I am far away from the boss due to a mechanic, for example Lachelith when you have to go out for the tail slams or spheres.

Jagged Path (JP)

  • (4) Power Linked Jagged Path – Increases all Skill Damage by 10% for 3 seconds after a succesful hit

This is your main dash skill, it moves you up to 25 meters in a direction. It starts off with 20 meters in the same direction and then the last part where you can change direction for the last 5 meters. This skill is also used often to increase the damage of your main skills due to the Power Link Glyph, more about this in Core Rotation.

Impact Bomb (IP)

  • (3) Energetic Impact Bomb – Decreases Cooldown by 20%.

This is one of your repositioning skills, it allows you to quickly move 10 meters. This will help you deal with mechanics where you have to get away from the boss, using this instead of rolling and walking will allow you to keep DPSing the boss just a little bit longer.

One Thousand Cuts

  • (4) Empowered One Thousand Cuts – Increases Skill Damage 25%.
  • (3) Energetic One Thousand Cuts – Reduces Cooldown by 25%.

One Thousand Cuts is an iframe that lasts much longer than Shadow Jump while also doing damage during the duration. This makes it seem like a very useful skill, but as far as trying to do as much damage as possible, you’re usually better off just using Shadow Jump instead. In the off chance that you need to iframe while Shadow Jump is on cooldown you can use One Thousand Cuts and then cancel with Decoy Jutsu or Shadow Jump once it comes off cooldown.

Decoy Jutsu (DJ)

  • (2) Brilliant Decoy Jutsu – Reduces MP Cost by 125.
  • (4) Empowered Decoy Jutsu – Increases Damage by 20%.
  • (3) Opportunistic Decoy Jutsu – 50% chance to eliminate cooldown of Double Cut after succesfully hitting a monster.

One of your main rotation skills, while it’s damage is not extremely high the 50% chance of resetting Double Cut from the glyph is massive. Double Cut is your most important skill that does not use Chi, being able to reset the cooldown of this skill makes Decoy Jutsu one of your main skills. Along with this, this skill also teleports you to the back of the boss while also being a really short iframe.

Fire Avalanche (FA)

  • (4) Empowered Fire Avalanche – Increases Skill Damage by 25%.
  • (5) Carving Fire Avalanche – Triples chance to crit.

This is your highest damaging skill, while also having the longest cooldown. This means that it is important for this skill to be used when the boss is enraged, debuffed and you having the necessary buffs to maximize the damage output of Fire Avalanche. This skill is also an iframe during the animation, but it’s important to note that the slight time between each set of Fire Avalanche isn’t an iframe and you have the possibility of being hit mid Fire Avalanche.
Important: If you have Brooch, Adrenaline Rush and Rootbeer active you are able to use Jagged Path into all 3 hits of Fire Avalanche. If you do not, you should use the first hit of Fire Avalanche and then Jagged Path into the remaining 2.
If you use Energetic Etchings you only need 2 of the above mentioned buffs to get all 3 hits during the Power Link.

Smoke Bomb

  • (2) Energetic Smoke Bomb – Decreases Cooldown by 25%.

Smoke Bomb is an iframe that you cast and it’ll stay on the ground for 3 seconds, anyone who stands in this (read: you or your party members) will be able to keep dpsing and not worry about dying. This skill is really useful because on certain bosses it allows your entire party to ignore a mechanic just by standing inside the smoke bomb. This skill is extremely useful in the newest dungeon AAHM, I recommend glyphing it for last boss to help your team survive the puddle mechanic easier.


  • (2) Brilliant Attunement – Decreases MP Cost by 100.
  • (3) Energetic Attunement – Decreases cooldown by 20%.
  • (1) Speeds Casting of Burning Heart and Fire Avalanche by 30% for 10 seconds.

A skill that gives you 500 Chi on cast, the practical usage of this skill will be discussed in Chi Usage.


A skill that gives 5% increased damage and an additional 10% for every 5 seconds in which you do not get Knocked Down. Since you do not get knocked down practically ever unless you jump. Focus is a 15% damage increase buff so this should always be active.


Before we talk about individual pieces I want to mention that the recommended Crit Factor is +380. This will put your Double Cut at a 98% crit chance. I personally run around +350 Crit Factor and that puts the Crit Chance of Double Cut at 93.3% chance. Recently I’ve been testing going for double Pumped Etchings on my Weapon and Gloves respectively but I made the switch to double Energetic when Antaroth’s Abyss came out. Running Double Energetic allows you to get, in my opinion, more consistent DPS. Now let’s go over individual pieces of gear.


Top Stat Roll:
Increases damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged monsters
Decreases skill cooldowns by 7.2% – Preference based, typically on short fight/Harrowhold Phase 4 you would take Enraged Damage and Cooldown Reduction for longer fights.
Cooldown Reduction is gaining preference because of how Smoke Bomb interacts with mechanics on Nightmare Antaroth (AAHM Last Boss)

Bottom Stat Rolls: Standard Bottom Line Rolls
Decreases skill cooldowns by 7.2%
Increases damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged monsters
Increases damage by 6.9% when attacking from behind
Increases damage by 6% (take out this line if you do not have Frostmetal, Stormcry or Heroic’s Oath)


Top Stat Roll:
12% Double Cut Damage – Double Cut is one of your main skills as far as DPS breakdown goes, increases this skills’ damage will increase the DPS that you do.
10% Cirlce of Steel Damage – With the Awakening Patch Ninja got a buff to Circle of Steel damage, which puts it on par with Double Cut damage. Using this buffs that damage.

Bottom Stat Rolls:
Decreases damage taken by 6%
Decreases damage taken from frontal attacks by 6.9%
Decreases damage taken from enraged monster by 10%
Raises max HP by 8% (take out this line if you do not have Frostmetal, Stormcry or Heroic’s Oath)

Standard DPS Rolls:
Increases Attack Speed by 2.25%
Increases Power by 5
Increases Crit Factor by 9


Standard Rolls:
Increases Endurance by 4
Increases Movement Speed by 6%
Replenishes 2% of total MP every 5 seconds




You will be aiming for Quatrefoil Brooch or Marrow brooch and the rolls you will want on these are:
6 Crit Factor
3 Power


On the circlet you want to roll 8 Crit Factor

If you are unable to get these then you will want to go for a Quickcarve Brooch which will not allow you to roll Power so you’ll go for:
6 Crit Factor
4 Crit Factor


On the belt you want to roll these:
6 Crit Factor
3 Power


On the mask you would want the Cooldown Reduction one, preferably the 3.0% one. Because this stat can’t be chosen you might not get the one you need, if you don’t have the Cooldown Reduction one. Then it’ll be Crit > Power > Crit Power


For necklace you will want 4 power, this is the same for almost every single class because for Crit Factor it also gives 4.


For Rings you’ll be using
4 Crit Factor
4 Power

For Earrings you should be using
4% HP
4 Endurance


For innerwear you’ll be trying to get a 20/24/28 Crit Factor. Don’t worry too much if you can’t get a top tier innerwear off the bat, any Crit Factor innerwear is fine but as you get better gear you want to upgrade that as well.


Weapon Crystals

Regular runs

Forceful, Focused, Savage, Bitter.


Slaying Runs

Slaying, Focused, Savage, Bitter.


Armor Crystals

Hardy, at least 1 glistening dyad is recommended but not required to keep your mana up. It is most definitely useful though.


Keen Vyrsk or Powerful Vyrsk, Keen is favored because of the Crit:Power ratio on Earrings is better than on Crystals, but keep in mind the crit cap and if you’re a little over +380 or around that you can swap some Keen Vyrsk.
Keen-Vyrsk vyrsk

Core Rotation

In essence the main rotation for Ninja is very straight forward, this is a rotation that you’ll be using many times during a boss fight. Of course depending on how the boss attacks you’ll have to change things slightly but in the end if you can get this rotation down. You’ll be doing okay damage. However the rotation is never set in stone, because you have to react to mechanics and attacks. If you find yourself not being able to attack the boss for a moment, just keep in mind that Double Cut and Burning Heart are your main priority skills. More about Burning Heart in Chi Usage.

Jagged Path, Double Cut, Decoy Jutsu, Double Cut (if it resets), Skyfall, Circle of Steel, (Leaves on the Wind*)
* you use Leaves on the Wind if you are using Double Energetic etchings, if you are using something else just Combo Attack to reduce the cooldown of your main skills.

A different version of this rotation is delaying Jagged Path until after Decoy Jutsu so that the Jagged Path Glyph is active for the now buffed Circle of Steel. If you have the attack speed (Adrenaline Rush, Rootbeer and Brooch) you can definitely fit in the first rotation in the entire Jagged Path buff.
* you use Leaves on the Wind if you are using Double Energetic etchings, if you are using something else just Combo Attack to reduce the cooldown of your main skills.

Starting the fight:

This is short and sweet, when starting the fight it’s best to have full chi (obviously) which is relatively easy to do in dungeons . To do this just simply pull the boss, stack to full chi and make sure you don’t start decaying before the fight starts. It’s easiest to do this with a priest since they can just pull you over, however I don’t recommend this for low level dungeons/new players since this doesn’t add too much to your dps and most new players won’t understand what you’re trying to do creating confusion and headaches. As for in AAHM the leaderboard score will be affected by prestacking so it’s not recommended to do this in AAHM, unless you don’t care about your leaderboard time.

The reason I don’t start off with FA is because the time that it takes for healers and lancers to get all the buffs/debuffs take a while and missing out on just one buff for FA can cost you easily 5m+ in damage. Another important thing to note is that I immediately use JP to make sure it will be off CD for FA. Also when using BH at the start be sure not to drop below 400 chi because the time that it takes to regain the chi for FA your dragon buff will likely be gone.

As for the positioning when you have full chi it’s best to try and start behind the boss. This is the one time where you should use DJ as a utility skill to get behind the boss without having DC on cooldown.

Rotation with Adrenaline Rush

When you have arush the rotation slightly changes due to increase in attack speed, the main thing to remember when in arush is to prioritize double cut. Basically Double Cut off cooldown and use Decoy Jutsu to try and reset Double Cut in order to put your rotation back on track. Another important thing to note is that with CoS buff it’s prioritized a little more basically meaning try not to use CoS without the SF powerlink. One quick tip while in arush you may notice even with auto weaving some skills will still be on CD, if you follow the auto weaving method (opposed to LOTW build) you can simply use chakra thrust to animation cancel part way through your AAs, which essentially resets the counter. This of course is a little more advance and not necessary since it’s only useful when you have CD’s of more than 3 seconds and requires you to pay close attention.

Mobility and Suvivability

The best part about being a ninja would probably be the fact that our survivability is one of the highest out of all classes, due to our endless supply of iframes. One major issue with ninjas is that their mobility skills, except impact bomb, are also linked to dpsing and can cause some confusion as to when to JP and DJ without missing out on dps. The best advice here is to have impact bomb bound to a fairly comfortable key since you will be using it a lot especially for RMHM. This skill can help move you out of danger like for the in out mechanic on Lachelith, or for debuff mechanic on Atrocitas. An example can be seen in the link below. Also a more recent example of AAHM “red mechanic” shows a good use of our mobility skills to maximize DPS.

This also shows how shadow jump isn’t just necessarily used as an iframe but can also be used for mobility around the boss due to the short CD.

Impact bomb can also be used to move you through the boss to get to the back if you want to conserve your iframes if you feel like the boss might do a mechanic that would hit you afterwards.

The next important skill that gets underappreciated is chakra thrust, this skill can some in handy if you’re just slightly out of range for DC, or need to move slightly forward. An example of when it’s useful can be seen below, but the value of chakra thrust is that the range is fairly long meaning you can hit the boss from a good distance away and generate chi and get some damage off at the same time.

Chi Usage

The general rule of thumb for Burning Heart usage is to use it when you are above 800+ Chi and your main skills are on cooldown. However there are some finer points to keep in mind if you want to get the maximum value out of your Chi.

Fire Avalanche has a higher value than Burning Heart and should only be used when the boss is enraged and you are fully buffed. This is because of the long cooldown of the skill. As you get more familiar with timings (read: Cooldowns) of buffs in the game you will be able to tell when a Lancer or healer is going to be using their buffs. You want to use your Chi management to make sure you are at full Chi or at around 500 so that you can Attunement when these points hit.

Important Information and Tips

    • Prioritize DC

this skill is consistent damage and low animation time meaning you can use it generally anytime (preferably use it when you can get the back crit.)

    • Circle of Steel without Skyfall powerlink

It’s best to use Circle of Steel without the powerlink only if you see the boss is about to unenrage, or about to turn and you’re confident you can get full back damage in time.

    • Burning Heart

Try to use Burning Heart when you have around 800+ chi, it’s not the worst thing in the world to go a little over 1000 chi, but since most ninjas go double energetic you can probably be safe with using your chi at around 800-900 since you will be generating chi a lot quicker.

    • Decoy Jutsu iFrame

Decoy Jutsu is in fact an iframe, the only problem is the invulnerability is significantly shorter than your other iframes. The timing is a little shorter than a mystic jaunt iframe, but if you find yourself in a tight bind and magically out of all iframes (believe it or not I’ve had it happen) you can use it to save yourself.

Credits and Information

If you want to watch live gameplay of me playing Ninja, you can watch my stream by clicking here.
First Tactics – Crunched some numbers for me


  1. hey, i have a question. i been testing rotations on 439 bams and using (jagged, doublecut, skyfall, thousand cut.) seems to do some nice dps. i was just wondering why ppl dont use thousand cut as a skill. it seems to hit pretty hard.

  2. Hi my Mrs asked me to look in to the ninja for her so this guide helps. Is there a updated version on skills and glyphs. We are both on tera console PS4.

  3. No levels on the skills, what level am I supposed to upgrade skills to!

  4. Will you update this guide to include Apex?

  5. When will you post the talent system?

  6. Hey guys, sorry didn’t really notice everything missing. Kind of missed a lot when translating it over from my Google Doc to Essential Mana, currently updating it. Thanks for the feedback, sorry for the missing info.

  7. I’m confused you don’t really list all the skills above

  8. it’s missing a lot of information but still a good guide 🙂 work on it 🙂

  9. No glyphs for double cut? LOL

  10. So lets say I have Power 14 Inner, but I roll crit on my accessories instead of the power options (all crit on rings, necklace, brooch, circlet) Keen etchings on all my accessories……a good mix? With a mystic my crit reaches 378

    • No, idk if I’m not understanding, or you don’t know about crit to power conversion but you’re missing a lot of efficiency if you go double crit rolls and crit on necklace. 2 crit for every 1 power only thing you can do to lower crit efficiently if you’re over with a mystic is switch your vyrsk.

  11. Isn’t pounding crystal better then forcefull?

  12. Hello, whats about Fire Avalanche CDR roll in the chest? Does it worth smth? Is it possible to make every enrage FA with double energetic enchants, mask, chest roll and double cdr weapom roll or its a bad idea?

  13. Question about rotation! I have heard that JP-> DC -> SF -> CoS -> DJ -> DC (If reset) -> LotW
    so which is better this or your one?

    • JP>DC>DJ>DC(reset)>SF>CoS>lotw is superior for one, because during the burn you’re going to have arush, brooch, abd rootbeer which gives enough attack speed to get DC SF and CoS the power link buff and when not during the burn you have a better consistent damage boost since DC is almost guaranteed to crit and SF has a high chance unlike taking a gamble on CoS. The only gamble is whether or not you’re getting the DC reset.

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