In an effort to disband the Archdeva imperial army, the allied forces sends out a scouting party to the Dimensional Rift only to find the secret laboratory where the Demokrons were being empowered.

Level Requirement: 64
Item Level: 329
Format: 5-man


  • Khirian Glyph Box and Vanguard’s Glyph Crate
  • Titan’s Ember
  • Titan’s Ease

First Mini-Boss: Saccaria the Eviscerator


Soon after dealing with the first mobs you’ll come up against Saccaria the Eviscerator. She will block your path, together with her accomplices Ossia the Bonecleaver and Erisia the Cruel.

Saccaria largely uses melee attacks, whilst Ossia and Erisia aid her using slowing and weakening spells, as well as ranged attacks. Nevertheless, a few well-targeted blows, arrows or damage spells should be enough to overcome these violent maidens.

Second Mini-Boss: Chimaerus the Mutilated


At first glance Chimaerus looks like an old friend from the Abscess, but the sinister being in the Macellarius Catacombs has a few extra tricks up his sleeve. For example, he can crouch down on all fours and bowl you over, beat you with his axe, or summon additional enemies. Using powerful blood magic Chimaerus can even rise into the air and cause massive damage to those around him. When you see him start to float, you’d best get as much air as you can between yourself and that great bag of meat. He will summon deva minions to assist so vanquish him quickly before you get overrun.

First Boss: Barundar


Barundar is an ice giant capable of dishing out some serious damage. The majority of his attacks are dealt directly in front of him, which means tactically literate warriors should try to take up positions behind him. However, in keeping with his giant nature, he will occasionally become enraged and carry out violent sweeping attacks all around him, which can be lethal to careless attackers.

Barundar also has a special attack at his disposal. He heads to the center of the room and fires bullets in every direction. Do your best to dodge the barrage: taking multiple bullet wounds is not to be recommended.

Final Boss: Demokraxus


In terms of looks and fighting stance, Demokraxus offers more than a passing resemblance to the fearsome Krakatox from the Abscess, but this guy has even more skills in his arsenal. Not only can he shoot lasers, draw bones from his chest and throw bombs, he can also summon monsters to support him. Some of them spin around the room with their weapons, whilst others gradually move towards Demokraxus, healing him. Kill them as quickly as possible, since Demokraxus’ endurance is increased during this phase.

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