Antaros’ Abyss Normal Mode

Can be queued for Instance Matching upon reaching Item Level 446

Can be accessed via Teleportal located in Velika Outskirts

Drops Emerald, Diamond, High/Top tier gear enchantment materials, high tier accessory upgrade materials, Mask of Beginning.

Antaros’ Abyss Hard Mode

Can be queued for Instance Matching upon reaching Item Level 453

Can be accessed via Teleportal located in Velika Outskirts

Drops Mask of Infinity, Rare/Superior Innerwear, Stormcry Equipment Box, Emerald, Diamond, Heroic Vow gear enchantment materials, high tier accessory upgrade materials

Pit of Petrax

Removed shield phase and mobs will drop healing motes when defeated.

Certain attacks from Petrax will be changed

Changed daily entrance limit from 3 to 2. (VIP and Frontier members gain 1 additional entry)

Increased drop rates of gems (Ruby/Sapphire), accessories upgrade materials and etching materials.

Rebel’s Hideout

Reduced entry limit from 2 to 1, as well as decreasing HP of Boss Monsters.


Dungeon Leaderboard

Dungeon Leaderboard

Antaros’ Abyss Hard Mode, Pit of Petrax will be available for competitive ranking.

Leaderboard can be accessed via Default Hot Key: Alt + L or “Ranking” Icon on main menu.

If you are within Top 1000, your ranking will be visible even if you are not within Dungeon Individual Ranking Top 20 or Overall Top 100

Dungeon Ranking Season 1 is planned to end in March

Reward distribution details will be announced in the future update.


Heroic Vow Gear

Obtainable by Upgrading Stormcry +9 gear.

Cannot enchant or be liberated; however, this may be enabled in the future.



Underground Arena

15 vs 15 Battleground operating 24 hours everyday

Upon entering, all gears and looks will be equalized, and player names will be replaced with “Blue01” and “Red01”

Only the player can see their own character’s names

The ranking will be displayed in real time through a UI, and rewards will be distributed respectively at the end of the battleground.

    You must have at least 500 combat points to be eligible for rewards

There are no Victory or Defeat. The rewards will be based on the ranking.

    Arena Chest will be distributed based on the ranking

    It has chance to drop enchantment materials or Mask of Beginning.

Each class will have different score scaling.

    Each class will receive different amount of points based on their damage score

    Healers may receive scores based on healing

    Lancer, Brawler, Priest, and Mystic may receive points by crowd control.

“Champion’s Enchanting Chest” from Corsair’s Stronghold and Fraywind Canyon reward will include “Mask of Infinity” as a chance to drop





Removed stagger effect from first hit

Dark Herald

Maximum of 2 players can be pulled by this skill..


Glyph of Powerlink – Increases skill damage of your next attack against monsters by 30% for a few seconds.




Rewards have been adjusted for certain progression zones

Valkyon Wants You — Devan Uprising

Weapon for appropriate class + Amethyst

Valkyon Wants YouEliminate Tuebenius

Weapon for appropriate class + Amethyst

Cultists’ Conspiracy — Going on the Offensive

Weapon for appropriate class + Pearl

Cultists’ Conspiracy — Some Gave All

Weapon for appropriate class + Pearl

Guardian Mission

Guardian Mission

“Tuwangi’s Disappointment” debuff is added to prevent AFK abuse in Tuwangi’s Training Grounds.

You have disappointed Tuwangis as you’ve failed to meet their expectations during the training and refused to share information about the rebels. Players with this debuff will not be eligible for receiving scores due to their failure of receiving information about rebels.



Reduced the effect “Increase max HP” from Guild Skill “Elinu’s Vigor V ~ VIII”


Additional Services

Increased Character Slot to maximum of 20.


Style Shop


Riddler series costumes are available for purchase with Vanguard Credits

These will be available for purchase until February 22, 2018 (Thursday)


Chat Restrictions

Updated chat restrictions to prevent in-game abusive language.


Additional Event

Antaros’ Abyss Dungeon request Event

January 18, 2018 (Thursday) ~ March 1, 2018 (Wednesday)


Twistshard enchantment/upgrade Event

January 18, 2018 (Thursday) ~ January 25, 2018 (Thursday)


Bug Fixes


Total points displayed did not match with actual amount.



Ninja’s focus buff and Slayer’s Overpower were being applied to other players

Lancer’s block did not apply properly when using Standfast immediately after moving.

Certain skills did not respond to directional inputs after using Standfast II.


Guardian Mission

Guardian Mission UI were still being displayed despite leaving the area

An unknown Exclamation mark was displayed when completing the quest: “Complete a Guardian Mission”.

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