Balder’s Tears

‘Replenish Ragnarok’ effect has been added which will prevent Ragnarok depletion and Replenish 67 Ragnarok every second.
‘Replenish Ragnarok’ effect will disappear once the character enters combat or the buff ends.

Ragnarok Gauge

No longer resets upon death
Buffs related to Ragnarok Gauge will no longer disappear upon death
At 1000 Ragnarok Points, ‘Max Ragnarok Guage’ effect duration decreased from 60 seconds to 40 seconds.
Ragnarok degradation is changed to 50 Ragnarok points every second


Burst Fire – [Strengthen]

Strengthen Talent’s base effect duration increased from 5 seconds to 12 seconds.

Recall I, II, III

Cooldowns have decreased by 10 for every skill level.


Decreased consumption of Willpower from 1500 to 1000
Increased Skill Damage by 20%.

Burst Fire

Increased Skill Damage by 15%
Increased Willpower consumption from 70 to 75

Arcane Barrage

Increase Skill Damage by 8%


Increase Skill Damage by 10%

Electric Bomb (HB’s bomb attack after using Arcane Barrage)

Increase Skill Damage by 10%


Piercing Lunge

Immediately cancels any animation of previous skill when casting this skill.
Second cast from this skill will also grant back damage effect against monsters for next skills for 4 seconds.



Changed tooltip information regarding Crit Power


Soul Augmentation

Changed tooltip information regarding Crit Power


Arcane Pulse

Reduced charging duration by 20%
Increased Skill Damage by 22%.
Skill can be charged for additional 2 seconds (but Skill Damage will be same)

Lightning Strike

Increase Skill Damage by 8%.

Void Pulse

Increased Projectile Speed by 66%
Increase Skill Damage by 8%.

Hail Storm

Skill duration reduced to 6 seconds
Increased Skill Damage by 1.6 times per tick

Meteor Strike

Decreased Cooldown from 12 seconds to 11 seconds

Dormant Power

When attacking monster, the damage increase is 1.5 times higher than before


Underground Arena

Battle Box’s loot table will include new item “Mask of Guardian”

Underground Arena’s Vanguard mission will reward “Battle Coupon” which can be used to purchase the following items:

Variety of Tier II, III Etchings

Glyphs and Glyph crates for all classes

Battle Box

Battle Box ranking reward distribution and “Mask of Beginnings” drop rate have been Increased.

First Place: Battle Box 8 → 9

Second ~ Third Place: Battle Box 6 → 7

Fourth ~ Tenth Place: Battle Box 5 → 6

Eleventh ~ Fifteenth Place: Battle Box 4 → 5

Minimum required Points for rewards have been adjusted 500 Points → 300 Points

The following skills will be disabled in Respawn Area

Valkyrie “Balder’s Tears”

Prevents Replenishment of Ragnarok Points using Balder’s Tears

Mystic, Sorcerer “Teleport Jaunt”

Prevents clipping through the gates using Teleport Jaunt

Guardian Mission

HP have been increased for All Monsters that appears in the following guardian missions:

Shadow of the Gutrends

Escape from Balder’s Refuge

Adjusted Priest’s Score scaling


Awakening Quest

Successfully hitting Dracoloths in Sienna Canyon will now have chance to drop Healing Motes

Dressing Room

Black Label Costumes will be available for purchase with Vanguard Credits until Thursday, March 29th Patch.

Items (Edited)

Set Bonuses from Gears and Accessories have been removed.

(Although this was announced to be scheduled for March 8th (Thurs) update, it was applied today, We apologize for the confusion.

Bug Fixes


Mystic Class’ Aura of Tenacious incorrectly displayed “including Caster” in its description

Thrall of Sovereignty did not attack during Shadow of the Gutrends

Phoenix Resurrection’s invincibility time was too short for players who had died from Ice puddles in First Boss of Antaros’ Abyss Hard Mode.


Dragon Armor and accessories’ effects disappeared when Slayer’s awakening skill was used.

When equipping a certain Costume as Human Female Brawler, their arm seemed twisted

When equipping certain head accessory on a certain new hair, it was not being displayed

When storing head accessory that have been adjusted through hat fitting in Wardrobe, server reset caused the items’ hat fitting adjustment setting to reset.


When using Lancer’s Bulwark against certain mechanic in Final Boss in Antaros’ Abyss Hard Mode, the screen would flicker

When First boss in Antaros’ Abyss (Normal and Hard Mode) uses Fire Breath attack, its hitbox and effect were not in sync

Weapons were being displayed improperly while Frostbite debuff was active in Antaros’ Abyss (Normal and Hard Mode)

Upon entering Final Boss in Antaros’ Abyss (Normal and Hard Mode), character’s feet would sink in near the entrance.

When Berserker uses Cyclone at a certain location, they will be place at an improper location in Shattered Fleet.


Under certain conditions, moving items in large quantities would fail and leave some behind.


When Appearance Changing  without achieving “Internal Stabilization”, Awakening Skills disappeared.


Underground Arena was included as a condition for achieving Battleground Winning Streak Achievement


When a player was knocked up in air then proceed with animation to get back on their feet while Marrow Brooch is in effect, they would fall through the ground.

When a character without a guild purchase items from Guild Shop, an improper message was displayed.

When Lancer’s Bulwark broke while in use, player character’s location was not updated in real time.

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