Shadow Sanguinary Hard Mode

Item Level: 446

Rewards: Onset Mask and Top Tier Enchantment Materials

Shadow Sanguinary Normal Mode

Item Level: 439

Rewards: Golden Talent, Silver Talent, and High Tier Enchantment Materials


New Accessories

Exalted Necklace

Exalted Earrings

Exalted Rings

Exalted Circlet

Exalted Belt

New Materials

These materials are used to upgrade into New Accessories.

(These items are obtainable in Antaros’ Abyss Hard Mode, RK-9 Kennel Hard Mode, and Ruinous Manor Hard Mode.)

Old Supply Kit

Demon’s Claws

Dragon’s Skull

Talent Reset Potion

Talent Reset Potions are added to all Specialty Merchants

Price: 2,000 Gold

Bug Fixes


When changing Stats on an equipment, the amount of Semi Enigmatic Scroll displayed on UI and the amount consumed did not correlate.

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