Hi, I am the poponeedhalp, the friendly Popo himself. I wrote this guide to show you how to set loot for parties and raids. Do not be afraid when the duty falls on you to set the loot. Do not cower and pass the leadership to someone else. With this guide, you will be confidently setting loot, saving time and helping your runs avoid loot issues.

Prerequisites – Be the Party Leader

To set loot, you must be a party leader. If you are the party leader, your party icon will look like this.

If you mouse over the dice icon, it will show you the loot options you selected (this is the default setting as shown below):


Right click on your HP Bar to open a menu. Select “Loot options” on the very top.

The default setting that should appear will look like this:

From this interface, you can make adjustments to how loot is distributed between party members.

Loot Settings Descriptions

Let’s take a moment to go over the loot options and break down each one and what it does:



  • All loot is up for grabs; the first party member to pick up loot will get it. Gold is still divided between all members equally. It is highly recommended to NOT check this option unless you are running with people you know very well. This option is not selected by default.

Round Robin

  • All loot is distributed evenly between all party members regardless who picks up the loot; each party member, starting with the party leader, will take turns receiving loot until everyone has received one piece of loot. Afterwards, the cycle will begin again. Round Robin settings can be further customized below. This option is selected by default.

Round Robin Settings


  • This is the Round Robin settings. As you can see it automatically checks fours options — ‘Exceptions to Round Robin loot distribution’, ‘Uncommon items or better – Randomly’, ‘Only appropriate class can loot’ and ‘Bind-on-pickup items – Roll the dice’. Lets go into detail for each Round Robin options:

Exceptions to Round Robin loot distribution

  • If this box is not checked, all loot will be distributed via round robin regardless whether the item is rare / superior (blue / orange), usable by only certain classes or BoP (bind-on-pickup). It is highly recommended to leave this option checked. Otherwise it disables the all round robin options including class loot restrictions and BoP items. This option is selected by default.

Uncommon items or better

  • There are two round robin options for uncommon (green) items or better (rare — blue / superior — orange) via the drop down menu – Roll the dice and Randomly. ‘Roll the dice’ allows every party member to manually roll or pass on loot. ‘Randomly’ lets the system automatically rolls the dice for everyone, no manual input needed. It is recommended to leave the setting on ‘Randomly’ rather than set it on ‘Roll the Dice’ as the current default setting will be applicable in most cases (see further below — Optimal Loot Settings). ‘Randomly’ is selected by default.

Applied to common equipment

  • If this box is not checked, common “equipment” (aka “items” – such as lockboxes, alkahest, cruxes, speed potions, common or ‘white’ weapons & armor, etc.) will distributed via round robin. It is highly recommended to NOT check this box as it forces everyone to manually roll on low-value loot unless ‘Uncommon items or better’ is set on ‘Randomly’. This option is not selected by default.

Only appropriate class can loot

  • If this box is not checked, all items will be distributed regardless if they are usable by only certain classes. It is recommended check to keep this option checked have the system automatically allow only party members the loot to which they are able to equip. This option is selected by default.

Bind-on-pickup items

  • If this box is not checked, BoP (bind-on-pickup) items will be distributed via round robin. It is highly recommend that you leave this option so all party members can manually roll on BoP items. BoPs are generally very valuable (ex. Visionmaker materials) and they are bound to the player who receives them (you cannot trade them to others). This option is selected by default.

Looting not allowed during combat

  • If this box is not checked, any party member can loot items during combat. It is highly recommended to NOT check this box so loot can still be picked up at any time. This option is not selected by default.

Optimal Loot Settings

Below we will discuss some optimal loot settings for various situations:

This setting allows a leveling party (pre-max level cap) to loot without manual dice rolling; the system automatically takes care of everyone and assigns loot to the appropriate classes.

For loot that is restricted to a certain class, only those classes are allowed to receive it; if no available classes are present, loot will be automatically rolled for fodder. BoP restrictions are removed so pesky BoP items such as ‘Holy Potion of Protection’ and ‘Beast Hearts’ are automatically included in the random distribution.

This should be the loot setting to use in avoid problems with loot whores or people who cannot communicate well in English.

There are some downsides to this loot setting; people who already have the loot and want to pass for someone else cannot because the system will give it to whoever randomly won automatically. Also some people like the feel of actually “rolling” for items (gambling addicts) or cry foul when they do not see the loot popup (ignorance). In that case, keep the default settings.

Overall, for optimization purposes, this loot setting will save you a lot of time and hassles in leveling dungeons with PuGs.

Gearing (Default Loot Setting):


This setting (the default loot setting) allows a gearing party to loot without worry as the system will only allow classes who can use the items to roll for it.

Manual dice rolling is only limited to BoP items (ex. smart boxes — weapon or armor crates, Visionmaker materials, etc.) which are usually important items to manually roll. The class restriction will ensure that all gear will go to the appropriate classes. Keep in mind that some items such as smart boxes are not class restricted.

This should be the loot setting to use to if you are going on a gearing run whether it is in a raid or a party. People who need gear will be allowed to manually roll for it or receive it automatically. Items of high value that geared people need can roll on those as well. Everything else will be randomized.

There are some downsides to this loot setting; high-valued BoE items such as Ancient Wish will automatically be distributed. Geared players cannot pass on BoE gear, but they can trade it to other party members if they are not in an IMS (instance matching system) party.

Fodder & Visionmaker Materials:


This setting allows a non-gearing party (max level cap) to loot quickly with rolls limited to high value items (ex. Visionmaker materials)

Manual dice rolling is only restricted to BoP items which are usually important items. The class restriction is removed so BoE gear is included in the randomized distribution for fodder.

This should be the loot setting to use to if all party members do not need gear and you are simply going on fodder/materials run.

There are some downsides to this loot setting; a fully geared party will have to manually roll on smart boxes for fodder. High valued BoE items and BoE VM materials will be randomized.

All Fodder:

This setting allows a non-gearing party (max level cap) to loot without having to manually roll at all.

Everything is randomly distributed; there are no restrictions.i

This should be the loot setting to use to if you are going on a pure fodder/materials run and you do not want to manually hit the dice button over and over.

There are some downsides to this loot setting; important items such as Visionmaker materials will be randomly handed out regardless if people need them or not.


Disabling ‘Bind-on-pickup items’ and/or enabling ‘Applied to common equipment’ with ‘Uncommon items or better – Roll the dice’ settings will force the party to roll for low common “equipment” (aka “items” – such as lockboxes, alkahest, cruxes, speed potions, etc.)

Attempting to revert to default settings will have ‘Applied to common equipment’ still in effect, even if you change party leaders. The only way to fix this is to us is to set ‘Uncommon items or better – Randomly’ using one of the Optimal Loot Settings or reform the party.


I hope this guide will help you in your TERA journey regarding loot.

04/14/16 (v 1.0) – Created first draft of this guide
04/17/16 (v 1.1) – Edited guide with clarification on the different loot settings, added “Conclusion” and “Change Log” sections.
04/18/16 (v 1.2) – Fixed screenshots, added a picture of myself (a friendly Popo), minor formatting and clarification.
05/11/16 (v 1.3) – Added “Bugs” section, minor rewording.
05/25/16 (v 1.4) – New patch changes to default loot settings, all sections/pictures reworked.


  1. Omg this is great :O I’m gonna read this in depth when I’m not supposed to be doing a Japanese project XD but seriously wow I am defs one of those people that doesn’t know how to do loot.

  2. Hello! Thanks for the guide but actually i’d like to clarify/ask some stuff.
    1) In the default settings
    – Uncommon items or better are set to roll the dice
    – BOP roll the dice
    (Assuming you do not touch the ettings after forming a party) This setting allows us to loot items appropriately but if you notice, items like MWA which is an uncommon item will be distributed round-robin without having to roll

    However, under Fodder & Visionmaker Materials (Exactly the same as default), if you had to adjust the settings back to this from say, All Fodder because there are now important items to roll from, items such as MWA will be ‘correctly’ treated as an uncommon item requiring individuals to roll on each MWA stack dropped.

    Is this intended or is this an oversight by TERA in general?

    2) Under Fodder & Visionmaker Materials, if you had to change the setting to this again from another setting used, items such as Ghostly Seals and Seconds of Timescape becomes a randomly distributed item that will be decided by automated dice roll.

    Again, is this intended, an oversight by TERA or am I doing something wrong?

    Currently the only way I think you can go back to the actual default settings when MWA is distributed normally without rolling, and VM Materials (Seals and Seconds) are distributed by having people roll on them is to make a party without touching the settings at all.

    *Reasons for switching settings around, e.g. double drop events, DSL floor 4 has no important loot, hence we tend to use the All Fodder settings. 9 and 14 has Spars and Hearts so we try to revert back to the Default Settings/ Fodder & VM Materials (The latter causes Seals to be randomly distributed by the game forcing everyone to roll)

    • Hi Anon, I did some tests yesterday and it is a either a bug or working as intended and may be a oversight by TERA. Since loot settings are not understood very well may be the reason why is it never brought up.

      So yes, the those items there were previously distributed under via round robin becomes roll for dice instead.

      I added a “Bugs” section highlighting this fact.

      Thanks Anon.

  3. Thanks Yasagi. I made the adjustments.

  4. Nice guide clarifying some common gray areas.

    I believe you have swapped the screenshots in “Gearing Runs” and “Fodder and Materials Runs” Gearing runs has Class Restricted loot off but Fodder/materials runs has Class Restricted loot on, which doesn’t make much sense.

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