Complete Patch Notes for KTERA [Nexon], Jan. 26

Credits: Idi0ticGenius (translation), soundwaffles (editing), slowpokie (editing)

1. New Class: Ninja

  • New class ‘Ninja’ has been added.
  • It is Elin only class.

2. Flight System Added

  • The following areas are available for flight.

    • Velika: Velika, Velika Outskirts
    • Island of Dawn
    • Val Oryin: Savage Reach, Spring Valley, Ex Prima, Highwatch, Highwatch Outskirts, Arx Umbra
    • More areas will be available for flight soon.
  • The flight system has the following mechanics.
    • Flight Energy will be consumed similar to Resolve.
    • FE will recover while you are on land.
    • There are 3 modes of flight with their own feature: Normal / Accelerate / Descend
      • Normal Flight (Space while Jumping): Basic flight.
      • Accelerate (Shift): You will consume FE to accelerate
      • Descend (C) : Your altitude will steadily decrease but FE consumption is reduced.
      • [Tip] You can descend faster if you aim down while descending.
    • There are ‘invisible walls’ which will prevent you from traveling in certain places
    • You cannot travel across seas by flight.
    • ‘Maximum Altitude’ exists in all areas, and each will vary in maximum height.
    • A Guide will show you how to ride a Flying mount upon activation.
  • You can receive your first flying mount through an event.
    • A 30-day flying mount will be given to all players who come online in between Jan 26 and Feb 25.
    • Another method to obtain the flying mount will be added in a later update.

3. Dungeon

  • Verno’s Laboratory
    • New Dungeon Verno’s Laboratory is added.
    • Verno’s Lab is a 7-man Raid
    • A minimum of item level of 397 is required for Instance Matching System
    • A party formed through LFG can enter via a “teleportal”.
    • Verno’s Lab is located in [Val Oryin >Arx Umbra]
    • You can obtain Verno Gear (Dreadnaught V2), Simple ______ Brooch, Simple Cleansing Brooch, VM7: Vengeance crafting materials.
  • Sky Coliseum Added
    • New Dungeon Sky Coliseum is added.
    • Sky Coliseum is a solo dungeon
    • Sky Coliseum can be entered through NPC ‘Gaderong’ is located at [Val Oryin > Highwatch ]
    • Sky Coliseum can also be entered through Vanguard Menu (Default Hotkey H)
    • There are 12 Stages, and you will be placed from rank 1~5 based on the score gained through clear time and number of eliminated monsters.
    • You may receive various prizes based on the rank.
    • Rewards may include VM7:Vengeance material box, Crystal Box, Mid-tier Arborean Essence.
  • Wonderholme is added
    • Wonderholme returns as a level 65 dungeon.
    • Wonderhole is a 10 man raid
    • Wonderholme can be entered through a teleportal located at [Veritas District > Balder’s Refuge]
    • An item level of 409 is required for Instance Matching System
    • Wonderholme drops Tyrant Dakuryon Ring (new ring Tier 2), Cleansing Brooch, Starfall Belt; Starfall and VM7: Vengeance materials will drop
  • The Abscess Hard Mode is added
    • The Abscess Hard Mode returns as level 65 dungeon.
    • The Abscess is 5 man dungeon.
    • The Abscess can be accessed through a telepotal located at [Ostgarath >Fyrmount ]
    • Item level of 409 is required for Instant Matching System
    • The Abscess Hard Mode drops Tyrant Dakuryon Earring (new earring Tier 2), Cleansing Brooch, Starfall Belt, Starfall and VM7: Vengeance materials will drop
  • The Abscess Normal Mode Added
    • The Abscess Normal Mode is a level 65 dungeon
    • The Abscess Normal Mode is a 7 man Raid
    • The Abscess can be accessed through a teleportal located at [Ostgarath >Fyrmount ]
    • An item level of 355 is required for Instance Matching System
    • The Abscess Normal Mode drops Kalivan Accessories and Flawless Brooch.
  • Removed Dungeons
    • As of Jan 26, the following dungeons are removed
      • Solo Dungeons
      • Dreadspire Season 2
      • Timescape Hard Mode
      • Kalivan’s Dreadnaught
      • Forsaken Island Hard Mode
      • Bathysmal Rise Normal/Hard Mode
      • Sky Cruiser Endeavor Hard Mode

4. Low level area revamp

  • Lv. 11 ~ 20 Growth route changes
    • Leveling route for zone quests from Lv. 11~20 has been changed to be more linear.
    • Story quests from Lv.11 ~20 have been adjusted to be arranged within 1 hunting zone ( Oblivion Woods), the information and route has been changed.
    • Monsters’ Combat balance has been adjusted.
    • Unnecessary guides and systems have been changed.
      • Upon death within Oblivion woods, you will be revived at the nearest camp
      • Vanguard missions are distributed by level.
      • Fixed an issue where many Relic pieces would drop at once
      • Removed unnecessary guide (Seren’s guide and pop-up guide)

5. Changes in Guide for Returning Players

5. Changes in Guide for Returning Players

Needs translation
n Lv.58 이상의 복귀 유저를 위한 가이드가 강화되었습니다.
Ø 혜택1. 복귀한 시점의 레벨에 알맞은 복귀 용사 지원 장비와 여행자의 책: 마을이동, 고속 성장100(15일), 무기/방어구 크리스탈 상자가 지급됩니다.
Ø 혜택2. 신대륙 퀘스트 수행지역으로 순간이동 시켜줍니다.
Ø 특별혜택. Lv.58~59 캐릭터의 레벨을 Lv.60으로 변경해 줍니다.

6. Same Gear Enchantment System Added

  • Bind on pickup gear can be used as Enchantment material.
  • Only identical items can be used.
  • When enchanting with identical gear, there is no need for Feedstocks and Alkahests.
  • You can enchant up to +12 Enchantment through this system.
  • The default amount of Feedstocks obtained through dismantling Tier 8 Gears and above are removed.
  • Upon dismantling, you will still receive the amount of feedstock used just like the previous system.

7. Battleground

  • Changes in Battleground Merchant Rewards
    • Bellicarium Reputation Merchant
      • VM7: Vengeance Material Added
Category (Tab) Item Price
Misc. Shining Champion’s Victory Token 10,000
Bleeding Tree Bark 70,000
Boiling Magic Essence 70,000
Recipes: Weapon VM7 Design: (All Weapons) 200,000
Recipes: Armor VM7 Design: (All Chest) 150,000
Recipes: Glove VM7 Design: Gauntlets (Metal)
VM7 Design: Gloves (Leather)
VM7 Design: Sleeves (Cloth)
Recipes: Boots VM7 Design: Grieves (Metal) 100,000
VM7 Design: Boots (Leather)
VM7 Design: Shoes (Cloth)
Recipe VM7 Design: Belt 80,000


  • Killing Spree Reputation Merchant
    • VM7: Vengeance Material Added


Category (Tab) Item Price
Misc Shining Champion’s Insanity Mark 10,000
Archdevan Noble’s Medal 160,000
Crystals Niveots 20,000
Recipe: Jewelry Design: Shining Champion’s Necklace: Crit 80,000
Design: Shining Champion’s Earring: Crit
Design: Shining Champion’s Ring : Crit
Design: Shining Champion’s Necklace: Power
Design: Shining Champion’s Earring : Power
Design: Shining Champion’s Ring : Power


  • Gridiron
    • Crystals will no longer spawn, other than Toxic Aura, Bomb, and Shield crystals
  • Corsair’s Stronghold
    • Death penalty for destruction of a Cannon on driver is removed.
    • Cannon’s power and HP is increased by 30%
    • You can now run people over and kill them.

8. Gear Changes

  • Starfall
    • Weapon’s PvP attack/defense from back are removed
    • Base attack is increased.
    • Lance/Powerfists +13, +14, +15 stat lines are changed
      • +13: 1% additional damage to Monsters
      • +14: 2% additional damage to Monsters
      • +15: 3% additional damage to Monsters
  • Dreadnaught
    • Increased chance to Masterwork
    • Possible Rerollable stats will be same as Schisma.

9. Island of Dawn

  • Monster balances have been adjusted to match new gears
    • General
      • Changed respawn time to 20~40 seconds
    • Mid-tier Monster
      • Adjusted to similar level as previous season
    • High-tier Monster
      • HP, Attack increased
      • Knockdown resistance increased
      • 20% Attack Speed increase (both Normal and Enraged)
      • (Some) monsters’ placements adjusted
  • New Guide Quests added
    • The quest chain will follow Kalivan’s Challenge → ABNM → Mucking About → (Verno’s Lab)
      • Rewards include Dreadnaught Accessories and materials needed to masterwork and enchant Dreadnaught Gear
      • Additionally, gems will be provided to help out with preparation.
  • Item levels required for Vanguard quests related to Island of Dawn will be changed
    • Low-tier Quest 355, Mid tier 397, high tier 409

10. Character Balance

  • Damage calculation upon hitting Boss Monsters have changed to minimize the gap among Plate, Leather, Cloth classes.
  • Archer
    • Slow Trap, Stunning Trap, Incendiary Trap, Ensaring Trap, Concussion Trap, Explosion Trap skills are changed so that enemies cannot see placement effect of these traps.

11. Achievements

  • Maximum achievement points have been changed from 14,080 to 12,055 as some dungeons are no longer available.
  • Due to the Achievement Season changes, all players’ achievement points will become 0 and the current season’s achievement points will be recalculated when logging in.

12. Item Changes

  • Desolarus Token Changes
    • Schisma gear and Rare glyph tabs are removed
    • Desolarus Tokens can only be exchanged for Dreadnaught Accessories
  • Item Drop
    • Masterwork Alkahests from Dungeon, Boxes, Token merchants are removed and replaced by Soul bound(?) Extensive/Premium Alkahests
  • The price of Affinity Catalyst sold by Alliance Quartermasters has been increased to 10 gold (crafting nocts)

13. Vanguard

  • Vanguard Reward changes
    • Vanguard point rewards will be reduced by 10 on each completion
    • Noctenium Infusion rewards will be reduced by 5 on each completion

14. UI

  • The TERA homepage and fansites can now be accessed with a button that is added onto the bottom part of the game screen.

15. Misc.

  • Dreadnaught Weapon/Armor crafting have moved from Artisan to Basic.
  • Dreadnaught gears will count in Master Crafting Test requirement for “650 skillpoint crafting” in Master Weapon/Armor crafting
  • Designs will also indicate the production point cost to craft them.

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