Kalivan’s Dreadnaught is a dungeon new in the Knockout patch. It has a Challenge Mode, and Hard Mode. The Challenge Mode features area indicators for tanks and weaker bosses and monsters. The Normal Mode was removed with the Ninja patch.

This article has been updated for the Ninja patch.

Level Requirement: 65
Item Level: 355 (Challenge), 417 (Dreadnaught)
Format: 5-man

Challenge Mode Drops:

  • Guile Armor and Glove
  • Tier 10 Feedstock, Spellbinds, Master Enigmatic Scrolls
  • Superior Level 60 Flawless Brooches
Dreadnaught Drops:

  • Tier 1 Godly Jewelry
  • Simple Cleansing Brooch
  • Ambush (VM8) Materials
  • Tier 10 Feedstock, Spellbinds, Master Enigmatic Scrolls



Pathway #1

There will be a few barrels. Breaking these will give nearby party members Inferno Spores, which deals flat damage every second to enemy monsters around the player. Defeat all the monsters to continue.

Hard Mode: These spores damage friendly players as well.

First Boss: Pepero


Tanking Tip: The tank should try to keep the boss in the center of the room.

Attack Patterns: Similar to Vulcan BAMs, consisting of multiple frontal swipes and ground slams that push players.

Protect the Kegs!: Throughout the fight, mobs will spawn (“Suicide Soldiers are targeting the X! Break an oak barrel and use Inferno Spores to take them out“). Players will have to prevent these mobs from destroying the different Piles (Wine Barrels, Bomb Piles, Gunpowder Boxes, or Oil Barrels) in each corner of the arena. If any Pile is destroyed, “An explosion has damaged the ship!” will be announced. If all of the Piles are destroyed, the party wipes. The tank should aim to position the boss so that the other party members can safely and easily dispatch of these mobs using Inferno Spores.

Hard Mode: The mobs cannot be crowd controlled.

Inferno Spores: There will be barrels that spawn on the edges of the room. Breaking these will give nearby party members Inferno Spores, which deals flat damage every second to enemy monsters around the player. Players should use this to defeat the monsters that spawn to protect the barrel kegs.

Hard Mode: These spores damage friendly players as well.

Ground Pound: Pepero will raise his arms, shout “Get back!” before pounding the ground multiple times, dealing frontal damage.

Hard Mode: Pepero will leave damaging AoE puddles on the ground. These AoE puddles deal damage per tick.

Pushback: Pepero will glow red, and unleash a frontal shockwave. His next attack directed towards his side and will players back.

Shockwave: Pepero will go into the center of the room and proceed to unleash frontal shockwaves four times in a counter-clockwise fashion. Each one of these will deal flat damage and is not blockable.

Hard Mode: After 50% HP, Pepero will have a different shockwave attack pattern.


Ground Slam: There will be a large mid-range ring. After a few seconds, Pepero will slam down and deal massive damage to players inside the affected area.

Pathway #2

There will be stationary bomb monsters with an orange ring. Activating these by standing in the circle will stun any nearby player or monster. There are also other Naga monsters and a Captain Quall, a tougher Naga monster at the end. Defeat all non-bomb monsters to continue.

Second Boss: Polyphemus


Tanking Tip: The tank should try to position the boss so that the DPS can get backcrits safely.

Attack Patterns: Similar to Cyclops BAMs (Kerkion from Channelworks). He will swipe forwards, slam into the ground, and fire ranged attacks.

Bombs: Like Pathway #2, stationary bomb monsters will occasionally spawn. These will activate once a player or the boss steps onto the area, stunning players and/or the boss.

Overload!: You’ll notice a bar. It will start at 0/100. The more bomb monsters there are on the field, the higher the bar fills. Once the bar reaches 100, all bombs will explode and Polyphemus will rapidly fire lasers.

Hop: Polyphemus will jump upwards before landing, dealing damage to nearby players.

Laser: Polyphemus will fire a laser towards a random target that will deal damage and leave the ground scorched, dealing damage to players standing in the area.

Ripples: Polyphemus will stomp on the ground, creating three earthquakes with expanding size.

Leap: “Polyphemus is targeting (Player). Lure him to the bomb squad!” is announced and Polyphemus will begin charging a powerful attack. After a few seconds, Polyphemus will jump towards that player. The player should aim to move so that Polyphemus will land onto a bomb so he can be stunned. He will then proceed to do Earthquake.

Earthquake: If Polyphemus is not stunned by a bomb after Leaping, he will unleash two waves of damage (iframeable) across the entire arena, dealing flat damage.

Hard Mode: Polyphemus does not announce who he is targeting (although there is still the secondary aggro purple circle). The waves will deal 60,000 damage, which has a much higher probability of killing players who failed to dodge.

Petrification: Polyphemus will target a random player and fire a large conal attack that deals heavy damage and leave a debuff that will petrify a player after a few seconds if not cleansed.

Hard Mode OnlyBomb Sparks: Players are warned by “Look Out!“. After a few seconds a number of players will receive a large orange circle. After a few seconds, they will be knocked up for a long period of time.

Pathway #3

There will be a Tanan, a Hermit Crab BAM. He will give players an Electricity Overload debuff. If a player with a debuff steps into watery areas, the water will shock and damage players.

There are more monsters. Defeat all of these to advance.

Final Boss: Kalivan


Tanking Tip: The tank should aim to keep the boss away from danger zones while allowing DPS to back crit.

Attack Patterns: Similar to Naga BAMs. He will slash with his blades, swipe with his tail, and leap in different directions.

Flooding: Throughout the fight, quarters of the arena will be flooded in water. The water doesn’t deal damage by itself, though if you are electrified with Electricity Overload, you will take damage. Stepping in the water gives you a buff that increases your movespeed briefly (Useful for Charge!)

Hard Mode: Water lanes will flood more often.

Electricity Overload: Certain attacks will apply Electricity Overload on players for 45 seconds. If players step into Flooded areas while they have Electricity Overload, any player in the area takes damage. Electricity Overload will stack up to five times. Getting two stacks of Electricity Overload will apply Electric Shock Overload, which is a damage over time debuff that can be cleansed. Getting five stacks of Electricity Overload will stun the player.

Electricity Bomb: Kalivan will throw a projectile at players at a distance. Players hit by this will receive damage and Electricity Overload.

Mini Lightning Bolts: Kalivan will shout “Behold my thunderous wrath!” before placing circles on all players. After a duration, the circles will solidify and players have a short period to escape before the circles explode, dealing damage and applying Electricity Overload to players who failed to escape. He will proceed to do Big Lightning Bolt immediately after.
Big Lightning Bolt: “(Player) is targeted by Big Lightning Bolt” is announced and a random player is targeted for an attack. The player will be stunned and will be struck with heavy damage in 6 seconds. Party members should stay inside the target circle in order to split the damage taken. If taken solo, will deal 200k damage to a single player. Mystic thralls, Gunner ST-4 and Warrior shadows count as extra bodies to help split the damage. If no player is inside (or if all players inside die) when the Lightning strikes, Kalivan will proceed to do Lightning Storm.

In Normal mode, the player closest to the boss is targeted.
In Hard mode, the player farthest away from the boss is targeted.

TIP: We recommend priests do NOT use the pull (Divine Intervention), but instead use Kaia’s Shield on the target.

Lightning Storm: Kalivan will shout “Feel my wrath!” before calling lightning down from the skies, dealing massive damage to the entire field. This occurs when no player is left remaining inside the Big Lightning Bolt when it hits.

Stomp: Kalivan will raise up on his hind legs and stomp onto the ground, dealing massive damage and applying Electricity Overload
Wave: Kalivan will slash forward, releasing a damaging wave and applying Electricity Overload.

Ground Piercing: Kalivan will flash his eye red, before stabbing the ground in front of him four times, each one applying Electricity Overload.

Charge!: Kalivan will shout out “Preparing to charge towards (Player)!! Watch out!” before repeatedly slashing at his selected target. Getting hit by these slashes will apply heavy damage and Electricity Overload. Watch out, the range of this move is very wide. Use the water to get a movespeed buff (if you do not have the Electricity Overload debuff).

Hard Mode OnlyKalivan’s Wrath: Kalivan will warn the party by announcing “You won’t be so lucky this time!” before pushing players to his sides by swiping left and then right, applying Electricity Overload, and stabbing the ground in front of him with his blades before causing an eruption in front of him.




  1. So I am having a hard time figuring out when to cleanse my party during the Kalivan fight. I’ve read your guide several times and can’t seem to find which attack adds the cleansable debuff. Would you mind clarifying?

  2. how to eneter the F-ing dungeon when it keeps saying “YOU ARE NOT READY” how to ready up.And have more than enough required item lvl. Elin Ninja 65.

  3. Hi! Great guide you have here! I was wondering, as a brawler, would it be possible to block Kalivan’s Ground Piercing in Hard mode? I’ve tried blocking but it still hits me anyway. I’ve also tried dashing away but I’ll usually get hit twice before I can fully get out of the attack range. What would you say would be the best way to avoid this attack? Thanks!

  4. Boys Over Flowers

    In Hard Mode boss #2 Polyphemus does the Ripple attack that has circles expanding out, as a Mystic how do I go about mitigating this?

  5. I’m not sure so I thought I’d ask, are Dreadnaught Spars just a super rare drop or am I just having terrible luck getting them? Because I have gotten 0 over this past week of doing KDHM.

  6. Just wanted to add that as the tank on Boss #2 Polyphemus that when there are 3 or more bombs on the deck you should lead the boss to a few of them. 2 or more bombs if he just got done targeting someone and a bomb was used.

    • For boss #1 in hard mode, he does this ground smash attack all of a sudden and it seems to go through blocks. Is there a way to counter this as a brawler besides dashing away?

      • He will say “Get back!” and leave a damaging fire AoE on the ground. You have to keep an eye out for that. You can’t block it. If you’re a Brawler and have Growing Fury up, you can just dash away and maintain rage by hitting the mobs.

  7. Is there any way to dodge the Bomb Sparks’ knock-up effect in order to avoid being vulnerably knocked into the air?

  8. Master Enigmatic Scrolls are mentioned as drops and in the VG rewards include ‘Tier 8 Master Enigmatic Scroll’.
    Will the MES from the drops be Tier 8? or the ones we have now ?

  9. Thanks for this!

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