This is a leveling guide recommended for players looking to level quickly. This guide assumes you meet a minimum skill level and have somewhat adequate funding/gold. You might still choose to follow this guide if you are new, though you may suffer from problems like dying repeatedly or not having enough gold to level skills.

  NEW   As of the Valkyrie Honorbound patch, leveling dungeons have been significantly buffed, making it more difficult to do dungeons without a full 5-man party. For those without a premade party, it is recommended to focus on killing BAMs while queued for IMS dungeons, instead of attempting to solo dungeons like before.

The general strategy for leveling is to queue for dungeons through IMS (Instance Matching System) [See right for icon] and if you are a DPS or Tank class, you can choose to kill Vanguard BAMs [Press H to see Vanguard] while waiting for the IMS queue to pop. If you are a healer class, you can choose to do main story quest line while waiting for the IMS queue to pop. For players following the main story quest line, you will often outlevel the quest as you progress; you can choose to skip ahead to the appropriate level quest.

For experienced veteran players, the absolute fastest method is to solo dungeons with 4 other clients (or players) at the entrance so they have the 500% Joy of Growth XP buff for massive experience. Again, this is not recommended if you are not experienced or geared.

Recommended Method
  • Complete Storyline Quest (red ! quests)
  • Grind Devan mobs (Crescentia)
  • Complete Bastion of Lok (5-man Dungeon) as a 5-man party
  • Recommended: Kill Basilisk BAMs near Bastion of Lok entrance.
    • Complete Sinestral Manor (5-man Dungeon) as a 5-man party
    • Recommended: Kill Fimbrilisk and Ovolith BAMs near Sinestral Manor entrance.
      • Recommended: Kill only beginning mobs in Saravash’s Ascent (5-man Dungeon) as a solo party
      • Complete Saravash’s Ascent (5-man Dungeon) as a 5-man party
      • Kill Juggernauts BAMs in Azrael’s Labyrinth
      • Kill Desert Fire Mobs near Camp Marrakeen by Tulufan
      • Complete Cultists’ Refuge (5-man Dungeon) as a 5-man party
      • Complete story line quest (red ! quests) near Essenia
      • Recommended: Kill Desert Lightning Kumases near Aurum Road (Tulufan)
      41-43 Recommended: Kill Patient Lithikumas (Tralion) to gather Avatar Relics (Press H)
      • Complete Necromancer Tomb (5-man Dungeon) as a 5-man party
      • Recommended: Kill Basilisks in Frontera.
      • Kill Sabertooth mobs at Frontera
      • Recommended: Kill Onyx Hydrath at Tempest Reach (Acarum)
      • Recommended: Kill Devan mobs at Dragonfall
      • Complete Golden Labyrinth (5-man dungeon) as a 5-man party
      • Recommended: Complete Saleron’s Sky Garden (5-man dungeon) as a 5-man party
      • Do Vanguard BAM quests
      • Continue killing Devans
      • Complete story line quest (red ! quests)
      • Recommended: Complete Ebon Tower (5-man dungeon) as a 5-man party.
      • Kill Mugato mobs at Pathfinder Post
      • Recommended: Follow the Story Quest started with the Airship Platform Teleportal Scroll
      • Queue for Sabex Armory (5-man Dungeon) while questing (Level 60+)
      • Fastest: If you have a geared level 65 friend, party together and kill Ruin Guardians (Level 63 BAMs)
      • [See here for character progression]

      • Continue the Story Quest (red ! quests)
      • Queue for Macellarius Catacombs (5-man Dungeon) while questing (Level 63+)
      • Fastest: If you have a level 65 friend, party together and run the Macellarius Catacombs dungeon together.
      • [See here for character progression]

      65 Congratulations! What now?



      1. Do Kelsaik solo 60-65 when you have Vanguard Initiative gear from main story and avatar weapon. Gives 60mil (with boost) at level 62, which is about 60-70% of the level in one clear.

        • Hi. If anyone is wondering if the guide is up to date, it is. I just leveled two alts in no time. It is even faster now with the “no tank/no healer” needed, dungeons runs ultra fast and smooth.

          For 0-20 : You can just do Vanguard but the story line until the Bation of Lok is fine.
          For 60-65 : Just do the story. Its ridiculous how fast it is…

      2. I leveled my warrior using the following buffs, Buddy Up experience 100% bonus and Elite 100% EXP bonus.

        I kept soloing BAMs and queue for 5 man dungeons. This method is very fun since BAMs are basically mini boss fights and it is good to learn BAMs attack pattern

      3. How do I get any gear that fit the level curve if I’m not doing main quest?

      4. I’m just wondering, why there isn’t mentioned Kumas Royale too? I’m not talking about the fact you can literally level up your char from 20 to 65 only doing Kumas and not knowing your class at all, but first win/day after Vanguard reset also gives 100% XP boost for 2 days for free, so it’s a great boost for leveling in dungeons/grinding monsters. It also doesn’t requie any skill with class/level/gear, so people can get the exp boost just fine at level 20. I know all experienced players knows Kumas and the XP boost reward, but this guide is mostly focused on new players, isn’t it? Personally I didn’t know about Kumas for a lot time and it saved me money for 100% XP boosts when I started doing it.

        TL;DR: Check vanguards, do Kumas Royale, win once, get 100% XP boost for 2 days + XP.

        • This guide was made before Kumas Royale was released. It is very good XP, but it’s still slower than leveling normally.

          • Ah I see. By the way, I know it’s slower than dungeons, my main point was the 100% XP buff players get here, which literally doubles XP they get from grindings/dungeons. 1 hour version of 100% XP boost is on broker for about 200g, which is ridiculous when people can get it for free for whole 2 days after 1 single win of Kumas.

            • Of course it’s still good to do Kumas for the daily that can give you a nice chunk of gold and PvP Credits. This guide is more for people who are leveling alts or for returning players, who can usually afford to buy XP boosts or Elite.

              • Right. The XP you get from doing the daily Kumas Royale is absolutely beast for leveling. Nets you 2+ levels <40. It's fantastic – you can level so much playing 1 game per week haha.

          • I dunno, 1-2 levels for <10 mins of work seems pretty fantastic to me, at least up to ~60. Surely if you have a group to speedrun dungeons then that should be faster, but in the past couple weeks that I've been playing again the PUGs have been extremely slow on the bosses, just 1 boss can take longer than a whole match of Kumas Royale at times.

            Of course I still prefer to avoid Kumas unless I'm re-leveling a class I already know because it's silly to level to 65 without learning your class, but it certainly seems like the fastest way to level (killing BAMs/questing while you wait of course) outside of a pre-built geared leveling group.

      5. What level do the new Brawler and Ninja classes start off at?

      6. With this leveling guide i got 65 in one day for my Ninja (Title event) ! o/

      7. This is really handy to have as I’m trying to level as many characters as I can before the May 2016 XP boost event ends. Thanks for the guide!

        I was wondering, are there any forms of PvP that you can get XP from? It would be a nice change of pace every now and then if not solely pvping.

      8. Just wanted to say, with the xp changes to LoT and ET and with a 30 day 100% xp boost with another 100% xp boost I was getting 68 mil xp from the last bosses. I stayed there till 61 and it was almost faster than if I went to Arun at 60. Bonus was I was never outlvled from the story missions.

      9. One question: I can’t find any ruin guardians @lvl 61. All I find are lvl 63. And I tried power-lvling a my friend with my 65 character but he only recieved 1% each kll. I think doing story quests are faster.

        • I’m sorry, they are indeed 63 BAMs. They give 1% per but assuming the person killing is geared, it does not take very long to kill ruin guardians. If it is taking a long time per kill, yes, it is better to do story quest.

      10. As for soloing 5-man dungeons, this applies to all characters, except Lancer and Priest/Mystic? And not directed only to Brawlers?

        • Yes. It will obviously be fastest on gunners and brawlers but all dps classes should be following this. Some classes will find it more difficult, such as warriors. If they find it too difficult, they can IMS as a 5-man party or follow some of the alternative paths.

      11. I’m a slayer at 48, and killing the Devas are impossible as I do so little damage, am slow and die easily. Everything is slow and I also couldn’t solo dungeons for anything. Anything easier but also quick enough?

        • You can try continuing soloing Necromancer Tomb until level 50, then farm your level 50 Avatar weapon pieces. After this, soloing Devans should be easier. If you can, try to get level 65 Priest buffs and use a Crit Power scroll, Nostrums, and Greater Power, Enduring, and Infused Charms.

      12. In my experience lvling from 58-60 is fastest @bears in velika outskirts:
        big spawns, same exp as mugatos afaik,
        a downside is that there’s only one channel and someone might be farming there already. (spawn big enough for 2 ppl, but with 3 it gets uncomfortable)

        • Ebon Tower solo granted me a full 2 levels from 58-60 when I leveled my brawler (skipped from 1st to 5th floor). It only took me 15 minutes to solo as a Brawler, but it should still be okay compared to other classes doing Mugatos or Bears (around an hour).

      13. Followed the guide, tweaked it a little to fit my playstyle. I leveled up a sorcerer up to 65 in less 24 hours.

      14. It seems like theres no solo option for Saravash’s Ascent dungeon at the entrance. Do you mean that you should still select 5 men party dungen and run the 5 men dungeon alone? I know SM gives the option of solo play at the entrance instead of 5 men party but I tried soloing Saravash’s Ascent and it takes just too long to kill even 1 monster.

        • Yes, you run the 5-man dungeon version alone. Saravash’s Ascent should be done after you attained your avatar weapon and even then, it will be difficult because the mobs hit hard. If you find it difficult to run Saravash’s Ascent, you can try grinding the Desert Fire Mobs near Tulufan. I’ll update the article with a location.

      15. Im level 60 and Macellarius Catacombs is not showing on the instance matching list. Do you know why by any chance?

      16. So how can you only do story quests until level 23 and just run dungeons all the way up to 60, and then resume story quest starting with airship? What about all the story quests in between level 23 ~ 60?

        • Once you get to level 60, you get a new chain of story quests that will be given to you regardless of previous quests. The quest is called “Supplies and Demands”. You can ignore the quests from 23-59 unless you want to do them for achievements.

      17. What the reasoning behind doing devan mobs for 50-58 instead of Golden Labyrinth/Saleron’s? I had always assumed that dungeons gave the fastest leveling.

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