Cruel Dreadspire

“Core Element” have been added as reward for clearing 5th Floor

Joy of Partying bugg have will be applied to double item drop rates, excluding gold.

Pit of Petrax

Petrax’s Enraged status condition now requires damage to be inflicted instead of having aggro alone.

Timer countdown condition have been changed to start as soon as Petrax receive damage.



Pit of Petrax

Previous records have been removed due to abnormal timer records being posted

Cruel Dreadspire Ranking condition have been updated

4th Floor Clear → 1st Floor Clear


Guardian Legion

Re-enabled Guardian Legion after being temporarily disabled.


Bug Fixes

Guardian Legion

In certain condition, Guardian Mission could be completed more than 40 times.


Trading was disabled at the Cruel Dreadspire Entrance

When using Backstab or Decoy Jutsu against Akasha in Cruel Dreadspire’s 1st Floor, players were teleported to the center of the monster instead of behind.

Additional Services

When entering Battleground, Lucky Riri’s skill [Present Surprise]’s cooldown was reset.

Lucky Riri’s skill [Present Surprise] was enabled in Battlegrounds




Outlaw System have been temporarily disabled

All Outlaw skills will be disabled, and all Infamy will reset to 0

[Developer’s Comment]
There have been constants reports of unintended abuse and thus disabled Outlaw System temporarily as we’ve felt that it was necessary to make adjustments to its utility. It will return in the future update after its renewal.


Bug Fixes


Death location of a player killed by Kaprima’s uppercut attack varied for other players.

Orb projectiles from “Phantom of Accursed Experiment” in Third Floor caused instant death


Baraka Priest’s “Regeneration Circle IX” skill casting speed did not match with other races.

Warrior’s Blade Waltz skill description was missing information about cooldown.

Lancer’s Standfast skill caused the character profile UI to display increase of movement speed (in the stats page).

Ninja’s Jagged Path distance did not match with the distance displayed on the skill description.

Reaper’s Soul Reversal – Blazing Talent effects did not apply against BAMs

Additional Services

Rudolf Nose was occupying Face Equipment Slot instead of Face Costume Slot.

Hat Resizing

Equipping different Hat Costume while having an altered Hat Costume equipped caused the preview of other Hat Costumes to display in the altered form of currently equipped Hat Costume.


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