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TERA’s First Major Update at Nexon, Ninja and Pegasus Mounts arrive 1/26


Starting from January 26th, TERA will launch under the publisher NEXON while continuing to be developed by BHS. For the first time in 5 years since its initial launch on Jan 26th 2011, TERA will have a new home.

Note: NA will continue to be published by Enmasse and EU by Gameforge. This publisher change is only for KTERA.

With the transfer of service, NEXON will be providing a major update to bring new excitement to the players. This update includes the opening of a new server ‘Seren’s Courage’, TERA’s first flying mount Pegasus Unleashed, the new Elin Ninja class as well as 2 new dungeons. With Jan 26th around the corner, let’s take a sneak peek at the new exciting content.

▣ Pegasus Unleashed: The first Flying Mount in TERA

To help with ease of travel, Pegasus mounts is a new feature that will become available for players. This mount will allow the players to enjoy the beautiful scenery of TERA and travel much faster. Instead of running around a mountain, players can now just fly over them to the destination.

If all stamina is spent, it will descend as it won’t be able to fly, so the players will have fun in controlling them. There are no level restrictions, and the flight time and speed will vary depending on its abilities so one can enjoy the growth(?) of flying mount.

With the transfer to NEXON starting today until Feb 25th, players will be able to experience Pegasus mounts for free.

▣ Ninja: TERA’s most popular new Elin class yet

In this update, the new ‘Ninja’ seems to be drawing the most attention. Ninja is the 12th class that is being released, 6 months after Brawler’s release in July, and it has been the most popular topic of discussion since the December 22nd teaser on the homepage.

With the Eastern styled Ninja and Western concept’s Assassin, “Ninja” is a class that emphasizes Elin’s true charms in cuteness. It will use a large Shuriken to attack its enemies, and fluidly switch between melee and ranged styles of combat. Also, its specialty includes dextrous movement, swift evasion, and consecutive attacks. It’s easy to learn at first, but its defenses are low, so careful dodging may be needed in end-game dungeons.

Ninja Skill Preview
Skill Name Description
Shuriken Barrage Throws 8 shurikens forward consecutively. It travels 18m through targets(!?) and inflicts damage. It has a 100% crit chance on airborne targets and it will keep the target airborne.
Dash Attack Charges in a zigzag up to 18m based on the cursor’s aim. When targeting an enemy you will slash them at the end. Causes stagger.
Rapid Slash After casting, you will quickly move forward to a target and strike. The target will be staggered. Evades attacks while casting.
Catch Back TELEPORTS behind a target within 15m and lands a strike. 0.3 sec iframe after casting.
Flamethrower With the power of Ninjutsu, you transmute chakra into heatwave and infuse it in the shuriken. Then you will teleport to the air and throw heatwave infused shuriken for a massive attack. This attack will cause knock down.
Hurricane Rapidly spin the shuruken and fling it forward. It will travel about 8m, pushing enemies away as it travels. Then, it will stay at its maximum range for 2.5 seconds, pulling all enemies toward it.

▣ The center of all evil, ‘Dakuryon’! 2 new dungeons added

The long wait is over, this update will bring a new dungeon with Dakuryon as the final boss, which has been longed for since the summer 2014 update (FoA Update in December for NA/EU). This will continue the story quest that relates to stopping Dakuryon’s schemes.

In TERA, Dakuryon is an antagonist who acts as the leader of archdevans in northern Arun, creating a lethal virus which brought chaos to Northern Arun.

Doing evil things by kidnapping humans and other races, even going as far as infecting his own followers to create an army to show his mercilessness. Even that wasn’t enough, the player’s acquaintance, Zolyn and her sister Sonya also became victims, possessing an antibody. The player later inflicts critical damage to Dakuryon but he ends up escaping, leaving players with resentment.

The new dungeons that will be added are ‘Verno’s Laboratory” and “Dakuryon’s Refuge” and each will have Normal and Hard modes, so on January 26th, Verno’s Lab Normal mode will be released first at launch.

1. Verno’s Laboratory

Verno’s Laboratory is where Dakuryon’s gruesome experiments were held, sporting a repulsive and gloomy concept. This is a 7-man raid, requiring players to fight against bosses within limited space by skillfully timing evasion and attacks.

Any player at level 65 with an item level of 397, full +9 Dreadnaught set and Ship/Captain accessories can queue up on instance matching. Throughout the dungeon, players can receive “Verno gear” and new VM materials as rewards.

2. Dakuryon’s Refuge

The place where the Dakuryon fell is where he stands as the final boss. This lavishly decorated dungeon can be challenged with 5-man party. This is the high tier dungeon, with item level of 409 (+12 Verno gear with Dakuryon accessories) being able to enter. Players can obtain “Tyrant Dakuryon” earrings and ring as well as VM material from this dungeon.

▣ Solo dungeon for those who are tired of team play! “Coliseum in the Sky”

The “Sky Coliseum” is a new piece of content created for solo players that is accessible at level 65. Under a time limit, the players must overcome many obstacles in each stage, and when the time is up or all stages have been cleared, the rewards will be given based on a result and ranking. Each of the classes will be scaled differently, rewarding VM material boxes, crystal crafting(!?) Material boxes, seasonal geartoken, etc.

Datamined Possible Upcoming Content

Credit to Story for datamining

New Elin Hairstyles & Faces

New Pets: Nexon Game Inspired

New Dyads (Possibly Jewelry Vyrsk Dyads?)

Ninja Weapons

Nexon-inspired KartRider Mounts

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