This guide has been updated as of 5/18/2018


Hi my name is Ming and I main priest on Tempest Reach. I have been actively involved in Tera endgame since VM1 Days and I have over 200 clears of each hardmode dungeon since MCHM. I picked up priest during FIHM and have pretty much exclusively played it since. 

This guide will hopefully help you to maximize your efficiency and potency as a priest while running endgame content. I will not be going over healing basics, but you learn more about that here:



The New Future of Priest

With the Godsfall Patch, Priest has been awakened and received various changes to their kit, which in turn changes how the class is viewed and played. Most of the awakening changes I will talk about will be listed in the gameplay section of this guide. The main changes are detailed as follows: 

    • You can no longer effectively participate in Slaying Runs – With the new patch, Blessing of Shakan and Blessing of Balder have been combined into one single buff, meaning that in order to receive the power buff that originally came from Blessing of Shakan, you must now also receive the healing over time that comes with Blessing of Balder
    • Your party buffs are a lot more potent. With the new Divine Charge and Edict of Judgement, you now give your party members a lot more damage, so keeping these buffs up will really improve your dungeon runs.
    • You can now contribute some damage to the party – A lot of changes to Priest revolve around their DPS skills. Overall, the healing on most of the old priest skills has been nerfed, and Priests have received quite a few buffs and changes to their skill chains and DPS skills. Optimal Priest gameplay will now revolve around maintaining your new buffs on your party while contributing some damage to the boss. 




One of my favorite things about healer is that generally there is no right or wrong way to build a healer as long as it seems logical (power is obviously bad etc). Whereas DPS require perfected best in slot gear, proper consumables, and rotations to maximize their class, a priest with low or mid tier gear can perform just as well or even better than a priest with high tier. Best in slot gear is not required for a healer to do their job at the highest level . For this guide, I will outline what I feel is the best build path for priests, as well as provide some alternatives that are equally as viable.

Enchanting Priorities: The Arsenal Update introduced a new enchanting system, so having a piece of gear at its maximum enchantment level is no longer the standard. The top tier armor of the patch (Stormcry) offers bonus stats at +7 and above, namely increased Endurance, Maximum HP, and increased damage to bosses. The first two bonuses are extremely relevant stats for a priest, and therefore the armor should be prioritizes while upgrading your gear. The weapon offers a healing bonus at +8, but this is a pretty minimal gain compared to the stats gained from the armor. TLDR: Enchant your armor before your weapon!


Top Stat Roll: There are only two top line rolls that are viable for a Priest:

Decreases skill cooldowns by 7.2% (Recommended) – Cooldown reduction allows you to hold better uptimes on your Triple Nemesis debuff and Energy stars, as well as significantly decreasing the cooldown of important skills such as Kaia’s Shield, Divine Charge, and Healing Immersion.

Increases attack speed by 9% – Attack speed allows you to get out of animations faster which will let you pump out more heals. This can be beneficial in some dire situations but I would much rather prefer cooldown reduction over attack speed.

Bottom Stat Rolls:

Decreases skill cooldowns by 7.2% (Recommended) – As detailed above.

Increases attack speed by 4.5% (Recommended) –  As detailed above.

Increases your healing skills by 6% (Recommended) – This is pretty obvious. You heal more.

Increases Crit Factor by 14 – The skill allows your to crit your healing and your attacks more often, decent line to take after the first three. 

Increases damage by 6% (Awakening) – While not necessary, you can take this line to get more out of your Edict of Judgement. 

Weapon-Etching Etchings: Energetic


Top Stat Roll:

Increases charging speed of Mana Charge and Divine Charge by 15% (Recommended) – Divine Charge is a an essential skill in your new skillset. Increasing the charge speed of this skill increases how fast each heal tick comes out and allows you to push the power and crit damage buff out quicker. 

Decreases cooldown of Kaia’s Shield by 10% – As mentioned earlier, Kaia’s an extremely potent support skill, and reducing the cooldown will allow you to abuse the power of this skill more often. With Protective Response, the cooldown of Kaia’s is already short enough where I do not think Kaia’s CD is needed, but if you still want to take this roll it is still viable. 



Bottom Stat Rolls:

Decreases damage by 6% – Get this.

Decreases damage from enraged monsters by 10% –  Get this.

Raises max HP by 8% – Pretty Standard Option. This line tend to be better in patches where dungeons have flat damage mechanics. 

Decreases damage taken from frontal attacks by 6.9% – Optional.

armor-etching Etchings: Grounded


Increases Endurance by 12

Increases Attack Speed by 2.25%

Increases your healing skills by 6%

glove-etching-3 Etchings: Energetic


Increases Endurance by 4

Increases Movement Speed by 6%

Replenishes 2% of total MP every 5 seconds.

armor-etchingEtchings: Grounded



superior-cleansing-brooch Cleansing Brooch:

Raises max hp by 2.3%

Raises max hp by 1.5%

Increases crit factor by 6

Increases crit factor by 4


You can substitute a Cleansing brooch with a Quickcarve brooch(or a Quatrefoil/Marrow Brooch) for faster cast times on resurrect, which can be helpful in dire situations.
superior-brooch Quickcarve Brooch

Raises max hp by 2.3%

Raises max hp by 1.5%

Increases crit factor by 6

Increases crit factor by 4

Increases your healing skills by 1.5%

Increases your healing skills by 1%



Raises max hp by 2.3%

Raises max hp by 1.5%

Increases crit factor by 6

Increases crit factor by 4




Percent HP Innerwear is the most useful

Endurance, MP Regeneration and Crit Factor are reasonable substitutes.



Accessories are pretty straightforward with healers, there are only a few stats that truly matter to a healer on Jewelry, which are as follows:


Increases your healing skills by (199/217/256)

Increases Endurance by (1/2/4)

Increases Crit Factor by (1/2/4)


Increases your healing skills by (199/217/256)

Increases Endurance by (1/2/4)


Increases your healing skills by (199/217/256)

Raises max hp by (1/2/4)%

Increases Endurance by (1/2/4)


Increases Crit Factor by 8

Increases Endurance by 4

 Etchings: Swift or Keen

Crystals (Awakened)

With awakening, Priests get a lot of benefit out of taking DPS crystals. As long as you keep up on Divine Charge you generally do not run into Mana problems, so you can safely take DPS crystals on healer now. While you probably aren’t expected to DPS, contributing even the slightest bit to the party makes a difference. Priest skills count as ranged DPS skills, so Spiteful is preferred over Bitter. Take Swift still if you think you need the mobility and take Pounding if you wanna go hard.

The awakened crystal setup for Priest is:

Red Crystals:

  1x Fine Savage Crystal

 1x Fine Spiteful Crystal
 1x Fine Focused Crystal

  1x Fine Pounding or Swift Niveot


Blue Crystals:

 4x Fine Hardy Niveot


Green Crystals:

Green crystals are entirely up to player preference. Use whatever you’re most comfortable with.

customize5gg_tex 4x Succoring Vrysk (recommended), Or
greencustomize08b_tex 4x Swift Vrysks, Or
greencustomize02b_tex 4x Grounded Vrysk, Or
greencustomize03b_tex4x Keen Vrysk, Or
Any combination of the four. 



Skills and Glyphs (Awakened)

Similar to gearing, Priests also have a wide variety of options for glyphs. I will be detailing all of the skills and glyphs that I feel are most viable.

Red Glyphs are bad in most situations.
Orange Glyphs are glyphs that could be useful in certain situations
Green Glyphs are glyphs that are pretty good and recommended for most scenarios
Blue Glyphs are essential in all situations



Divine Radiance

This is your auto attack. You don’t use this while you’re healing.

    • Empowered Divine Radiance Increases skill damage by 25%. You don’t use the skill, so don’t glyph it.



Regeneration Circle

The new Regeneration Circle is a lot more potent than it was previously. The healing has increased and it also applies Devoted Favor to your party. You should use this skill frequently to alleviate some damage taken by your party.

    • Lingering Regeneration Circle – Increases effect duration by 30%. Still not needed as the healing is still minimal compared to your other healing abilities
    • Energetic Regeneration Circle –  Decreases cooldown by 30%. Not a bad glyph anymore. 
    • Influential Regeneration Circle – Reduces MP cost of Focus Heal by 85 for a few seconds. definitely no.
    • Spirited Regeneration Circle – Increases MP replenishment of all targets by 2% per 2 seconds for 10 seconds. As long as you are using Divine Charge as much as possible, your party should not run into many mana problems, therefore this glyph isn’t essential but can help.


healing-circle Healing Circle

This is one of your most potent healing abilities. The only drawback is that the range is rather short (up to 9 meters in front of you). Healing Circle shares a cooldown with Restorative burst. This skill heals for 25% more and casts 20% faster if casted after Backstep, Fiery Escape, and Focus Heal, but its not that much of a difference in practice. The cooldown of Healing Circle has significantly increased, so you want to only use this in dire situations as it may not be up when you need it if you spam it. This skill also applies Devoted Favor. 

    • Restorative Healing Circle – Increases hp recovery by 10%. The healing on this ability is already high enough, and the points from this glyph could definitely be spent better elsewhere.



Blessing of Shakan

Every Priest buff has been combined into Shakan. Use this to buff allies at the start of the fight, and whenever you resurrect a party member.

    • Lingering Blessing of Shakan – Increases effect duration by 30%. Buffs have a very short cooldown so there’s no reason to take this when you can just rebuff when needed.
    • Fleetfooted Blessing of Shakan –  Increases caster’s movement speed by 15 for 10 minutes. Mobility is essential to staying alive and healing. So this is a really useful glyph.
    • Boosted Blessing of Shakan –  Increases the non-combat speed bonus and HP recovery by an additional 50%. During fights, you and your teammates will always be in combat (with the exception of the mystic sometimes) so this is pretty useless. The additional HP recovery is also nominal. 


arise Arise

This skill allows you to instantly stand any knocked down ally within 20m. Use this skill whenever you see a teammate get knocked down and know that they do not have retaliate.

    • Energetic Arise – Decreases cooldown by 50%. – This can be useful in some situations where the boss constantly knocks down.
    • Lingering Arise –  Increases effect duration by 100%. Not very useful. The stand-up effect of arise is the most important part.



Mana Infusion

This skill is useful only in certain situations. Priests need to constantly be in combat in order to keep their Triple Nemesis debuff on the boss, so there are very few times where you can rely on this skill for mana.

    • Spirited Mana Infusion – Increases MP replenishment by 20%. You’re in combat for the most part, so this glyph isn’t that useful.
    • Hastened Mana Infusion – Speeds casting by 25%. As above.



Purifying Circle

This skill has two important parts. It’s an AoE cleanse for teammates 17m in front of you, and you cannot be knocked down while using this skill. Use this skill obviously when a teammate needs to be cleansed, and to prevent knockdowns from attacks.

    • Energetic Purifying Circle – Decreases cooldown by 40%. Take this in situations that require a lot of cleansing. Generally a good glyph to have at all times though. .



Metamorphic Blast

A spammable basic attack on Priest. Applies Aura of Retribution for 2 seconds which increases the Crit Rate of all of your attack skills by 1.5 times. You generally don’t want to use this skill outside of your Edict of Judgement as it requires you to be very close to this boss and locks you in place.

    • Brilliant Metamorphic Blast – Reduces MP cost by 33. Useless Glyph.
    • Numbing Metamorphic Blast – 20% chance to decrease opponent’s Attack Speed by 15% for 7 seconds.Also useless. 




This is your resurrect skill. Use to it revive teammates. Pretty simple. The glyphs for casting speed and cooldown were nerfed with the Arsenal update, but it is still worth it to take them.

    • Hastened Resurrect – Speeds casting by 15%. Having a faster resurrect means that your teammate can stand up faster and do damage faster. You are also in danger of being killed while casting Resurrect, so decreasing the cast time is also beneficial to your survival.
    • Brilliant Resurrect – Reduces MP cost by 510. You only really need to take this if you’re having to resurrect more than you should have to.
    • Energetic Resurrect – Decreases cooldown by 25%. Similar to Brilliant Resurrect, however, mistakes happen, and sometimes a teammate will need a res faster than you expected. Having this glyph will ensure that you’re there for them. 
    • Hearty Resurrect – Targets resurrects with 100% of HP and MP. The removal of the stamina system has turned this glyph into a full heal upon resurrecting a player. This is equally as useful if not more useful than the previous glyph and should always be taken.



Summon: Party

This skill is mainly used for convenience outside of dungeons and in PvP. Not useful in PvE and does not work in dungeons.

    • Brilliant Summon Party – Reduces MP cost by 800. As mentioned above
    • Energetic Summon Party – Decreases cooldown by 20%. Useless



Shocking Implosion

This skill should also only really be used during Edict of Judgement if your primary focus is healing. As with Metamorphic Blast, the range is rather short which could be troublesome during certain boss fights.

    • Powerlinked Shocking Implosion – Increases skill damage of Final Reprisal by 40% for a few seconds. You don’t need this. 


Heal Thyself

This is your primary self heal skill. It’s very important that you use this whenever you can to heal yourself over your longer cooldown self heals whenever possible.

    • Restorative Heal Thyself – Increases HP recovery by 20%. Get this glyph. You need it.



Focus Heal

Focus Heal has been severely gutted after Priest awakening. You generally do not want to rely on this skill because the healing is very minimal. Only use this skill to top players off and in low stress situations. Focus Heal will not be able to keep up in situations where much healing is needed.

    • Multiplicative Focus Heal – Increases number of lock-on targets by 2. Since the skill has become a lot less potent, it is no longer essential to glyph it. 
    • Longshot Focus Heal – Increases range by 3 meters. This glyph is still okay, but again, a lot worse than it was before. 
    • Soothing Focus Heal – Decreases aggro by 20%. Don’t use this.



Kaia’s Shield

A very good skill for tight situations. This skill should be used when your party is about to take heavy damage. You should be judicious about when you use this skill, because it has the ability to save lives.

    • Grounded Kaia’s Shield – Increases caster’s endurance by 30% for 12 seconds. You should optimally use Kaia’s Shield to save other people, but this glyph can help sometimes if you need to use Kaia’s to save yourself. I would not recommend this Glyph for the most part, but it’s not terrible.
    • Regenerating Kaia’s Shield – Recovers 5% of total HP every 2 seconds for 6 seconds for all targets. Adding a healing effect to your godsent Kaia’s is great. 
    • Energetic Kaia’s Shield – Decreases cooldown by 25%. Essential for Priest. 



You use this when you’re knocked down.

    • Empowered Retaliate – Increases skill damage by 25%. no.
    • Energetic Retaliate – Decreases cooldown by 20%. Not needed in PvE.



Fiery Escape

Fiery Escape should be your primary movement skill. It does not offer an I-frame, so you should be careful when using it to dodge boss attacks, however this skill is perfect for getting wherever you want to go during a fight.

    • Brilliant Fiery Escape – Reduces MP cost by 30. No.
    • Energetic Fiery Escape – Decreases cooldown by 15%. The glyph is pretty costly and the cooldown is not very impactful so I would not recommend using this glyph, however if you find yourself lacking mobility this might be good for you. Building cooldown reduction is more than enough to have this skill available when needed. 



Final Reprisal

Another skill used during Edict of Judgement.

    • Brilliant Fiery Reprisal – Reduces MP cost by 62.
    • Slowing Final Reprisal – 20% chance to decrease opponent’s Movement Speed by 30% for 4 seconds.
    • Persistent Final Reprisal – 50% chance to eliminate cooldown. Not needed


 Divine Charge

The new and shiny Mana Charge. This skill gives healing, mana, and a Power and Crit damage buff. You should be using this skill off cooldown at maximum charge for maximum party potential.

    • Hastened Divine Charge – Speeds charging by 25%. Increases the speed of each healing tick and allows you to pump out your maximum damage buff faster. Absolutely essential. 
    • Longshot Divine Charge – Increases range by 4 meters. This glyph now works on each of the healing ticks and the range of the buff, so its amazing.
    • Powerlinked Divine Charge – Increases skill damage of Shocking Implosion by 40% for a few seconds. Not used when healing. 
    • Spirited Divine Charge – Increases MP replenishment by 50%. Divine Charge already gives a lot of Mana (50% of each member’s maximum MP over time), however some classes are incredibly mana intensive so this glyph helps to cover that. 



Triple Nemesis

This is your endurance debuff that you provide to the party. You want to make sure you use this skill at least once every 12 seconds to increase party DPS.

    • Powerlinked Triple Nemesis – Increases skill damage of Metamorphic Blast by 25% for a few seconds. You don’t need DPS.
    • Enfeebling Triple Nemesis – 100% chance to decrease a target’s Endurance by 10% for 12 seconds. Essential in every situation for Party DPS. 



Plague of Exhaustion

This skill is only useful for certain boss mechanics that require it, otherwise, this is a PvP skill.

    • Energetic Plague of Exhaustion – Decreases cooldown by 30%. You don’t need this.



Guardian Sanctuary

This skill reduces the ranged damage you take by 30%, so it is useful in certain situations, depending on the boss.

    • Energetic Guardian Sanctuary – Decreases cooldown by 20%. If you feel that you’re constantly being hit by ranged attacks, take this. There are only a few situations where Guardian Sanctuary is useful, so definitely don’t use this in your main glyph page, but for certain bosses this skill has its uses.
    • Balancing Guardian Sanctuary – Doubles Balance for 30 seconds. Not even relevant.



Divine Respite

This is your most potent self heal. Many people call this skill “5 Minute” or “God-Mode” after its ridiculous healing effects and long cooldown. While this skill is active, if you’re not at full health you will be in the next few seconds, and if you’re hit you will return to full health momentarily.

    • Energetic Divine Respite – Decreases cooldown by 20%. Despite its powerful effect, this glyph really isn’t worth it.



Ishara’s Lullaby

This is your sleep skill. It doesn’t work on most bosses and has very niche usage. So don’t glyph it.

    • Energetic Ishara’s Lullaby – Decreases cooldown by 20%.



Restorative Burst

This skill is a very potent heal over time skill, you should generally put this on the Tank, with all your new healing abilities this skill is a lot more lackluster. This skill no longer gives Mana when glyphed because the glyph was moved to Regeneration Circle.

    • Lingering Restorative Burst – Increases effect duration by 20%. This glyph adds another tick of healing at the end of the skill, it’s pretty useless as you have a lot of heal over time skills now. 
    • Brilliant Restorative Burst – Reduces MP cost by 275. Not needed.



Energy Stars

This is your damage buff. Make sure that it is always active. Energy Stars now also gives 5% cooldown reduction

    • Lingering Energy Stars – Increase effect duration by 25%. This is really helpful for keeping Energy Stars active, and it certain situations you may be busy and cannot recast E-stars, so the extra duration helps with that.
    • Savage Energy Stars –  Increases effect of Energy Stars by 20%. This increases party DPS so you should definitely take it.



Healing Immersion

This your strongest lock-on heal spell. It heals your target and everything around them, including yourself, so you can use this on a teammate to heal yourself. It’s really good :D.

    • Persistent Healing Immersion – 50% chance to eliminate cooldown. The reset chance has been increased by 10%, making this glyph a lot more potent. Because Focus Heal was nerfed, Priests do not have any more reliable lock on healing skills, so Healing Immersion should be used a lot more instead. 
    • Restorative Healing Immersion – Increases HP recovery by 20%. This skill already heals enough, so extra healing isn’t needed.




This is your only I-frame. Be judicious about when you backstep because you do not want to waste it for when you really need it. Backstep’s I-frame duration was recently increased, which makes dodging a lot more forgiving.

    • Energetic Backstep – Decreases cooldown by 10%. The recent changes to backstep also lowered its cooldown already, so this glyph isn’t necessary.



Grace of Resurrection

This is your self-resurrection. You should have this buff active whenever possible.

    • Energetic Grace of Resurrection – Decreases cooldown by 40%. Extremely helpful glyph that lets you recast Grace again if needed during a fight.


Zenobia’s Vortex

Awakening has made this skill a core part of a Priest’s kit. Hitting a boss with this skill triggers Protected Response and decreases the cooldown of Resurrect and Edict of Judgement by 2 seconds. You should be using this skill on the boss whenever your Edict of Judgement and/or Resurrect are on cooldown.

    • Brilliant Zenobia’s Vortex – Reduces MP cost by 100.
    • Empowered Zenobia’s Vortex – Increases skill damage by 25%. Because you are supposed to use this skill as much as possible, adding damage to the skill is not a bad choice, but the glyph is very costly and the points are more effective put elsewhere. 
    • Energetic Zenobia’s Vortex – Decreases cooldown by 30%. Putting this skill on a lower cooldown essentially decreases the cooldown of your Resurrect and Edict of Judgement with proper use. Essential Glyph for proper awakened gameplay. 


 Mass Divine Intervention

The new Divine Intervention. It’s essentially the same thing, but it can be used on up to 4 targets and grants 2.5 seconds of invulnerability. This skill should not be used in most situations, as it interrupts DPS and therefore still should not be glyphed.

    • Energetic Divine Intervention – Decreases cooldown by 20%.
    • Brilliant Divine Intervention – Reduces MP cost by 150.
    • Longshot Divine Intervention – Increases range by 4 meters.


Awakened Skills 

Active Skills

Edict of Judgement

This is your hyper buff skill. When activated, each party member gains 20 power and 30 crit factor for 30 seconds. In addition, all attacks made will be counted as attacks from the back. You cannot use healing skills except for Restoration Burst, Divine Charge, and Holy Burst, but all your attack skills gain 50% cooldown reduction and additional effects. You can reactivate the skill to cancel the effect on you, allowing you to cast healing skills again, but the buff will remain on your party members.While in Edict of Judgement, your Shocking Implosion applies a healing effect on your party, and your Final Reprisal replenishes mana. Your Holy Fire applies Enhanced Devoted Favor even if Devoted Favor was not presently on your party members while in Edict of Judgement. You want to use this ability during a boss enrage to further enhance your party’s DPS.

Holy Burst

This skill heals a decent amount, and optimally you want to maximize the effect of Enhanced Devoted Favor while using this skill. Therefore, it should be used to mitigate heavy incoming damage. The cooldown of this ability is pretty long, so you don’t want to randomly spam this skill.

Passive Skills

 Expand the Flock

Lets you pull 4 people with Divine Intervention. Not much to say about this

Devoted Favor

This skill is applied through Regeneration Circle, Healing Circle, and Holy Burst. Party members with this buff recover 100 HP every second  and take 5% reduced damage. It’s basically a nice little heal over time to help you keep up your party’s HP.

Hitting a target with the explosion of Holy Burst applies Enhanced Devoted Favor, which instead grant 20% damage reduction, heals 500 HP per second, and grants immunity to stuns, staggers, and knockdowns for 3 seconds.

Protective Response

This passive ability is what changes how you play priest. Every first hit of Triple Nemesis reduces the cooldown of Kaia’s Shield by 1 second. Every hit of Zenobia’s Vortex reduces the cooldown of Resurrect and Edict of Judgement by 2 seconds. This basically means that you should be using Triple Nemesis and Zenobia’s Vortex as much as you can. The goal is to have Edict of Judgement up for as much as possible and reduce its cooldown as much as you can.


I have included an image of my own personal glyph page, You don’t have to copy every exact glyph but I’m providing it to give an example of a decent Priest glyph page.




The job of a healer can be explained in one simple statement: To maximize the DPS of the party. Your job as a priest is to enable your teammates to do as much damage as they can to ensure quick and clean boss fights. This includes keeping them alive, making sure they have every single buff you can offer them at all times, and making sure the boss constantly has your Triple Nemesis debuff. I would highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the DPS role to help enhance your understanding of the healer role. To help you improve as a priest, I will breakdown your optimal gameplay into three sections.


▣ Surviving and Healing

When you are a priest. Always keep in mind that you only have 1 I-frame. That means that you should save it whenever possible. For most bosses, it is generally a good idea to maintain a certain distance from the boss to avoid its basic attacks and other easily avoidable attack patterns.

Every boss requires a different behavior pattern to survive, but a general rule of thumb for every boss is that if you get a secondary aggro circle (a blue circle underneath your character) something is probably headed in your direction, and you should be prepared to react accordingly.

Lastly, you should always be aware of your animation locks on your skills, and make sure that you’re not caught by these animations at a bad time.

Awakening: The changes to priest in the Godsfall update can basically be summed up like this: Hit the boss more, and think before you use your abilities. 

You should be conscious of these skills and their applications at all times:

  • Heal Thyself: This skill should be your go-to whenever you take less significant damage. Its low CD allows you to spam it and not have to worry about preserving it for sticky situations
  • Focus Heal: This should be used as a secondary healing skill.The Godsfall update has rendered this ability far less potent than it previously was. Focus Heal should really only be used to top your party off in low stress situations. You should not resort to Focus Heal when the party is taking heavy damage because it will no longer be sufficient.
  • Regeneration Circle: Use this as a secondary healing skill, the heal over time is nice but will not save your party in a dire situation.
  • Healing Circle: The cooldown of this skill has been doubled with the Godsfall update. This means you cannot spam it as much as you could before, and therefore you should be mindful of when it’s appropriate to use this skill. It is recommended that you save this skill for heavy incoming damage on your party.
  • Healing Immersion: While healing immersion is a powerful tool to heal teammates, always keep in mind that you also receive its healing effects if you stand close enough to your lock-on target. Be careful while using this skill, because you will be in an animation lock from the moment you release the skill until it reaches your target. 
  • Backstep: Backstep is your only I-frame as stated earlier. You should try and only use backstep if you were certain to die without it in that situation.
  • Fiery Escape: Whenever you perceive an incoming threat, always evaluate if you can simply walk out or use Fiery Escape to survive before you use your Backstep.
    Kaia’s Shield: While Kaia’s Shield is active, you and all teammates affected by it are immune to staggers and knockdowns. Even if an attack would break the shield, the knockdown or stagger of the attack is negated. You can also use Kaia’s to negate some knockback attacks.
  • Guardian Sanctuary: Reduces the ranged damage you take by 30%. Your stun resistance also increases but you should not rely on it to tank stuns. You can also use Guardian Sanctuary to resist Bleed and Other DoT effects.
  • Holy Burst: Use this has a primary healing ability, but try and save it for moments where you can utilize the effects of Enhanced Devoted Favor. 
  • Divine Charge: The healing from this skill should be used as a primary healing ability. The healing from each tick while charging this skill is quite significant. You should use this skill whenever its available, and take advantage of its healing so you don’t have to burn other heal skills to top your party off. In order to receive the damage buff this skill has, each party member must receive at least one tick of the healing from the charge of this skill, therefore, you should make sure you get in range of every party member while casting this ability. 
  • Purifying Circle: You are immune to knockdown while casting this skill.
  • Divine Respite: This skill should be saved for crucial moments when you know you’re going to take massive amounts of damage.
  • Grace of Resurrection: You should have this buff up whenever it’s available.
  • Resurrect: Resurrect has an extremely long cast time. You optimally want to res your teammates as soon as possible, however you always want to prioritize your own safety over theirs. Remember that as long as you’re alive, your teammates can die any amount times. However, you only have a set amount of lives before you have to reset the boss. 


▣ Mentality:

The one thing I believe that separates good healers from bad healers is mentality. Generally, if a teammate dies, it usually isn’t your fault. However, there is always something that you could’ve done better. If you notice that your team is dying a lot, step back and think about ways you could potentially reduce the number of party deaths. You always want to be proactive about healing, not reactive. If you know that a certain boss attack is about to occur, be prepared for the worst case scenario and prepare accordingly. You want to assume that your teammates are going to be hit by the attack and respond appropriately.

Here are some things you should consider:

  • Are you dying a lot? The most common reason that a healer dies is because of poor positioning or animation locks. The safest spot to stand during most bosses is the side. There, you can reach both the tank and the DPS with your heals. Only get yourself into a significant animation lock when you know that it’s absolutely safe to do so.
  • Did your teammate get one-shot? Most one-shots either are due to a failure to respond to a boss mechanic or a lack of proper gear. There is very little you can do to save a teammate if they instantly drop dead. If you see a one-shot mechanic coming, try to stand as close as you can to your teammate (while still safe) so that you can be ready to resurrect them. If a Divine Intervention can pull your teammate out of harm, you should try to use it, however, make sure you’re certain that they’re hopeless before you use this skill because Divine Intervention interrupts DPS rotations.
  • Are your teammates constantly getting knocked down? Arise or Kaia’s Shield is a good solution to this.
  • Do you perceive an incoming stun? Time your purifying circle immediately after the stun goes off. If you time it right, sometimes it looks like your teammate was never stunned in the first place.
  • Do you find yourself unable to keep your teammate’s HP high? You might be wasting your significant heals. I tend to save healing immersion for when my teammates or myself are lower than 40% HP. You can also press Healing Immersion to proc the reset glyph if you have that active, and if the glyph does not trigger; cancel the skill. However this method wastes time and mana and should not be used in high stress situations. Try to stand at a spot where you can easily reach your party with healing circle if needed.
  • Are you or your teammates having mana issues?  Then you’re not using Divine Charge enough, find ways to utilize this ability more. Your party’s will also increase in turn, because the buff will active on them more frequently as well.


▣ Behaviors:

This is what you should always be mindful of during fights.

  1. Triple Nemesis and Energy Stars: Both of these effects should be present during the entirety of the fight. You want to aim for a 90%(optimally higher) TN and Energy Star uptime or higher on every boss. The endurance debuff procs off of any hit of Triple Nemesis, so you only have to use the first hit of the skill to maintain the debuff.. Triple Nemesis also reduces the cooldown of Kaia’s Shield by 1 second on each first cast, so while Kaia’s in on cooldown you should be using Triple Nemesis off cooldown. One thing you don’t want to do is try and keep your buffs when there are more pressing matters at hand. For example, if your entire party is dead, don’t waste time trying to keep Triple Nemesis on the boss. it doesn’t matter because no one is alive to DPS. Energy Stars however, is quite useful for its cooldown reduction and attack speed, so you might want to have that buff active as you cast Resurrect. Just keep your priorities straight. 
  2. Divine Charge: This is the new Mana Charge. It is now even more important than before to keep using this skill because now it gives your party Power and Crit damage. You should be using this skill as much as possible. As stated previously, in order for a party member to receive the power and crit damage buff, they must receive at least one instance of healing from Divine Charge.
  3. Zenobia’s Vortex: While your Edict of Judgement and Resurrect skills are on cooldown, you should be hitting the boss with Zenobia’s Vortex to reduce the cooldown’s of those respective skills by 2 seconds. Do this as much as possible, as Edict of Judgement uptime is one determining factor on what makes an exceptional priest. Priests that can maximize their Zenobia’s Vortex XCasinoBonuses hits while still maintaining optimal buff uptimes and healing the party are a cut above the rest. 
  4. Restorative Burst: Use this to keep your party member’s healthy. This healing over time on this skill is quite high, so placing this skill on your party while they suffer from DoT can completely negate that damage.
  5. Never turn your camera away from the boss and your party. Even a single moment can be fatal to you or your party. You should always be watching your party and the boss.
  6. Watch your party retaliate. Remember that retaliate has a 15 second cooldown so if you see someone use their retaliate and get knocked down again shortly afterwards you can pop Arise in response.
  7. Rebuff any resurrected teammate with Blessing of Shakan immediately as they resurrect. 
  8. Don’t stand in the way of the Tank or DPS. Position yourself where you won’t bodyblock anyone. You also don’t want to stand too far away from the rest of the party so that you can keep your debuffs up and everyone is within healing range. Standing too far from some bosses also triggers more mechanics.
  9. Keep the boss still. It’s the healer’s job in many situations to activate certain boss mechanics to keep the boss locked in place. This is usually done using the Resurrect skill, also known as Res Baiting. You want to cast and cancel Resurrect in front of the boss. This will trigger some sort of mechanic, usually with you as the target, but in turn the boss will stay in place so your party can safely and comfortably DPS. Make sure you do not turn the boss while Res Baiting, that defeats the purpose. Stand at the front when you’re doing this. 


Consumables: See the Healer Fundamentals guide for a detailed list on Healer Consumables.


Future Updates

Nothing right now. I would add videos but my recording is really bad, sorry. 





A special thank you to Floss for helping me write this guide and editing!

A very special thank you to Yurai for being a quality floormat and proofreading.

Shout out to my guild, Avengers!

Finally, thank you to everyone reading my guide! I’ve never written a guide (on anything) before so please let me know if you have any suggestions! You can contact me on Tempest Reach (IGN: Amaterasu) with any input you might have.



  1. It’s time for an u-u-u-u-u-update!

  2. Hi ming do you happen to possibly have a previous version of this guide for console players. Thank you

  3. Hey Ming, I have a question to ask you specifically since you seem to have a good grasp on the endgame!

    Lately, there have been many discussions about the viability of priest in comparison to mystic – lfgs asking for mystics specifically and complaints about the missing crit buff from priest. Now, I have played priest for over a year and enjoyed this class loads more than mystic. I’m at a crossroads considering that mystic seems to have gained such an extreme amount of popularity with the awakening… Even some guildmates have been talking me into levelling a mystic.
    Could you please give me some advice on what to do? I really don’t want to switch to mystic since I’m completely in love with the priest, but if mystic is so much stronger and everybody keeps pestering me about the missing benefits from not having a mystic in their party, I’ll either have to switch or come to terms with the fact that people won’t be as happy about having me in their group anymore 🙁



  4. from what i’m hearing others are saying not to roll healing on accessory’s anymore. is this true? this is what a friend and guild member said i should have on my accessorys as a priest, i played back in 2012-2014 and every healer back then was rolling healing.

    Earrings: 10% stun reduce & 4%HP
    Rings: 4Crit&4End
    Neck&Circ: 4End
    Inners: HP%
    Belt: Hp/Hp
    Brooch: Hp/Hp

    • It’s all up to preference. Overall I think healing gives the best results, but it’s up to you. I think Endurance is good for newer players but most of the time you won’t be getting hit if you’re positioned correctly.

  5. Ming.

    Did you play swtor?


  6. Ming.

    I have to ask. Were you once my compadre in SWTOR?

  7. Seriously thank you! I just started aying yesterday and I’ve done healer classes on the mmo games I’ve played. But the mechanics here in this game seem a bit different and it was great to have a ton of my questions answered! You rock!

  8. Hi, would you recommend going for Keen Accessory Etchings or Swift as a priest (for endgame content)? Or would half/half be better?

  9. Hi,

    very helpful guide, helped me a lot.

    But as of one the latest patches which buffed mystics aura to be better than energy stars I have wondered if I shouldn’t use energy stars when having a mystic in the party. This is because it will still overwrite mystics aura. So if using it is actually hurting the party dps I could spend 10 Glyph points on other skills.

    Am I right with this assumption?

  10. Hi, this guide is very helpful to me and I want to thank you, I’ve started playing priest only for 3 days and your guide juste made Me understand so much thing that I can help my teamates as much as I can and enjoy the priest thank you !

  11. Ming,

    Thank you so much for this guide. I start play Tera a week ago – make 65 in 3-days. I am a priest. Having play priest in EQ, EQ2, La2 – Tera is first game were it is a challenge, is awesome =)

    I appreciate what you write, and time it take. It give me new ideas to try, the i-frame clarification especially helpful =)

    Priest, Fey Forest

  12. Hey at the start of the fight should you cast nemesis or energy star first? i know its minor but i like to optimize stuff. Also thank you for the guide, helped me a lot!

    • It doesn’t really matter. Your Energy Stars and Triple Nemesis should be in effect before the DPS actually use any impactful skills. Personally I start with Energy Stars.

    • Also keep in mind that you can proc Energy Start on other things before the fight actually starts. For example, in Ruinous Manor, second boss, you can use it on an egg near the entrance before you guys start. Then you just have to worry about using Triple Nemesis when you go in.

    • energy stars has a higher range, so you can use it while you close in to cast nemesis
      and don’t worry about e-stars, effect range is so huge, pretty much any partymember in the boss-rooms will get hit.

  13. ty for the guide

  14. I’m quite confused. I only have 3 glyphs next to my Ressurection skill. None of them are Heartening. There’s one for restoring MP for my targets, but nothing for the glyph that has full hp and mp.

  15. Do you have a recommended placement of skills on the skill tray? Or what you have?

  16. This guide is awful for a returning player. You don’t give any specifics in the gear section, just what rolls you want… I haven’t played since 2013, so I look up a guide. I find this guide. However, this guide is not guiding me at all. I miss TeraToday, that place had some top shelf guides.

    • This is a guide to priest. I did not aim this guide towards returning players, I made a guide to teach people how to play priest in the current content. If you need help returning to the game, you can look a guide up for that.

  17. I had the pleasure of reading a guide written by my friend and probably the second best healer in TR and I also had the pleasure of carrying his runs. This guy is able to carry 1-4 titled people that paint the floor in RMHM as solo healing priest and somehow manage to resurrect them God knows how many times they die and still clear the run unless he eats a laser. We may have 1-12 wipes in the process, but still clear it in the end.

    “The one thing I believe that separates good healers from bad healers is mentality. Generally, if a teammate dies, it definitely isn’t your fault. However, there is nothing that you could’ve done better because your teammates are all nigs and suck. If you notice that your team is dying a lot, step back and think about ways you could potentially bm your team and increase the number of party deaths so you can res some more. You always want to be proactive about insulting your team, not reactive.”

    I respect the healers with this kind of mentality. As someone who took a dps role that many people avoid (because they can’t play their respective classes and suck more than a thai hooker), you’re held to higher standards just like the tanks. Yes, I understand that there isn’t anything you can do about people getting killed by one-shot mech and there are brain-dead players out there. But, instead of crying because they “blamed” you for their own incompetency and acting high and mighty, you can take this chance to throw some insults back. Let’s face it, there are just as many bad healers out there as there are bad DPS/tanks. But, I get it. You can go ahead and keep playing only with good tanks and DPS, so it looks like you’re doing a terrific job.

  18. Hi! Do you think you could add the jewelry set for priest? Thanks so much!

  19. Thank you for the great guide! I’m only level 47 and this guide helped me understand a ton.

  20. Why grounded etchings are choice for Priest? I mean, why not relentless?

  21. Did you upload any video for sshm?

  22. Hi, this is actually a very cool guide. I was out of this game since back on Tier 6 if I recall and I wanted to know what Gear is the best for Priest right now? I was looking at the guide and saw no name and with the changes I need some help to figure out what I need to do.

  23. Nice guide!
    I actually glyph my Kaia for the extra endurance for myself, and to actually tank the second circle from imp :c it does feel like it’s wasting points but facetanking is always fun kek :3

  24. What gear do you recommend for end game? Some friends are saying star fall is better than the new imperator set for priest, and some are saying imperator so im pretty confused. I know how you said gear is of less importance, but I don’t think im that dedicated to the game to perfect my priest game LOL. Thanks in advance~

    • Imperator is better, no questions about it. I actually have heard people around saying Imperator staff is worse than Starfall. I think people look at the lack of 6% healing on base for Imp but neglect to realize the significance of the much higher flat healing modifier (I also suspect the % healing bonuses you get from jewelry and bottom weapon roll scale better off the modifier, making it all that much stronger). Not to mention a Slaughter +12 staff already heals about the same as a +15 Starfall, there’s no way an Imp staff would be worse. With a +15 Imperator my focus heals are already about 3k more powerful than with Slaughter and I easily get 10-11k tick heals of Restorative Burst (I wear Hyderath rings).

      And as for the armor, Imperator +15 is certainly tankier than SF +15.

      But yes, gear is not all that important for a healer, unless we were talking about a Mystic (perhaps even a Priest) who wants to DPS at top level. But we are talking about healing, so yeah: whether SF+15, Slaughter +12 or Imp +15, all current PvE content including DSU is more than doable. The most important part is the mentality, which is very well explained in this guide.

      So, my personal recommendation for gear endgame is simply to get Slaughter +12, it’s most cost effective, and if you have the funds or materials you can go Imperator (or just save for next patch Lilith or VM8 sets). You can consider +15 SF weapon/gloves if another player is selling them -cheap- and they come with Energetic etching IIIs.

  25. Bello Ming~ Thanks for writing this guide, esp with the Behavior & Mentality segments. You might want to add 3 things.

    1) Healing Immersion’s CD reset can be abused to “100%” since it procs upon selection & not until cast, unlike Brawlers’ Haymaker. So long we don’t throw it out, we can retry its RNG. Beats waiting out the whole CD but eats more MP.

    2) Glistening Niveot’s viable for Priests. They will proc when the recipients of any of your crit heals are back-facing you. Given the nature of positions in battles between DPSers, Tanks, Healers and Bosses, healers should usually find themselves firing heals to the backs of other players, rather than the front. It’s maybe a “situational” 80mp/s * 3 seconds vs a “consistent” 42mp/5s, but CF-built priests should have no issues with crits’ RNG, esp on dem AoE heals.

    I did not test if Glistening will proc when a single tick of heals-over-time crit while backfaced, (would eliminate Brilliant if it does). But even so, abusing HI’s CD (or not) combined w HCircle / FocusHeal & ES / 3N (if they backcrit), should give Glistening a decent uptime to be as viable as the currently popular Brilliant.

    3) Restorative Burst’s effects are a one time thing. Recipients do not have to stay within it to receive it all. It’s a touch-and-go thing, multiple re-contacts will not refresh the effect’s duration. Priests aim to touch it at least one time before it dies out to help manage their own mana (if MP regen is glyphed)

    Hope you would read these and perhaps consider adding them & some others from this comment section (esp Rosin’s) into your already comprehensive guide~ Xie xie & happy healing~

    • Hi, thanks for your input, I’d just like to give my opinion on these things:
      1) This is true, however, most of the time you won’t have the time to keep trying to reset immersion. In order to reset your Immersion, you have to cast the skill and then cancel it. You cannot realistically do this during most dungeon fights and you might just end up killing yourself trying to reset the skill.
      2) Glistening is fine if you crit your heals a lot (Crit Factor priest).

  26. I love you Ming!!! – your baobei

  27. Can i walk out of the first circle in imperator by just keep moving? I play mystic, so i have only iframe and not the fairy escape. If its not one shot, is it a good idea to use c-ring to take half of the dmg?

    • You can walk out of the first circle as long as youre not in an animation. The movement speed glyph from your Shakan definitely helps with this.
      As for mystic, if you want to corruption ring you want to get out of the first circle.

  28. Turning off enemy names will do wonders for a priest trying to keep track of their teammates and their health bars in a sea of mobs.
    And stand still!! My biggest mistake as a beginning priest was running around like a madman because it just felt right….no. just chill in your spot and watch the battle unfold in peace.

    Thanks for your guide, its always nice to read some good insight from veteran Priests.

  29. Hello,

    First off, thank you for this guide. Especially for Mentality and Behavior sections. But I’m very confused on the animation lock of Healing Immersion, because for me it’s the only heal without animation lock… I can run while casting it, and while it reaches the target. I think maybe you wanted to write Focus Heal. As for me, it would make more sense.

    Sorry if my wording sounds off here, but I tried my best ( ‘ ^ ‘ )

  30. 8/10 to your level of realizing and playing priest
    commented by the God priest in TW server based on what you have posted
    nice guide, credit to your mentality section and few points, but not impressive enough. If I was a dps, i like running with u and trust your healing/assistance, but not a god class healer.

  31. Nice Job. Could add a few things I learned over the years.

    Resurrection – Priest resurrection can get a lot of attackspeed with Nocteniums, attackspeed scroll – also remember to cast Energy Stars before resurrecting… Incredibly fast :3

    Kaia’s Shield – warning – mystics totem will cancel out Kaia’s Shield. Time your Kaia Casting after totem if possible u.u

    Final Reprisal is the only “reliable” Priest KD skill. You can KD some mobs or players with it if nescessary.

    Guardian Sanctuary is a skill you need to test test test with different debuffs and stuns to see where it actually works and where not. Happy experimenting!

    Restorative Burst should always be there, glowing on the ground under your most mana-hungry teammates (lancers, sorcs, slayers and warriors – you choose).

    Divine Intervention is not only fun but often very useful. You can use it to relocate your stunned teammates (e.g. at Imperator it has many uses):
    Someone gonna be too late to run into the cage, you pull them. Someone got targeted twice and Imperator is gonna go havoc on him – you relocate the stunned teammate and it results in your teammate not dieing the throwing part (the 2nd target will die if they don’t iframe it, though).
    You can pull in people trough gates, doors, seals when the party has already started but someone is late.
    You can leash them on an elevator, making them fall and kill them with fall damage etc. Endless possibilities. It is a nice skill to troll people with but that annoys people and it is not good to play with people who are annoyed. Be warned.

    Pahoegar’s Laser – counting to three after it cramps into animation also works. I tried the finger thingy (already at SCHM even), and I don’t get it :/

    As for mentality – it is true! When you are support – you take responsibility for every death, even when the person who failed is just really bad, you can find ways to support them. Even when someone died to a random coplayer bodyblock or whatever – DO NOT START POINTING FINGERS. Just carry on. Cus as soon as someone starts pointing fingers, the atmosphere has gone bad and that is not a nice one to play in. So much resentment. Yuch.

    When there are 3 people alive and a “weaker person” doing le tapette, focus on keeping the other 3 alive first :3 (it is not common sense, turns out, hence I mention).

    Don’t freak out when people throw the most annoying obvious commands at you “buff!” “res!” “omg heal!”. They are just worried they look bad when they don’t find blame in you (or whomever else) when they fail 😉 Priest is such an easy target for these comments, it’s just sad.

    Also very important: DO NOT TYPE DURING COMBAT. No matter how provoked or agitated you get. DO NOT TYPE. THIS should be written into EVERY class guide ever. Consult the mechanics before or after the combat. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it and if you see someone doing something wrong, let them do it and explain after the wipe, if nescessary. And before pointing out a mistake, think about it: Is it kind? Is it good? Is it nescessary?.
    It is VERY important to focus on the combat and what is actually going on and going to happen in the battle instead of thinking about whom to blame on why you just died or why you couldn’t keep Stars up. That’s what will separate mediocre players from good players I guess…
    Plan your toilet/snack/dungeon mechanic cramming breaks with the whole party members – simple calculation you go random afk for 5 minutes you actually waste 25 minutes (since the other people also lost 5 minutes of their time). Respect time and planning :3

  32. Hai! Nice guide, I had no clue about not being able to get kd while dispelling :O Only thing i noticed that sounded weird was at the end for the double circles at imp. I doubt it’s 0.5 second before the 2nd ring goes off, i always count 2 short seconds before i iframe. Maybe u meant one and a half second 😀 Or i just misread. Anyway, thnx!

    • I think he means 0.5s after the 2nd circle disappears ‘second circle fades away, wait about half a second and I-frame’ while you are talking about 2 s after the 2nd circle appears.


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