Hello, I play on the NA Velika server and my name is Minus, however many people refer to me as Sam. I have been actively involved with TERA’s endgame content for about 5 years now. While I have been playing Priest as my main for about a year and a half, I have always played it on the side as one of my favorite alt classes. Since picking up the class, I have learned all endgame dungeons. I play both Priest and Mystic, and I enjoy priest more by far. I feel Priest animations are much smoother than Mystic, making it feel a little nicer to play. While this guide will cover both basic and advanced priest information, I will not be covering healer fundamentals. If you would like to learn healer basics, click here.

Awakening Updates

As of the Godsfall patch, otherwise known as Awakening 1, Priest has undergone major updates to not only increase their dps, but also their party’s dps. This makes potential score runs as priest easier. Since this update allows for potential some potential priest dps, I will be covering both healing and dps options. Another important change is that slaying runs with Priest are not as effective anymore. Priest’s two party buffs have been combined into one, meaning the HP buff now comes from Shakan, which is also the dps buff. This means if you would like to do a slaying run with a Priest, you cannot take the Shakan power buff.


Once you progress to Stormcry and Heroic Oath gear, it is generally recommended to focus on upgrading your armor more than your weapon. Your weapon will always give you the most item level, however it won’t be very livesaving during battle like armor enchants are. One of the best aspects about Priest, or healers in general, is that it is cheaper to reach your potential in TERA. Damage dealers and tanks usually need to have the best gear, follow strict rotations, and have many consumables to do well in their class. For healers, all that is needed from you is to survive in dungeons and buff the party. This is obtainable in basically any gear, granted you don’t make many mistakes. In this section, all healing roles will be under orange and all dps rolls will be under blue.


Top Line:

Decreases skill cooldowns by 7.2% – Cooldown reduction allows for better Triple Nemesis and Energy Stars uptime. This also allows for you to use essential skills like Kaia’s Shield, Backstep, Edict of Judgement, and Divine Charge more often.

Bottom Lines:

Decreases skill cooldowns by 7.2% – Read above for an explanation.

Increases attack speed by 4.5% – This will make your animations faster, which allows you to cast heals and buffs faster.

Increases your healing skills by 6% – This one is obvious, it increases the potency of your heals.

Increases crit factor by 14 – This one is optional, so you drop it if you are using gear that doesn’t have 4 lines of rolls. This increases your crit chance.

Top Line:

Increases damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged monsters – Simply increases enraged damage. You should be focused on doing the most damage as possible during enrage.

Bottom Lines:

Increases damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged monsters – Read above for an explanation.

Increases cooldowns by 7.2% – Cooldown reduction allows for better Triple Nemesis and Energy Stars uptime. This also allows for you to use essential skills like Kaia’s Shield, Backstep, Edict of Judgement, and Divine Charge more often.

Increases damage by 6% – This simply increases damage.

Increases crit power by 0.3 – This one is optional, so you drop it if you are using gear that doesn’t have 4 lines of rolls. This increases your crit potency.

Etching: Energetic III or IV


Top Line:

Decreases cooldown of Kaia’s Shield by 10% OR Increases casting speed of Divine Charge by 15% – This one is preference. At level 70 it might be better to use the Kaia’s Shield roll as your divine charge can gain a 40% speed buff. Personally, I like Kaia’s Shield cooldown better than Divine Charge before and after level 70 as I use the skill often since it allows for you and your party to facetank more mechanics.

Top Line:

Increases damage of Shocking Implosion by 15% OR Decreases cooldown of Shocking Implosion by 10% –This choice is mostly preference. One will increase the damage and one will reduce cooldown. If you already have a decent amount of cooldown reduction, it might be more beneficial to go with the damage roll.

Bottom Lines:

Decreases damage taken from enraged monsters by 10% – Decreases damage towards you, this should be an obvious choice.

Decreases damage from frontal attacks by 6.9% – Also decreases damage towards you, should be an obvious choice.

Decreases damage taken by 6% – Decreases damage towards you.

Increases HP by 8% – This one is optional, so you drop it if you are using gear that doesn’t have 4 lines of rolls. This simply increases your HP.

Etching: Grounded III or IV



Increases attack speed by 2.25% – This will make your animations faster, which allows you to cast heals and buffs faster.

Increases endurance by 12 – Decreases damage taken when hit.

Increases your healing skills by 6% – Increases the potency of your heals.

Etching: Energetic III or IV



Replenishes 2% of your total MP every 5 seconds – This will help ensure you never have an MP problem.

Increases endurance by 4 – Decreases damage taken when hit.

Increases movement speed by 6% – Allows you to run away or towards your party faster.

Etching: Grounded III or IV



4% HP

4 Endurance

These rolls should always be used, as they are the most significant.

Etching: Swift (Quicksteps) II or III



4 Endurance

4 Crit Factor

These rolls are the most significant for healer. With the removal of healing rolls in patch 80, 4 crit factor was substituted.

Etching: Swift (Quicksteps) II or III




Energetic is really the only viable option for priest. This mask will allow you to use powerful heals more often and line up edict with enrage more efficiently.



2.3% HP / 2.3% Healing

1.5% Healing / 1.5% HP

These rolls allow you to maximize your HP or healing.

Etching: Swift (Quicksteps) II or III



2.3% HP

1.5% HP

Like brooch rolls, these will just allow you to increase your HP.

Etching: Swift (Quicksteps) II or III



4 Endurance

4 endurance is the only significant healer option on necklaces.

Etching: Swift (Quicksteps) II or III



4 Endurance

4 endurance is the best option for healers on circlets.



Endurance (Insulated)

HP (Fitness)

Either of these options are viable. This choice is based on preference.


I will cover healing and dps crystals here. Healing will be on the left, and dps will be on the right. All healer dps skills count as ranged. It is worth noting that many priests go for a hybrid set, which usually includes a swift, carving, savage, and spiteful niveot. This can maximize priest DPS while healing. Only use this if you do not have a mana issue. It is not necessary to use this if you do not care about your dps. In weapon dyads, aim for poisedly. This is about equal to having a 5th hardy crystal during enrage. In armor dyads, aim for swiftly. This will make you faster in combat. For accessory crystals, you can use just one type or a combination of the types listed. Generally in a healing setup, swifts are used except for when you are learning. Then you would use grounded or succoring. I prefer to always use swifts.

Healing Weapon Crystals

1x Fine Swift Niveot
1x Fine Carving Niveot
2x Fine Brilliant Niveot

DPS Weapon Crystals

1x Fine Savage Niveot
1x Fine Spiteful Niveot
1x Fine Focused Niveot
1x Fine Pounding Niveot

Armor Crystals

4x Fine Hardy Niveot

Healing Accessory Crystals

Swift Vrysk
Succoring Vrysk
Grounded Vrysk

DPS Accessory Crystals

Swift Vrysk
Keen Vrysk


Red Glyphs are bad in most situations
Purple Glyphs are glyphs that are only useful for dps
Orange Glyphs are glyphs that could be useful in certain situations
Green Glyphs are glyphs that are pretty good and recommended for most scenarios
Blue Glyphs are essential in all situations


Divine Radiance

This is your auto attack. You don’t use this while you’re healing.

    • Empowered Divine Radiance Increases skill damage by 25%. You don’t use the skill, so don’t glyph it.



Regeneration Circle

This applies Devoted Favor to your party. You should use this skill frequently to alleviate some damage taken by your party.

    • Lingering Regeneration Circle – Increases effect duration by 30%. Not needed as the healing is still minimal compared to your other healing abilities
    • Energetic Regeneration Circle –  Decreases cooldown by 30%. Not a horrible glyph, but probably not worth the points. 
    • Influential Regeneration Circle – Reduces MP cost of Focus Heal by 85 for a few seconds. Definitely not as focus heal is barely used.
    • Spirited Regeneration Circle – Increases MP replenishment of all targets by 2% per 2 seconds for 10 seconds. As long as you are using Divine Charge as much as possible, your party should not run into many mana problems, therefore this glyph isn’t essential but can help. Sometimes good for MP heavy classes like sorcerer or lancer.



Healing Circle

Potent healing abilities. The range is rather short (up to 9 meters in front of you). Shares a cooldown with Restorative burst. This skill heals for 25% more and casts 20% faster if casted after Backstep, Fiery Escape, or Focus Heal. The cooldown of Healing Circle has significantly increased, so you want to only use this in dire situations as it may not be up when you need it if you spam it. Applies Devoted Favor. 

    • Restorative Healing Circle – Increases hp recovery by 10%. The healing on this ability is already high enough, and the points from this glyph could definitely be spent better elsewhere.



Blessing of Shakan

Every Priest buff has been combined into Shakan. Use this to buff allies at the start of the fight, and whenever you resurrect a party member.

    • Lingering Blessing of Shakan – Increases effect duration by 30%. Buffs have a very short cooldown so there’s no reason to take this when you can just rebuff when needed.
    • Fleetfooted Blessing of Shakan –  Increases caster’s movement speed by 15 for 10 minutes. Mobility is essential to staying alive and healing, so this is a really useful glyph.
    • Boosted Blessing of Shakan –  Increases the non-combat speed bonus and HP recovery by an additional 50%. During fights, you and your teammates will always be in combat (with the exception of the mystic sometimes) so this is pretty useless. The additional HP recovery is also nominal. 




This skill allows you to instantly stand any knocked down ally within 20m. Use this skill whenever you see a teammate gets knocked down and know that they do not have retaliate.

    • Energetic Arise – Decreases cooldown by 50%. – This can be useful in some situations where the boss constantly knocks down.
    • Lingering Arise –  Increases effect duration by 100%. Not very useful. The stand-up effect of arise is the most important part.



Mana Infusion

Only useful if you forgot prime solution and ran out of mana, or resurrected and need mana.

    • Spirited Mana Infusion – Increases MP replenishment by 20%. This skill isn’t used enough to justify spending the points.
    • Hastened Mana Infusion – Speeds casting by 25%. There is a talent for this, making this useless.



Purifying Circle

AoE cleanse for teammates 17m in front of you, and you cannot be knocked down while using this skill. Use this skill when a teammate needs to be cleansed, and to prevent knockdowns from attacks.

    • Energetic Purifying Circle – Decreases cooldown by 40%. Take this in situations that require a lot of cleansing. Generally a good glyph to have at all times though.



Metamorphic Blast

A spammable basic attack on Priest. Applies Aura of Retribution for 2 seconds which increases the Crit Rate of all of your attack skills by 1.5 times. You generally don’t want to use this skill outside of your Edict of Judgement as it requires you to be very close to this boss and locks you in place.

    • Brilliant Metamorphic Blast – Reduces MP cost by 33. Useless Glyph.
    • Numbing Metamorphic Blast – 20% chance to decrease opponent’s Attack Speed by 15% for 7 seconds. Useless in PvE. 




This is your resurrect skill. Use to it revive teammates. Pretty simple. The glyphs for casting speed and cooldown were nerfed with the Arsenal update, but it is still worth it to take them.

    • Hastened Resurrect – Speeds casting by 15%. Having a faster resurrect means that your teammate can stand up faster and do damage faster. You are also in danger of being killed while casting Resurrect, so decreasing the cast time is also beneficial to your survival.
    • Brilliant Resurrect – Reduces MP cost by 510. You only really need to take this if you’re having to resurrect more than you should have to.
    • Energetic Resurrect – Decreases cooldown by 25%. Similar to Brilliant Resurrect, however, mistakes happen, and sometimes a teammate will need a res faster than you expected. Having this glyph will ensure that you’re there for them. 
    • Hearty Resurrect – Targets resurrects with 100% of HP and MP. The removal of the stamina system has turned this glyph into a full heal upon resurrecting a player. This is equally as useful if not more useful than the previous glyph and should always be taken.



Summon: Party

This skill is mainly used for convenience outside of dungeons and in PvP. Not useful in PvE and does not work in dungeons.

    • Brilliant Summon Party – Reduces MP cost by 800. Useless in dungeons.
    • Energetic Summon Party – Decreases cooldown by 20%. Useless in dungeons. Only to be used if you are needing to use summon during out of dungeon activities, such as Exodor BAM / Box hunting. If I have an extra point to spare, I equip this as I box hunt often.



Shocking Implosion

This skill should also only really be used during Edict of Judgement if your primary focus is healing. As with Metamorphic Blast, the range is rather short which could be troublesome during certain boss fights.

    • Powerlinked Shocking Implosion – Increases skill damage of Final Reprisal by 40% for a few seconds. Only good for dps. 


Heal Thyself

This is your primary self heal skill. It’s very important that you use this whenever you can to heal yourself over your longer cooldown self heals whenever possible.

    • Restorative Heal Thyself – Increases HP recovery by 20%. Get this glyph. You need it.



Focus Heal

Focus Heal has been severely gutted after Priest awakening. You generally do not want to rely on this skill because the healing is very minimal. Only use this skill to top players off and in low stress situations. Focus Heal will not be able to keep up in situations where lots of healing is needed.

    • Multiplicative Focus Heal – Increases number of lock-on targets by 2. Since the skill has become a lot less potent, it is no longer essential to glyph it. 
    • Longshot Focus Heal – Increases range by 3 meters. This glyph is still okay, but again, a lot worse than it was before. You shouldn’t be far enough away from your party to make this glyph needed in the rare times you use Focus Heal anyway.
    • Soothing Focus Heal – Decreases aggro by 20%. You should never have aggro issues.



Kaia’s Shield

A very good skill for tight situations. This skill should be used when your party is about to take heavy damage. You should be judicious about when you use this skill, because it has the ability to save lives. Can prevent knockdown.

    • Grounded Kaia’s Shield – Increases caster’s endurance by 30% for 12 seconds. I sometimes switch between this and the below glyph. Kaia is already a lifesaving skill, and the extra endurance on this can be extremely helpful, especially if you are undergeared. This has the opportunity to help you in many situations.
    • Regenerating Kaia’s Shield – Recovers 5% of total HP every 2 seconds for 6 seconds for all targets. Adding a healing effect to Kaia can be good if you’re using it for hard hitting attacks granted you don’t need the endurance from the glyph above. 
    • Energetic Kaia’s Shield – Decreases cooldown by 25%. Essential for Priest. 



You use this when you’re knocked down.

    • Empowered Retaliate – Increases skill damage by 25%. Not useful.
    • Energetic Retaliate – Decreases cooldown by 20%. Only useful for dps if you’re getting knocked down by mobs.



Fiery Escape

Fiery Escape should be your primary movement skill. It does not offer an I-frame, so you should be careful when using it to dodge boss attacks, however this skill is perfect for getting wherever you want to go during a fight.

    • Brilliant Fiery Escape – Reduces MP cost by 30. Definitely not worth the points.
    • Energetic Fiery Escape – Decreases cooldown by 15%. The glyph is pretty costly and the cooldown is not very impactful so I would not recommend using this glyph, however if you find yourself lacking mobility this might be good for you. Building cooldown reduction is more than enough to have this skill available when needed. 



Final Reprisal

Another skill used during Edict of Judgement.

    • Brilliant Fiery Reprisal – Reduces MP cost by 62. Not useful.
    • Slowing Final Reprisal – 20% chance to decrease opponent’s Movement Speed by 30% for 4 seconds. PvP only.
    • Persistent Final Reprisal – 50% chance to eliminate cooldown. Dps only.



Divine Charge

The new and shiny Mana Charge. This skill gives healing, mana, and a Power and Crit damage buff. You should be using this skill off cooldown at maximum charge for maximum party potential.

    • Hastened Divine Charge – Speeds charging by 25%. Increases the speed of each healing tick and allows you to pump out your maximum damage buff faster. Absolutely essential. 
    • Longshot Divine Charge – Increases range by 4 meters. This glyph now works on each of the healing ticks and the range of the buff, so its amazing.
    • Powerlinked Divine Charge – Increases skill damage of Shocking Implosion by 40% for a few seconds. Only used for dps. 
    • Spirited Divine Charge – Increases MP replenishment by 50%. Divine Charge already gives a lot of Mana (50% of each member’s maximum MP over time), however some classes are incredibly mana intensive so this glyph helps to cover that. 



Triple Nemesis

This is your endurance debuff that you provide to the party. You want to make sure you use this skill at least once every 12 seconds to increase party DPS.

    • Powerlinked Triple Nemesis – Increases skill damage of Metamorphic Blast by 25% for a few seconds. Can be useful for dps.
    • Enfeebling Triple Nemesis – 100% chance to decrease a target’s Endurance by 10% for 12 seconds. Essential in every situation for Party DPS. 



Plague of Exhaustion

This skill is only useful for certain boss mechanics that require it, otherwise, this is a PvP skill.

    • Energetic Plague of Exhaustion – Decreases cooldown by 30%. You don’t need this.



Guardian Sanctuary

This skill reduces the ranged damage you take by 30%, so it is useful in certain situations, depending on the boss.

    • Energetic Guardian Sanctuary – Decreases cooldown by 20%. If you feel that you’re constantly being hit by ranged attacks, take this. There are only a few situations where Guardian Sanctuary is useful, so definitely don’t use this in your main glyph page, but for certain bosses this skill has its uses.
    • Balancing Guardian Sanctuary – Doubles Balance for 30 seconds. Not even relevant.



Divine Respite

This is your most potent self heal. Many people call this skill “5 Minute” or “God-Mode” after its ridiculous healing effects and long cooldown. While this skill is active, if you’re not at full health you will be in the next few seconds, and if you’re hit you will return to full health momentarily. Recently nerfed but still good to save yourself with.

    • Energetic Divine Respite – Decreases cooldown by 20%. Despite its powerful effect, this glyph really isn’t worth it.



Ishara’s Lullaby

This is your sleep skill. It doesn’t work on most bosses and has very niche usage. Only needed for some mechanics like plague.

    • Energetic Ishara’s Lullaby – Decreases cooldown by 20%. You won’t need this.



Restorative Burst

This skill is a very potent heal over time skill, you should generally put this on the Tank, with all your new healing abilities this skill is a lot more lackluster. Shares cooldown with healing circle.

    • Lingering Restorative Burst – Increases effect duration by 20%. This glyph adds another tick of healing at the end of the skill, it’s pretty useless as you have a lot of heal over time skills now. 
    • Brilliant Restorative Burst – Reduces MP cost by 275. Not needed.



Energy Stars

This is your damage buff. Make sure that it is always active. Gives 5% cooldown reduction.

    • Lingering Energy Stars – Increase effect duration by 25%. This is really helpful for keeping Energy Stars active, and it certain situations you may be busy and cannot recast E-stars, so the extra duration helps with that.
    • Savage Energy Stars –  Increases effect of Energy Stars by 20%. This increases party DPS so you should definitely take it.



Healing Immersion

This your strongest lock-on heal spell. It heals your target and everything around them, including yourself, so you can use this on a teammate to heal yourself.

    • Persistent Healing Immersion – 50% chance to eliminate cooldown. The reset chance has been increased by 10%, making this glyph a lot more potent. Because Focus Heal was nerfed, Priests do not have any more reliable lock on healing skills, so Healing Immersion should be used a lot more instead. 
    • Restorative Healing Immersion – Increases HP recovery by 20%. This skill should be one of your primary heals, and getting the most out of it can be nice.




This is your only I-frame. Be judicious about when you backstep because you do not want to waste it for when you really need it. Backstep’s I-frame duration was recently increased, which makes dodging a lot more forgiving.

    • Energetic Backstep – Decreases cooldown by 10%. Very useful in some situations and you should have this glyphed for many situations.



Grace of Resurrection

This is your self-resurrection. You should have this buff active whenever possible.

    • Energetic Grace of Resurrection – Decreases cooldown by 40%. Extremely helpful glyph that lets you recast Grace again if needed during a fight.


Zenobia’s Vortex

Awakening has made this skill a core part of a Priest’s kit. Hitting a boss with this skill triggers Protected Response and decreases the cooldown of Resurrect and Edict of Judgement by 2 seconds. You should be using this skill on the boss whenever your Edict of Judgement and/or Resurrect are on cooldown.

    • Brilliant Zenobia’s Vortex – Reduces MP cost by 100.
    • Empowered Zenobia’s Vortex – Increases skill damage by 25%. Not a horrible choice for healing glyphs, but it’s expensive and not necessary. Better used for dps glyphs.
    • Energetic Zenobia’s Vortex – Decreases cooldown by 30%. Putting this skill on a lower cooldown essentially decreases the cooldown of your Resurrect and Edict of Judgement with proper use. Essential Glyph for proper awakened gameplay. Use off cooldown.


Mass Divine Intervention

The new Divine Intervention. It’s essentially the same thing, but it can be used on up to 4 targets and grants 2.5 seconds of invulnerability. This skill should not be used in most situations, as it interrupts DPS and therefore still should not be glyphed.

    • Energetic Divine Intervention – Decreases cooldown by 20%.
    • Brilliant Divine Intervention – Reduces MP cost by 150.
    • Longshot Divine Intervention – Increases range by 4 meters.


Awakening Skills 

Active Skills

Edict of Judgement

This is your hyper buff skill. When activated, each party member gains 20 power and 30 crit factor for 30 seconds. In addition, all attacks made will be counted as attacks from the back. You cannot use healing skills except for Restoration Burst, Divine Charge, and Holy Burst, but all your attack skills gain 50% cooldown reduction and additional effects. You can reactivate the skill to cancel the effect on you, allowing you to cast healing skills again, but the buff will remain on your party members.While in Edict of Judgement, your Shocking Implosion applies a healing effect on your party, and your Final Reprisal replenishes mana. Your Holy Burst applies Enhanced Devoted Favor even if Devoted Favor was not presently on your party members while in Edict of Judgement. You want to use this ability during a boss enrage to further enhance your party’s DPS.

Holy Burst

This skill heals a decent amount, and optimally you want to maximize the effect of Enhanced Devoted Favor while using this skill. Therefore, it should be used to mitigate heavy incoming damage. The cooldown of this ability is pretty average. It’s okay to spam in dungeons you and your party are comfortable in, but you might want to save it for heavy hits in learning dungeons.

Passive Skills


Expand the Flock

Lets you pull 4 people with Divine Intervention.

Devoted Favor

This skill is applied through Regeneration Circle, Healing Circle, and Holy Burst. Party members with this buff recover 100 HP every second  and take 5% reduced damage. It’s basically a nice little heal over time to help you keep up your party’s HP.

Hitting a target with the explosion of Holy Burst applies Enhanced Devoted Favor, which instead grant 20% damage reduction, heals 500 HP per second, and grants immunity to stuns, staggers, and knockdowns for 3 seconds.

Protective Response

This passive ability is what changes how you play priest. Every first hit of Triple Nemesis reduces the cooldown of Kaia’s Shield by 1 second. Every hit of Zenobia’s Vortex reduces the cooldown of Resurrect and Edict of Judgement by 2 seconds. This basically means that you should be using Triple Nemesis and Zenobia’s Vortex as much as you can. The goal is to have Edict of Judgement up for as much as possible and reduce its cooldown as much as you can.

My Glyphs

The following image is my current glyph page for a healing setup. You don’t have to follow this, but it’s a decent example. If you wanted to modify it for Bahaar, you could remove the cleanse glyph and add sleep.

The following image is my DPS glyphs. These can be easily modified to your task and definitely do not need to be followed exactly. I was using this set to kill mobs on Exodor.

EP Talents

Priest has two absolutely essential talents. The rest are not as important, but will still greatly enhance your gameplay. There is a picture of a completed talent page under this, and give explanations below that.

 Triple Nemesis – Stigma

This talent is absolutely essential to your gameplay. It reduces boss crit resist. This allows for the rest of your party to have lower crit factor numbers. This talent is automatically added into the equation for figuring out optimal crit factor for each class, so without it you mess up your entire team. Get this first and max it immediately.

 Resurrect – Velocity

This talent is extremely useful for resurrection. Since you are at risk for dying when using this skill, you want to finish the skill as fast as possible. This means the additional speed could save your life. Get this after stigma and max it.

Mighty Defense

This talent will greatly increase your endurance. Endurance decreases the damage you take from hits. Since having high endurance could save your life, you should get this talent third and max it.

 Divine Charge – Constant Recharge

This talent should be fourth on priority. Although the MP amount does not seem like much, it can actually really help your party not run out. Max this.

 Backstep – Combat Speed Up

This talent should be fifth on priority. This additional combat speed can possibly save you by allowing you to get out of range of an attack. Max this. This is the last truly essential talent.

Mighty Phoenix

Since you only need 1 point in this talent, you can take it whenever. This can possibly save you from death while resurrecting. Since bosses can target you during the lengthy time it takes to get up, the 50% damage reduction is helpful.

Agile Phoenix

As above, you can take this whenever since it is only 1 point. This will allow you to position yourself faster after resurrection.

arise Arise – Protection

Again, this one only needs 1 point. It’s not super essential since you shouldn’t be needing to use arise too much, but the possibilty of a shield is nice.

isharas-lullaby Ishara’s Lullaby – Reload

You’ll only ever need this talent if you are doing Bahaar as solo healer. Since you need to sleep multiple skeletons on Phase 2, the possibility of the sleep skill resetting can help you manage them. Max this for Bahaar.

Mighty Attack

Not essential for gameplay, but helps with your damage during Edict of Judgement. Max it when you can.

Lethal Lesson

Not essential for gameplay, but can save you from some crits if this procs. No need to max.

arise Guardian Sanctuary – Combat Speed Up

Not essential for gameplay, but can give you some extra movement speed.

arise Divine Charge – Combat Speed Up

Not essential for gameplay, but can give you some extra movement speed.

mana-infusion Mana Infusion – Velocity

Definitely not essential for gameplay, but can help you quickly regain your mana should you need this skill.

zenobias-vortex Zenobia’s Vortex – Strengthen

Definitely not essential for gameplay, but can give you some extra damage on Vortex.

Skill Advancements

The majority of classes go in chronological order by level when doing skill advancements, or work on many at a time. Priest is very different in the fact that it has a strict priority list which is not chronological. This is due to the importance of our level 68 skill advancement, Blessing of Shakan. Explanation and reasoning can be found below.

Focus heal, our level 66 skill advancement, is actually last in the priority list. This is because focus heal is rarely used due to the low potency of its heal. With an Exodor weapon and some advances on this skill, it can be viable as a backup heal if you run out of heals or need to top people off. Another reason to max this advancement is the crit factor.

Blessing of Shakan, our level 68 skill advancement, is by far the most important of our advancements. This is because of the insane amount of crit possible. Once maxed at 60 advancements, this gives you and your party and extra 36% crit factor, which is huge. Each advancement increases the amount by 0.6%. Absolutely max this first before working on anything else.

Restorative Burst, our level 70 skill advancement, is second in priority. The advancement can be very useful in the right situation. Not only does this increase endurance by up to 20, it greatly increases the size of the circle. While restorative burst is usually placed on tanks to gradually heal through bleed, once maxed this advancement should be able to max the circle extend to the back of the boss granted the boss is smaller. Once this is fully maxed out, the circle should have a radius of about 8 meters.


Talyphs are our level 67 and 69 skill slots. They cost a lot of money to unlock as well as a large amount of scrolls. There are 3 options per skill. You can only have 1 option equipped at a time. These talyphs, especially the level 69 one, are helpful but neither are a neccessity to successfully play priest. I recommend getting the level 69 option as quickly as you can, but feel free to wait on the level 67 option until you have some extra money.

Focus Heal is our level 67 skill option. Like our level 66 skill advancement, this is not going to make a large difference in gameplay as Focus Heal is not used in many situations. That being said, it can be useful in heal heavy dungeons if you are running out of heals enough to use Focus Heal. If you decide to get a talyph for this, get the middle “Heal” one. This will give some extra heal to the skill, but it’s a minimal amount.

Holy Burst is our level 69 skill option. This is more useful than our level 67 option. Pick the middle talyph “Blessing” again, and it’ll give you what is an upgraded version of the passive devoted favor for a few seconds. Without this talyph, you will not receive Devoted Favor on casting and must instead jump into the skill as it explodes for the 30% damage reduction it gives. I’d recommend this for dungeons that have heavy hitting attacks like AQ, which can be a lifesaver.


It takes a lot of hard work and experience to become a “perfect” healer, if you even deem that possible. Here I’ll be listing some things you should always be keeping in mind when healing to ensure a smooth and clean run with your party. Some are general, and some are dungeon specific. Overtime, more of these things will become natural instincts when playing, so don’t overthink it when starting out!

Skill Tips

  • Divine Charge: For a party member to receive the buff from this skill, they must get hit with at least one tick of its healing
  • Zenobia’s Vortex: This skill will reduce Resurrection and Edict of Judgement’s cooldown by 2 seconds when it hits a boss. This skill should be spammed so you can align Edict with boss enrage
  • Edict of Judgement: Try to use during enrage only. At the beginning of a fight, you should usually use divine charge and then use Edict. This allows you to personally get the most out of Edict since you don’t have to take the time to use Divine Charge
  • Resurrect: Some bosses have a ress bait mechanic. This means the boss will target you with an attack when you try to use Resurrection. If the boss isn’t facing you when this happens, it will turn to you, which messes up the party. You should try to ress bait in front of the boss and then go to the party member you want to resurrect so everyone else doesn’t have to move with you
  • Blessing of Shakan: Use this before starting every fight and directly after you resurrect a party member
  • Arise: Retaliate has a long cooldown. If you notice a party member get knocked down two times in a short period of time, use arise to help them out. Their retaliate is probably still on cooldown
  • Grace of Resurrection: You should always have this buff active

General Tips

  • Positioning: Make sure you always distance yourself from the boss and stay to the side. Sometimes you may need to stand further back if the boss has wide attacks
  • Incoming Stuns: Be prepared to use Purifying Circle after an incoming stun mechanic. This will cause less of an interuption in your party’s dps. You may want to get used to doing this even if nobody gets hit
  • Mana Issues: Use Divine Charge as much as possible. This will ensure your party will not have mana issues. If they do and you’re using Divine Charge off cooldown, it’s on them
  • Bodyblock: Stand away from the tank and all dps to make sure you don’t block them from moving or seeing the boss
  • Face the Boss: Never turn your back from the boss or your party. One second of not paying attention could be fatal

Dungeon Tips

  • Bahaar’s Sanctum: Use Kaia’s Shield before the knockdown mechanic to block the knockdown and most of the damage
  • Grotto of Lost Souls: If you get hit with awakening or lightning at full HP, use a 50% HP pot directly after to live through the silence
  • Grotto of Lost Souls: During second boss, use arise directly after the second hit when he does the outer donut. This will prevent your teammates who got hit from going flying across the map
  • Grotto of Lost Souls: Holy Burst’s green shield will prevent pushback from awakenings and lightning
  • Antaroth’s Abyss: This one has tricky timing, but if someone gets knocked up by the flesh deletion mechanic, you can save them from the laser by pulling them as it’s about to hit


A link to my GLSH gameplay video can be found here. I will try to record a new video as we wiped once in this video.

Exodor Updates

With patch v86 – Off to Exodor, we received new gear and a new system that adds additional stats – cards. I will go over both things here. More information on v86 can be found here and more information on cards can be found here.

Exodor Gear – Magical or Physical
In the Exodor update a new gear and damage system was added. This does not mean that the old linear progression system was removed, but rather this gear was added on top of it. The new gear has three tiers – Green (Duranium), Blue (Azart), and Gold (Dark Light / Annihilation). Green and Blue are equippable at level 68, the same level you can enter Exodor at, but Gold is only able to be equipped at level 69. I should note that green gear is NOT recommended at all. The stats are sub-par and it is not worth enchanting. Blue gear is still easy to obtain, while having much more relevant stats. To make this more complex however, the new damage system added the concept of Physical or Magical attack/defense. Each class is scaled more towards Magical or Physical. Priest (and Mystic) are MAGICAL. This means you do NOT want gear that will amplify physical damage.

Unlike old gear, new gear pieces will now provide attack amplification stats even on armor. Since Priest is magical, you want gear pieces that will amplify magic skills. In blue gear, this is Manaforce Azart gear. In gold gear, this is Dark Light gear. All damage and heal skills are affected by this magical amplification stat, so this can result in much higher dps and healing abilities. The new gear will also greatly increase your HP. It should be noted that even enchanted Dark Light gear may not be better than a Heroic Oath chest piece due to the crystals attached. New gear can NOT attach crystals.

There are also Dark Light Belts and Masks. If possible, these are nice to have but definitely not necessary as they can be very hard to obtain. A Dark Light mask will have the same cooldown effect as an Energetic mask, but will also add Magical amplification.

All gear (with the exception of Eternal gold gear – obtained through the AQ vanguard) can have up to 3 additional stat lines with it. The most viable for Priest are magical amplification, magic crit power, and HP. Physical amplification, all resistance rolls, and MP rolls are not very good. I should also note that these stat lines can not be altered or changed and can become a huge pain and cost insane amounts of money for pieces with good stat lines. For the most part, these stats will not have much effect on your gameplay so don’t feel the need to go out of your way for amazing gear pieces.

Cards are new in v86 and the best comparison to them that I can make is the EP Talent system. If you are new to this system please check out the link I provided above. Right now it is not 100% confirmed which sets of cards are the best for Priest in what situations, but we do know that using things with magic amplification or crit power, crit factor, and possibly HP recovery are some of the better cards.

Future Updates

In the future, I may include a separate console section. I’m also looking to include more videos of my gameplay in different dungeons. When specific Best in Slot cards for Priest are determined I plan to highlight them here. I will also touch on Mythical gear once more information about it is released.


I’d like to give credit to the Healer Discord for some information referenced in this guide. A link to the discord can be found here. Also a huge shoutout to Ming’s Awakened Priest Guide. I took many aspects of that guide, and updated it to make this guide. If you have a question, please don’t hesitate to comment or send me a message on discord. I will try to get back to you asap. My discord is sam#7642. You can also join the Essential Mana discord, linked here, and I will reply there as well. If you want to see more Priest gameplay, I occasionally stream myself playing on Twitch. My username is rajniii. Good luck on your Priest journey, I hope this helped you with anything you needed!!


  1. Thank you so much for so much great info. Thanks for sharing the knowledge. Greatly appreciated.

  2. So uh, why does this display the extra healing glyph on Immersion as red, but the ‘my glyphs’ image has it picked?

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