Manglemore (who is One-eyed Jack’s older twin brother) was a servant of Bandersnatch just like Jack. However, after discovering the fun of contradictions and paradoxes, Manglemire began to lie as a part of his daily routine and in his arrogance, began lying to even Bandersnatch. Tired of his lies, Bandersnatch exiled Manglemore to an alternate dimension. Here, alone in an empty void, he was tormented not by the solitude, but by the fact that he had no one to lie to. After having nothing to do but pass time while falling in despair, a miracle occurs to Manglemore: adventurers began leaked into his Manglemire domain as Bandersnatch’s powers weakened.

Manglemire is a unique dungeon released with the “Aces Wild” patch. This dungeon is new in concept and execution, with a single Cyclops boss Manglemore who will try to lie and trick players as they battle him.

Level Requirement: 65
Item Level: 409
Format: 5-man dungeon
Location: Eldritch Academy Grounds (Pora Elinu)
Entries: 2 daily (4 for elite or club)

Manglemire Achievement List
Loot Table:
  • Imperator materials
  • Shadowvain and Bloodvain accessories
  • Imperator design (rare)


Enraged Data
  • Enrages for every 10% damage dealt when not enraged.
  • Enrage duration lasts for 36 seconds.
  • Using the skill “Infuriate” will enrage the boss automatically for 36 seconds duration.


  • library_addEntrance
    After entering the dungeon, follow the path all the way down. Along the way, NPCs will appear that give hints for facing Manglemore, so pay careful attention to their text bubbles. New players may have a difficult time figuring out the patterns simply off the text bubbles.


    It’s important to avoid stepping in any of the circle AoEs near the NPCs. Stepping in one makes you vulnerable to dying to one of Manglemore’s special attack patterns (Snowman) if a healer is not around or cannot cleanse you out of the debuff.



BOSS: Manglemore

Manglemore’s Mechanics

The trick to fighting Manglemore is figuring out when he is lying. As the NPCs around the dungeon suggest, the key lies in paying careful attention to the buffs Manglemore gets.

Keep an eye out for these buffs. These buffs can be in any combination, such as 6-9 or 3-6-9. These buffs also give Manglemore a 5% endurance buff each. Manglemore will start getting these buffs from 90% HP and on after saying “Might as well be honest… I’m lying from now on!”. Once you notice these buffs, you will want to keep a close eye on the Manglemore’s Change of Heart bar.

This Change of Heart gauge bar will increase from 0 to 100 by 1 point per second.

Keep track of the bar progress in addition to Manglemore’s buffs. If the Change of Heart bar number includes a number that he is buffed with, then he will be lying.


Change of Heart # does NOT matches buff.

Manglemore has only 9 buff.
Change of Heart bar is at 36.
Manglemore is telling the TRUTH.


Change of Heart # matches buff.

Manglemore has 6-9 buff.
Change of Heart bar is at 56.
Manglemore is telling a LIE.


Let’s see you dodge this!

Once the Change of Heart bar reaches 100, Manglemore will run towards the center of the room and circles will spawn around the boss. However, only 5 of the circles will have a star symbol inside, while the other 4 circles will be blue and turn anyone inside into a Snowman. Each person much stand on a separate star circle (cannot stack) for the party to succeed this mechanics. Once this mechanic finishes, the Change of Heart bar goes back down to 0.

Note: The room is marked like a clock, with roman numerals. It might be a good idea to coordinate with your party so that people are not heading to the same circle.



Manglemore will say “You think you got skills? Let’s see how you do without the number (3, 6, or 9)!”

If all 5 members succeed in standing in a star circle, one of Manglemore’s buff will be removed (the order the buff gets removed is: 3, 6, and then 9). Each time you succeed at this mechanic, one buff will be removed.
For every success, the party receives a power buff (stackable) and the boss loses any buffs it may have received from failing earlier.


Manglemore will say “You didn’t see that coming?! How disappointing!”

If not all 5 members are standing in a star circle, your party will fail and anyone not inside a star circle will be turned into a Snowman.

Manglemore will receive all his number buffs again, as well as gain a power and attack speed buff.

Tip: Healers should take priority as they can cleanse the Snowman debuff. When they happen to walk over to the same safezone, let them take it instead so that they can cleanse you immediately.


Snowman Debuff (Cleansable)

The Snowman debuff turns the player into a snowman with an AoE circle around them. The debuff causes heavy bleeding. The Snowman debuff is contagious and will spread to other players if close enough.



Understand when Manglemore is lying or not? If not, scroll back up!


But if so, move on to the Special Attacks tab to learn about his moves!


Manglemore: Special Attack Patterns

Before every Special Attack Patterns, he will always say “Arghhh! You forced me to do this!”

Make sure to read the previous tab, Mechanic Overview, to learn how to figure out Truth or Lie.

The basic gist for most of his special attacks is, if he is telling is truth, he will do as he says. If he is telling a lie, do the opposite to live.

“I will kill you all!”


Stay outside the AoE circle to live.


Stay inside the AoE circle to live.


“My shield will save me!”


Break the shield in time. Failing to break will reduce the party’s HP to 1, leash everyone and do a jump attack. The party will also receive a 7 second debuff preventing any sort of HP recovery.


An AoE puddle will be placed below every player (lasts ~1 minute), so the party should move to the edge of the room to place the puddles. Getting hit by this puddle will inflict a bleed debuff (cleansable).


“One of you must die!”


Stay outside the AoE circle that forms around one person to live. Use a movement or iframe skill to prevent getting hit by the circle. Targetted will die if the circle is not iframed.


Stay inside the AoE circle the forms around one person in order to live.


“No! I don’t care anymore!”

In the middle of any of the above attacks, Manglemire may call the attack off randomly.


“Ha! One of you is a Traitor!”

[Triggers below 60% HP, every 2 minutes]

The party will have a bomb shown above their head, and one person will get a balloon above their head and be stunned for the entire duration of this mechanic.
One person will be the Carrier for a real bomb. The party (minus the Balloon Holder) must attack the boss in order for the fake bombs to disappear. The Bomb Carrier needs to stay far away from the Balloon Holder and the rest of the party.
The party (except the Bomb Carrier) need to take the circle with the Balloon Holder (similar to a Kalivan’s Dreadnaught mechanic) to help absorb the flat 250,000 damage. The more (non-invincible) bodies inside the circle, the less damage will be taken per person.
Keep in mind that the Balloon Holder can also be a Bomb Carrier if no one else in the party is carrying the real bomb; if that’s the case, the party needs to stay outside the balloon circle.
Anyone hit by the Balloon circle will be inflicted with a Bleed debuff, so healers should be prepared to cleanse.

Tip: Ninja’s Smoke Bomb and Sorcerer’s Warp Barrier can negate the damage and debuff.
Tip: Gunner can use Recall to avoid the stun even if they are targeted as Balloon Holder!
Tip: The non-invincible bodies include Mystic thralls, Gunner ST-4, Warrior shadows, etc.

If the Balloon Holder is a Carrier

Do NOT be inside or near the Circle AoE under Balloon Holder.

If someone else is the Carrier

Everyone EXCEPT the Carrier must be inside the Circle AoE under Balloon Holder to share damage or else the Balloon Holder will take 250,000 flat damage. The Carrier must be away from the party.

Manglemore: Normal Attack Patterns

These normal attack patterns are the same as for any of Cyclop-type bosses in this game, including Polyphemus (Kalivan’s Dreadnaught second boss) and One-Eyed Jack (Wonderholme second boss).

Ball Smash

Manglemore lifts a ball up and smashes down on the group (exactly like Jack in Wonderholme). This attack will also inflict stun, and its attack range is big enough to also affect party members directly behind him.


Manglemore curls up and shouts. Note that there are fake shouts where it’s merely an animation with no attack.

This attack will put a debuff that will bleed around an AoE, so it will also affect the party members at the back. The Tank should try not to receive hits from this as it can be blocked while Healers must get ready for cleanse in case party members are affected.

TIP: When he says “AAARGH!”, he will always shout. Be aware that he may also follow it up with a laser by saying “Play fair! I’m looking at YOU!”, usually toward the person with Highest Aggro, then “Ready for more?” which is another shout. The three quotes may appear consecutively, but not always.


Manglemore Jumps and stomps, inflicting huge damage, as well as stagger and chance to knockdown players around the area. Avoid or escape from this attack by using iframe or mobility skills to get away from the AoE circle just before he makes a landing. If Manglemore does this attack twice in a row while you were knocked down from first jump, the damage from second time can be devastating. Make sure you are keeping enough distance to get yourself prepared.

NOTE: Sometimes Manglemore will leash the party to under his feet as well before performing this attack. Although this is not much different from regular Jump, be aware that he may catch you off-guard.

Ball Throw

Manglemore turns to a random target and throws a ball. There will be an AoE indicator as well as Secondary target decal beforehand, so the targeted player must immediately try to escape from the AoE indicator. There are plenty of time to do this so it can be avoided rather easily unless you are in tight situation.


Be aware that there are fake Laser animation as well! Manglemore turns to a random target and shoots a laser in straight line. The laser will leave a trace which will inflict severe damage each tick for a period of time, enough to kill anyone almost instantly. This attack have tendency to target Healers and DPS but sometimes Tanks as well. If tank is targeted, the tank must move out of the way quickly before the laser lands. There will be a secondary target indicator which will provide enough time to avoid  the attack just like Ball Throw. The other party members must also watch out for Manglemore’s targeting and avoid accordingly as well.

TIP: When Manglemore say “No fair! Stop healing yourself!”, it will always target healers (usually Priests if Mystic is also in party). It is unknown if there is a mechanism behind this, but it is usually when healer casts a skill while Manglemore briefly pauses after an attack.

TIP: When Manglemore says “Play fair! I’m looking at YOU!”, it will always shoot laser toward the person with Highest Aggro.




  1. I’m pretty sure you’ve swapped the text explaining whether he’s telling the truth or he’s lying.

    Currently, it reads for the Truth tab: “Change of Heart number matches buff “, while the example given directly contradicts that statement.

    And the same goes for the Lie tab: “Change of Heart number does NOT match buff”, but the example shows an instance where the gauge meter does match the buff.

  2. Interesting concept.

  3. The Manglemore Truth/Lie and Change of Heart mechanic is very poorly explained.

  4. One Question about the loot table :
    Does vengeance versa drop in this dungeon ?

  5. About Balloon Bomb atack. Once a player is stunned, the rest MUST hit the boss to make fake bomb disappear. If all four bombs disapear, players shoud run away from circle.

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