This guide’s information is relevant as of v93 Patch


Hello, This is Fiery from NA Kaiator(Aka Kernil or Keanu). I have been PvPing on Tera since 2015 as a Warrior then I started playing Gunner at the beginning of 2017 and I have been maining it ever since. I’ve created this guide to encourage more people to try out gunners in PvP as its extremely fun to play, help you understand Gunner better and teach you how to play gunner effectively in different PvP scenarios. This is a heavily PvP focused guide and will not cover PvE. This guide will cover all aspects of Gunner PvP gameplay in detail.

Gear & Enhancement Points

1.Gear Choices

In patch 93 you can choose from 3 different PvP Weapons & PvP Chests:

  • Harmonic
  • Impregnable
  • Disciplinary

For Gunner, Harmonic Weapon is far more superior than any other weapons. And why is that?
Because Gunner lacks the cc it is a class that does not have many ccs and struggles to catch people but with the harmonic weapon +6 Slowing roll it helps you pinpoint your enemies which in return helps you catch them a lot easier. Disciplinary Weapon is very useful in mass PvP where you don’t really need to cc people anymore and Impregnable weapon is only useful for situations
where you’re getting focused pretty hard by some dpses that are using Disciplinary weapons

Harmonic Arcannon(+6 Stagnant Tide: Chance to decrease opponents movement speed by 50% for 8 seconds)

What about the other pieces? For your gloves and boots you want Dark Light pieces as they are proven to be 1 way tankier than PvP gloves and boots as well as they give you Magic Amplification which increases Gunner’s damage as all Gunner’s skills are magical.

PS: PvP Attack is really useful this patch and the reason behind this is a lot of people run a mix of Pvp gear + Pve gear which means they no longer
have as much PvP defense as they used to. That is why I like running Disciplinary Chest for maximum damage.


2x Forcetic Radiant Ring (Power 4)
2x Forcetic Radiant Earring(Decreases the duration of stun effects by 10%)
Forcetic Radiant Necklace(Power 4)


Radiant Circlet (Power 4)


Dark Light Mask( Any Magic Amp rolls or MP rolls are good)


Badge Of Honor [Grade 5](Best brooch gives PvP defense and PvP attack which are extremely useful also a cleanse every 1min30seconds)


Dark Light Belt (Any Magic Amp or MP rolls are good)


Elinu’s Relic is the best choice, giving you the most power.


Kara’s Halidom is the best choice, giving you the most power.


Any Disciplinary or Harmonic Signature Innerwear You can use 5500 Magic Amp inner in case you do not have PvP innerwears

Please refer to Relics & Halidoms for more detailed information on how to obtain Relics & Halidoms.


Weapon/Glove Etching

2x Energetic

Chest/Boot Etching

2x Grounded

Jewelry Etchings

Full Pumped Etchings

Reasoning behind running 2x Energetic etchings is Gunner’s most damage is coming out of our Modular Weapon System buff which is why we want to have it up as soon as possible also the Attack speed is always nice.


Mostly will be using these 2 crystals depending on the situation:
4x Pristine Griefing Zyrk
4x Indomitable Zyrk

4x Griefing Zyrk is for maximum damage output. Use 4x Indomitable Zyrk if you are being focused and taking a lot of damage.

2.My Personal Gear

This is my personal gear choice it suits my play style and I find this to be extremely efficient in terms of stats and overall very well-balanced when it comes to damage and survivability.




Mighty Attack & Mighty Defense – (very important)
Arcane Barrage Fatal Blow – (very important)
Arc bomb Constancy – (very important)

Skills/Glyphs & Skill Advancement Choices


I’m going to list the non-obvious skills only and explain their usage.


Burst Fire

Fire a penetrating shot affecting up to three enemies in a line up to 20m away. Holding down the skill button continues firing as long as you have Willpower. Each successive shot has increased skill damage and a chance to crit. Enemies hit are slowed.

Use to cancel Remote Trigger and HB‘s animations by taping it once or by holding it in case you want to add damage. Slows targets, Inflicts Gunshot wound debuff to targets and you also take 30% less damage in animation if you have the level 67 Skill advancement option mentioned below. Note Burst Fire will boost the crit rate of HB and will also do a decent amount of damage(Normally will always crit after the 6th or 7th tick).


Command: Recall

Travel in a straight line to your HB construct, passing through enemies without effect. You must be within 40m to use this skill.

Lingering and fast iframe can be used to animation cancel some skills like Balder’s Vengeance faster so you could follow-up with more damage after it as shown below. Can also be used to cancel Retaliate making it not go on cooldown and at the same time getting you off the ground can also be used to start a combo as you’re invincible for 2 seconds after using it. (Note it can no longer be used if you’re staggered)


Modular Weapons System

Summons a deadly construct that modifies skills and aids you in battle.

This is your steroids, Our only Self-buff that allows us to do a lot of damage by increasing base damage on some skills like Balder’s Vengeance and Remote Trigger as well as allowing us to instantly cast Fully Charged Mana Missiles. (Note it is Plagueable/Regressable so keep an eye out for those)



Arc Bomb

Lob a bomb up to 14m, which can bounce up to three times before exploding. On striking an enemy, the bomb generates 20 Willpower and explodes, stunning nearby enemies.

Your main stun, which will mostly be used to start-up combos.


Command: Self-Destruct

Order your summoned constructs to detonate, damaging and stunning enemies within 4m.

Your second AoE short duration stun mostly used to catch people and start a combo by using Arc Bomb after or to extend an ongoing combo. (Note it can be used while you’re being staggered enabling you to punish your opponent by denying them a combo and comboing them in return.)



Summon a construct to aid you in combat. Throw ST at a spot within 18m, and it will continually attack enemies within 18m for 45 seconds. Command: Self-Destruct works while ST is active.

Provides an AoE ranged stun if used correctly with Command: Self-Destruct.



Point Blank

Swing your arcannon to attack enemies within 7m. Press the skill button again to fire a second shot which moves you back.

Your main stagger also used as a movement skill.


Arcane Barrage

Fire an energy pulse that damages all enemies in a line up to 22m. Press the skill button again to detonate the pulse, damaging and knocking down enemies in a wide radius with a high chance to crit and gaining Willpower.

One of your main damaging skills also a ranged stagger which can be used to start combos on distant targets.



Press the skill button once to target an area within 25m, then press the skill button again to launch a volley of eleven shots with a high chance of stagger. Gain 100 Willpower for each successful hit.

Staggers targets and does a decent amount of damage but is slow. Mostly used to gain willpower but could also be used as follow-up damage skill on cc’d targets.

Knock Downs:


Mana Missiles

Launch a weaving pair of missiles up to 30m. Each missile that strikes an enemy explodes, with a high chance of knockdown and generating 20 Willpower. Charging the skill creates three additional missiles.

A quick knockdown also does a lot of damage which is why it’s used in most of the combos.



Summon a construct to aid you. HB damages nearby enemies when summoned. When you are nearby and below max HP, HB aims a healing ray at you.

A slow knockdown. Has a little animation lock must cancel with Burst Fire after in most cases to make it go faster.



With the Modular Weapons System active, leap into the air and unleash a devastating missile barrage. You are immune to damage while in the air.

Long iframe, does a lot of damage but a bit too slow. Will mostly be used as an iframe and as damage follow-up if it’s applicable.


Balder’s Vengeance

Deal damage to all enemies in front of you, up to 30m, with a very high chance to crit. You are invulnerable while using this skill.

Your highest damage skill mostly used to kill people rather than cc them, however after it knockdowns an opponent you could follow-up with damage on it if they are not dead.

Knock Ups:


Time Bomb

Fire a shot that explodes on impact or up to 20m away, leaving behind a Time Bomb that detonates two seconds later. Enemies near a Time Bomb are slowed, and the secondary detonation blasts any surviving enemies into the air.

Used to peel enemies of yourself and your allies.


Remote Trigger

The Modular Weapon System deploys a Time Bomb in front of you, lifts you in the air, then moves you backward. Press the skill button again while moving to draw a line of fire in front of you.

Press it once to deploy a time bomb and knock up opponents otherwise it’s used to inflict damage.
Note: it could also be used to cancel HB summon animation making HB summon go faster.


Movement Skills

Now we move on to movement skills which are vital for gunners as positioning is very important for us.

Pb=>Auto attack(cancel)=>Pb
This is by far the fastest way to reposition use it a lot to catch up or quickly reposition as you see fit, not only is it used for movement but it can also be used to double stagger(Double staggering requires timing otherwise they’ll be able to get out of it) other players into Command: Self Destruct or Arc bomb ~ requires ping and attack speed to work.

Covers good distance and is mostly used to dodge something or fake out other players could also be used to push your enemy away from you if you’re on the defence.

Pretty basic and obvious but not only does it cover distance it also makes you Stagger / Kd immune while you’re in it.
NOTE: it has a little time frame where you’re animation locked as you’re landing so use it wisely or you could be easily caught after landing.


My personal Mass PvP Glyphs

My personal 3s Glyphs

My Personal 1v1 Glyphs

NOTE: The Point Blank cooldown reduction glyph is NOT a preference it is pretty much a must-have glyph as its extremely useful in all scenarios.

3.Skill Advancement Choices

Level 67 option

Burst fire has only 2 options in which you can choose for PvP.
The Burst Fire Defending Team option is by far the best option for gunner PvP.
Not only does it reduce incoming damage while casting but it also inflicts a debuff(Gunshot wound) which increases your damage and everyone else’s damage by up to 9% for 12 seconds on the debuffed target.

Level 69 option

Modular weapon system has two good options for PvP. The mana missiles option would be a better choice for lots of scenarios as its spammable and its instant damage a lot of damage.


Before we talk about combos, I need to talk about how to CATCH (STUN) other players as a gunner.
Pb=>Bot Stun=>Arc Bomb
Probably the safest way to land stun as a gunner – Also very easy to land, it does, however, use up your bot and you’re forced to resummon it which can be very dangerous if you’re being pressured really hard.

St=>Bot Stun=>Arc Bomb
Note: This will blow up the ST and your bot, stunning anything 5-6m around both. Is very useful because it gives you a good ranged stun, It also can be thrown behind blocking targets and stunning them if done right. Only use it when you know your target does not have an iframe or a movement skill that will quickly get them out of the stun range.

Pb=>Arc Bomb
Requires around 90 ping to work – Can easily miss Arc bomb after the stagger if you’re careless.

Ab=>Pb=>Arc Bomb
Not easy to pull off requires ping and good timing after the second stagger otherwise the target will be able to iframe before you land your stun ~ Allows you to stun targets who are out of Pointblank’s range and Is the most efficient out of all regarding damage and cc.

Ab=>Arc Bomb
Requires low ping even then targets are able to dodge if they have a good ping ~ ONLY use if you know the target does not have an iframe to use.

No Stun Combos:

Now we move on to dealing damage.No stun combos are relatively fast combos that do a small to medium amount of damage and do not require you to land a stun.




Ab(Close range)=>Mm=>Tb=>Rt

Stun Combos:

Pb => Arc Bomb => Ab => Tb => Rt => Bf => Mm(tap)
(Gives you one to two stacks of burst fire Gw buff)
For the above combo, you could add in Command: Self Destruct to increase the damage it would look something like this

Pb => Arc Bomb => Ab => Tb => Rt => Bf =>BotStun=>Mm(Full charge)


Ab =>Pb =>Arc Bomb =>Bot Summon=>Bf=>Mm(Full charge) =>Tb =>Rt
(A lot of damage but hard to pull off ~ requires timing on the staggers)

The above combos should give you an idea about how to add damage in after you stun your target. There are also 1 shot combos using Balder’s Vengeance which are a lot harder to execute.

Pb=>ArcBomb=>Ab=>Tb=>Rt=>Bv=>Bot stun(Bot must be within range of the target)
Note that this combo is only intended to give you an idea of how to add Balder’s Vengeance in a combo there are a lot of variations to this combo and they all depend on what skills you have up and the damage you need to inflict but normally this combo would 1 shot especially if you’re doing it in Mws however in Mws it is preferred to take the Ab out and replace it with a Dashing Reload Mana Missiles.

Please refer to Descendant’s Gunner guide[1] for ability damage ranking.


Mws Combos:

Combos to be used while Modular Weapon System is active.

Pb=>Arc Bomb=>Ab=>=>Tb=>Rt=>DashingReload(Mm)=>DashingReload(Mm)

Pb=>Arc Bomb=>DashingReload(Mm)=>DashingReload(Mm)=>Detonate=>Bv=>Bot stun(Bot must be within range of the target)

Extra tips & tricks:

Just some extra things
1- If you raw Ab chances are the opponent is going to iframe right away you can hold it for a second then detonate Ab after their iframe.
2- You can use Tb and Rt to peel yourself, in fact throwing a Tb out and standing in it make it hard for most classes to engage you.
3- Throwing an Ab then using Rocket jump(or any movement skills) will not only make the movement skill go faster but it will also confuse your opponent which will increase the chances they get hit by Ab when you detonate it.


Balder’s Vengeance –Bv
Modular Weapons System –Mws
Arcane Barrage –Ab
Remote Trigger –Rt
Mana Missiles –Mm
Time Bomb –Tb
Point Blank –Pb

Burst Fire –Bf

Different Scenarios

Gunner’s an overall very well-balanced class, it is by no means one of your typical overpowered classes however if played right it can be very cancerous. Knowing and understanding the class is one of the most important things of being a good PvPer a long with good awareness and good knowledge of other classes what do they do? How can I dodge it? You should always be asking yourself those questions in a 1v1 scenario. Now aside from 3v3s and 1v1s Gunner’s straight forward in mass and a lot of fun given you know how to read situations and follow-up on your teammates.


1v1s as a gunner is a mini-game of knowing when to attack and when not to, if you have no idea about the other class skills you will not be able to do well versus them so I encourage you to go ahead and duel every single class a dozen times until you start gaining knowledge about their ins and outs.

NOTE: Mirror 1v1s is the best way to learn your class mechanics, You’re probably thinking “waw he wants me to gunner vs gunner? That’s boring” No it’s not it is the best way to understand your class better and see for yourself what makes you vulnerable and what doesn’t. If you know how to beat your own class you will be more aware of what other classes might do to catch you.

Mass PvP

Gunner is a follow-up class in Mass PvP, Your sole purpose is to follow-up on your team ccs and blow them up using Balder’s Vengeance and your other hard-hitting skills. If you manage to catch a healer don’t be afraid to waste your Balder’s Vengeance on them to get them out of the fight.
Positioning is important – You always want to either be in their backline hitting them from behind or chasing and bursting down a healer if you no longer have your big AoE skills like Balder’s Vengeance.
(It’s not hard to lose people as a gunner if you’re being focused)

3v3s (Champion’s Skyring)

Champion’s Skyring- This is where you truly learn more about PvP in general. The amount of awareness this Battleground require is insane and that’s what makes you get better at not just your class but at reading situations, knowing when to attack, when not to when to save your teammates and when to set up for them. In my opinion, this is the only true PvP battleground and you should be attempting it to get better.
Gunner is not an easy class in Champion’s Skyring due to its limited pressuring capabilities, However once coupled with good teammates who actually set up for a gunner it becomes a whole different story.

-Your job as a Gunner in Champion’s Skyring is to PEEL other players off your teammates while at the same time throwing damage and blowing off the cc’d targets.
You can peel other players off your teammates using slow peels which are Tb/Rt (Untriggered) and fast peels which are Arc Bomb – Command: Self Destruct – Ab – Mm – Pb accordingly depending on the opponents self buffs. For example, if they are immune to staggers you can only use Tb/Rt (Untriggered) and your Stuns, if they are immune to stuns you would use any of the above that isn’t a stun.

It is recommended to use Ab, Mm and Arc Bomb for peels because they are fast and allow you to stay clear from the opponent making it less than likely to get sucked in and get cc’d along with your teammate that you’re trying to peel for.

Tb and Rt are better used to defend your teammates who you think are about to get focused that way you make it harder for the opponent to land skills on them.

-As a Gunner, it’s easier for you to cc people who are not buffed (Aka has no Kaia’s Shield – Holy Burst or any of the kind) Which gives you an opportunity to CC the healer when your teammate has gotten someone very low and is about to finish them. Doing so you deny that person getting any heals thus ensuring the kill – If the healer, however, has buffs it’s recommended to dump as much damage as possible on that very same low target to try and out dps the heals.

-Finally, Do not be afraid to go ahead and 1 combo people, in fact, you should be trying to 1 combo and pressure the healer at times where your teammates require no assistance.
Note: It’s a little easy to get carried away doing that so try not to.


Thanks for reading my guide and I hope it helps you master Gunner in PvP.If you have any questions leave a comment down below.
Check out my YouTube & Twitch channels for Gunner gameplay.

Special thanks to:

[1]Descendant – For all his help with gunner skills testing, hours of gunner vs gunner 1v1ing and his helpful gunner guide.
Gunner Tips For PvP Patch(80)


[2]Samurai – For his inspirational Warrior guide.
Warrior PvP Guide


[3]Icy – For helping me out with gifs thanks boo.


  1. Is it bad if we went disciplinary instead of harmonic? Also stop killing me in vo u big boolie >:v

    • Not really Disciplinary is really good in certain situations, Harmonic is definitely better overall though.
      I suggest making a harmonic weapon since its really easy now, or you can get used to running disciplinary.
      LOL Sorry for killing you in VO just a bored gunner main haha

  2. You can cancel HB summon with RT as well

  3. hi awesome guide, but are you avaible to make same guide as PVE gunner, because gunners in pve are with out a solid guide today to follow up

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